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Heidt 1

Calahan Heidt

Mrs. DeBock

English 4 Honors

March 24, 2017

Essential Question: How can people save money while driving and emit less exhaust?

Working Thesis Statement: Newer cars such as hybrid and eco cars get good gas milage and are

better for the environment.

Refined Thesis: Driver should buy newer cars with advanced technology in order to save money

and be eco friendly.

Annotated Bibliography

HYBRID TOP DOG GOES PLUG-IN. By: VAUGHN, MARK. AutoWeek. 11/14/2016, Vol. 66

Issue 21, p0028-0028. 1p.

This article by Vaughn discusses the Hybrid car made by Toyota, the Prius. In the article

Vaughn compares the car's fuel efficiency to that of other hybrid cars, such as the Ford C-Max,

Chevy Volt, and Hyundai Sonata . The article used this car as an example to show the user

friendliness and eco advantages of Toyota's Hybrid car. I will use this article by Mark Vaughn to

provide real world examples of how electric and hybrid cars are being used all across the world

as alternatives to costly fossil fuel powered cars.

"Introduction to Hybrid and Electric Cars: At Issue." Hybrid and Electric Cars, edited by

Louise I. Gerdes, Greenhaven Press, 2015. At Issue. Opposing Viewpoints in

Context, Accessed 23 Mar. 2017.

Heidt 2

In the Introduction to Hybrid and Electric Cars the author discusses reason why more

and more consumers, every year, purchase an electric, hybrid, or fuel efficient vehicle. The

author also touches on the subject of buying a fuel efficient car instead of buying a hybrid or EC

and why this may be more or less beneficial to the consumer. I will use the information in this

article to address the benefits and setbacks of vehicles that are considered fuel efficient. I will

also use this article to obtain information regarding the history of American motorists eco and

fuel consumption awareness and explain why people would want to more efficient vehicle in


"Electric automobile." Britannica School, Encyclopdia Britannica, 26 Jan. 2016. Accessed 23

Mar. 2017.

In this article published by the Encyclopedia Britannica the author reviews electric cars.

The author talks about the history of the electric and hybrid car from the late eighteen hundreds

to the late nineteen nighties. Apart from covering the history of electric and hybrid cars, the

article also discusses the history of electric technology that changed the way people drive today,

such as the electric starter. I will use this article in my research essay to help me explain the

benefits of adding electrical technology in cars. I will also use this article as a reference when

explaining the history of the automobile.

DYER, EZRA. "Supercharged at a Colorado Racecourse, Electric Cars Are the New

Performance Vehicles." Popular Science, vol. 283, no. 4, Oct. 2013, p. 64.


This article written by Ezra Dyer is about the the racing involvement of electric and

hybrid cars. Dyer starts by talking about Rod Millen, a formula one racecar driver who has begun
Heidt 3

to compete worldwide in his toyota sponsored, electric car. This article also goes into great detail

about formula one racing and the new technologies regarding the racing class of automobiles. I

will use this article in order to gain information on new automotive technologies that are being

used on racetracks and how those racing technologies are being used in the cars that are driven

by most americans every day.

Niels blaauw. "Prius Hybrid Drive Explained." YouTube. YouTube, 18 Oct. 2016. Web. 23 Mar.


This youtube video explains the mechanical function of the Prius Hybrid drive. It

compares Toyota's drive shaft to that of a clutch. This video posted by Nies Blaauw also goes

into detail to explain where energy is being conserved and wasted in a Prius Hybrid Drive and a

normal clutch drive. I will use this youtube video as resource to help me explain the inner

working of Toyota's environmentally friendly Prius in comparison to a normal automobile. I will

also use this source to gain information on automotive technological advances. These advances I

will explain in my research paper.

"Automobiles." Gale Encyclopedia of American Law, edited by Donna Batten, 3rd ed., vol. 1,

Gale, 2010, pp. 444-457. Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Accessed 23 Mar.


This article is about the History of the the automobile industry in America. The article

focuses on may aspects of the automobile such as, manufacturing, sales, and operation and

maintenance. The article, Automobiles, also focuses on safety aspects of cars and negative

aspects such as collisions and traffic fatalities. I will use this source in my research paper in order
Heidt 4

to provide facts and statistics on the subject of automobiles, car manufacturing and traffic

fatalities. Lastly I will use this source as a reference when mentioning the history of the

automobile in the United States.