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Lesson Plan Template (4)

Name: Amal Ebrahim Grade Level: Grade 4 \ section 3

CCSS Standards: Puzzles and Codes (prepositions & foods).

Main Lesson Aims (Concepts, Procedures, & Processes):

- The students will be able to speak about food.
- The students will be able to write names and simple instruction sentences.
- The students will be able to understand and use prepositions like: (Opposite, Between, Next t
place in spoken and written work.


teacher books -
student book(s) -
worksheets/ papers Worksheet for students to write five sentences.
teacher materials Power point, markers, whiteboard, A3 papers with numbers.
student materials/ Pencils, colors.

technology Data show, laptop.

other -
Key vocabulary with definitions (and pictures if appropriate):

word glossary definition image

Being in a position on the other side.


between In or into the space that separates two

places, people, or objects.

Being the first one after the present one or

Next to
after the one just mentioned.

Students Prior Knowledge:

-Some students know the action of prepositions.
-Some students understand the meaning of prepositions.

Possible Problems and Misconceptions:

-Some students can't understand the meaning of prepositions.
- The teacher doesnt have ability to manage the class.
-I will explain the meaning more than one time in different activity to make easy for the students.
-Teacher should use a special method to manage the class.

Lesson Schedule
Targeted teacher language: Hello Grade 4, How are you? I have many interesting activities and I hop
pay attention with me and if you have any question you may raise your hand. Do you know what is t
of our activity today?'s called puzzles and codes
Student language: Hi Ms. Amal, Iam fine thank you. How are you Ms. Amal, We are excited to work
activity and we will pay attention with you. Yes, teacher. Its about puzzles and codes.

Engage (warm up, review prior knowledge): time:

- After greeting I will show the students a PowerPoint include the name and color of fruits, 10 min
and I will explain for them the meaning of prepositions and how they will use it. And I will
explain for the students the activity, first I will bring for the students some fruits like: (Apple-
Orange-Banana-strawberry) and I will say for the students what's the name of this fruit, and
they should to classify it if it's fruits or vegetables.

Core (introduce and practice new concepts & procedures): 30 mi

-I will show the student's flash cards include pictures of fruits and the name of fruit, and I will
give each student A3 papers then I will tell the students to draw two fruits you like it and talk
about your own picture.

-First of all I will show the student's picture includes persons and food then I will explain for
them about the prepositions (Between-opposite-next to). Then I will show the students three
words of prepositions (Between Opposite - Next to). And how they will use it, I will print for
student's table on A3 paper 6 chairs and 6 names. I will put the names and the tables on the
board. Then I will explain this activity for the students. I will say the sentence for students in
the sentence it has named and one word of prepositions to help the students how they will
put the names in the correct way and they should to put the names on the chairs. such as:
( Khalid is setting opposite to Ghalib - Matar is setting between Khalid and Ebrahim Jamal is
setting opposite to Ebrahim Tariq is setting between Jamal and Ghalib).

- I will tell the students to set as a group then I will let them to practice it with your group I
will say I want Mohammed to setting between Ahmed and Abdullah. I will do it this with all
groups to understand more.

Close (wrap up, discussion, brief review activity or assessment): 5 min

-I will give each student a worksheet that includes sentence, for example: I found a bug with
black spots and I will put many different sentences and pictures and they should match the
sentence that describes the picture and they should match it together. Thats all to know if
they understand the lesson.

Flash card:

The picture that I will show the students:
The table on A3 paper and the names that I will put on the board:







Use the prepositions word to write a five sentence:

Use between, opposite and next to on your own sentence:
The strawberry is opposite to the orange.