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Lesson Plan Template (9)

Name: Amal Ebrahim Grade Level: Grade 4 \ section 3

CCSS Standards: our amazing body (What are you doing next week?).

Main Lesson Aims (Concepts, Procedures, & Processes):

-The students will be able to talk about personal future plans.
To give and respond to invitations.
-The students will be able to identify new vocabulary words (sweeping, and playing, visiting, reading
-The students will be able to write about future plans on a calendar.
-The students will be able to organize their time.


teacher books -
student book(s) -
worksheets/ papers Worksheet, include schedule with the pictures and words, and
they should to classify and relate each word with the correct

teacher materials Flashcard, markers, whiteboard, video about what are you doin

student materials/ Pencils, colors.


Technology Data show, laptop.

Other -
Key vocabulary with definitions (and pictures if appropriate):

word glossary definition image

To clean especially a floor by using a

brush to collect the dirt into one place
from which it can be removed.

playing When you play, especially as a child, you

spend time doing an enjoyable and/or
entertaining activity.

Visiting To go to a place in order to look at it, or to a

person in order to spend time with them.
Reading To look at words or symbols and understand
what they mean.

To be done or caused by someone.


Students Prior Knowledge:

-The students know the song on the video.
-The students know the words: (sweeping, and playing, visiting, reading, doing).

Possible Problems and Misconceptions:

-Some students can't make a future plans for themselves.
-Some students do not bring their pencils and colors.

-I will help them, and I will make for them a future plans.
-I will bring extra pencils and colors.

Lesson Schedule
Targeted teacher language: Hello Grade 4, How are you?. I have many interesting activities and I ho
pay attention with me and if you have any question you may raise your hand. Do you know what is t
of our activity today?'s called our amazing body
Student language: Hi Ms. Amal, Iam fine thank you. How are you Ms. Amal, We are excited to work
activity and we will pay attention with you. Yes, teacher. Its about our amazing body

Engage (warm up, review prior knowledge): time:

- After greeting I will show the student's video about what are you doing, after they see the 5 minu
video we will discuss together about the video and we will remember what the vocabulary
they say in the video, then I will write the words in the board.
The video is

Core (introduce and practice new concepts & procedures): 35 mi

-I will show them flash card of the new vocabulary and the picture to relate the word, that
the students will understand the meaning of the word when they see the picture the word
is(sweeping, and playing, visiting, reading, doing). .
-I will let the students to work in pairs. And one of you ask questions for the other students,
one of you should ask and the other student should answer. The question is (what you will do
next week? what you want to do on Monday? Are you playing tennis? Are you visiting your
grandmother or the shopping?).
- I will give each students worksheet, include schedule with the pictures and words, and then
they should to classify and relate each word with the correct picture.
Close (wrap up, discussion, brief review activity or assessment): 5 min
-I will let each student to create for themself a future plans for the next week and they should
to organize their time and write what they want to do on each day they should to write.

Flash card:






Playing tennis sweeping the floor doing karate reading

books visiting grandmother - doing homework.
The future plans, each student should create for themself a future

Sunda Mond Tuesday Wednesda Thursd Friday Satur

y ay y ay day
Readi Playin Sweepi Visiting Doing Visiting Playin
ng g ng the grandmot Karate grandfath g
story footba floor her er tennis