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January and February are as two hottest July is the hottest month in Rome, and its
months in Sydney, and its coolest month is coolest month is January. Rome has had
July. Sydney has had always a pleasant always a pleasant temperature range: 7.1 ~
temperature range: 12.0 ~ 22.1. Whats 24.4. Whats more, Sydneys pattern of
more, Sydneys pattern of temperature over temperature over the year decreases from
the year decreases from January to July, and January to July, and then starts decreasing
then starts increase from July to December. Its from July to December. Its wettest month is
wettest month is February, and the driest October, and the driest month is July, total
month is August, total rainfall over the year is rainfall over the year is 792.3mm, therefore,
1255.4mm, therefore, Sydney gets a fluctuant Sydney gets a stable pattern of rainfall
pattern of rainfall over the year. As the result, over the year. As the result, it increases
it increases from January to February, March to from February to March, July to October,
May, June to July, August to September, and decreases from January to February,
October to November and decreases from March to July, October to December.
February to March, May to June, July to August,
September to October, November to


First of all, the temperature of Sydney and Rome are in contrast in that the hottest
month in Rome is July, whereas the coolest month in Sydney is July; the coolest month
in Rome is January, whereas the hottest month in Sydney is January. Moreover, Rome is
cooler and drier because Rome has less rainfall than Sydney. Lastly, Sydney has a more
fluctuant pattern of rainfall as well as temperature than Rome.