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ANN is also called data processing System consisting of large no.

Of interconnected processing
elements inspried by the structure of cellebral cortex of the brain. In general ANN is represetnd by
using a disected graph and this graph consisting set of vertex which are input and output neuraons
and set of edges is assigned by a direction . These edges are the synaptic weights.

Between the nerons and this is represents by using a ordered pair (V,E ) where V is the Set of the
vertex .Which represents V={} and E represents the set of edgesE+

The neural network is classified by according to the learing mechnism into two different types
1. Feed Forward neral Network
a. Signale layer FF NN
b. Multi layer FF NN
2. Feeed Back Neural Network.
a. Signale layer FF NN
b. Multi layer FF NN

Single layer Feed Forward Neral Network:

This network consists of 2 nerons inpt newron and otput neuron recevices signal from excternal
neuron or environment. The output neuron prodces output signals and the synaptic weights carry the
signal strnghth from every i/p neron to O/P neron. This network is called as feed Forward or
CYCLE NETWORK . Inspite of two neurons this network is termed as signal layerr feed forward
The i/p vector=

The main drawback of single layer feed forward neural network is if any error value occrs this
network unable to minimize the error.

To avoid the problems in single layer feed forward neural network , Feed back is provided between
the i/p neron and the o/p neuron. To adjuest the weight and hence minimize the error .

Multilayer feed forward neural network:

In this network multiple layers ,input ,outputs and one or more inter mediate layers are know as
hidden layer. These input for the hidden neurons are coming from i/p neuron and the weights
corresponding to the hidden layer are called input -hiddden weights vectors
(W) and the input for the o/p neuron are coming from hidden neron and the weight corresponding
to this are called hidden output wight vector.

Learing strategies of Artificial Neral Network:

Learing is necessary when the information BOT INPUT/OUTPUT IS UNKNOW OR
INCOMPLETE LEARING IS THE method of setting the appropriate weight values . These
are three types of learing or training namely spervised , nsupervized and Reinforcement.
In spervized learing , we assume for each instant of time for the set of inpt vales , the desired
response (D) is provided by the spervisor. The eror between actual response (O
) and the desired responce will be measured and to correct the error this output is agin appied
to the network as external inpt . Since we are assuming the adjustable weight for the neural
network it will depend pon thos error and it is readjstable.
EXAMPLE: Students who are doing project under the gudince of teacher or supervisor with
in the college.