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A LIBERAL might prolong over Trumps
TEA PARTY? your life Cabinet
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The White Houses
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Editors letter
President Trump wasnt exaggerating when he recently referred way on restricting trade, issuing edicts and threats to private cor-
to himself in a tweet as the ratings machine, DJT. His presi- porations, partnering with Russia, and spending billions on infra-
dency is but a few days old, and it is already The Greatest Show structure and The Wall. In his inaugural, Trump decreed that his
on Earth. He opened with an inaugural address in which he election means the people are now the rulers of this nation;
scorned the former presidents and current elected officials who senior adviser Kellyanne Conway is warning House Speaker Paul
sat stone-faced at his feet in a chilly rain, saying his predecessors Ryan and other Republicans against second-guessing or under-
reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne cutting the president, saying theyd better follow Mr. Trumps
the cost; inspired a massive, nationwide protest larger than lead, because he won many of their states. Got that? For now,
any since the 1960s; and is now taking us all on an epistemo- small-government Republicans will not risk the threat of a ther-
logical inquiry into what is knowable and what is not. Who can monuclear Twitter attack. But sooner or later, the cracks in this
look away? But of all the myriad subplots, the one that will be relationship will widen into open disagreement. There are some
of greatest consequence to how the new president fares over the of us who will be pushing to get back to the roots of the party,
next year is his uneasy marriage to Republicans in Congress. Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona said this week. When he and other
Trumps agenda overlaps with theirs in many areas, so Con- mavericks make a stand, its not hard to predict how Trump will
gress has strong incentive to avoid angering him. But Trump is a respond. Hang on to your seats; as they say in William Falk
populist, not a traditional conservative, and he will go his own showbiz, you aint seen nothing yet. Editor-in-chief

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what will truth look like Chief researcher: Christina Colizza
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unusual inaugural address Johnson (p.10) past is its future
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
4 NEWS The main stories...
President Trump makes his mark
What happened the Chicago Tribunefocusing on
Donald Trump launched his presidency creating jobs and boosting wages.
with a urry of executive action, pulling The former businessman told a group
the U.S. out of a major trade agree- of CEOs in the White House that he
ment, ordering the construction of a wants to reduce the top corporate
Mexican border wall, and beginning tax rate from 35 percent to 15 or
the process of dismantling the Afford- 20 percent, and to reduce business
able Care Act. After the new president regulations by 75 percent. Those are
was sworn into ofce last Friday, his the kinds of moves that encourage
rst full day in charge was marred by companies to invest more and add
massive protests against his administra- jobs. After the anemic economic
tion (see Talking Points) and his angry growth that followed the Great
reaction to media reports about the Recession of 2008, President Trumps
modest size of his inauguration crowd efforts to spur business activity are
(see Controversy). But Trump wasted The president with his executive order on pipelines very welcome.
little time in wielding his executive pen.
He pulled the U.S. out of the Trans-Pacic Partnership (TPP) What the columnists said
a 12-nation trade deal negotiated by the Obama administration During the election, journalists were mocked for taking Trump
that hadnt been ratied by Congressand scheduled meetings literally, not seriously, said Jamelle Bouie in Trump
with the premiers of Canada and Mexico to begin renegotiat- wouldnt literally build a wall or ban Muslims from entering the
ing the North American Free Trade Agreement. He directed the U.S., we were toldthese were statements of concern rather
Department of Homeland Security to begin constructing a border than guides to action. Now we know Trump really does think
wall and to strip funding for so-called sanctuary cities, which re- voter fraud is widespread; he genuinely intends to build a wall, and
fuse to hand over undocumented immigrants to federal authorities. to block immigration and visitors from many Muslim-majority
Beginning today, the United States of America gets back control countries. His divisive campaign was not an act.
of its borders, Trump said.
From a policy stance, the Trump presidency is actually off to a
In other executive orders, Trump directed federal agencies to surprisingly effective start, said David Graham in TheAtlantic
waive, defer, grant exemptions, or delay any parts of the Afford- .com. The leaders of both Canada and Mexico have signaled
able Care Act that it deems burdensome; cleared the way for the theyre willing to open negotiations on NAFTA, and after meeting
approval of the controversial Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil with Trump, labor leaders praised his efforts to keep companies
pipelines, which had been halted amid environmental concerns; re- from sending jobs abroad. Republican lawmakers show little
instated the so-called Mexico City Policy, which prevents American interest in investigating his conicts of interest. Despite the bad
foreign aid from going to organizations that offer women advice optics of his tweeting and his feud with the press, this is a presi-
on abortion; and implemented a hiring freeze on all federal govern- dency moving forward on many of its key goals.
ment workers except military personnel. His administration also
instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to freeze all its But this is the easy part, said Peter Wehner in The New York
grants and contracts. He was expected to issue another executive Times. What happens when hard times hit, when crises arise,
order temporarily banning refugees and immigrants from Syria, when other politicians and world leaders do not bend to his will?
Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. If past is prologue, Trump will create enemiesthe press, other
nations, even Republican leadersand do everything in his
After repeating his unsubstantiated claim that millions of people power to delegitimize and destroy them. A narcissist with il-
voted illegally in Novembers election, liberal tendencies, a volatile personality, and no internal checks
the president said hed launch a major now controls the awesome power of
investigation into the issue. Depend- What next? the presidency. Its hard to see this
ing on the results, he tweeted, we will Trump will unveil his pick for the vacant Su- ending well.
strengthen up voting procedures. preme Court seat next week, said Michael Shear
and Adam Liptak in The New York Times. The Trumps presidency will be a fascinat-
What the editorials said three leading contendersfederal appeals court ing test of how strong American insti-
Withdrawing from the TPP may end up judges William Pryor, Neil Gorsuch, and Thomas tutions are, said Francis Fukuyama
beneting a sliver of U.S. manufactur- Hardimanall have legal philosophies similar to in Trump will routinely
ing workers, said USA Today. But the the late Justice Antonin Scalias. But Democrats out norms, lie egregiously, and attack
trade agreement was Americas best are still seeking to avenge Republicans nine- institutions like the intelligence com-
hope for expanding its inuence in Asia month blockade of President Obamas nomina- munity and the Federal Reserve. But
and limiting the inuence of China, tion to fill the vacancy. The GOP, which holds his authoritarian governing style and
which is not part of the deal. Without 52 seats in the Senate, would need 60 votes to extreme domestic and foreign policy
the U.S., the TPPs remaining 11 nations break a filibuster. They could change the rules stances will eventually meet resistance
will likely join a rival trade group that so that only a simple majority is requiredbut from small-government conservatives
puts China at its center. that could come back to haunt them in future in Congress, the judiciary, his own
administrations. Either way, prepare for an all- Cabinet, and the blue states. In the

Right from the start, our new president consuming political fight. end, all of these checks will operate to
is doing what he promised, said constrain Trumpor so I hope.
THE WEEK February 3, 2017 On the cover: President Trump and White House adviser Kellyanne Conway.
Illustration by Howard McWilliam.
Cover photos from Getty, Newscom (2)
... and how they were covered NEWS 5

Battle over Trump nominees

What happened Last weeks conrmation hearing for DeVos al-
President Donald Trump made slow progress this ternated between interrogation and crass dispar-
week in lling out his administration, as several agement, said the Chicago Tribune. In her home
Cabinet nominees edged closer to conrmation but state of Michigan, shes spent more than a decade
other candidates were grilled by Senate Democrats ghting for greater school choice for mostly minor-
or had their committee votes delayed. By a 66-32 ity kids. Yet Senate Democrats tried to the paint the
margin, the Senate conrmed former Kansas con- billionaire as an out-of-touch nincompoop whose
gressman Mike Pompeo as CIA director, while ve goal was to destroy public schools. Never mind
nominees advanced through committees, including that half those senators went to private schools
Rex Tillerson for secretary of state; Ben Carson for themselves or have children or grandkids attending
Housing and Urban Development; Elaine Chao for them. Why deny the same privilege to families
Transportation; and Wilbur Ross for Commerce. that need it most?
But Georgia Rep. Tom Price, Trumps nominee
to head the Department of Health and Human What the columnists said
Services, encountered erce opposition. In a heated This could be the worst Cabinet in American his-
hearing, Democrats questioned Price about the DeVos: In the hot seat tory, said Paul Waldman in The Washington Post.
discounted shares he was offered in an Australian DeVos displayed shocking ignorance of basic issues
biotech rm that was seeking FDA approval of a multiple sclerosis in education policy in her hearingincluding how student perfor-
drug. Lawmakers also noted that Price had bought and sold mance is measured, and that public schools are required by law to
some $300,000 in health-care stockseven though he voted on provide equal access to disabled children. Carson has precisely zero
and sometimes sponsored legislation that could affect the value experience in housing policy, and Perry initially didnt seem to un-
of his holdings. Its hard to see how this can be anything but a derstand that the energy secretary is guardian of the nuclear arsenal.
conict of interest, said Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.). Price denied One can only imagine the damage theyre going to do.
any wrongdoing.
Democrats excoriate nominees like DeVos and Carson as unquali-
The Senate education committee postponed a planned vote for ed, said Jim Geraghty in But candidates
Betsy DeVos, a charter-school proponent strongly supported by with the best rsums can be disasters. Former Army Gen. Eric
conservatives but vehemently opposed by Democrats. Votes were Shinseki, Obamas secretary of veterans affairs, resigned in
also delayed for Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trumps nominee for disgrace after veterans care deteriorated drastically on his watch.
attorney general; former Texas Gov. Rick Perry for energy secretary; And while supposed expert organizer Katherine Archuleta was in
and Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke, for Interior. Only two of 15 Cabi- charge of Obamas Ofce of Personnel Management, Chinese hack-
net nominees have been conrmedDefense Secretary James ers stole the personal data of thousands of government employees.
Mattis and Homeland Security Secretary John Kellyand Trump At least no one in the Senate thought she was unqualied.
has yet to make some 5,000 lower-level appointments.
Despite some bumps, Trump should become the rst president
What the editorials said in decades to pull off a perfect nomination performance, said
President Trump has assumed ofce with the most incomplete team Kimberley Strassel in The Wall Street Journal. Barring some
in recent history, said The New York Times. Transition veterans strange event, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer wont
recommend new presidents have nominees for the top 100 slots claim a single scalp, mainly because Democrats scrapped the Senate
requiring Senate conrmation, but Trump only has one-third that libuster for nominees when they were in the majority. With a 52-
number. So much for the canard that a businessman could run 48 GOP edge in the upper chamber, Trump is free to ll his Cabinet
government more efciently than people with, you know, experience with the kind of picks that send liberals around the bend, and
in government. theres little Schumer can do about it.

It wasnt all bad QA 4-year-old bookworms dreams came true this month QKelsey the golden retriever is
when she was named guest librarian for a day at Washing- one mans best friend. Her owner,
QAfter a suspected arsonist burned tons Library of Congress. Daliyah Marie Arana of Gaines- identified only as Bob, was collect-
down a mosque in Bellevue, Wash., a ville, Ga., read her first book on her own at 2 years and ing firewood outside his remote
neighboring Mormon church opened 11months and has since ploughed through more than 1,000 Michigan home when he slipped
its doors to the citys Muslim commu- titles. When her mother in the snow and broke his neck.
nity. Worshippers at the Islamic Center reached out to the Library of He screamed for help and Kelsey
of the Eastside were left without any- Congress to request a visit, came running. As temperatures
where to pray in the wake of the blaze. the institutions head, Carla dropped to the mid-20s, Kelsey
So the Bellevue Stake of the Church of Hayden, invited Daliyah to kept Bob warm by lying on him
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints offered shadow her for a day. It was and licking his hands and face.
up a large room in its building, saying an experience Daliyah will When Bob passed out after
their Muslim neighbors could use the never forget, said mom Ha- 19hours in the snow, Kelseys
space, free of charge, until the mosque leema Arana. She just kept barking attracted a neighbor, who
Newscom, Shawn Miller

was repaired. Jesus said, Love your saying how the Library of called 911. I didnt have any frost-
neighbor, said church official Gordon Congress is her most favor- bite, Bob said as he recovered in
Wilson. Theyre right next door. How ite, favorite, favorite library in the hospital. I am sure it was be-
can it be more obvious than that? Hayden and Daliyah the whole wide world. cause of Kelseys determination.

THE WEEK February 3, 2017

6 NEWS Controversy of the week
Alternative facts: Is Trump at war with reality?
The first task of every autocrat is to delegitimize facts, said that he removed a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. from the
Ezra Klein in, and President Trump is off to a flying Oval Office, and blew a kiss at and hugged FBI Director
start. On his first full day in office, Trump sent an irate press James Comey at a meeting (it was actually a handshake
secretary Sean Spicer to dress down the White House press and arm pat). This nation desperately needs a source
corps and proclaim it was shameful and wrong of of unbiased, credible information, but based on the
the press to have shown photos suggesting that the medias overt hostility to Trump, that institution
crowd at Trumps inauguration was two or three does not currently exist.
times smaller than the one at President Obamas
in 2008. Spicer insistedusing a slew of easily The reporter who made the mistake about the
disproved claimsthat Trumps had been the King bust issued a correction and an apology,
largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, said Jennifer Rubin in
period. In a rambling, self-aggrandizing speech Compare that with President Trump, who this
at CIA headquarters that same day, Trump also week yet again insisted on the dangerous false-
insisted the media had lied about his crowd size and hood that up to 5 million illegal immigrants voted
had invented his blistering criticisms of the intel- for Hillary Clinton in November. Clearly, Trump
Spicer: Trumps was bigger. cannot help himself. He lies because reality wont
ligence servicescriticisms that could still be found
on Trumps Twitter feed. The most chilling sound bite came from conform to his narcissistic view of the world. Trumps insecurity-
Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, who on Meet the Press used the driven war with math goes back to his days as a TV star, said
Orwellian phrase alternative facts to characterize Spicers blatant James Poniewozik in, when he would insist The
falsehoods. This is not a conventional dispute over facts, said Apprentice was the No. 1 show on television, even though rat-
Greg Sargent in Trump is trying to discredit ings showed it was the 67th. The fact that he lost the popular vote
not only the presss critical role in our democracy but also the idea to Clinton by nearly 3 million votes rankles him deeply, as did the
of factual reality itself. For at least the next four terrifying years, fact that his inaugural crowd was smaller than both Obamas turn-
the truth is what Donald Trump says it is. out and the Womens March. These facts cant be true and must be
denied, because Donald J. Trump is not a loser.
The president must be held accountable for his falsehoods, said
David French in, but those with no cred- The press faces a real danger here, said Ross Douthat in The New
ibility make poor critics. The same reporters now apoplectic York Times. It serves Trumps interests to portray his disregard for
over Trump happily swallowed the Obama administrations facts as a partisan war with the press, and he has a gift for drag-
serial deceptions for eight yearson Obamacare, Benghazi, the ging his opponents down to his level of venom and hyperbole. If
IRS investigation of Tea Party groups. Worse, said Sean Davis the president provokes journalists into a kind of hysterical oppo-
in, Trump had barely been sworn in before sitionalism, a mirroring of Trumps own tabloid style, they will
mainstream outlets were circulating lies of their own, including delegitimize themselves, and do the demagogues work for him.

Good week for:

Only in America Boring but important
The power of belief, after a national pizza chain, Villa Italian
QA California high school can- Kitchen, introduced an alternative facts pizza, a presidential A replacement for
celed performances of the ac- pie topped with bacon, pepperoni, ham, sausage, homemade sauce, Obamacare?
claimed Jean-Paul Sartre play and whole-milk mozzarella that will have zero calories. Two Republican senators this
No Exit because it features a week unveiled an alternative
lesbian character. Buchanan Having a strong right, after Fox Business correspondent
to the Affordable Care Act that
High School administrators Charles Gasparino reported seeing White House adviser Kellyanne would give states the option to
say they received complaints Conway throw some mean punches in a mans face while break- keep most of the laws major
from parents about the shows ing up a fight during Trumps inaugural ball. Now I know why provisions. Sens. Bill Cassidy
strong language and adult Trump hired her, Gasparino said. of Louisiana and Susan Collins
themes. Its not what they Fido, after a new amendment to Alaskas divorce law empowers of Maine introduced the leg-
expected their children to see, judges to assign joint custody of pets and requires courts to take islation amid mounting pres-
an official said. The shows sure on the GOP to propose a
student director, Jared Serpa,
into consideration the well-being of the animal.
replacement for the law before
said parents shouldnt shield Bad week for: repealing it. Their bill would
teens from reality and the allow states that chose to stick
fact that people are different.
Mixing politics with work, after the Secret Service said it
would take disciplinary action against a female agent who said in with Obamacare to con-
QLouisianas new Blue Lives tinue to impose the individual
a Facebook post shed rather go to jail than take a bullet for
Matter law, enacted to protect mandate, expand Medicaid,
police and other first respond-
Donald Trump.
and provide coverage to those
ers from attacks, could make Road trips, after researchers found that jet lag hurts the perfor- with pre-existing conditions.
the act of resisting arrest a hate mance of Major League baseball players, lowering batting averages States that opted out would be
crime. The law used to define and leading to pitchers giving up more home runs, especially when required to provide market-
resisting arrest as just that players travel west to east across two or more time zones. based alternatives, like auto-
charge, said St. Martinville Naming rights, after a Vancouver buildings council blocked the enrolling the uninsured into
Police Chief Calder Hebert. catastrophic plans. Democrats
lease of a restaurant property to the fish-and-chips chain Moby
The legislation made it a hate said the bill was too vague and
crime now, a felony punish-
Dicks on the grounds that Dick is an offensive word. The
could cause millions of people

able by five years in prison. property owners argue that the name has literary significance to lose their insurance.
and does not refer to male genitalia.
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
The U.S. at a glance ... NEWS 7
Pierre, S.D. New York City New York City
Ethics controversy: Republican lawmak- Trump sued: An ethics watchdog group El Chapo in America: Mexicos most
ers in South Dakota this week moved filed a lawsuit against President Trump notorious drug kingpin, Joaquin El
to use emer- this week, arguing that he is violating the Chapo
gency rules to U.S. Constitution for refusing to divest Guzmn, was
overturn an from businesses that accept payments extradited to
independent from foreign governments. The suit, filed the U.S. last
ethics com- by the Citizens for Responsibility and week and
mission put in Ethics in Washington, alleges that Trump charged in
place by voters is in breach of the previously obscure federal court
in November. Emoluments Clause, which prohibits in Brooklyn
Gov. Dennis Daugaard The com- U.S. officials from accepting any pres- with drug traf- El Chapo arriving in NYC
mission was ent from any foreign state. The group ficking, money
created as part of a campaign finance has pointed to New York Citys Trump laundering, and involvement in 12 mur-
reform law known as IM-22, which Towerthe tenants of which include a der conspiracies. Guzmn allegedly made
passed with 52 percent of the vote. Chinese governmentowned bankas billions of dollars as head of the powerful
Along with establishing the ethics well as the Trump International Hotel in Sinaloa cartel, which provides much of
commission, the law imposes tougher Washington, D.C., which accepts business Americas cocaine and marijuana. He was
limits on gifts that lobbyists may give from foreign governments. Trump said captured by Mexican authorities in 2014,
to lawmakers. Republicans, who hold the suit is without merit. Legal experts but fled the maximum-security Altiplano
80 percent majorities in both state said the lawsuit was unlikely to proceed prison a year later in a daring escape. He
chambers, said the ethics law would because the ethics group may lack stand- was recaptured in Los Mochis in early
create de facto criminals out of every ing, in that it has no proof of a concrete 2016 after one of Mexicos largest-ever
elected office holder. An emer- injury that justifies its decision to sue. manhunts. Guzmn is being held
gency bill to repeal the measure in Manhattans Metropolitan
has already passed the state Correctional Center, a jail
House of Representatives, known for stringent secu-
and Republican Gov. Dennis rity measures, like its use of
Daugaard said he would sign solitary confinement. If you
the repeal bill if it landed on wanted to intentionally design a
his desk. Lawmakers have also place to drive people mad, youd be
debated a bill that would dou- hard-pressed to do better, said David
ble the number of signatures Patton, one of Guzmns lawyers.
required to get an initiative on
the ballot in South Dakota. Adel, Ga.
Deadly tornadoes: At least 20 people
Austin were killed as
Voter ID battle: Voting rights advocates violent storms
secured a tem- swept through
porary victory the Southeast
this week when Washington, D.C. this week,
the U.S. Supreme Russia probe: The FBI and other U.S. unleashing
Court rejected intelligence agencies are reportedly inves- a string of
an appeal from tigating several members of President devastating
tornadoes Picking through debris in Adel
Texas officials Trumps inner circle, focusing on the
hoping to aides possible ties to Russian officials. that flattened buildings and demolished
ID rules blocked. restore one of Intelligence officials have concluded that a mobile-home park in Georgia. At
the nations the Kremlin was behind the hacking of least seven residents of the Sunshine
strictest voter ID laws. The 2011 legisla- Democratic Party email accounts to try Acres park in Adel died when a winter
tion requires Texas voters to verify their to sabotage Hillary Clintons presiden- twister tore through the areashattering
identity at polling stations with photo ID, tial bid. They have reportedly looked windows and ripping homes from their
such as a drivers license, a military ID, or into links between Russia and Trumps foundations. One resident crawled to
a passport. Opponents claimed the law national security adviser, Michael Flynn, the bathroom for cover after hearing a
could have denied 600,000 votersmany as well as former Trump campaign chair- deafening roar. When it let up, I went
of them minoritiesthe right to cast their man Paul Manafort and advisers Roger outside and it was complete chaos, Alan
ballots simply because they didnt have the Stone and Carter Page. The FBI eaves- Miley, 26, said. People were scream-
proper ID. In July, a federal appeals court dropped on a December call between ing and crying for help. In Mississippi,
struck the law down as discriminatory Flynn and the Russian ambassador to tornadoes cut a swath through a 15-mile
and sent the case back to a district court, the U.S. as part of routine monitoring of area, killing four and destroying about
which would supervise changes. But Texas the Russian envoy, NBC News reported, 1,000 homes. Desperate local officials
officials nevertheless appealed the case to but agents found nothing improper. FBI said they have since pleaded for fed-
AP, Newscom, AP (2)

the Supreme Court. The justices gave no Director James Comey has been asked by eral assistance. Im asking President
explanation for rejecting the appeal, but Trump to stay in his post, sources said, Trump to...get people on the damned
said they could review the case once the despite coming under fire for his handling ground here, said Dougherty County
lower courts complete their work. of the probe into Clintons email server. Commission Chairman Chris Cohilas.
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
8 NEWS The world at a glance ...
London London
Nuclear scandal: Prime Minister Theresa May was Brexit ruling: The U.K.s Supreme Court has ruled that
facing accusations of a cover-up this week, after it only Parliament, not the prime minister, has the authority
was revealed that an unarmed British nuclear mis- to withdraw Britain from the European Union. The gov-
sile malfunctioned during a test and began rocket- ernment said the decision wouldnt delay Prime Minister
ing toward the U.S. British media reported that Theresa Mays pledge to invoke Article 50the clause for
the Trident missile veered in the wrong direction exiting the EUby the end of March, and that it would
after launching from a submarine off Florida last send a Brexit bill to Parliament within days. May has
June, but self-destructed when its onboard com- May: Trident troubles already outlined a plan for a break from the EU, saying
puters recognized the error. The following month, she intends to take the country out of the blocs single
May addressed Parliament and urged it to spend $50 billion on a market for goods and services, while working to negotiate a com-
new generation of Trident-armed submarines to replace the U.K.s prehensive trade deal. Opposition Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn
aging fleet. She failed to mention the botched test, and British said his party wouldnt block the Brexit process, but would seek
politicians are now asking why they werent informed before they to ensure Britain keeps tariff-free access to the single market.
voted to renew the Trident program. The British public deserve
the facts on a matter as important as Britains nuclear deterrent,
said Nia Griffith of the opposition Labor Party.
Mexico City
Pea Nieto lays out terms: Mexican President Enrique
Pea Nieto pledged this week to fight for Mexicos inter-
ests during upcoming talks with President Trump.
The Mexican leader unveiled a list of 10 goals
Mexico will seek in the negotiations, including a
commitment to preserve tariff-free commerce under
the North American Free Trade Agreementwhich
Trump has vowed to renegotiateand the contin-
ued free flow of remittances from Mexican nationals in the U.S.
to their relatives back home. During the presidential campaign,
Trump threatened to seize those remittanceswhich total about
$25 billion a yearand use them to pay for a wall on the U.S.-
Mexico border. Mexicos economic minister, Ildefonso Guajardo,
said his nation was prepared to quit NAFTA if it was offered a
bad deal. There may be no other option, he said.

Banjul, Gambia
President leaves, takes loot: Forced to flee the country
after 22 years in power, former Gambian President
Yahya Jammeh has taken a good chunk of the nations
wealth with him. Jammeh was defeated by Adama
Barrow, a property developer, in a December election.
But Jammeh, who took power in a 1994 coup, refused
to step down until West African troops marched into
Gambia last week and occupied the presidential pal- Jammeh says farewell.
ace. Jammeh left for exile in Equatorial Guinea, but
Barrows administration says the former president looted at least
$11.4 million from banks and drove a fleet of luxury cars into his
cargo plane. Gambia is in financial distress, said Barrows spe-
cial adviser, Mai Ahmad Fatty. The coffers are virtually empty.

Pumanque, Chile Paraty, Brazil

Wall of fire: Chilean President Michelle Bachelet called out the Justice dies in crash: Brazil was
army to evacuate citizens as the worst wild- aswirl with conspiracy theories this
fires in memory ripped through the country. week after a Supreme Court justice who
Some 4,000 emergency workers are battling was presiding over a massive corruption Zavasckis funeral
the flames, which have ravaged at least investigation died in a plane crash. Justice
500 square miles of land and killed three Teori Zavascki, 68, and four other people were killed when their
people. Most of the 42 fires are burning in small turboprop plane plunged into the ocean off Rio de Janeiro
sparsely populated areas, and are destroying state. A preliminary analysis of flight recordings suggested that the
Newscom (2), Getty, Newscom (2)

precious forests and century-old vineyards crash was not caused by a mechanical failure, authorities said, a
vital to Chiles wine industry. We are revelation that added to the already wild speculation over the inci-
encountering the greatest forest disaster in dent. Zavascki had been overseeing Operation Car Wash, an inves-
our history, said Bachelet. The fires are tigation of corruption involving senior politicians, Brazilian con-
especially severe this year because Chile has struction companies, and the state-run oil firm Petrobras. President
experienced eight years of drought, which Michel Temer, who has been named in several Operation Car Wash
A nation ablaze scientists attribute partly to climate change. plea bargains, will choose Zavasckis replacement.
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
The world at a glance ... NEWS 9
Pescara, Italy Vatican City
Landslide not a joke: Italian authorities are Pope vs. Knights: The Vatican took over the
being condemned for their slow response Knights of Malta this week after the head of the
to an avalanche that buried a moun- Catholic charitable order openly defied Pope
tain resort last week, killing at least 14 Francis. The feud began when Grand Master
people. Two people escaped and called Matthew Festing fired his deputy, German aris-
police after a landslide dumped some tocrat Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager, accus-
130,000 tons of snow and trees on the ing him of allowing the distribution of condoms
tiny Hotel Rigopiano. But the prefects in Myanmar for a health campaign. Boeselager
Rescued from the snow
office thought they were joking, and protested that he canceled the project as soon as
it was nearly two hours before a rescue was mounted, and eight he heard about the condoms, and Pope Francis Festing and Francis
hours before workers could reach the site. A criminal investiga- appointed a commission to investigate the dis-
tion is now underway. Nine people were found alive, including pute. But Festing claimed that because his 900-year-old order is a
all four of the children staying at the resort. The landslide was sovereign entity, with its own passports and diplomatic corps, it
triggered by extraordinary conditions: three days of heavy snow didnt have to listen to the pope. The Vatican insisted that it did,
followed by four earthquakes. because the pope is the orders spiritual leader, and Francis forced
Festing to resign. The Knights will now have to elect a new leader.
Vice president accused: A former Afghan provincial governor says
the countrys vice president, Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, had
him kidnapped, beaten, and raped with a rifle. Ahmad Ishchi, a
63-year-old elder from Dostums own Uzbek ethnic group, claimed
he was abducted and tortured over five days in November, and this
week Afghan authorities arrested nine of Dostums bodyguards.
Ishchi alleges that Dostum, who is under investigation, ordered
the abduction because the vice president was fearful of Ishchis
growing popularity with Uzbeks. Aides to Dostum have called for
mediation by tribal elders to resolve the issue, rejecting the judicial
process. But President Ashraf Ghani has told Western diplomats
that he is fed up with officials flouting the law, and sees Dostums
case as a make-or-break moment for his government.

Hiroshima, Japan
Inviting Trump: Hoping to instill in President Trump
a sense of the gruesome suffering that nuclear weap-
ons inflict, a former mayor of Hiroshima has invited
him to come to Japan to meet survivors of the
atomic bomb that the U.S. dropped on his city
in 1945. I believe that the encounter would
A-bomb survivor most likely change your view about war and
the meaning of survival, Tadatoshi Akiba, mayor from 1999
to 2011, wrote in a letter to the president. The bomb killed tens
of thousands of women, men, and children instantly and left as
many others gruesomely wounded, their skin burned and peeling.
During the presidential campaign, Trump refused to rule out using
a nuclear weapon against ISIS and has since called for the U.S.s
nuclear arsenal to be increased.
Chennai, India
Bull wrestling banned: Hundreds of people were arrested in the
southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu this week for protesting a
ban on bull wrestling. The Supreme Court recently banned the
Damascus sport of jallikattuan ancient Tamil tradition at harvest time
Iran profits from civil war: The Iranian government signed in which men compete to hang onto a bull as it runs through a
lucrative contracts with Syria last week, reaping the rewards for crowdsaying it violated animal-
helping President Bashar al-Assad regain control of parts of his cruelty laws. Thousands of eth-
war-torn nation. The elite Revolutionary Guards, which dominate nic Tamils staged a protest on a
much of Iranian industry, are expected to profit from the deals, Chennai beach, and clashes erupted
which will see Syria give Iran land for farming and for new oil when police tried to remove them.
and gas terminals. Iran also secured phosphate-mining contracts In response to the demonstration,
and a license to operate a cellphone service in the country, which the Tamil Nadu legislature this week
will allow Iran to closely monitor Syrian communications, said quickly passed a bill allowing jal-
AP (3), Newscom

Karim Sadjadpour of the Carnegie Endowment for International likattu, a law the Animal Welfare
Peace. Assads regime is financially dependent on Iran: Tehran has Board of India has asked the
lent it some $4.5 billion during the six-year Syrian civil war. Supreme Court to strike down. Protesting the ban
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
10 NEWS People
Pratts divine plan
Chris Pratt credits his career to the hand of
providence, said Rich Cohen in Vanity Fair. In
his early 20s, the future Parks and Recreation
star and movie action hero was flailing. After
excelling in sports and onstage in high school,
he left Lake Stevens, Wash., for a sales position
in Denver. But after two dismal years of con-
stant rejection Pratt was back home again, living
with his widowed mother. One of my best friends heard Id been
floundering, he says. I had no prospects, no job, was still sort of
riding the glory of high school. He saw that and bought me a ticket
to Hawaii, where hed been living. In the islands, Pratt slept in a
van and waited tables at Bubba Gump Shrimp, where part of his
responsibility was entertaining customers. One of them turned out
to be actress Rae Dawn Chong, who asked if he could act. F---
yeah, Pratt said. Put me in a movie. As it happened Chong was
producing a horror comedy called Cursed, Part 3; Pratt auditioned
and won the lead. The film was never released; Pratt admits, It
was the worst movie Id never seen. But Pratt got a screen credit,
manager, and reel out of it. The whole reason that movie came
along was just so I could be brought to Hollywood, he says.
Pratt, 37, believes everything thats happened to him prepared him
for his current life. Thats why I believe in God and the divine.
Burying homeless vets with honor
James Lindley feels a debt to the homeless veterans he buries, said
Michael Phillips in The Wall Street Journal. The Seattle-area morti- Johnsons ambivalence about exposure
cian has embalmed the unclaimed remains of dozens of indigent Dakota Johnson knows that theres a fair chance everyone she
servicemen and seen to it they were laid to rest with full military meets has seen her naked, said Rob Haskell in Vogue. But the
honors. I do what I can, which is take care of them when theyve star of the 50 Shades films makes no apology for the nudity.
passed, when nobody else is there to do it, he says. Theyre vet- Maybe I have more of a European mindset about these things,
erans. We dont want them to go in a mass grave. For Lindley, 34, Johnson says. Nudity is really interesting for an actor. Theres
its personal. A former Marine communications specialist, he spent no makeup. There are no clothes to tell you about the story. So
it becomes purely about the performance. But I mean, what a
the Iraq War in the relative safety of Kuwait, and it gnaws at him.
gamble! Johnson, 27, is Hollywood royaltyshes the daughter
I feel guilty because theres a lot of Marines who saw combat,
of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith and the granddaughter of
saw their friends diethings that are very, very traumatic, Lindley Hitchcock heroine Tippi Hedren. Her unconventional upbringing,
says. After his hitch ended in 2004, he suffered from depression moving from place to place with actor parents who struggled
and PTSD. Eventually, Lindley took a job at a funeral home. with alcohol and drugs and later divorced, left her discombobu-
Shaken by a Marine buddys suicide, he dedicated himself to giving lated and in therapy from age 3 onward. I was a disaster, she
indigent veterans a dignified farewell. Though Lindley still experi- says. Johnson says shes more comfortable with herself now,
ences night sweats and anguished dreams, his somber, exacting pro- although she admits her parents lives left her very leery of fame.
fession brings him solace. Its an environment where I have total I have a thing with the exposure, with the experience of the past
control of everything that is happening, he says. It makes me feel two years. I noticed myself becoming shut off to strangers, even
very peaceful. Its a happy, quiet place for me. cold. Thats not my nature. I prefer to be tender.

drew sharp criticism from Republicans mercurial and prone to tantrums. He got
former House Speaker Newt Gingrich meaner and meaner, she said. The judge
QThe Secret Service is reportedly investi-
suggested the singer should be arrested. told both parties to work out a custody
gating Madonna after she said during last Madonna said that her comment had been agreement, or he would have to impose one.
weeks Womens March on Washington that taken wildly out of context. My speech QMalia Obama, 18, has snagged a plum
she had thought about blow- began with I want to start a revolution of internship with Hollywood producerand
ing up the White House in love. The Secret Service generally investi- major Democratic donorHarvey Weinstein.
the wake of Donald Trumps gates any threats to harm the president. Its not her first foray into showbiz. In 2015,
election to the presidency. QUma Thurman and her ex-boyfriend this Malia interned on the Brooklyn set of HBOs
The revolution starts week were close to reaching a custody series Girls, making coffee runs for Lena
here, the pop icon, agreement after an ugly court battle over Dunham and other cast members; she also
58, told some half- their 4-year-old daughter, Luna. Thurman, served as a production assistant for Halle
million protesters in an 46, and French financier Arpad Busson, 53, Berrys CBS show Extant. On a gap year be-
F-bomb-laden speech on who were involved for seven years, decided fore entering Harvard in 2018, the Obamas
live TV. I have thought an to settle after a custody trial in Manhattan elder daughter recently traveled to Bolivia
awful lot about blowing Supreme Court. Busson claimed the actress and Peru with Where There Be Dragons,
up the White House, and suffers from mental illness and accused her a Colorado-based organization that helps
I know this wont change of mixing alcohol and prescription drugs. students examine current political trends,
Getty, AP (2)

anything. We cannot fall Thurman alleged that Busson was ad- social movements, and environmental con-
into despair. Her remarks dicted to prostitutes, and portrayed him as servation efforts.

THE WEEK February 3, 2017

Briefing NEWS 11

Israels growing settlements

The Trump administration supports Israels West Bank expansion, but most of the world does not. What happens now?

How many settlements are there? have to find a way to evacu-

More than 100 settlements now dot ate and relocate the more than
the hilly landscape of the West Bank, 80,000 people in more isolated
a 2,100-square-mile area west of the settlements and outpostsmany
Jordan River that, in theory, will someday of whom have pledged to fight to
become the heart of a Palestinian state. defend their homes. Netanyahu
The international community considers and many Israelis say Palestinians
those Jewish settlements illegalor in the have only themselves to blame for
U.S. governments case, illegitimate. this situationand for the failure
Thats because Israel occupied the West of the peace process. They point
Bank and East Jerusalem after winning out that in 2008, Palestinian lead-
the 1967 Six-Day War, and the Geneva ers flatly turned down a peace
Conventions prohibit settling people proposal in which Israel offered
on the territory of another nation won to withdraw from 93 percent of
in war. Yet under Prime Minister Bibi the West Bank, compensating
The Israeli settlement Har Homa in the West Bank
Netanyahu, the settler population has Palestinians with land from the
ballooned by 100,000 people over the past eight years, to a total Negev. And when Netanyahu agreed to Obamas demand for a
of 570,000 settlers. As a parting protest against that policy, the 10-month settlement freeze in 2009, Palestinian leaders refused to
outgoing Obama administration in December withheld its veto and attend peace talks. The real obstacle for a two-state solution isnt
allowed a U.N. Security Council resolution to condemn the settle- the settlements, Netanyahu said in response to the U.N. resolu-
ments. Israels construction work has created a sense of urgency tion, but the ongoing Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel as
and of panic, says Arab-Israeli negotiator Aaron David Miller. the state for the Jewish people in any borders.

What do the settlements consist of? What happens without a two-state solution?
Some, such as Ariel, are sprawling developments of stone apartment In a fiery exit speech, outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry in
blocks housing 20,000 people, along with synagogues, shopping December warned Israel that it was heading toward a stark choice
centers, schools, and a university. In addition to these approved between being Jewish or democratic. If Israel embraces the per-
settlements are another 100 or so unapproved outposts. These petual occupation of a one-state future, said Kerry, it will have to
isolated camps are usually located deeper into the West Bank deny full political rights to its rapidly growing Palestinian popula-
sometimes closer to Jordan than Israeland are often established tion. In that scenario, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will grow ever
by the most politically radical or ultra-Orthodox Jews, who arrive more bitter and violent, and Israel will become a pariah nation
with tents and trailers. Life in and around the settlements can be thats never at peace.
tense and violent, for both Palestinians and Jews. (See box.)
What effect will President Trump have?
Why are they being built? Trump condemned the U.N. resolution against the settlements,
The Israeli government says its the result and with opposition from the
of natural growth of its tiny, crowded Life in the settlements U.S. removed, the building of settle-
nation. About 80 percent of settlers live In some areas of the West Bank, like parts of the ments will increase. Netanyahu this
near the pre-1967 Green Line sepa- Gush Etzion bloc, things are relatively peaceful. week announced approval of 2,500
rating Israel and the West Bank; Israeli Arabs and Jews walk together, shop together, new units in the West Bank, and
officials say these settlers can be incor- and work alongside one another at the local since Trumps victory, the number
porated into Israel in a future peace deal supermarket. In other settlements, life couldnt of planning approvals for housing
through land swaps. But many Jewish be more different. Security is tight, and areas in East Jerusalem has quadrupled.
settlersparticularly those in the more are segregated into heavily militarized Jewish Trump has also promised to recog-
isolated outpostsbelieve that they have and Arab zones. Violence regularly breaks out nize Jerusalem as Israels capital, and
a religious and historical claim on the on both sides. In the most radical Jewish out- to move the U.S. Embassy there from
land, which they call by the biblical name posts, armed militant settlers have been accused Tel Aviva move Palestinian leaders
Judea and Samaria. These settlers have of intimidating Palestinians, poisoning their warn will spark another violent inti-
created facts on the ground that would crops, and uprooting their olive trees. In the fada. Trumps choice for U.S. ambas-
make a two-state solution more dif- past year, Palestinians launched what some call sador to Israel is bankruptcy lawyer
the knife intifada, with militantssome of them David Friedman, who has helped
ficult, if not impossible. How are they
teenagersstabbing more than 200 Israeli sol-
going to evacuate all of us? says settler raise millions of dollars for settle-
diers and civilians. Whenever you are on the
leader Davidi Perl. We are winning. ments and calls the two-state solution
road, youre worrying if somebody is going to
As the settler population has grown, so lay ambush to you or throw stones or worse, an illusion. Trump, however, says
has the popularity of pro-settler political says Chaim Silberstein, a resident of the Beit El he plans to send his son-in-law, Jared
parties such as Jewish Homeforcing settlement. But Silberstein and his family refuse Kushner, to the region to negotiate
Netanyahu to the right. to leave, saying the Jewish people have history a peace deal. All my life Ive been
there going back 4,000 years. Its an amazing hearing thats the toughest deal in the
Is a two-state solution still viable? feeling that you are connected to the deepest world to make, Trump said, but I

It seems increasingly unlikely. Even with roots of your nation, of your land, he says. have a feeling that Jareds going to do
a map change, the government would a great job.
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
12 NEWS Best columns: The U.S.
Judging Trump The fate of Donald Trumps presidency will be decided by Trump-
curious voters, said Josh Barro. Polls show that about 37 percent of It must be true...
by what Americans are Trump superfans, viewing him favorably despite or
even because of his abrasive personality. About another 15 percent
I read it in the tabloids
he delivers disapprove of Trump personallybut still say theyre optimistic about
the next four years and how Trump will perform as president. These
QA Northern California man
had two vehicles crushed
Josh Barro are the Trump-curious voterspeople who are willing to give him a last week by falling trees in chance, because they hope that his pro-business policies will create jobs, two different cities on the
cause wages to rise, revitalize communities in decline, and rev up the same day. Georgiy Karpekin
economy. They also hope that as a change agent, he can knock some walked out of Sacramento
heads together and get Congress to do something other than talk. The City College to find that
catch here, of course, is that Trump has made many grand promises: strong winds from a storm
bringing back manufacturing jobs from abroad, renegotiating better had toppled a giant eucalyp-
tus tree onto his pickup truck.
trade deals, eradicating crime and ISIS, and replacing Obamacare with
Karpekin then got a ride to
something thats both cheaper and better. If Trump fails to deliver, he his home, only to discover
will not be able to fall back on a reservoir of goodwill, since a major- that another fallen tree had
ity of Americans dislike him personally. If he loses the Trump-curious, destroyed his other car. I
he will be in big political trouble. feel like Im the luckiest guy,
he said. Why? I came out
alive. Lifes full of peaks and
The worlds eight richest men own as much wealth as the worlds poor-
Extreme est 3.7 billion peoplehalf the planets population, said Jeff Jacoby.
valleys, man.

wealth is Thats what the international charity Oxfam tells us, calling the vast in-
come gap a moral and social calamity. Its a striking statistic, but its
Q A Canadian couple who

not obscene also irrelevant. To begin with, the Oxfam 8Microsofts Bill Gates,
investor Warren Buffett, telecom mogul Carlos Slim Helu, Facebooks
what they
thought was
a micro-
Jeff Jacoby Mark Zuckerberg, clothing magnate Amancio Ortega, Amazon creator pig were
The Boston Globe Jeff Bezos, Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, and New York Citys entre- surprised
preneur ex-mayor Michael Bloombergarent parasites exploiting the when their
masses. Through hard work and ingenuity, theyve created enterprises 45-pound pet kept growing
that improve the lives of billions; moreover, each gives massive amounts and became a 650-pound
to charity. Meanwhile, thanks to capitalism, the worlds poor have porker. Steve Jenkins and
been climbing out of poverty at the fastest rate in human history. Over Derek Walter took Esther
the past 30 years, the number of people in extreme poverty has dropped home in 2012, having been
by 75 percent, or 1.2 billion people. Liberals keep insisting that extreme told that the piglet would only
wealth is obscene, as if the economy were a zero-sum game in which grow to 70 pounds. But the
people get richer only if poor people get poorer. Thats not true. Wealth couple soon realized theyd
is good, and the more people who can create and earn it, the better. been duped. Now, the house-
broken 5-year-old hog weighs
more than a polar bear and
For four consecutive presidencies, many Americans have insisted that an munches through dozens of
When every illegitimate leader was occupying the White House, said Andres Mar- pounds of vegetables, fruit,
grain, and ice cream every
president tinez. This destabilizing trend began in 1992, when Bill Clinton won a
three-way race with 43 percent of the vote. Republicans insisted Clinton week. Despite the cost, Es-
thers owners say they didnt
is illegitimate had no mandate for his liberal policy initiatives, personally attacked and
investigated him relentlessly, and gleefully sought to impeach him in his consider giving her up. We
just adapted, said Jenkins,
Andres Martinez second term. After the bitterly contentious 2000 election, decided by the
and loved her more.
The Washington Post U.S. Supreme Court, Democrats refused to accept George W. Bush as a
legitimate president, and hatred against him ran deep. Barack Obamas QBritons who want to look
resounding win in 2008 briefly quieted the legitimacy debate, but buff in the buff can now
criticsincluding our current presidentsoon charged that Obama was exercise clothes-free in the
countrys first naked fitness
a secret Muslim born in Kenya and was therefore a fraudulent president.
class. During the hour-long,
Now it is President Trump whos haunted by challenges to his validity. boot campstyle session,
Where does this end? Theres nothing wrong with opposing presidents participants work up a sweat
and policies we disagree with. But the haste of recent years to delegiti- doing jumping jacks, sit-
mize opponents, and to call them un-American, is itself un-American. ups, push-ups, lunges, and
Extreme partisanship has left us with a political system thats devoid of squats. The class was created
shared narratives, aspirations, values, and, increasingly, facts. by Helen Smith, a 35-year-old
personal trainer and naturist
who believes nude workouts
Viewpoint Living in bubbles is the natural state of affairs for human beings. People
lead to better form. You can
seek out similarities in their marriages, workplaces, neighborhoods, and peer
groups. The preferred sociological term is homophilysimilarity breeds affectionand the impli- really see what the instruc-
tor is doing in the exercises,

cations are not all positive. White Americans have 90 times more white friends than they have black,
Asian, or Hispanic friends, according to one analysis from the Public Religion Research Institute. said Smith, adding that
Thats not a description of a few liberal elite cliques. Its a statistic describing the social networks of nothing untoward happens
200 million people. America is bubbles, all the way down. Derek Thompson in in these classes.

THE WEEK February 3, 2017

Americas emblem
stands for great strength
and long life.

With that in mind, lets talk retirement.

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14 NEWS Best columns: Europe
Germany is giving dangerous rein to neo-Nazis, be all but irrelevant. The ruling defies belief. Yes,
GERMANY said Heribert Prantl. Last week, the Constitutional the NPD is anticonstitutional and desires to
Court rejected a request by all 16 German states abolish our societys fundamental order and val-
Turning a to ban the racist, extreme-right National Demo-
cratic Party (NPD), a direct successor to a party
ues, but because it gets few votes it can just go
right ahead? To take such a risk shows a perilous
blind eye to founded by Nazis. The party is white supremacist navet. A democracy that only moves to defend
and anti-Semitic, wants to get rid of parliamentary itself once things get very dangerous is unable to
neo-Nazis democracy, and seeks territorial expansion into defend itself at all. Perhaps the court will ban
neighboring countries to create a greater Ger- the NPD in a few years, once it gets an approval
Heribert Prantl
many. Its adherents have been accused of setting rating of, say, 15 percent. By then, of course, it
Sddeutsche Zeitung
refugee centers on fire. The court acknowledged will be too late. By refusing to send a signal that
all that but declined to outlaw the party, saying it opposes aggressive right-wing populism, Ger-
the NPD had such a low level of support as to many has effectively endorsed it.

ROMANIA Romanias new leaders have come up with a self- led by a criminal? Social Democrat chairman Liviu
serving way to solve prison overcrowding, said Dragnea was barred from becoming prime minis-
Corrupt Horia Blidaru. Build more prisons? Nope. Just
pardon all the corrupt politicians! The Social
ter because of an electoral fraud conviction, but he
is still running things behind the scenes. Dragnea
politicians Democraticled government, which took office
in December, has announced its intent to pardon
and his party have no compunction or hesita-
tion about sweeping aside any rule that prevents
get a holiday certain white-collar convictions if the sentence was them from plundering the state. These rascals
less than five years and to decriminalize abuses must be stopped! Romania, once a communist
Horia Blidaru
of power that cause less than $50,000 in damage dictatorship, and then ravaged by greedy oli-
Adevarul to the budget. The maximum penalty for abuse garchs, has made great strides toward judicial fair-
of office will also be reduced from seven years ness in the past few years. We the people cannot
in prison to three. Of all the problems facing the let our leaders trample the rule of law. Only the
country, this was the Social Democrats top prior- direct involvement of citizens can save reforms
ity. Of course, what should we expect of a party and halt this deeply pernicious political agenda.

Europe: A warning from history on Trump?

Germans and Austrians do not make selfish, sellout leaders, and finally
Hitler comparisons lightly, said Ger- promising that henceforth the peo-
fried Sperl in Der Standard (Austria). ple alone would rule. Obviously, it
But we have noticed that foreigners would be irresponsible and stupid
are finding parallels between President to conclude from this speech that
Trump and the Hitler of the early Trump will follow Hitlers path. But
1930s, before the Nazi leader set in it would be just as irresponsible
motion the machinery of mass mur- not to notice the similarities and
der. American historian Timothy Sny- heed the lessons. Even Pope Francis
der, for example, has pointed out that seems concerned, said Antonio Cao
like Hitler, Trump is extraordinarily and Pablo Ordaz in El Pas (Spain).
talented at manipulating the press, During an interview last week, the
and also like him holds truth to be pontiff said it was too early to judge
entirely irrelevant. Of course, Trump the new U.S. president. But after
is not a new Hitler. But he did skirt being asked if he was worried about
Anti-Trump protesters rally at Berlins Brandenburg Gate.
National Socialist ideas in his inau- the rise of populism in the U.S. and
gural address last week. That speech was a religiously charged Europe, he immediately referred to Germany in 1933. The coun-
battle prayer, in which neither democracy nor human rights try was in chaos and searching for someone capable of restoring
existed. Instead, Trump paid homage to patriotism, which was its character, and there is a young man named Adolf Hitler who
to be defended with blood. Perhaps those parts of the address says, I can, I can, said Francis. Hitler did not steal power. He
were written by the presidents chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, was elected by his people and then destroyed his people.
who recently told The Hollywood Reporter that Trumps term
would be as exciting as the 1930s and usher in an economic Lets stop with these silly comparisons, said Bernhard Schulz in
nationalist movement. Who could listen to those words and Der Tagesspiegel (Germany). The truth is that Hitlers genocidal
not think of the Nazi era? intentions were clear from the beginning: He told us about them
in his writings and his speeches, only people refused to take
In fact, Trumps inaugural address sounded remarkably similar him seriously. In contrast, Trumps plans are deeply muddled
to Hitlers first address as German chancellor in 1933, said Boris his policy stances change depending on whom hes talking to
Reitschuster in A Russian sociologist, Igor and the American public is vigilant and prepared to protest any
Eidman, compared the two speeches and found that Trump hit overreach. The president is winging it, and so long as liberal
all the same themes as Hitler: first describing the country as a Europe stands by its common values and speaks up for them,

horrorscape of poverty and violence, then blaming the crisis on well all be fine.

THE WEEK February 3, 2017

Best columns: International NEWS 15

How they see us: China picks up free trade mantle

President Trump has all but declared a decent life. And last week at the
trade war with China, said the South World Economic Forum in Davos,
China Morning Post (China) in an Switzerland, which Trump did not
editorial. His inaugural address was attend, Xi portrayed China as the
unprecedented in its angry tone and new champion of multilateral trade
themes of nationalism, isolationism, pacts. There are already murmurs
and protectionism. Trump didnt that China could join the 11-nation
directly mention China in the speech, Trans-Pacific Partnership trade
but his past remarks about currency agreement, which Trump abandoned
manipulation and unfair trade deals this week, in place of the U.S.
echoed when he vowed to protect the
U.S. from the ravages of other coun- Why shouldnt China take over
tries making our products, stealing our the baton from the U.S.? asked
companies, and destroying our jobs. Globalization has been good for Chinas economy. Mei Xinyu in China Daily (China).
To him, tradewith China, with Mex- China was the largest single contrib-
ico, and even with Europeis a zero-sum game that America has utor to world economic growth from 2011 to 2015, generating
been losing. The only way America can win again, Trump seems 41 percent of all growth in that period compared with 16 per-
to believe, is by slapping punitive tariffs on imports. His support- cent for the U.S. That shows that Chinas economy by itself is
ers dont realize that if the U.S. implements such protectionist lubricating the development of the world economy. China has
policies, triggering trade wars and potentially military conflicts, not sought leadership, to be sure. But as Foreign Ministry official
their nation will be worse off. Americans and foreign govern- Zhang Jun said this week, If its necessary for China to play the
ments alike have to make him realize the hazards of such a dan- role of leader, then China must take on this responsibility.
gerous approach.
Still, we should be prepared for conflicts with the Trump admin-
Trumps abdication of leadership on international trade presents istration, said the Global Times (China). Bilateral discussions
an opportunity for China, said Peter Hartcher in The Sydney over trade are possible, even desirable. But Trump seems to think
Morning Herald (Australia). Chinese President Xi Jinping has that sovereignty issues, such as the status of Taiwan or the South
now seized the mantle of global free trade, presenting it as a win- China Sea, can be negotiated away in a trade deal. They cannot.
win formula for all nations. On New Years Day, while Trump Does Trump not realize how dangerous his position is? The
was mocking my many enemies on Twitter, Xi was telling U.S. is not a united country now, and the authority of its current
the planet: We Chinese not only aspire for good living for our- leadership is not guaranteed. Trump has plenty of enemies at
selves, but also hope people in other parts of the world lead a homeand he is also making enemies across the world.

Has Syria become a Russian colony? asked The military bases, both naval and air, in Syria. Its par-
SYRIA Daily Star. President Bashar al-Assads regime was ticularly ironic that Syria would offer itself up so
certainly saved by Russias entry into the Syrian wantonly, considering how loudly and often it has
Surrendering civil war in 2015. With the support of Russian
firepower, Assad has been able to retake Aleppo
lectured its neighbors on the need to expel foreign
troops and close allied countries bases on their
sovereignty and other rebel-held cities and secure his own soil. Any Arab country with a foreign presence
position. But at what price? Assads regime has was deemed an imperialist lackey. Remember
to Russia relinquished much of its sovereignty. Peace talks too that Assad calls Israels occupation of most
are dominated not by Damascus, but by Mos- of the Golan Heights an illegal outrage. Yet Rus-
cow. Russia controls the skies, the seas, and the sia now directs Syrias foreign and defense policy,
The Daily Star (Lebanon)
land, and it holds Syrias present, future, and and has settled its troops in comfy new barracks
politics in its iron grip. Now we hear that Russia on Syrian territory. Theres a clear term for Mos-
has clinched open-ended contracts for expanded cows relationship with Syria: occupation.

VENEZUELA Venezuelans live in a failed state, said Carlos needed to build, equip, and maintain hospitals,
Tablante. Violent crime is rocketing; our grocery homes, schools, universities, dams, trains, and
Corruption stores and pharmacies are empty; and hospitals
lack water and electricity. This catastrophe is partly
highways. Doctors and nurses, police officers and
teachers lack decent salaries and pensions because
has destroyed the result of 18 years of disastrous Socialist rule,
during which thousands of companies were con-
the corrupt caste misdirected public money to
offshore bank accounts in Switzerland and the
our nation fiscated, broken, or closed. But our governments Caribbean. We now have access to exactly none of
flawed leftist agenda isnt the only cause of the the rights guaranteed in our constitution: Not only
Carlos Tablante
chaos racking the country. Venezuelas descent into do we lack food, health care, and security, but
El Periodiquito disaster was accelerated by a network of corrupt we also have no right to equality before the law or
officials and their accomplices from the private political participation. Corruption has destroyed

sector. Government ministers and company direc- our human rights, and that is a serious crime that
tors have plundered the state, stealing the money cant go unpunished.
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
16 NEWS Talking points
Womens March: The progressive backlash against Trump
They came in tens of thousands, a teeming what was ostensibly a womens parade,
parade of pink hats brightening the gray and marchers indulged themselves with
Washington, D.C., sky, said Jia Tolentino expletive-laden attacks on Trump and
in The New Yorker. There were sensible tiresome pronouncements about pussy.
moms and crust punks, young dads car- On the stage, a parade of pretentious
rying toddlers on their shoulders, and and preachy celebs, including Ashley
a great-grandmother who leaned on a Judd and Madonna, delivered hysterical
walker, ambling gamely down the National speeches comparing Trump to Hitler. It
Mall. This was the Womens March on was all guaranteed to further alienate the
Washingtonheld a day after President working-class Americans who put Trump
Donald Trumps Jan. 20 inaugurationand in the White House, and make never-
it drew an estimated 500,000 participants. Trump conservatives like me wonder if
But the D.C. protest was just part of a huge maybe he is the lesser of two evils.
wave, as 3.2 million people came out across
The start of a Democratic tea party?
the U.S. to send a message to Trump on his Sorry, but Trump did not earn a hon-
first full day in office, in perhaps the largest mass protest in U.S. his- eymoon, said Stephen Stromberg in The Washington Post. His
tory. Joined by participants in sister marches around the world, inaugural speech doubled down on the divisive message of his
the protesters carried signs asserting their defiant dedication to campaign, with the new president ominously claiming to be the
womens equality, reproductive rights, affordable health care, Black embodiment of the people and making it clear that anyone who
Lives Matter, and more. This pussy grabs back, read one. Keep doesnt accept his agenda wont be a loyal American. Protest-
your tiny hands off my daughters rights, said another. The mass ing, though, isnt enough, said Edward-Isaac Dovere and Elana
demonstrations, which dwarfed Trumps inauguration, werent just Schor in If progressives continue to embrace a cha-
a stinging rebuke of a man who has boasted of grabbing wom- otic and disparate set of pet causesfrom transgender rights to
ens genitalia, said Charles M. Blow in The New York Times. They reducing mass incarcerationtheir resistance could fizzle out in
served as a message to Trump: You are on notice. America will frustrated disarray, the way Occupy Wall Street did. Instead, liber-
not cower in the face of bigotry or Trumps vows to gut Planned als should adopt the tactics of Republican tea partiers, who turned
Parenthood funding and dramatically restrict abortion rights. This their 2009 protests into grassroots political organizations that pro-
was an uprising. This was a resistance. pelled like-minded candidates into office, resulting in huge gains for
Republicans in the 2010 midterms. Unless it leads to real political
A resistance to what? said Ed Morrissey in the New York Post. organizing, this weeks march will mean little.
Trump just won a democratic election. Hed barely settled into the
White House when this resistance decided to pretend the loss of The Womens March has already had an effect, said Jonathan Chait
an election amounts to oppression, and adopted the language of in After Democrats lost the 2000 presidential election,
revolution. The Left spent months lecturing Trump supporters on it took them years to wake up from their late-Clinton slumber.
the importance of accepting election results. But now that Ameri- When they finally didin the backlash that gave the party control
can voters have elected Trump and Republican majorities in the of both the House and the Senate in the 2006 midtermsa lot
House and Senate, to undo the damage of eight years of Barack of legislation had already passed. But now, one day into Trumps
Obama, liberals are having a violent temper tantrum. presidency, millions of Americans have declared they will not sit
idly by as Republicans try to ram through a right-wing agenda
When will progressives ever learn? said Matt Lewis in TheDaily and allow Trump to obliterate long-standing governing norms. They had an opportunity here to speak to a broad Were entering a new eraone in which the greater political passion
coalition of Americans concerned about President Trumps tem- and anger is on the Democratic side. Republicans had probably
perament and character, including the 53 percent of white women assumed the clock would not start for months on the liberal back-
who voted for Trump. But pro-life women were disinvited from lash. Now the clock is ticking already.

QAsked to name their main source of QOutgoing Secre- more students came from the top 1
information about the presidential election, tary of Homeland percent of the income scale than from the
19 percent of American voters named Fox Security Jeh John- bottom 60 percent.
News. CNN was second, with 13 percent, son was selected
followed by Facebook (8 percent), and local by the Obama QWhen President Obama took office in
TV (7percent). Among those who voted for administration as 2009, Twitter users posted 300,000 tweets
Donald Trump, 40 percent said Fox was their the designated per day; now, they post 500million daily.
main source of news. survivor for last weeks inauguration. In Facebook had 150million active users
Pew Research that role, Johnson would have become the when Obama took office; now it has
QPresident Trump is the first president next president if an attack had wiped out 1.79billion. Blockbuster Video and Circuit
since Ronald Reagan to nominate a Cabi- the Trump administration and congressio- City still existed when Obama took office;
net without a single Latino member. White nal officials who attended the inauguration. Uber, Airbnb, and Instagram had yet to be
males make up 87 percent of Trumps created. Gay marriage was legal in just two
Cabinet nominees. QAt 38 elite collegesincluding Dart- states; now its legal in all 50 states.
Getty, AP

The Washington Post mouth,Princeton,Yale,Penn,andBrown

THE WEEK February 3, 2017

Talking points NEWS 17

Climate change: The hottest year on record Wit &

Well, its official, said Phil
Plait in 2016 was
Earths surface has warmed
over the last century, said
the hottest year ever recorded. The Wall Street Journal in Truth exists;
NASA and the National Oce- an editorial. But the warm- only lies are invented.
Georges Braque,
anic and Atmospheric Admin- ing is still not nearly as quoted in
istration (NOAA) announced great as the climate change
last week that the average computer models have Species cannot be
global temperature last year predicted. It shouldnt be immortal, but must perish,
was as much as 1.78 degrees an act of heresy to question one after another,
like the individuals which
Fahrenheit higher than the the scale of climate change
compose them.
20th-century averagemaking and debate how best to Geologist Charles Lyell, quoted
2016 the third consecutive For the third year in a row, record heat address the issue. in The Wall Street Journal
year to break the global temperature record. With
People always ask me
grim timing, the news broke just before the inau- You have to ignore an awful lot of alarming
how long it takes to do my
guration of President Trump, a man who famously evidence to remain a skeptic, said Jen Kirby in hair. I dont know,
dismissed global warming as a Chinese hoax. Sixteen of the 17 hottest years Im never there.
Almost every one of Trumps Cabinet nominees in history have taken place since 2000; global Dolly Parton,
most notably Scott Pruitt, his pick to head up the sea ice at both poles is at its lowest level since quoted in
Environmental Protection Agencyhas expressed records began. Combating climate change simply Dont call me a saint; I
skepticism about the overwhelming scientific con- isnt something we can delay for a presidential dont want to be
sensus that mankinds carbon emissions are driv- term or two, and catch up later, said Annie dismissed that easily.
ing climate change. Are we headed for disaster? Sneed in If Trump fol- Activist Dorothy Day,
lows through on his campaign promise to can- quoted in The Buffalo News
Climate hysterics are making furious attempts cel the landmark 2015 Paris Agreementin The true soldier fights
to hype up these numbers, said Robert Tracinski which nearly 200 countries agreed to limit their not because he hates what
in Both 2015 and 2016 were emissionsit will undermine the entire agree- is front of him,
affected by El Nio, the Pacific Ocean weather ment. If emissions targets are not met, human- but because he loves what
system that produces a natural increase in tem- ity will face rising sea levels and more extreme is behind him.
perature. Whats more, the NOAA calculated weather, including prolonged droughts, devastat- G.K. Chesterton,
quoted in the New York Post
that last year was just 0.07 degrees warmer than ing floods, and savage heat waves. There is little
the year beforea tiny rise thats easily within margin left between where the world is now and A dependence on the peo-
the margin of error. Theres no denying that the where it does not want to go. ple is, no doubt, the primary
control on the government;
but experience has taught
Trumps inaugural: Inspiring or incendiary? mankind the necessity of
auxiliary precautions.
James Madison,
Donald Trump sank to the occasion, said Ruth ventionism that enriched foreign industry and quoted in The Washington Post
Marcus in The Washington Post. Throughout defended other nations borders at the expense
our nations history, presidents have used their of our own. In fact, it was an incredibly optimis- Hopelessness is the
inaugural addresses to shed their partisan identi- tic address, said Rich Lowry in NationalReview enemy of justice.
Civil rights lawyer
ties and deliver uplifting calls for inclusion and .com. Whether he was promising to bring jobs Bryan Stevenson, quoted in
healing. But whereas Lincoln appealed to our bet- back to America, or vowing to eradicate Islamic
ter angels, Trump delivered a singularly graceless extremism from the face of the earth, Trump
and dark speech that stoked the worst in us. At didnt hedge on his promises. Few presidents
a time of near full employment and historically would risk failure by setting such a high bar, but
low crime, Trump painted a warped picture of Trump didnt get here by being timid. Poll watch
an American dystopia with rusted-out factories Q39% of Americans say
scattered like tombstones across the landscape, Trumps address might have sounded optimis- they are more hope-
and crime-ridden city streets. This American car- tic to his supporters, said Megan McArdle in ful about the next four
nage, he promised, stops right here and stops, but not to anyone else. He made years based on what
right now. Its the same divisive, tribal appeal to a campaign-style attack on everyone on stage they saw, heard, or read
the white working class that he used to win the with himthe former presidents and members of about President Trumps
presidency, said Brian Beutler in NewRepublic Congress whom he accused of selling out Ameri- inauguration speech. 30%
.com. Its also how hell run the country. cans to elites and foreigners. We shouldnt be are less hopeful, and 30%
surprisedTrump ran as an outsider who would say what they heard or
read made no difference.
Trumps prose was admittedly not the poetry smash political norms. Still, were at a fragile
When President Obama
of Lincoln, said Howard Warner in American moment in the history of our republic, with our
was inaugurated in But it contained the soaring rheto- union more tenuous than it has been at any time 2009, 62% of Americans
ric of our Founders philosophical intent: taking since 1860. What we needed was a vision of reported feeling more
power from a privileged few so that, in Trumps America coming together. Instead, Trump gave hopeful after hearing
words, the people become rulers of this nation. us an upraised fist of triumph, and an ominous his address.

Trump vowed to reverse the failed policies of demand for loyalty and total allegiance to his Gallup
his predecessorsglobalism and military inter- administration. It was an immense pity.
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
18 NEWS Technology

Apps: A selfie app from China goes viral

America has discovered Meitu, said Lisa tor, job postings for women often set height or
Eadicicco in Even if youve never appearance requirements. Now that its every-
heard of the Chinese photo-editing app, where, the question is whether the world wants
chances are youve seen its work on Insta- Meitus idea of beauty.
gram or Facebook. Meitus glossy, gaudy fil-
ters can make any old selfie look like it could Stay far, far away from Meitu, said Jeff John
have been ripped from an anime cartoon, Roberts in Fortune. Sure, it may be fun to
which may explain why your friends eyes make yourself look airbrushed and beauti-
are looking so much bigger these days. The ful, but you have to send a boatload of your
app has been available for years in China and personal information to China in the process.
other Asian countries, where its wildly popu- Many photo-editing apps access data like your
lar with tens of millions of users. But its only location or picture roll, but Meitu taps every-
just catching on in the U.S., rocketing last thing from information about your phone calls
week into the top 100 free iPhone apps seem- to your internet and Wi-Fi activity. One must
ingly overnight, beating out more-established sacrifice for beauty, but this is going too far.
apps like Yelp and SoundCloud.
Responsible apps ask for the fewest number of
Meitu goes way beyond the flattering filters An anime makeover permissions possible so they dont have access
available on Instagram and Snapchat, said to anything they dont absolutely need, said
Amie Tsang and Emily Feng in The New York Times. Cheeks Lily Hay Newman in Meitu certainly overreaches,
can be stretched and pinched. Chins can be shaved off. Eyes can but its hardly alone in this regard. Pokmon Go had to rush
be contoured. The result is a window into female beauty stan- out an embarrassing update not long after it launched because
dards that have become common in countries like China, South its iOS app demanded almost unfettered access to users Google
Korea, and Japan: pale skin, elfin features, skinny limbs, eyes accounts. If youre worried about what Meitu can see, you can
wide and guileless as a baby seals. Meitus parent company said use your mobile devices settings to control what each app has
more than half of the photos circulated on Chinese social media access to. Its no fun letting a meme pass you up because youre
in June were filtered using its app. Some users even turn to Meitu worried about privacy, but its even worse to have your personal
to touch up their rsums, since in Chinas emerging service sec- data taken for who knows what without you realizing it.

Innovation of the week Bytes: Whats new in tech

Tiny surgi- The flying-car dream is still alive sible for offering apps that run afoul of the
cal robots Airbus wants to put a flying-car prototype in government. China passed a law last year bar-
are the air by the end of this year, said Jason Ab- ring apps from engaging in activities deemed
revolution- bruzzese in Speaking at a tech to endanger national security or disrupt social
izing eye conference in Munich last week, Airbus CEO order, often a euphemism for discussing
surgery, Tom Enders outlined the European aerospace politically sensitive topics. Chinese apps often
said Simon
giants vision for flying vehicles using technol- host content that would be strictly blocked on
Parkin in
The Robotic Retinal Dissection ogy similar to that of self-driving cars. One the internet, because they are harder to moni-
Device, known as R2D2, allows sur- hundred years ago, urban transport went tor and suppress than websites.
geons to make miniscule incisions, underground, Enders said. Now we have
shift membranes as small as a the technological wherewithal to go above Googles advertising conflicts
hundredth of a millimeter thick, and ground. The small craft would take off and Google products enjoy a serious home turf
perform other incredibly precise land vertically like a helicopter, but take advan- advantage on the companys search engine,
maneuvers on patients eyes using tage of the efficiency of winged airplanes while said Jack Nicas in The Wall Street Journal. Ads
a joystick and a camera feed. in flight. Airbus plans to have a prototype for products sold by Google and its Alphabet-
The device was designed in part to
eliminate tremors in a surgeons
this year, but it doesnt expect to have a model owned sister companies snagged top billing
hand, and last September doctors ready for public demonstration until 2020. in 91 percent of 25,000 recent searches ana-
at Oxford University used R2D2 to lyzed by search-ad-data firm SEMrushfrom
perform the first ever operation via China orders app store registration Chromebook laptops to Nest smoke detec-
robot inside a human eye. Since The Chinese government is tightening its con- tors. The results highlight a rarely discussed
then, doctors have conducted five trol over mobile apps, said Paul Mozur in The conflict of interest in the online ad industry.
more surgeries, including one in New York Times. Beijing last month ordered Google runs millions of auctions for search ads
which a virus used in gene therapy the registration of app stores across the coun- every minute, using a secret algorithm to deter-
was planted on a patients retina.
try with a vague item posted to the website mine placement and price. Google said that
Robots are already common in
of the Cyberspace Administration of China. when it competes for ads, other advertisers are
Newscom, screenshot

operating rooms, but until now

surgical robots have been too bulky Many apps have been found to spread illegal charged as if it werent bidding. However,
to be used in certain procedures information, violate user rights, or contain because advertising slots are limited, Googles
on such a small scale. security risks, the post read, suggesting that ads can prompt others to increase their bids to
the countrys app stores could be held respon- compete for the remaining slots.
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
Health & Science NEWS 19

Was Planet Nine a rogue planet?

Astronomers have been searching for after running 156 computer simulations
Planet Ninea hypothetical body of encounters between our solar system
thought to be lurking in the solar sys- and rogue planets of various sizes and
tems outer fringessince its existence trajectories. The hypothetical starless
was first posited nearly three years ago. planet was ejected from the solar system
They have yet to locate the elusive out- in about 60 percent of the simulated
lier, but researchers at New Mexico State encounters, but in the other 40percent
University believe they may have found it was trapped by the suns gravitational
some clues about its possible origins, pull. James Vesper, the lead author of
reports Their theory? the study, says it is very plausible that
That Planet Nine used to be one of the Planet Nine is a captured rogue. The mys- How Planet Nine might look
galaxys many rogue planetswhich terious body, whose existence is inferred farther from the sun than Pluto. If this
cruise freely around space rather than from the peculiar orbits of six icy objects massive planet was a rogue, that would
circling host starsbefore being captured beyond Neptune, is thought to be about explain why it ended up so far from the
by the sun. They came to that conclusion 10 times larger than Earth and 25 times solar systems other eight planets.

lifethat the star was being orbited by pers and longevity, they theorized that
an alien megastructure, composed the fiery fruit improves fat metabolism,
of highly advanced solar panels. There which helps ward off obesity, high blood
is no evidence to support this wild pressure, and type 2 diabetes. Capsaicin,
theory. But researchers from Columbia the compound that makes peppers hot, is
University and the University of Cali- thought to be responsible for the health
fornia, Berkeley have come up with benefit; previous studies have found that
another unusual explanation, reports this bioactive ingredient has antioxidant,
New Scientist: They believe the star is flick- anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial prop-
ering because it once ate a planet. Known erties. Researchers Mustafa Chopan and
as Tabbys star, the mysterious celestial Benjamin Littenberg said additional stud-
A core sample of the tropical peat
body has steadily grown fainter over the ies are needed to examine how different
past century and periodically dims by as kinds of chili peppers affect people. Such
Massive carbon sink much as 22 percenta change too signifi- evidence may lead to new insights into
Scientists have found a vast peat swamp in cant to be attributed to passing debris or the relationships between diet and health,
Africas central Congo Basin that harbors a swarm of comets. The new study posits updated dietary recommendations, and the
about 30 billion metric tons of carbonthe that Tabbys star is in fact returning to its development of new therapies.
equivalent of 20 years worth of U.S. fossil normal state, having burned brighter than
fuel emissions. Discovered using satellite usual for up to 10,000 years after a colli- Health scare of the week
imagery, the swamp is thought to cover sion with a planet. The authors believe the A deadly superbug
56,000 square miles and reach depths of planet was torn apart and stripped of its A rare, drug-resistant superbug impervi-
up to 20 feet; radiocarbon dating sug- moons during this collision, leaving a cloud ous to all 26 antibiotics available in the
gests it has been accumulating for nearly of debris in atypical orbits that causes the U.S. has claimed the life of a woman in
11,000 years. It is 16 times larger than star to blink in an unusual way. Penn Nevada. The patient, in her 70s, had been
the previous estimate and is the single larg- State University astronomer Jason Wright, hospitalized with a broken leg in India,
est peatland complex found anywhere in who wasnt involved in the research, says where drug-resistant bacteria are more
the tropics, Simon Lewis, co-leader of the the merger scenario belongs in the top common. She developed an infection in her
research team, tells The Guardian (U.K.). tier of explanations. blood, which turned out to be Klebsiella
Highly acidic and nearly devoid of oxygen, pneumoniae, a type of gut bacteria from a
tropical peatlands prevent decaying plants A chili pepper a day... family of superbugs. Back in the U.S., doc-
and animals from fully decomposing, effec- Eating red-hot chili peppers may help you tors found that the bacteria were resistant
tively trapping carbon that would otherwise live longer, reports In a new to all available antibiotics, even those usu-
be released into the atmosphere. But the study, researchers from the University of ally reserved as a last resort for multidrug-
NASA, Professor Simon Lewis/University of Leeds (2), Newscom

researchers warn that if the carbon-rich Vermont examined the health and diet data resistant bacteria. Within two months, the
ecosystem is destroyed for agricultural use, of more than 16,000 Americans for nearly woman had died of multiple organ failure
or allowed to dry out, much of its stored 19 years on average. They found that those and sepsis. Health officials say her death is
carbon would escape. Peatlands are only who regularly ate hot peppers were 13 per- a grim reminder that drug-resistant bacteria
a resource in the fight against climate cent less likely to die over that period than are evolving, and that common infections
change when left intact, notes Lewis. those who didnt could one day become untreatable. People
Maintaining large stores of carbon in eat such peppers. keep asking me, How close are we to
undisturbed peatlands should be a priority. While the research- going off the cliff? James Johnson, pro-
ers didnt establish a fessor of infectious diseases medicine at the
Did a star eat a planet? direct cause-and-effect University of Minnesota, tells
When astronomers discovered a mysteri- relationship Come on, people. Were off
ous flickering star in 2015, some experts between the cliff. Its already happening.
thought it was a sign of extraterrestrial eating pep- People are dying.
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
20 NEWS Pick of the weeks cartoons

THE WEEK February 3, 2017 For more political cartoons, visit:
Review of reviews: Books
cessfully to land an NSA post by stealing
Book of the week the answers to an employee test. More
How America Lost Its Secrets: damning are online comments he made
over several years under an alias, because
Edward Snowden, the Man the posts bristle with self-absorption and
and the Theft arrogance. In context, his effort to unveil
by Edward Jay Epstein the NSAs digital spying program looks like
(Knopf, $28) an act of personal revenge rather than a
public service.
To Edward Jay Epstein, Edward Snowden
is no hero, said Nicholas Lemann in The Unfortunately, even Epsteins reporting
New York Times. In his detailed new of the facts cant be trusted, said Charlie
examination of the case against the former Savage in The New York Review of Books.
NSA contractor who exposed a U.S. spy- He wants readers to believe that Snowden,
ing operation against American citizens, after meeting in Hong Kong with the two
Epstein proposes that Snowden might all Snowden speaks to an audience via video link. journalists to whom he entrusted the most
along have been working under the control famous NSA files, carried a larger cache
of Russia, China, or both. Epstein, who ism than an impressively fluffy, golden- of unrelated secrets to Moscow. But the
began his long career by questioning the brown wobbly souffl of speculation. authors evidence for this is far flimsier than
standard account of President Kennedys the counter-evidence he ignores: testimony
assassination, clearly wants readers to Though Epsteins most provocative hypo- from a Hong Kong lawyer who says he wit-
conclude that Snowden at one point or theticals remain hypotheticals, he is far nessed Snowden destroying his hard drives
another sold out to Russia, delivering valu- more convincing in casting doubt on the before departing the city. Such examples of
able secrets in exchange for the asylum accepted picture of Snowden as a selfless reporting bias abound, and they undercut
he currently enjoys there. Unfortunately, whistleblower, said Stephen Budiansky any good Epsteins book otherwise might
Epstein proves none of this. He argues in The Wall Street Journal. In Epsteins have achieved. When a nonfiction writer
that exploring the possible explanations telling, Snowden lost his job at the CIA in reaches the limits of discoverable fact, he is
for Snowdens actions is necessary, but the 2009 because he was caught altering his supposed to stop, not fill in whatever gaps
result is less a book of responsible journal- performance evaluation, then tried unsuc- exist with his imagination.

In the Great Green Room: What interests Gary most is her subjects
Novel of the week The Brilliant and Bold Life of personal life, said Karen MacPherson in
The Sleepwalker Margaret Wise Brown The Washington Post. A senators grand-
daughter and a bit of a maverick, Brown
by Chris Bohjalian by Amy Gary (Flatiron, $27) moved to Greenwich Village in the 1930s
(Doubleday, $27)
after she finished college and jilted her
This is a novel worth losing sleep over, If the measure of first fianc. She was working at a progres-
said Patty Rhule in USA Today. A thriller a good life story is sive teachers college when she wrote her
about the disappearance of a chronic the longing it leaves first childrens book, and ideas came to
somnambulist, its Chris Bohjalian at in the reader to her easily, sometimes even out on a ski
his besta teasing thriller built around have known its sub- slope. Because two concurrent affairs
a creepily compelling topic. When ject, this one more
47-year-old Annalee Ahlberg vanishes
one with a married man, the other with
than succeeds, John Barrymores androgynous ex-wife-
from her Vermont home, her daughters said Meghan Cox
assume she sleepwalked off a bridge, occupied much of Browns romantic life,
Gurdon in The a page-turner of a biography is nearly
though the older of the two soon dis-
Wall Street Journal. guaranteed. Unfortunately, though, much of
covers that they didnt fully understand
her mothers disorder. A few wrinkles Margaret Wise the drama is told from Browns perspective
in the tale challenge our willingness Brown, whose without clear reference to the diary passages
to believe, said Laura Patten in the childrens books or letters that would justify such a tactic.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. There really became bedtime staples for millions, comes
are people who are sleep sexers across in Amy Garys portrayal as win- In some ways, Brown never did grow up,
sleepwalkers compelled to pursue sex ningly witty, resourceful, and adventurous. said Laura Miller in At 42, she
and Bohjalian handles that detail deftly. Within her 42-year lifetime, she had many finally met a mana young Rockefeller no
But the books narrator, 21-year-old romances, never married, and wrote more lesswho adored her and was pledging a
Lianna, sounds too mature for her age, than 100 childrens books, among them happy future. But then Brown was hospital-
and falls into a romantic relationship that such classics as Goodnight Moon and The ized for a routine appendectomy, and in
feels forced. Then again, this whole Runaway Bunny. If you know those books, answer to a nurse who asked how she felt,
story is filled with inappropriate behav-
you probably can imagine yourself how Brown gave a cheerful, cancan-like kick that
iors, and Bohjalian so cleverly draws us
in that we want to protect this familys lively Browns mind was, because theres a dislodged a blood clot and killed her almost
secretsmaking us accomplices in a lightness in her verse, a natural and seem- instantly. It was both a shocking demise

dark world we never knew existed. ingly accidental beauty that echoes the way and somehow perfectly in keeping with the
children think and speak. verve with which she lived.
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
22 ARTS The Book List
Author of the week Best books...chosen by Elliot Ackerman
Elliot Ackerman, a former Marine platoon commander, is a journalist and the author
Rachel Cusk of the 2015 novel Green on Blue. In Dark at the Crossing, his second novel, an Iraqi-
Rachel Cusk is writing a new American attempts to join Syrian rebels fighting to topple Bashar al-Assad.
kind of novel, said Horatia
Harrod in The Telegraph Mans Fate by Andr Malraux (Vintage, $17). in 1908, seems newly relevant as we once again
(U.K.). In her mesmerizing When the revolutionary impulse overtakes a soci- enter a period of cyclical violence.
most recent booksthe first ety, what is the meaning of that impulse to the
two in a planned trilogythe Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Joan
individual? Malrauxs novel chronicles a failed
London-based, Canadian- Didion (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, $15). Slouching
1930s Chinese socialist insurrection that presaged
born author has found a Towards Bethlehem merits a revisit, not only
the rise of Maoism. The emotional contours
clever way for the evident parallels between the 1960s and
Malraux charts read like todays front page.
to avoid the Americas current political turmoil, but also for
aspects of The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger (Little, Didions unmatched ability to distill the essence
fiction that Brown, $9). I read it in high school and really of a time, a place, or a movement headed in
she not so didnt get it. I went to war, came back, and then directions unknown.
long ago I got it. Though often read as a tale of teenage
labeled fake angst, at its emotional core, Catcher is also a Embers by Sandor Marai (Vintage, $16). This
and embar- war novel. Salinger landed on Utah Beach in the 1942 novel takes place during the twilight of the
rassing. The first wave on D-Day. Heres the books final line: Austro-Hungarian Empire, as two old, estranged
break came after Cusk split Dont tell anybody anything. If you do, you military school friends reunite for a once custom-
from her longtime husband start missing everybody. Salinger didnt tackle ary dinner. The dinner turns into a trial of sorts,
and published a candid 2012 the war head-on in his writing; here, Holden as well as an examination of friendship, love,
memoir about it that divided Caulfield tells us why. fidelity, and the fallout from the dissolution of
critics. Divorce, she says, old orders.
exposes the unreliability of
The Duel by Joseph Conrad (Melville House,
$5 as an e-book). Near the outbreak of the Shah of Shahs by Ryszard Kapuscinski (Vintage,
an individual point of view
because agreement about Napoleonic Wars, two French lieutenants fight $15). A fever dream of a bookprobably the
what occurred is impossible. an inconclusive duelwhich, it is later revealed, best title on this listabout the fall of Irans last
So she created a stand-in pro- was in part triggered by a misunderstanding. A shah. Nobody writes quite like Kapuscinski,
tagonist, Faye, who mostly series of subsequent duels occur over the next whose style reads like an improbable blend of
just listens to other peoples two decades. Conrads allegorical tale, published magic realism and journalism.
stories, revealing herself
through what interests her.
For the reader of Outline or Also of dangerous obsessions
the just-published Transit, it
can be hard to tell how much Selection Day Nicotine
Cusk is reporting from her by Aravind Adiga (Scribner, $26) by Gregor Hens (Other Press, $17)
own experience and how
much shes inventing. Im
You dont have to love cricket to enjoy Cigarettes are to Gregor Hens what
surprised people care, she Aravind Adigas ferociously brilliant madeleines were to Marcel Proust,
says. I certainly dont. new novel, said Laura Miller in Slate said Joan Acocella in The New
.com. Its protagonists are Mumbai Yorker. In this dark, lovely, funny
Faye, it must be said, is as brothers whose salesman father has memoir, Hens decades-long smok-
funny and ruthlessly articu- forever obsessed over getting them to ing habit creates the connecting trail
late as she is good at paying the pros in Indias favorite pastime, and the sport between a German childhood and an American
attention, said Laird Hunt in becomes a marvelously flexible metaphor for teaching career, between a first kiss and a near-
the Los Angeles Times. Like everything both great and nutty about their land. fatal bicycle accident. Hens finally kicked his
Cusk, shes a divorced writer Adiga, a Man Booker Prize winner, writes like nicotine habit but hasnt lost the longing, and
with two grown children.
a less sentimental Dickens: Reading about his hes made his whole life captivating by casting a
And like Cusk, she leads a
Mumbai is like taking a double shot of espresso. humble but deadly vice as its star.
life that offers only mundane
obstacles. I have struggled Idaho Sirens
with my own profound
conventionality by making by Emily Ruskovich (Random House, $27) by Joshua Mohr (Two Dollar Radio, $16)
a sort of attack on myself in The central event in this poetic and Addiction memoirs are often writ-
autobiography, Cusk has razor-sharp debut novel occurs ten from a place of safety; Sirens is
said. Theres one problem: In before the story begins, said Caitlin not, said Hayden Bennett in the
her aim to remain utterly true
PenzeyMoog in Years San Francisco Chronicle. Clean after
to the way character is never
before we meet Wade Mitchell, his decades of alcohol and drug abuse,
set permanently, but instead
altered and revealed moment first wife killed the couples 6-year-old novelist Joshua Mohr has serious
Peter van Agtmael, Newscom

by moment, Cusk has forced daughter as their older daughter escaped into the health problems and knows that a relapse could
herself to write every novel woods, never to be seen again. Now, as dementia destroy all thats best in his life. But Mohr is
in a dead rush. I have to get erases Wades memories, his second wife fixates too smart to show the journey of self as a simple
it right in the moment, she on the crime, and the novel frequently puts mys- before and after. He still hears the siren calls of
says, or its no good. tery aside to plumb the painfully human contem- booze, pills, and cocaine. He re-creates those
plation going on inside the characters brains. calls, with urgency.
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
Review of reviews: Art & Stage ARTS 23
Exhibit of the week had agreed that Noguchi could redesign the
Self-Interned, 1942: Noguchi in camp, and the exhibition includes his blue-
Poston War Relocation Center print for adding a school, a community
The Noguchi Museum, New York City, center, a botanical garden, and a church.
through Jan. 7, 2018 But such ideas went nowhere, leaving
Noguchi to scour the desert for driftwood
In 1942, Isamu Noguchi took a stand to sculpt. Abstract works he made just
against White Housesanctioned after his internment speak to the loneli-
xenophobia, said Jacoba Urist in ness of that period and mark the tragedy Shortly after the of war. This Tortured Earth (194243),
Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, a cast-bronze model for a proposed piece,
President Franklin Roosevelt autho- evokes a bombed landscape.
rized his War Department to relocate
and detain some 120,000 Japanese- The work he produced in those years is
Americans and other people of Japanese freighted with a bitterness rare in his
descent who were living on the West art, said Jason Farago in The New York
Coast. Noguchi, as a New Yorker, could Times. Noguchi favored placid, biomor-
have eluded the roundup. But the sculp- phic forms, and Self-Interned uses
tor instead volunteered to enter an intern- Noguchis This Tortured Earth (194243) a somewhat pell-mell selection of his
ment camp in the Arizona desert, hoping sculptures from the 1960s onward to argue
to launch art classes and facilitate the while full of beautiful works, reminds that there are echoes of Noguchis intern-
development of on-site cultural institutions. viewers that art is about survival. ment experience in the circles and arches
Things did not go as planned: Materials he made from travertine, fiberglass, and
for Noguchis art classes never arrived, Noguchi was unprepared for the hardships stainless steel. That feels like a stretch, but
funding was nonexistent, and when, two he faced, said Ellen Gamerman in The Wall this dispiritingly relevant exhibition still
months in, he applied to leave Poston War Street Journal. Before entering the camp, has much to offer. Many Americans worry
Relocation Center, officials denied his he had been staying at Ginger Rogers that, with the election of President Trump,
request, citing suspicious activities. It Hollywood guesthouse as he worked on a we could again be entering a time of racial
would be another five months before the marble bust of the movie star. In the camp, scapegoating. Noguchi didnt accomplish as
artist, already changed forever by intern- he was fed bowls of slop and endured much as he intended at Poston, but he does
ment, walked free. The Noguchi Museums searing heat and dust storms. This is the offer a model for engaging and resisting
new exhibition charts this transformation, weirdest, most unreal situation, he wrote the worst overreaches of powernot only
with some two dozen of his works made in a letter to Man Ray. I wish I were out. through the art he made but in the direct
before, during, and after Poston. The show, Before he entered Poston, the government action he took.

First fake news, now fake art Jitney

Artist Richard
Samuel J. Friedman Theatre, New York City, (212) 239-6200 ++++
Prince is suffer-
ing sellers
remorse, said
How sweet the sound, said Ben Brantley
Jonathan Jones in The New York Times. In the glorious
in TheGuardian new production of August Wilsons Jitney,
.com. In 2014, the conversation sings and swings, bends
appropriation-art and bounces, and hits heaven smack in
pioneer printed the clouds. This 1982 work by the late
one of Ivanka playwright, only now making its Broadway
Trumps glamor- debut, was the first of Wilsons great
ous Instagram Princes Ivanka 10-play series about Pittsburghs predomi-
selfies on a 6-by-4-foot canvas and sold nantly African-American Hill District. Set Dirden and Thompson: A generation gap
it to her for $36,000. Outraged by the in the office of a gypsy-cab company in
Trump familys politics, Prince last week the late 1970s, the action centers on the plain that the younger men lack values,
staged an absurdist protest, returning drivers, who kill time between fares with the young express impatience with their
the cash to Ivanka and claiming that he jokes, squabbles, and games of checkers. elders failure to challenge white entitle-
was not the works creator. Its fake art, ment. The tension is fiercest between the
The neighborhood is crumbling, the city is
he tweeted, parodying President Trumps cab firms nose-to-the-grindstone owner and
planning to tear down the aging cab sta-
habit of dismissing unflattering reports his son Booster, who has finished 20 years
as fake news. Prince no doubt thought tion, and all nine characters live in fear of
poverty. But theyve elevated resilience to in prison for killing a white woman who
his disavowal would hurt the portraits falsely accused him of rape. When Becker
resale value, said Benjamin Sutton in an art form. Through Wilsons jazz-like
dialoguewhich is at once improvisatory and Boosters father-son conflict reaches But thats not how
and virtuosictheir lives become not only its climax, actors John Douglas Thompson
the art market works. Given the many
Screenshot, Joan Marcus

layers of irony, filtering, and conceptual visible but monumental. and Brandon Dirden grasp the clashing
framing that characterize Princes oeu- forces of love and anger to devastating
vre, his postmodern protest has likely A clash of generations drives the drama, effect. This superb revival leaves little
only added to the pictures worth. said David Rooney in The Hollywood doubt why Wilson is considered one of
Reporter. While the older characters com- American dramas towering greats.
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
24 ARTS Review of reviews: Film
The Founder The rise of McDonalds is a
classic red-white-and-blue suc-
The Social Network. Kroc
fleeces the McDonalds of their
Directed by cess story, in more ways than stake, and even of their name, all
John Lee Hancock one, said Richard Roeper in while convincing himself that he
(PG-13) the Chicago Sun-Times. In remains an underdog hero, said
++++ 1954, Ray Kroc, a salesman Alan Scherstuhl in The Village
pitching milkshake mixers, Voice. The Founder, after lead-
Ray Kroc builds
stops in at a San Bernardino, ing viewers to assume it will
a fast-food empire.
Calif., hamburger stand and embrace that rags-to-riches
there meets two brothers who Keaton, selling the American dream story, slowly reveals itself as
have invented fast food but a dont-let-the-devil-in-your-
dont realize their concepts potential. Its hard not house parable. Alas, that mixed message proves a
to like Michael Keatons fast-talking huckster as he tough sell, said Joe Morgenstern in The Wall Street
pushes the McDonald brothers to franchise. The Journal. Though Keatons performance is fascinat-
whip-smart, breezy, and yet also darkly funny ing from beginning to end, the movie ultimately
business tale that unfolds from there recalls 2010s doesnt know what to make of its subject.

Toni Erdmann Theres nothing quite like out-there texture of the jokes,
German filmmaker Maren Ades or of Peter Simonischeks and
Directed by Toni Erdmann, said Stephanie Sandra Hullers timing. The
Maren Ade Zacharek in On movie is likewise bizarrely
(R) paper, this front-runner in the affecting, said Emma Myers in
Oscar race for Best Foreign Ines is ini-
++++ Film sounds simple: Winfried, tially furious with her prankster
An eccentric dad pranks a divorced, retired teacher who father, but soon recognizes that
his adult daughter. loves practical jokes, tries to her male-chauvinist colleagues
reconnect with his estranged Huller and her self-appointed jester
cause her worse humiliations.
daughter, Ines. Shes an uptight As she warms to her dads
corporate consultant, and when Winfried sees antics, every inch of space is packed with painful
that his daughters job is making her miserable, he humor and overwhelming humanity. The movie
invents a goofy alter ego named Toni Erdmann, looks initially like farce, but its driven by a savage
showing up at Ines office in a bad wig and worse satirical energy, said A.O. Scott in The New York
fake teeth to tell outlandish stories. To say Toni Times. There are things you will look at differ-
Erdmann is funny doesnt even begin to capture the ently after seeing Toni Erdmann.

Split M. Night Shyamalans latest

surprise twist is his own career
tinct, recurring personalities,
including a prattling 9-year-old,
Directed by revival, said Peter Hartlaub in an aristocratic British woman,
M. Night Shyamalan the San Francisco Chronicle. and a menacing germophobe.
(PG-13) The writer-director behind To escape him, the girls must
The Sixth Sense followed that understand and outsmart each
++++ 1999 megahit mostly with of the villains personae. The
A man with multiple flop after flop, but this low- exquisitely crafted cat-and-
personalities abducts budget horror-thriller extends mouse sequences that ensue
three girls. an upswing and proves to be recall Hitchcocks best work,
McAvoy stares down Anya Taylor-Joy.
his best movie since 2000s said Tirdad Derakhshani in The
Unbreakable. Star James McAvoy (X-Men) anchors Philadelphia Inquirer. McAvoy is by turns ter-
the film with one of his strongest performances, rifying, grotesque, pitiful, lovable, brilliant, and
said Bryan Bishop in He abducts happy, and his moods drive the suspense. Though
three teenage girls in the opening scene and locks Shyamalan pulls away for some secondary scenes
them in a basement. His character, we learn, has that fall flat, he has delivered a remarkably weird
Tina Rowden, Komplizen Film/Sony Pictures Classics, John Baer

dissociative identity disorder and harbors 23 dis- and wonderful exercise in psychological terror.

New on DVD and Blu-ray

The Handmaiden The Light Between Oceans Fox and His Friends
(Sony, $31) (Dreamworks, $20) (Criterion, $30)
In 1930s Korea, a thief goes to work as an Ladies and gentlemen, let your hankies In this remastered German New Wave
heiresss handmaiden, and so begins an unfurl, said The Washington Post. In this classic, director Rainer Werner Fassbinder
elegantly depraved erotic comedy thriller handsome melodrama, Michael Fassbender stars as a lottery winner who falls in love
that was one of 2016s best films, said The and Alicia Vikander take in a baby who and gets taken for a ride. Its a memorable
Boston Globe. Adapting a slippery, steamy washes up on their lighthouse island. Rachel example of Fassbinders sui generis style,
Sarah Waters novel, Park Chan-wook Weisz is excellent, but the two co-stars get said, fusing melodrama and
directs, and the result is an astonishment. trapped in a manufactured conundrum. neorealism with extraordinary grace.

THE WEEK February 3, 2017

Television ARTS 25

Movies on TV The Weeks guide to whats worth watching

Monday, Jan. 30 Becoming Warren Buffett
The Goonies The Oracle of Omaha is an outlier among
A band of suburban kids the planets richest men. A Nebraska boy with a
seeks pirate treasure in a knack for numbers, he built the worlds fourth-
Steven Spielberg adventure largest publicly traded company through invest-
that inspired the current ment savvy and has committed to leaving nearly
hit series Stranger Things. his entire fortune to charity. This documentary
(1985) 5:30 p.m., AMC gets up close with the ever-engaged 86-year-old
Tuesday, Jan. 31 Berkshire Hathaway CEO, whose humor, modest
Terminator 2: Judgment Day lifestyle, and McDonalds tastes have endeared
Arnold Schwarzenegger him to a broad swath of his poorer fellow
stars again as a time- Americans. Monday, Jan. 30, at 10 p.m., HBO
traveling cyborg from the Spy in the Wild
future. This time, his mis-
You may never get a more candid view of what Superior Donuts allies Hirsch and Fowler
sion is to protect teenager
John Connor from a more
squirrels get up to when no humans are around.
In this innovative, five-part series, lifelike ani- Sneaky Pete
advanced terminator whos A con man just out of prison assumes his ex-
making a similar journey. mal robots are sent into the field to embed with
real-life counterparts, generating unprecedented cellmates identity in an attempt to pay back a
(1991) 6:40 p.m., Starz
glimpses of the behavior of squirrels, orangutans, gambling debt before a ruthless gangster takes
Wednesday, Feb. 1 revenge. Giovanni Ribisi is excellent as the hustler
cobras, hippos, and more. The first episode
Donnie Brasco who worms his way into a family who havent
focuses on apparent acts of lovelike a mother
Johnny Depp and AlPacino seen cousin Pete in 20 years. But its the series
crocodile using her fearsome teeth to gather her
pair up in a riveting mafia unpredictable bad guy wholl keep you watching
drama about an FBI agent newborns and carry them to water. Wednesday,
Feb. 1, at 8 p.m., PBS; check local listings through the initial 10 episodes. How lucky for
who infiltrates the Bonanno co-producer Bryan Cranston that Bryan Cranston
crime family. (1997) 11:30p.m., Madiba was available for the gangster role. He makes you
Sundance In South Africa, calling Nelson Mandela by his believe the show can sneak all the way to great-
Thursday, Feb. 2 clan name, Madiba, was a way to convey affec- ness. Available for streaming on Amazon
Catch a Fire tion and respect. This three-part, six-hour mini-
series achieves the same. Drawing from two of Other highlights
A man falsely blamed Powerless
for an attack on a South Mandelas autobiographical books, it recounts the
anti-apartheid leaders early years in the African A sitcom set in the DC Comics universe zeroes in
African oil refinery
becomes an activist after National Congress, his 27 years in prison, and on a small firm that markets products to custom-
being tortured by police. his journey to leadership of his nation. Laurence ers concerned about the collateral damage caused
With Derek Luke and Tim Fishburne gives a stirring performance in the title by superhero battles. Vanessa Hudgens stars.
Robbins. (2006) 9:40 p.m., role. Wednesday, Feb. 1, at 9 p.m., BET Thursday, Feb. 2, at 8:30 p.m., NBC
Movieplex Santa Clarita Diet
Superior Donuts
Friday, Feb. 3 A fading Chicago doughnut shop is reinvigo- Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant play real
Blazing Saddles rated by an odd-couple pairing when its white estate agents whose marriage gets more interest-
Mel Brooks send-up of owner, a world-weary former 1960s radical, ing once she becomes a flesh-craving zombie.
Hollywood Westerns is full hires a fast-talking black assistant with big plans Available for streaming Friday, Feb. 3, Netflix
of laugh-out-loud moments for the old place. Taxis Judd Hirsch and young Super Bowl LI
and quotable lines. Cleavon comedian Jermaine Fowler co-star in this adapta- The Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots
Little and Gene Wilder meet in Houston to determine the 2017 winner
tion of Tracy Letts 2009 hit Broadway comedy.
head the ensemble. (1974)
10:30p.m., TCM
Katey Sagal, once of Married...With Children, of the Lombardi Trophy. Lady Gaga, achieving a
plays a uniformed cop whos a Superior regular. lifelong dream, will headline the halftime show.
Saturday, Feb. 4 Thursday, Feb. 2, at 8:30 p.m., CBS Sunday, Feb. 5, at 6:30 p.m., Fox
Catch Me if You Can
Tom Hanks pursues Leo-
nardo DiCaprio in a lively Show of the week
cat-and-mouse drama 24: Legacy
about an FBI agent and a No doubt Kiefer Sutherland will be missed in
charming con man. (2002) this spin-off of the series carried for nine sea-
5:35 p.m., HBO sons by his portrayal of flinty counterterrorism
agent Jack Bauer. But the shows real-time,
Sunday, Feb. 5 hour-by-hour tick-tock format is back, and that
Casablanca device turns out to be a sturdy asset. Straight
Michael Yarish/CBS, Ray Mickshaw/Fox

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Outta Comptons Corey Hawkins stars as an

Bergman star as World exArmy Ranger who returns home to discover
War IIera lovers kept apart that followers of a terrorist leader he killed in
by larger forces in one of Yemen are targeting his team and their families.
the most beloved films of The return of turncoat Tony Almeida (Carlos
Hollywoods golden age. Bernard) gives 24 diehards another reason to
(1942) 8 p.m., TCM Hawkins as ex-soldier Eric Carter tune in. Sunday, Feb. 5, at 10 p.m., Fox

All listings are Eastern Time. THE WEEK February 3, 2017

Food & Drink
Critics choice: Smokin good barbecue from three newcomers
Stellar Hog St. Louis skin tops even the midday menus
This is what we mean by St. Louis pulled pork, and a Thai touch
style barbecue, said Cheryl Baehr elevates the smoked riblets. Of the
in the St. Louis Riverfront Times. house-brewed beers, none is better
The Stellar Hog, which only recently than the restorative, roasty coffee
set up shop in Supers Bungalow, a IPA. 602 Ave. A, (210) 228-0124
beloved 90-year-old dive bar, might
just be the best place to sample Pork and Beans Pittsburgh
everything that falls under that If only every barbecue joint had
surprisingly hard to pin down this much energy, said Dan Gigler
barbecue style. Pitmaster Alex Cupp, in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
who bought Supers last March, only The most anticipated new down-
fires up his smoker on weekends for town restaurant of 2016 is pack-
now. But his cooking is more than ing in crowds, jolting them with
ready for prime time. His pulled a rock soundtrack, and bringing
pork is so succulent, its juices are Guests at the Granary place food orders at the bar. a Waldorf meets Walmart cre-
sauce enough, and his brisket is ativity to barbecue cooking. One
positively sublime, the marbled strips San Antonio Express-News. Four years recent special: country-fried quail stuffed
of meat cooked to the point where they after being hailed by Esquire as the future with sweetbread sausage, doused in red-eye
get that beautiful, pull-apart crumble that of barbecue, Tim Rattray is fulfilling the gravy, and paired with truffle hash browns.
would bring a tear to a Texans eye. Cupp prophecy at his joint inside the old Pearl The co-owners say the decor is meant to
spent years in fine-dining kitchens before Brewery. Lunchtime brings out the clas- evoke the fanciest Cracker Barrel youve
studying barbecue under a couple of local sics, with Rattrays pulled porka sultry ever seen, and theres a roadhouse
greats, and he pours passion into every tangle of fat, lean, and bark infused with jocularity to everything they do. On the
dish, including a luxurious mac and cheese spice and vinegaroutshining the beef day-to-day menu, the exceptional beer-
and a chili that can stand with any in town. brisket. The sweet and smoky burnt-end can chicken gets a kick from a superb
He says his cooking isnt where he wants it baked beans rate as one of the best barbe- Portuguese hot sauce, and an inventive
to be, but thats crazy. Man, does he have cue sides around. At dinner, Rattray takes take on KFCs Double Down Franken-
skills. 5623 Leona St., (314) 481-8448 more risks, turning out science-fair-project sandwich proves a waste of truffles and fois
dishes like smoked octopus over an inky gras but inarguably delicious. The tradi-
The Granary San Antonio black sauce or ruby-red duck breast with tional barbecue fare is very, very good
When your medium is Texas barbecue a hominy-chestnut puree. Not everything not the citys very best yet, but well
and you intend to innovate, youd bet- works (that includes you, brisket ramen). on the way to being a true contender.
ter be good, said Mike Sutter in the But the suckling pig with its crisp, honeyed 136 Sixth St., (412) 338-1876

Beer: Hold the hops Recipe of the week

Beer wasnt always just about hops, When youre looking to stretch leftovers, you cant go wrong with hash,
hops, and more hops, said Spike said Noelle Carter in the Los Angeles Times. You can make it with almost anything,
Carter in Brewers in from roast beef to clams, duck to vegetables. The recipe below adds a
the distant past used a blend of bitter chile-and-chorizo kick to leftover chickenor to a rotisserie bird from the supermarket.
herbs, flowers, and spices to flavor and Chicken, chorizo, and green chile hash
preserve beer, just as hops do. Those 3 tbsp butter 1 onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, minced lb Mexican chorizo,
botanical blends are known as gruits, as removed from casing and crumbled 1 lbs cooked chicken, cut into
are the ales made from them. Here are -inch cubes salt and pepper 1 lb baking potatoes, peeled and cut into -inch
a few versions that are both satisfy- cubes 1 cups chopped roasted green chiles cup cream 1 tsp smoked
ingly complex and refreshing. paprika tsp dried oregano 2 green onions, chopped
Dupont Cervesia This Belgian cer-
vesia makes a terrific aperitif, deliv- Melt 1 tbsp butter in a skillet, preferably cook without stirring until browned and
ering notes of black pepper, clove, cast iron, over medium heat. Add onion beginning to crisp, about 5 minutes. Stir
and mint. and garlic and cook, stirring occasionally, in chiles, cover, and cook until potatoes
Robert J. Lerma, Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times

Freigeist + Kissmeyer Gruit until onion is soft and slightly browned. are well browned, about 4 minutes. Add
Vibrations A pair of breweriesone Add chorizo and chicken, and cook until chicken and chorizo mixture, then drizzle
German, one Danishteamed to chicken is almost warmed with cream, paprika, and
create both a tart dark gruit and through, about 4 minutes. oregano. Stir to combine,
the citrusy pale shown here. Season to taste with salt and scraping up any crusty bits
Propolis Brewing Grewit Matured pepper. Remove mixture from from the bottom of the pan.
in Malbec oak barrels, this tart, pan and set aside. Remove from heat, season
herbaceous Port Townsend, Wipe out skillet and heat with salt and pepper to taste,
Wash., gruit is distinguished by its remaining butter over medium and top with chopped green
inviting, roasty nose of tobacco. heat. Add potatoes; cover and onions. Serves 6.

THE WEEK February 3, 2017

Travel LEISURE 27
This weeks dream...A French twist on unwinding in the Caribbean
Guadeloupe offers visitors some of and swimming in the turquoise ocean
the most appealing aspects of France, to tour a 17th-century coffee plantation
yet its a decidedly different place, in Guadeloupe National Park. We also
said Elizabeth Field in The New York couldnt miss the Jardin Botanique, where
Times. A butterfly-shaped pair of paths meandering through groves of jaca-
islands, Guadeloupe is inescapably randa and baobab trees led us to a parrot
Caribbean even though its a depart- aviary and a Creole restaurant overlook-
ment of France, and its populated ing a waterfall.
by a distinctive mlange of Asians,
French-Guadeloupeans, and African- We ended our vacation on a French
Guadeloupeans. French and Creole note, taking an overnight boat trip to
are the only languages spoken, so Terre-de-Haut Island, part of a small
Guadeloupe isnt a popular destination archipelago off Basse-Terre. After a week
with Americans. But when I visited with La Caravelle, a popular Guadeloupean beach of incredible dining, we had, by chance,
my family more than 20 years ago, we saved the best for last. At Au Bon Vivre,
got by with our conversational French. nary techniques with local ingredients. It we sipped white wine on a shady terrace,
We hadnt returned since, deterred by is the reason I went there the first time, and sampling tuna rillettes, smoked marlin, and
expensive, complicated flights. But when it is why I returned. At Jardin Malanga, raw mahi-mahi marinated in coconut milk,
Norwegian Air introduced direct service our small hotel on the western island, Basse- scallions, and chiles. Then came the roasted
from New York at an initial price of $49, Terre, breakfast included baguettes served duck breast, glazed with passion fruit and
we jumped at the offer. with Normandy butter and guava preserves, balsamic vinegar. It was a meal to savor,
and dinner brought spicy fish fritters, grilled even as the reek of an after-lunch Gauloise
Guadeloupeans have a passion for cuisine, lobster, and ratatouille with plantains. Even- cigarette wafted from the next table.
and their food culture has gained wide rec- tually, we broke from our languorous rou- At Jardin Malanga (,
ognition for its combination of French culi- tine of sipping rum punch on the veranda doubles start at $280.

Hotel of the week Getting the flavor of...

Maines toboggan festival A Wisconsin icicle castle
In Camden, Maine, a February without the U.S. Wisconsins first castle made of icicles is no place
National Toboggan Championships would for baby strollers or high heels, said Mary Bergin
hardly feel like winter, said Keith OBrien in The in the Eau Claire, Wis., Leader-Telegram. But so
New York Times. The event is more of a winter what if the footing is slippery? Weeks of work by
festival than an Olympic-level competition, with a crew that specializes in such attractions have
its 400 teams and 5,000 spectators mostly hail- resulted in a wintry wonderland of tunnels for
ing from on or near Maines scenic coast. But the crawling, thrones for perching, and a maze of
The acme of curb appeal races, slated for Feb. 1012 this year, provide an sometimes narrow, twisting trails. A Utah-based
excuse for both fireworks over the harbor and a company, Ice Castles, developed the construction
The Alila Fort Bishangarh snowplow parade. Last year, I entered the com- method several years ago. Once winter arrives,
Jaipur, India petition with my wife and sons, using a toboggan workers start building, strategically adding
Indias land of kings is built by a craftsman in Rockport. The usual run roughly 10,000 icicles a day until the walls stand
dotted with majestic hill for- is no joke: a 440-foot wooden chute that spits 20 feet high. The finished castle in Wisconsin
tresses, but only one has been racers onto a frozen lake at speeds approaching Dells, one of four such structures built in the U.S.
converted into a luxury resort, 40 mph. But warm temperatures forced a move this year, has two large slides and a large domed
said Jim Dobson in Forbes. to Mount Battie, where our time put us well room with an ice fountain. A mid-January warm
com. Fort Bishangarh, built in
behind the top finishers. Thanks to some rolls of spell forced a temporary shutdown after sell-out
the 1780s atop a granite hill in
the Aravalli mountain range, purple, green, and gold duct tape that wed used crowds greeted the opening. Fortunately, theres
welcomes its first guests in to cover ourselves in Mardi Gras stripes, we did another photo-friendly attraction right next door:
walk away with the prize for best costumes. an upside-down replica of the White House.
Rolando Diaz/The New York Times/Redux, Alila Hotels and Resorts

February. An adjacent build-

ing houses the propertys
59rooms and suites, all with
spectacular views of the Last-minute travel deals
valley, while a pool and ban- Aloha, savings Cruise credits Historic Savannah
quet lawns lie a bit downhill. At the Disney Aulani Resort on Princess Cruises is offering Through April, stay in the heart
The fortress itself, with its Oahu, families can save up to up to $600 in shipboard credit of Savannah in the riverside
7-foot-thick walls, will have 30 percent on four-night stays on voyages embarking this Hyatt Regency for under $200
two restaurants, a bar with a this winter and 35 percent on summer through spring 2018. a night. Weekend stays are
cigar-and-cognac turret, and stays of five nights or longer. Guests in higher-grade cabins $139 a night in February, ris-
in the former dungeona Four nights in an ocean-view receive additional dining privi- ing to $199 in March and April,
stunning spa. room for four start at $2,326. leges, a value of $40 per person roughly 40 percent off regular; Book by Feb. 13. per meal. Book by Feb. 28. rates. Book by Feb. 8.
rooms from $323

THE WEEK February 3, 2017

28 Best properties on the market
This week: Homes for skiers

1 W Telluride, Colo. Lying along the Sundance ski run, this

four-bedroom log home allows for ski-in-ski-out access.
Features include a stone fireplace, a sauna, a hot tub, four
decks, and cherry floors and trim. The house comes fully
furnished and has unobstructed views of the San Sophia
Ridge. $1,525,000. Peter Loomis, Telluride Real Estate
Co./Christies International Real Estate, (970) 708-9562



2 W Big Sky, Mont. This two-bedroom cabin is nestled among the

trees near Big Sky Resort. The home has an open floor plan, over-
size windows, and a downstairs media room. Other details include
a woodstove, a deck, and a slanted metal roof. $1,125,000. Ania
Bulis, The Big Sky Real Estate Co., (406) 580-6852

3 X Kamas, Utah This new house on 0.8 acres faces

Deer Valley and Park City ski resorts. The five-
bedroom custom home has a chefs kitchen, exposed
wooden trusses, a two-story living room with a
fireplace, and a master suite with a steam shower and
a fireplace. A large deck is accessible from multiple
rooms on the main floor. $1,400,000. Paul Benson,
Engel & Vlkers, (435) 640-7441

THE WEEK February 3, 2017

Best properties on the market 29

4 X Norden, Calif. Close to

Lake Tahoe, this contem-
porary home sits directly
on a slope of Sugar Bowl
Resort. The four-bedroom
house boasts a guest suite
with two bedrooms, a
lower level with a media
room and a bunk room
that can sleep 10, a sauna,
and a built-in sound
system. Homeowners have
access to a pool, a spa,
yoga, cross-country skiing,
and express lanes on Sugar
Bowl lifts. $2,950,000. Jeff
Hamilton, Sierra Sothebys
International Realty,
(530) 412-2645

Steal of the week

6 S Goshen, N.H. Known

as Shredhause, this three-
bedroom mountain home
5 S Stowe, Vt. This five-bedroom house is near Stowe Mountain lies near Mount Sunapee.
Resort. The 1989 home features large windows, a chefs kitchen, The house includes hard-
a sunken living room with a double-sided fireplace, and a lower wood floors, a two-story
level with a game room and a family room. Outside, two circu- dining room with a balcony, a hot tub, a ski storage room,
lar decks overlook the 3-acre property with its spring-fed pond, and a living room with exposed beams and a stone fireplace.
dock, and beach. $1,995,000. Wade Weathers and Averill Cook, The 5.3-acre property has a gazebo, a fire pit, and an oversize
Landvest/Christies International Real Estate, (802) 238-6362 garage with a storage area. $389,000. Anita Billado, Four
Seasons Sothebys International Realty, (603) 526-4050
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
30 LEISURE Consumer
The 2017 BMW 5 Series: What the critics say models interior looks positively dowdy
The 5 series is a luxury authority once compared with the streamlined new cabin,
more. The seventh-generation edition of and theres a staggering amount of new
BMWs storied midsize sedan has arrived, technology at your fingertips. With its 335-hp,
and its sharper, lighter, more engaging, inline six-cylinder engine, the 540i flips like
and infinitely more innovative than the a light switch into teeth-bared mode any
flub of a product it replaces. Exterior time you stomp on the accelerator. In March
styling has changed little, but a lightweight or April, the even more muscular M550i
new platform, a power boost, and a retuned xDrive will arrive in showrooms, packing a
suspension combine to restore the 5-series 462-hp V-8.
previous reputation as the segments
Car and Driver
pacesetter on performance. The midlevel
540i model will start at $56,450, and it feels For most buyers, the six-cylinder will de- The 540i M Sport, from $62,000 (est.)
very much class-leading. liver the perfect blend of sport and luxury.
When BMWs driver-assist features become covered athleticism. Its not a wholesale
Automobile more annoying than helpful, just turn reawakening for the brand, but its enough
This is a thrilling drivers car. The previous them off and enjoy this luxury cars redis- to stoke our nostalgia.

The best ofgear for germ obsessives

Cocoon Cotton Aire Breath Analyzer Taymor Magnetic UV Towel Dryer PhoneSoap 2.0
TravelSheet Sometimes its the bac- Soap Holder Hanger Disinfect your smart-
Worried that the hotel teria youre carrying that Keep your bar soap free Damp, mildewy hand phone every time you
staff didnt change matters. This breath from slimy runoffand towels are the worst. recharge it. This book-
the linens before you analyzer promises to who knows what else Once youve washed size container bathes
checked in? Travel with help diagnose digestive with this countertop your hands using your the phone with ultra-
this quality sleep sack, problems by measuring stand. Just press the scum-free bar of soap, violet light to zap away
which seals with Velcro the gases released by magnetic disc into the dry them on a fresh, all germs. And itll do
to become a snug rectan- bacteria in your gut. It soap and it will cling fluffy towel thats been the same for anything
gular cocoon. Also avail- might even work. to the magnet on the sanitized by this hang- else that fits inside.
able in 100 percent silk. $99 for preorder, underside of the holder. ers UV lights. $60,
$36, $25, $106, Source: Martha Stewart
Source: Source: Source: Source: Living

Tip of the week And for those who have Best apps
How to battle a cold everything... For expectant parents
QBe proactive. An intense workout that If you imbibe coffee by QWhat to Expect is based on the popular
raises your body temperature above throwing back espresso guide of that name. Plug in your due date
98.6degrees will kill a cold virus, so seize shots orheaven and it will explain whats happening on a
the chance to exercise before symptoms kick forbidby slurping weekly or daily basis.
in. Once they do, aid your immune system vanilla caramel mac- QWebMD Pregnancy is a handy iOS app
by getting extra sleep, and as symptoms chiatos through a straw, with a doctors appointment tracker, check-
subside, take walks or do light yoga to circu- the Royal Coffee Maker lists of things to do and purchase, and a ton
late your white blood cells. may not be for you. of information on nutrition and health.
QFlush it out. Nasal rinses can flush out the This precision machine, QBabyList syncs all of your items from dif-
virus as well as the histamines that cause handcrafted by sculp- ferent stores into one online baby registry,
sniffling. Dont blow your nose so hard that tor Jean-Luc Rieutort, is mod- which you share with your friends and fam-
you irritate the mucus membrane, prolong- eled after the siphon coffee ily and update in real time.
ing congestion. A saline spray will soften the makers used by 19th-century QMy Babys Beat uses your smartphones
mucus when you want to clear it out. kings, and it transforms coffee making into microphone to record the sounds of your
QIngest the right stuff. Probiotics shorten a high ceremony. Grounds are placed in the babys heartbeat and kicks. The $5 app works
colds duration and symptoms by regulat- Baccarat carafe and water in the accompa- best after the 30th week of pregnancy.
ing your immune systems inflammatory nying 24-karat boiling pot. Perfectly heated QmPregnancy offers advice for dads-to-
response. Sucking on zinc lozenges should water travels to the grounds before suction be, including answers to frequently asked
also trim a colds stay by a few days, while pulls a finished brew back into the pot. Its questions and information on pregnancy
the anti-inflammatory chemical in turmeric the most indulgent coffee on the planet. milestones. The $1 iOS app has a lot of
can stop a virus in its tracks. $18,000, humorous touches.
Source: Shape Source: Source:

THE WEEK February 3, 2017

The news at a glance
The bottom line Health care: Aetna-Humana merger blocked
QThe Dow Jones industrial A federal judge this week blocked This weeks ruling included
average topped 20,000 for Aetna and Humanas proposed the bombshell revelation that
the first time in its 120-year
$37 billion health insurance Aetna deceived the public
history this week.It took
just 64 calendar days for the megamerger on antitrust grounds, about its reason for pulling
index to climb from 19,000 said Brent Kendall and Anna out of Obamacare exchanges,
to 20,000, its second-fastest Wilde Mathews in The Wall said Michael Hiltzik in the
sprint from one 1,000-point Street Journal. U.S. District Judge Los Angeles Times. Last sum-
marker to the next. John Bates ruled that the deal mer, Aetna said it would with-
USA Today would threaten competition in draw from all but four of the
QThe U.S. states most the insurance industry, and hurt 15 states where it was offering
economically reliant on trade Stopped on antitrust grounds
seniors who buy private Medicare Obamacare individual insurance
with Mexico and Canada are coverage as well as consumers who buy health plans because it was losing too much money on
Michigan, Texas, North Da- plans through Obamacare exchanges. Humana the exchanges. But Judge Bates ruled that Aetnas
kota, Kentucky, and Indiana.
All five states voted for Don-
is the second-largest insurer for Medicare Advan- true aim was to pressure regulators to accept its
ald Trump in November, and tage, a government-backed private alternative to proposed merger with Humana, and that Aetna
could experience job losses if traditional Medicare; Aetna is the fourth-largest. attempted to conceal its decision-making pro-
the presidents proposed re- Combined, they would have surpassed market cess from the court. Aetna even pulled out of
negotiation of NAFTA slows leader UnitedHealth Group. profitable states to make its point.
U.S. exports.
Companies: Trump Hotels eyes U.S. expansion Super physicals
QCostcos wildly popular
Kirkland Signature brand President Trump has pledged that his company will not pursue any for busy CEOs
golf balls have been out of new foreign business deals during his presidency, but his hotel man- Few time-challenged
stock for most of the past two agement company is mapping out an aggressive U.S. expansion, said CEOs have space on
months, causing secondary the calendar for regular
Hui-Yong Yu in Trump Hotels CEO Eric Danziger health checkups. Thats
market prices to soar. Sold said this week the company hopes to potentially triple the number of
for just $1.25 apiece, the balls why an increasing
Trump-branded luxury hotels. There are 26 major metropolitan areas number of executives
are thought to perform as
well as rival balls that sell for
in the U.S., and were in five, Danziger said. I dont see any reason get all their poking and
more than twice that much. that we couldnt be in all of them eventually. Trump has transferred prodding in at once
The Wall Street Journal management of the Trump Organization to his two elder sons. during intensive physi-
QAmericans wrote 17.3bil- cal exams designed
lion checks in
Telecom: Net neutrality opponent to head FCC especially for captains
2015, down A staunch foe of net neutrality is slated to lead the Federal Communi- of industry, said Sam
from 41.9 bil- cations Commission, said Mike Snider in USA Today. President Trump Grobart in Bloomberg
lion in 2000, named FCC commissioner Ajit Pai as chairman this week, replacing Businessweek. Over
according to outgoing chairman Tom Wheeler. Pai, a Republican appointed by Pres- the course of two days
the Federal Re- ident Obama, voted in 2015 against new net neutrality rules, which at the Mayo Clinic
serve. For com- require internet service providers to treat all legal content equally and in Rochester, Minn.,
parison, they made prohibit the unfair blocking or slowing of content. The rules are C-suite patients undergo
69.5 billion debit card backed by Netflix, Google, and other large websites, but opposed by several months worth
transactions last year. of tests and exams
internet service providers such as Comcast and AT&T.
It typically takes about with a legion of ists,
67 seconds to pay with a Autos: Trump offers Detroit an olive branch including cardiolo-
check at checkout, compared gists, dermatologists,
President Trump pledged to slash unnecessary environmental regula-
with 25 seconds for cash, 24 ophthalmologists, and
seconds for credit cards, and tions in a meeting with the CEOs of General Motors, Ford, and Fiat
physical therapists. The
20 seconds for debit cards. Chrysler this week, said Steven Overly in The Washington Post. After price tag for Mayos
The Wall Street Journal weeks of taunting the automotive industry over Twitter for build- Executive Health
QFox is charging $5 million ing cars in Mexico, Trump told the Big Three Detroit automakers he Program is $5,000
for a 30-second spot during hopes to make it easier for them to build plants in the U.S. Trump has out of pocket. Similar
this years Super Bowl; a threatened to impose a 35 percent tariff on imported vehicles. Auto programs are offered
decade ago, the price was execs declined to answer questions after the meeting. at the Cleveland Clinic
$2.5 million. and Johns Hopkins in Manufacturing: Foxconn mulls U.S. factory Baltimore, which earn
QIn a 2012 National Geo- Foxconn, the worlds largest contract electronics maker, is consid- a tidy profit on the pro-
graphic survey, 40 percent of ering setting up a display-making plant in the United States, said grams fees. Companies
Americans said they believed J.R. Wu in The proposal, confirmed by the Taiwan-based generally pick up the
that stockpiling supplies or
AP, Getty, Media Bakery

company this week, would entail an investment of more than $7 bil- bill. Its worth it if
constructing a bomb shelter lion and could potentially create as many as 50,000 jobs. Foxconn, they find something,
was a wiser investment than says Sue Holloway
which builds most of Apples iPhones, is one of Chinas biggest
a 401(k). of WorldatWork, an
The New Yorker employers. CEO Terry Gou said that Foxconn had been considering
such a move for years.
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
32 BUSINESS Making money

Financial advice: Is the fiduciary rule doomed?

Its a simple enough concept. A financial writing and be open to having a frank
adviser should be legally required to put their discussion about how theyre paid. It
clients best interests ahead of their own, shouldnt be too hard to find a bona fide fi-
said Rachael Levy in duciary, said John Wasik in The New York
But its not the law, and an Obama adminis- Times. The number of fee-only personal fi-
tration rule that would require exactly that nancial planners has been growing steadily.
could be in jeopardy now that President These advisers charge hourly or flat rates
Trump is calling the shots. The so-called fi- instead of steering investors to specific
duciary rule, set to take effect in April, would products, and they often favor low-cost
require retirement advisers to act in the best index funds. As a result, theyre more likely
interest of their clients, rather than steering to provide information that is tightly
them toward more expensive investments that aligned with clients financial goals.
might earn the advisers a better commission.
Find out if your adviser gets commissions.
A White House Council of Economic Advis- Even if the Trump administration ulti-
ers report in 2015 found that conflicted advice costs investors mately guts the fiduciary rule, the financial planning industry
roughly $17 billion a year. But many on Wall Street, including has already been altered by it, said Ben Steverman in Bloomberg
top Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci, have criticized the new .com. Wall Street has spent millions of dollars over the past two
rule, saying it would drive up compliance costs for firmsand, years overhauling procedures and creating new products to
therefore, for their clients. Trump has also railed against govern- comply with new regulations on financial advice. But presiden-
ment regulations, increasing expectations that the nascent fidu- tial attention didnt just change the rules. It helped change how
ciary rule wont survive. investors shop for financial help. The spotlight on the fiduciary
rule gave journalists the opportunity to write lots of stories
Whatever happens to the fiduciary rule, you should still know about conflicted advisers and high fees. Comedian John Oliver
how your financial adviser is compensated, said Tom Anderson even devoted an episode of his HBO show Last Week Tonight
in Luckily, all you have to do is ask. Youre entitled to ripping nonfiduciary advisers. Finally, the public seems to
to know whether your adviser is a fiduciary, legally obligated to understand what personal finance writers have been harping on
act in your best interest, and what, if any, commissions he or she for years: that high fees and conflicts of interest are dangerous
receives for steering clients toward specific investment vehicles. for anyone saving for retirement. At this point, even if firms
Good advisers should provide you with that information in wanted to go back, would their customers let them?

What the experts say Charity of the week

Saving tips for the cash-strapped doctors and drugs, respectively. In the mean- February
If youre living paycheck to paycheck, saving time, you should ideally wait on taking Social is Black
for retirement and other financial goals can Security, if you can. For most people turning 65 History
feel out of reach, said Jonnelle Marte in right now, full benefits dont kick in until age Month, a
time to cel-
The Washington Post. But taking small steps 66 anyway. But payments increase 8 percent ebrate the
can go a long way. If the traditional advice every year you wait until age 70. That makes advances
of setting aside three to six months worth of waiting to retire a smart move if possible. of the civil
expenses feels impossible, dont be afraid to rights movement throughout U.S. his-
How to handle a denied claim tory. Located in the Lorraine Motel in
adopt a more modest goal. For some people, Memphis, where Martin Luther King Jr.
that may mean saving only $1 a day. Socking Appealing a denied health insurance claim was assassinated nearly 50 years ago,
away any windfalls, such as a tax refund, can can be frustrating and time-consuming, but the National Civil Rights Museum (civil
also help you meet your goals. Contradictory its often worth putting up a fight, said seeks to educate the
public about African-American history
as it may sound, you should also allow your- David Lazarus in the Los Angeles Times. Of and celebrate the accomplishments of
self occasional indulgences. If you budget for the relatively small percentage of denials that civil rights activism. The museum fea-
splurges, the sacrifices you make every day are challenged by patients, about half end up tures hundreds of artifacts and dozens
such as having a sad desk salad for lunch being reversed, according to a 2011 Govern- of films, oral histories, and guided tours
that cover the civil rights struggle in
can feel a lot less painful. ment Accountability Office study. Of those, America from resistance during slavery
many stemmed from billing errors or missing through the Jim Crow era and the pres-
Happy 65th birthday! Now do this. information. Something as simple as an in- ent day. The museum recently underwent
If you will be turning 65 this year and plan correct code submitted by a doctors office can a $27.5million renovation to further sup-
port its goal of informing and inspiring
to keep working, you have essential money trigger a denial. To get started, contact your the public about the fight for equality.
decisions to make that cant be ignored, said insurer or pharmacy benefit manager to see if
Gail MarksJarvis in the Chicago Tribune. Even any paperwork is missing, or if an erroneous
Each charity we feature has earned a
if you have health insurance through work, code was used. The fix might be as simple four-star overall rating from Charity
its still a good idea to sign up for Medicare as resubmitting a certain document. If you Navigator, which rates not-for-profit
Part A. These free benefits cover some hospital need help navigating the process, start with organizations on the strength of their
care and can be used to supplement your work- the Patient Advocate Foundations guide to the finances, their governance practices,

and the transparency of their operations.

place insurance. After you retire, you can sign appeals process, or the Alliance of Claims As- Four stars is the groups highest rating.
up for Medicare Parts B and D, which cover sistance Professionals.
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
34 Best columns: Business

Issue of the week: Deciphering Trumps Treasury pick

President Trumps supporters cheered his These are smart, shrewd risk takers
inaugural pledge to make sure they share who know how to work the system and
in the nations riches, but his nominee for have a knack for buying low and selling
treasury secretary isnt exactly a populist high and driving hard bargains along
hero, said Suzanne McGee in The Guard- the way. But Trump is simply replacing
ian (U.K.). Steven Mnuchin, a Goldman the Washington political elite he railed
Sachs alumnus and hedge fund manager against with the equally out-of-touch
with a net worth of as much as $500 mil- financial elites of Wall Street.
lion, is apparently so wealthy he forgot to
disclose $100 million in assets ahead of These are anything but your typical
his Senate confirmation hearing last week. financiers, said Jessica Pressler in New
Mnuchin also omitted the fact that he once York magazine. Most of Wall Street
led an offshore investment fund based in the wrote off Trump, but what sets Mnuchin
Cayman Islands, a well-known tax haven. and his cohorts apart is that they saw
The revelations set the stage for a tense in the improbable candidate the op-
Mnuchin: Forgot $100 million in assets
hearing, in which Democratic lawmakers portunity for the deal of a lifetime.
raked Mnuchin over the coals for his leadership of California Backing Trumps White House run was a bet with little risk and
bank OneWest in the years after the financial crisis. The bank a lot of potential upsideand now they are reaping the rewards.
foreclosed on more than 36,000 homeowners during Mnuchins Mnuchin himself is described by colleagues as something of
tenureincluding, famously, a 90-year-old woman who made a a cipher, and not particularly political. His policy positions
27-cent payment error. Mnuchin has a solid working knowledge dont exactly jibe with Republican orthodoxy, said Larry Light
of business and finance, but is he really the kind of person Trump in In his Senate testimony, Mnuchin expressed
supporters had in mind to run the nations financial system? support for the Volcker Rule, which prohibits banks from using
their own accounts for risky investments and is despised by many
Trumps economic team shows just how much the balance of in the GOP, and broke ranks with Trump by saying he supports
power has shifted from Main Street to Wall Street, said Steven a strong U.S. dollar. (Trump recently told The Wall Street Journal
Pearlstein in The Washington Post. Gary Cohn, a former op- that the greenback is too strong and is hurting U.S. firms.)
tions trader who rose to second-in-command at Goldman Sachs, Mnuchin also rejects a Republican-backed plan to end govern-
is the new director of the National Economic Council, which ment control of housing giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He
advises the president on economic policy matters. Legendary may be a Washington outsider, but the putative treasury secretary
investor Carl Icahn, whose fortune is estimated at $20 billion, appears to have what Beltway insiders prize most: flexibility
will also advise Trump on regulatory reform. Make no mistake: and nimbleness in his views.

Nobody should be surprised by the collapse of de- dig deep into their past. At the turn of the 20th
Retails partment stores, said Virginia Postrel. Even 30 years century, stores featured attractions like tearooms,
past is its ago, it was clear the days of leisurely housewives
roaming department store aisles were surely over.
playgrounds, and nurseries, and hosted events like
concerts, fashion shows, and classes. That spells an
future With women entering the workforce in large num-
bers, customers began shifting toward smaller stores
opportunity for the retailers of today. Increasingly,
consumers are choosing experiences over stuff.
Virginia Postrel with more focused inventories, or shopping from Shopping center vacancies have actually fallen since home via catalogs. By 1982, the average American 2008, with restaurants and food halls becoming
household received 40 catalogs a year, a number anchor tenants. Bed, Bath & Beyond recently un-
that skyrocketed over the next decade. Already veiled a new store format in Brooklyn that features a
used to shopping from home in this way, many restaurant, cooking classes, and a hair-blowout bar.
consumers were primed for e-commerce. For de- For retailers and their landlords, the future lies in
partment stores to thrive again, they may have to giving customers a place to socialize and learn.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle agree: The cent of Americans earn more than $100,000 a year,
The myth American middle class is disappearing, said Ben up from about 8 percent in 1967. Thats not a col-
of the dying Shapiro. Whether its Sen. Bernie Sanders or Presi-
dent Trump, the message is the same. The average
lapsing middle class. Thats a growing upper-middle
class. But even so, income is a poor indicator of
middle class American worker is being squeezed out for the ben-
efit of those at the top. But what if theyre wrong?
economic wealth. Looking at what people actually
consume, Americans live far better now than they
Ben Shapiro On closer examination, the American middle class did in 1980. We have nicer products, enjoy afford-
National Review has been doing just fine. In 1967, for example, able new technologies, and live in bigger houses. Yet
33.7 percent of American households earned between many Americans seem to believe they have it much
$50,000 and $100,000. That number (adjusting for rougher than they used to. Perhaps the real problem
inflation) fell to 28.5 percent by 2014, but not be- is politicians constantly drilling into Americans that

cause the middle class is stagnating. It turns out that theyre being screwed by the guy at the top, and that
everybody just got wealthier. Today, nearly 25 per- only government can fix that problem.
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
Obituaries 35

The overnight success who became an opera legend The madcap inventor
who befriended
Roberta Roberta Peters spar- with tenor Jan Peerce. Impressed,
the Beatles
Peters kling career had a Peerce sent her to study with noted
19302017 fairy-tale beginning. teacher William Herman. Leaving Alexis Mardas never lacked
When she awoke school permanently after she com- ambition. After being named
on Nov. 17, 1950, the 20-year-old pleted junior high, Peters took head of the electronics divi-
coloratura soprano was an appren- voice, drama, and foreign-language sion of the Beatles Apple
tice singer with the Metropolitan lessonsplus conditioning with Records empire in 1968, the
Opera, still six weeks away from her fitness guru Joseph Pilates, who
Alexis genius and
scheduled debut. But that afternoon would stand on her abdomen Mardas inventor said
Peters received a frantic call from to help develop her abdominal 19422017 he would cre-
Met general manager Rudolf Bing: muscles. There were some long, ate paint that
Hours before the 8 p.m. performance unhappy lessons and emotional changed color at the flick
of Don Giovanni, soprano Nadine Conner had moments, said, but all of this of a switch, loudspeakers
come down with food poisoning. Can you sing added up to a remarkable technique of astound- made of wallpaper, and an
tonight? Bing asked Peters. Without hesita- ing agility, supple legato, and great vocal beauty. invisible force field to protect
tion, or rehearsal, she said yes and hopped on In 1950 Peters landed an audition at the Met the Fab Fours homes from
fans. Mardas promises all
the subway. It was the first time Id ever sung the beginning of a run that lasted 35 years.
fell through, including his
professionally, Peters said, and there I was, pledge to design a futuristic
Among Peters signature roles were Rosina
pushed out on the stage to sing at the Met. She 72-track studio in Apples
in Rossinis Barber of Seville, Gilda in Verdis
won rave reviews in the role of the peasant girl London offices. When the
Rigoletto, and Susanna in Mozarts Marriage of
Zerlina and would remain a star for the next Beatles turned up to record
Figaro, said The Washington Post. She was a reg-
half-century. their final album, Let It Be,
ular guest on The Ed Sullivan Show in the 1960s they found a mess of faulty
Born Roberta Peterman in the Bronx, Peters was and wasnt above doing an occasional adin a wiring and a mixing desk
the only child of a shoe salesman father and mil- famous American Express spot, she hailed a cab that looked like it had been
liner mother. In the words of her family, she had by singing out Tax-eee! Peters kept performing built with a hammer and
a real voice on her, said The New York Times. into her 70s, dazzling audiences with her eter- chisel, said a recording engi-
When Peters was 13, her grandfather, who was nally youthful, silvery voice. Ill sing as long as neer. Apples electronics divi-
matre d at Grossingers Catskills resort, set I feel good, she said in 2000, and people want sion was shut soon after, and
her career in motion by arranging an audition to come. Mardas was sent packing,
his projects having cost the
Beatles an estimated $4mil-
lion in todays money.
The ruthless mafia don who ruled Philadelphia Born in Athens, the son of
a dockworker to death in a diner a major in the Greek secret
Nicodemo Even in the bloody police, Mardas arrived in
Scarfo world of the East following an argument over a seat.
Coast mafia, Scarfos bosses thought he was too London on a student visa
in 1965, said The Times
Nicodemo Little hotheaded, and after his release
(U.K.). He found work as a
Nicky Scarfo was regarded as a from prison six months later, exiled TV repairman and designed
man of exceptional brutality. As head him to Atlantic City. It turned a psychedelic light show
of the Philadelphiasouthern New out to be an ideal location for a for the Rolling Stones. The
Jersey mob in the 1980s, the 5-foot-5 budding gangster, said The Times Stones guitarist Brian Jones
kingpin gleefully lashed out at allies (U.K.). The city saw a casino boom introduced him to John
and enemies alike, ordering dozens following the legalization of gam- Lennon, and the pair became
of killings. In 1981, he arranged the bling there in 1976, and Scarfo firm friends after Mardas
Christmastime slaying of Philadelphia became the mobs man on the scene. made him a nothing box
a small plastic container
Roofers Union boss John McCullough, who was His construction companies poured concrete for
filled with randomly flashing
shot dead in his kitchen by a poinsettia-carrying new gambling palaces, including one that opened lights that the Beatle spent
deliveryman. Three years later, Scarfo had one of as Harrahs at Trump Plaza, and he skimmed the endless hours staring at
his top lieutenants, Salvatore Testa, executed in a coffers of the casino workers union. Scarfo began while tripping on LSD.
candy store because he thought the young mob- to rise rapidly through the ranks, and in 1981
ster was getting too popular. What Little Nicky became head of the Philadelphia Cosa Nostra. After being dismissed from
lacked in height, said prosecutor Louis Pichini in the Beatles entourage, Magic
Well-groomed and always meticulously dressed, Alexas Lennon called
1988, he more than made up for in viciousness.
Scarfo relished his role as a mafia don, said The himchanged course and
Scarfo was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., to an Italian Philadelphia Inquirer. He openly boasted about went into business with the
immigrant family from Naples and Calabria, the murders hed committed and the convictions former King ConstantineII
said The New York Times. His parents werent hed dodged. But Scarfos penchant for violence of Greece, said The Daily
involved in the mob, but three of his uncles were, would be his undoingfearing for their lives, Telegraph (U.K.). The pair
sold bulletproof cars, and
Everett Collection, Getty

and after establishing a reputation as a notori- several of his associates entered a witness protec-
bugging and other security
ously volatile amateur boxer, Scarfo moved tion scheme and provided testimony that brought devices to VIPs, including the
to Philadelphia to work for them as a numbers down the mob boss. He was convicted on racke- Shah of Iran and Prince Juan
runner. His career was interrupted in 1963, when teering and murder charges in 1988 and was serv- Carlos of Spain.
he was convicted of manslaughter for stabbing ing a 55-year sentence when he died in prison.
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
36 The last word
Trumps path to power
Donald Trump may be the most unusual president Americans have ever elected, said journalist Marc Fisher.
Armed with a keen sense of branding and a fierce will to win, he loves to defy norms, expectations, and critics.

dow overlooking New his career in real
Yorks Central Park, estate, Trump
Donald Trump could see broke with his father, who
the public ice rink that the had warned him against
city government had spent taking on debt or work-
six years and $12 million ing in the tough market
tryingand failingto repair. of Manhattan. Donald
Most people saw the shuttered longed to reach for the
rink as a maddening waste of next level and build in
public dollars. Trump saw an midtown, and he did it by
opportunity to lead. creating a business that
looked bigger, bolder, and
In 1986, Trump, then a brash brasher than the competi-
newcomer in New York real tion. He led that business
estate, offered to fix the rink in into the big time with
six months at his own expense. tough, loud, showy tac-
Trumps move was at once tics that he would hone
bold, magnanimous, and bit- through the decades.
ing. In the same letter in which
he made his offer to New Trump led by creating an
Trump, former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, and Roy Cohn at Trump Tower in 1983 image of himself as a rich
York Mayor Ed Koch, Trump
reminded the mayor that the incompe- ity is good publicity and that victory comes playboy with fabulous connectionsand
tence the city had demonstrated in the rink only to those who fight back a hundred by parlaying that image into actual deals
project had to be one of the great embar- times harder than any hit they might absorb. with the citys rich and powerful. He led by
rassments of your administration. making competitors, regulators, and bankers
Trump built a real estate empire that believe he was further along than he really
Trump got the job done two months ahead morphed into a casino gambling business, was. And he led by neutralizing or even win-
of schedule and $800,000 under budget. which largely failed, driving the struggling ning over his opponents by attacking, threat-
The city paid for the work, but Trump mogul to pivot into a period of leasing his ening, wooing, and even hiring them.
slapped his name all over the place and gen- name to all manner of luxury and not-so-
erated months of adoring press. For decades fancy products. Through it all, Trump spent During his very first project, the rehab of
to follow, the story of how he swooped in much of his time not on the finances of his New Yorks decrepit Commodore Hotel in
like Superman became a bedrock foundation initiatives or on their daily management, the mid-1970s, Trump persuaded a New
of the Trump mythos, his carefully polished but rather on cultivating his own image as York Times reporter to write about him as
narrative of the billionaire who led by a playboy billionaire who was bluntly deci- a major New York builder, though he
smashing through rules and expectations. sive, refreshingly impolitic, and singularly had never built a thing and had no financ-
devoted to all things Trump. ing. Trump needed top New York politi-
The man who has now moved from his cians cooperation to get his hotel project
very own gilded skyscraper on Fifth Avenue He rewarded loyalty (he called himself a underway, and so he hired Gov. Hugh
to noticeably smaller and less lavish quar- loyalty freak), summarily sacked those Careys chief fundraiser, who had key politi-
ters in Northwest Washington is the most who showed him up, and won fame and cal connections. It didnt hurt that Trump
unusual leader Americans have ever elected sometimes fortune as he put himself cen- and his father had donated more money to
to manage their nation. He is a salesman, ter stage in all his enterprises. The show the governors campaign than anyone but
not a diplomat; a master marketer, not a is Trump and it is sold-out performances the candidates brother.
bureaucratic manager. He is an entrepreneur everywhere, he said in 1990, soon after he
who has always thrived on controversy and appeared on the cover of Playboy. In the push for the same project, Trump
confrontation, bucking up against the estab- sought a tax exemption from a state author-
The showTrump has often called himself ity created to build racially integrated
lishment types who often sneered at him.
a ratings machineis very much at odds housing. The agencys chairman, Richard
As president, Trump seems eager to lead in with the private nature of the man, a loner Ravitch, had grown up in the real estate
much the same ways as he has through four who says he has few, if any, close friends, an business; Trumps father had hired Ravitchs
decades as frontman for his personal brand. insomniac who often leaves social events as fathers construction firm to build the older
quickly as possible, returning to his apart- Trumps largest apartment complex. Now
Trump brings to Washington a leadership
ment to watch TV by himself through the Donald met with Ravitch and told him, as
style built on his fathers success in the
small hours of the night. Ravitch recalled, I want you to give me a
rough-and-tumble world of developing
apartment buildings in New Yorks outer In public, though, Trump is all business tax exemption.
boroughs, and refined under the tutelage of and all show, blending the two in ways that Ravitch declined. Trump repeated the
Roy Cohn, the infamous Manhattan lawyer have now shattered the boundary between request, and when Ravitch declined again,

who taught young Donald that all public- politics and celebrity. Trump said, Im going to have you fired.
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
The last word 37
Trump, in an interview last summer, denied tions on street use and party attendance. something behind his back, he pounces:
that account and called Ravitch a highly Trump responded by sending council mem- You have to realize that peoplesadly,
overrated person. bers classic movies about discrimination sadlyare very vicious, he told an audi-
Gentlemans Agreement, about anti-Semitism, ence at a motivational seminar in 2005.
Trump wasnt done. When city politicians
and Guess Whos Coming to Dinner, about When a person screws you, screw them
who were opposed to the tax incentive
racismto remind them and the public back 15 times harder.
called a news conference outside the shut-
about how the town had long tolerated the
tered hotel, Trump showed up and threat- He hires for loyalty but also to build a staff
exclusion of Jews and blacks from private
ened to abandon the project if the city didnt that looks the parta factor he has often
clubs in Palm Beach.
give him tax relief. Trump had prepared for mentioned through the years, including dur-
the event by directing his workers to replace The effort to embarrass the politicians into ing this winters transition, when he would
the clean boards over the once-grand hotels easing restrictions on his club was successful. comment to aides about whether job can-
windows with dirty scrap wood, dramatiz- didates presented themselves in ways that
He recognized early on that his primary tal-
ing the state of the midtown eyesore. The would convince a TV audience that they
ent lay in marketing his brand, more than in
theatrical flourish had the desired were right for the job.
impact. Trump got the exemption. But Trumps methods for picking

OR FOUR DECADES, Trump led people can also be more subtle.
his business empire through Throughout his career, he has hired
triumphs and disasters, through people who had been obstacles to
domination of the Atlantic City casino his projects, both to neutralize their
world and through six corporate opposition and take advantage of
bankruptcies, devoting his time and their knowledge. Trump also hires
energy perhaps above all to his deal- to create rival power centers. Many
ings with the news media. GOP leaders thought Trump would
have to choose between Republican
The key to the way I promote is
National Committee chairman Reince
bravado, he wrote in his best-selling
Priebus and former Breitbart News
book Trump: The Art of the Deal. I
chairman Stephen Bannon to set the
play to peoples fantasies. People may
tone for the leadership of his White
not always think big themselves, but
House. But Trump hired both men
they can still get very excited by those Meeting with tech executives in December the establishment choice and the
who do. Thats why a little hyperbole
rogue outsiderand gave them equal
never hurts.... I call it truthful hyperbole. Its managing day-to-day operations. In 1988,
billing in his hiring announcement.
an innocent form of exaggerationand a when Jeffrey Breslow, the inventor of many
very effective form of promotion. successful board games, visited Trump to When a group of tech executives visited
pitch him on a Monopoly-like game that with Trump in December, he told them:
In business and in the 2016 campaign, he
would be named after him, the game devel- Youll call my people. Youll call me. It
alternately bashed reporters and privately
oper was prepared to get down on the floor doesnt make any difference. We have no
treated them to praise and access. From a
and demonstrate how Trump: The Game formal chain of command around here.
pure business point of view, he wrote, the
benefits of being written about have far was played. Building such uncertainty and unpredict-
outweighed the drawbacks.... Even a critical But Trump had no interest in the details of ability into his leadership and decision
story, which may be hurtful personally, can the game. I like itwhats next? Trump making allows Trump to float possibilities,
be very valuable to your business. said, and after the deal was negotiated, test ideas, and remain antagonistic to the
powers that beall before he puts a deci-
His longtime construction executive Barbara Trump volunteered to hold a press event
at the plant where the product would be sion into play. Add his infamous lack of
Res said, Donald had a way of getting
manufactured. His best value, he said, was impulse control, in his predawn tweets, his
to print whatever he would say, even if it
in motivating the workers and winning thin-skinned reaction to criticism, his insult-
wasnt necessarily the whole and honest
media attention. ing comments about people hes already
truth. He managed to say what he would
defeated, and a short attention spanhe
say, and people would write it, and then it Trump has always measured success by
said he has no patience for reading reports
would be the truth. That was the thing with the reach and power of his reputation and
or briefingsand the result is something
him that they call the big lie. You say some- image. All of his ventures, in gambling,
not quite like any previous occupant of the
thing enough times, it becomes the truth. sports, TV, and politics, were designed to
White House.
Trump has refined the art of working the spotlight the message that Trump means
ambition, wealth, and success. He scoffs at deep study and goes, instead,
levers of public opinion to pressure those
with his gut. He believes in his instincts.
who would block his initiatives. In 1985, He has always worked with a tiny inner
He believes he will naturally do the right
after he bought the Mar-a-Lago estate in circle of top executiveshis campaign
thing. He believes, as he wrote in his book
Palm Beach, Fla., Trump broke with the tra- staff was about a 10th the size of Hillary
Think Like a Billionaire, that a narcissist
Jabin Botsford/ The Washington Post

ditions of the wealthy enclave by chopping Clintonsremaining loyal to those who

does not hear the naysayers. At the Trump
down his hedges to give gawkers a clear play by his rules: No one steps out on their
Organization, I listen to people, but my
view of his castle, inviting a raft of celebri- own, all credit goes to the boss, and the mes-
vision is my vision.
ties and paparazzi, and opening the facility sage to the public is that Trumpthe man,
for wedding and event rentals. not the corporation or its other executives
Excerpted from an article that origi-
The town council, annoyed by the increased is the rainmaker.
nally appeared in The Washington Post.
traffic and attention, tried to impose restric- If Trump believes an executive has done Reprinted with permission.
THE WEEK February 3, 2017
38 The Puzzle Page
Crossword No. 393: Double Features by Matt Gaffney The Week Contest
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
This weeks question: Convicted Ponzi schemer Bernie
Madoff has reportedly bought up every packet of hot
14 15 16
chocolate at the North Carolina penitentiary where hes
serving a 150-year sentence, and is now selling the packs
17 18 19
for a profit to other inmates. If Hollywood were to make
a prison movie based on Madoffs latest racket, what
20 21 22 should it title the film?
Last weeks contest: A private health clinic in California
23 24
has begun charging customers $8,000 to have half a gal-
lon of blood plasma from teenagers and young adults
25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33
pumped into their veinswhich, it claims, can help
defeat the aging process. Come up with a marketing slo-
34 35 36
gan the clinic could use for this unproven treatment.
THE WINNER: Why should youth be wasted on the young?
37 38 39
Charlie Mize, Old Fort, N.C.
40 41 42 SECOND PLACE: Well put you back in circulation
Janine Witte, New Hope, Pa.
43 44 45 THIRD PLACE: Let yourself be youthanized
Ken Kellam III, Dallas
46 47 48 For runners-up and complete contest rules, please go
49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 How to enter: Submissions should be emailed to Please include your name,
57 58 59 address, and daytime telephone number for verification;
this week, type Chocolate racket in the subject line.
60 61 62 Entries are due by noon, Eastern Time, Tuesday, Jan.31.
Winners will appear on the Puzzle Page
63 64 65 next issue and at
on Friday, Feb. 3. In the case of iden-
tical or similar entries, the first one
ACROSS 46 Gardeners annoyance 26 Word before child or received gets credit.
1 Light purple 48 Untouched serve circle W The winner gets a one-year
6 Engaged in mimicry of 49 Word in many ice 27 Writer who said It
is better to have a
subscription to The Week.
10 Precursor to a duel cream flavors
14 Neighbor of British 51 Eastern European permanent income
Columbia capital than to be fascinating
15 Central part 54 Six on your stomach 28 From around here
16 Chiles unit of currency 57 When your plane 29 Send a note to Sudoku
17 Really digging touches down 30 Fool
how bright it is in Tinseltown? 32 Mall tenant Fill in all the
outside at 2a.m.? (14nominations; 33 Gets all sulky boxes so that
(1 nomination; 8nominations) 36 Make amends each row, column,
8nominations) 60 Make made until 2004 38 Potato, amusingly and outlined
20 LGA checkers 61 I dare you! 42 The Spy Who Came in square includes
21 Levels 62 Propose to discuss, as From the Cold novelist all the numbers
44 Be a vendor from 1 through 9.
22 Gives the green an issue
lightto 63 Show set in Lima, 45 Equitable
23 Brewery container Ohio 47 Clear
24 Victim of fratricide 64 Legally possesses 49 Difficult journey
25 No words from the 65 Wound up 50 Stonemasons
king of the jungle? construction
(6 nominations; DOWN 51 Falling flakes
1nomination) 1 Pleasing vocal feature 52 Scandinavian deity
31 School of thought 2 Wedding day promises 53 Olive oil, butter, etc.
34 Beginning 3 Flow from Mount Fuji 54 Highly enthused
35 Decide against 4 Yellowfin tuna, more 55 First or third
including chicly 56 Gravity-powered
36 Regarding 5 Entered event vehicle
Find the solutions to all The Weeks puzzles online:
37 Just a single time 6 Highest point 58 Unnecessary fuss
38 Reads over quickly 7 Subpar 59 Bond creator Fleming
39 Feature on some 8 Son of Aphrodite
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