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Glittering Chrome Items for

ORVM Chrome Garnish

Stylish turn indicator makes your drive safer.

Fog Lamp Chrome Garnish Tail Lamp Chrome Garnish

The chrome garnish lends an elegant Shimmers the lamp lining,
look to the fog lamp. gives your car a classy look.

Fuel Lid Cover Door Beltline Chrome

Enhances the fuel lid area of
your car.

Head Lamp Chrome Garnish Door Handle Chrome

Enhances sleek look of your car with Back Door Chrome Garnish The elegant chrome door
high quality chrome garnish. handles enhance the alluring
A sleek high quality chrome garnish
look of your Celerio.
running along the trunk lid.

Authorised Dealer Stamp:


Accessories Department, Parts & Accessories Division,
Palam Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122015
Website: Part No. 99000M99132-CLC
Part No. Issued on - 02/2014
Caution: Customers are advised to use only Maruti Genuine Accessories for quality, performance, safety & to keep their vehicle warranty intact.

Head Lamp Chrome Garnish Rear Upper Spoiler

Enhances sleek look of your car with
high quality chrome garnish.

Part No. 990J0M76MP3-010

Fog Lamp Chrome Garnish ORVM Chrome Garnish Door Beltline Chrome Tail Lamp Chrome Garnish Back Door Chrome Garnish Door Handle Chrome
The chrome garnish lends an elegant look to the Stylish turn indicator makes your drive safer. Shimmers the lamp lining, A sleek high quality chrome garnish running The elegant chrome door handles enhance
fog lamp. Part No. 990J0M76M13-060 gives your car a classy look. along the trunk lid. the alluring look of your Celerio.
Part No. 990J0M76M13-030 Part No. 990J0M76MP4-010 Part No. 990J0M76M13-020 Part No. 990J0M76M13-040
ORVM Side Indicator
Fog Lamp Part No. 990J0M76M06-010 (L)/020 (V)
Part No.990J0M76M11-010

02 03

Body Side Moulding Bumper Corner Protector Door Visor

Helps in protection from scratches. Protects from rain when windows are open
Adds to the aesthetics. and enhances the looks.
Part No. 990J0M76M17-010 Part No. 990J0M76MQ0-010

Body Graphics
Alloy Wheel & Wheel Cover

Alloy Wheel Painted Alloy Wheel Machined - 10 Spokes* Alloy Wheel - 10 Spokes GRACEFUL STREAK BLUE - FOR LIGHT BODY COLORS VIVID - FOR ALL BODY COLORS
Part No. 43210M76M50-27N Part No. 43210M76MB0 Part No. 43210M76MA0 Part No. 990J0M76MJ2-010 Part No. 990J0M76MJ2-020

Alloy Wheel - 6 Spokes* Wheel Cover Silver Wheel Cover Anthracite Silver VELOCITY - FOR ALL BODY COLORS GRACEFUL STREAK GOLDEN - FOR DARK BODY COLORS
Part No. 43210M76MC0 Part No. 43250M76M10-27N Part No. 990J0M76M04-010 Part No. . 990J0M76MJ2-030 Part No. 990J0M76MJ2-040

* Products available at a later date.

04 05
Interior Interior Styling Kit

Interior Styling Kit

A complete set of accessories to enhance
the interiors of car.
Redwood- 990J0M76MPJ-030/060 (Lxi/Vxi&Zxi)

Auto Gear Shift- 990J0M76MPJ-090/120 (Lxi/Vxi)

Door Sill Guard (with Illumination) Door Sill Guard Power Window (Front) Charcoal- 990J0M76MPJ-010/040 (Lxi/Vxi&Zxi) Carbon- 990J0M76MPJ - 020/050 (Lxi/Vxi&Zxi)

Grand entry into your car with a Roll down windows with ease & comfort. Auto Gear Shift- 990J0M76MPJ-070/100 (Lxi/Vxi) Auto Gear Shift- 990J0M76MPJ - 080/110 (Lxi/Vxi)
illuminated sill area. Part No. 990J0M76MP6-010 Part No. 990J0M76M03-010
Part No. 990J0M76MM6-010

Basic IRVM Auto Dimming IRVM

Designer Mat Carpet Mat Sporty Pedal Auto Dimming IRVM Ambient Light
Part No. 75901M76MA0 Part No. 75901M76M00/10/20 Protects you from the irritating glare at night. Ambient light to set the mood.
Part No. 990J0M76ML7-010 Part No. 990J0M76M06-030 Part No. 990J0M76M11-020
Keep the interiors of your car hygienic & clean. Available in different varieties - Basic, Full Floor, Carpet & Designer Mats

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Art Leather Seat Cover
Seat Cover (With Matching Steering Wheel Cover)

Part No. 990J0M76MB3-040 Part No. 990J0M76MB3-020

Seat Cover & Steering Wheel Cover (Combo)

Part No. 990J0M76MB3-030 Part No. 990J0M76MB3-050

Art Leather + Jute Seat Cover Art Leather Seat Cover Fabric Seat Cover Fabric + Art Leather Seat Cover
(With Matching Steering Wheel Cover) (With Matching Steering Wheel Cover) (With Matching Steering Wheel Cover) (With Matching Steering Wheel Cover)

Part No. 990J0M76MB6-040 Part No. 990J0M76MB6-010 Part No. 990J0M67MB3-080 Part No. 990J0M76MB3-090 Part No. 990JOM76MB4-020 Part No. 990JOM76MB4-030 Part No. 990J0M76MB6-020 Part No. 990JOM76MB6-030

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Safety & Security Child Seats
Perfect posture of child on uneven roads Child safety against sudden brakes & accidents
MGA child seat fully tested & approved as per International test standards.

Reverse Parking Assist System

For safe and easy parking Complete compatibility with the vehicle electrical systems.
Available in Black, White & Sliver color sensor.


Child Seat- KA500 (Child Weight upto 28 Kgs.)

Part No. 990J0M83KB6-030/050/060


Child Seat- KA240 (Child Weight upto 13 Kgs.)

Part No. 990J0M83KB6-020/040

Navigation With pre-loaded accurate maps, the system guides you to the desired destination. Innovative and powerful user
System interface and a combination of on-board features form a user-friendly device right on your dashboard.

Garmin Navigation (5") Map My India

(4.3" with BT)
Part No. 990J0M99918-120
Part No. 990J0M99918-090
RPAS with Camera & Display RPAS with Camera & Display RPAS with LCD Display RPAS with Digital Display
PART NO. 990J0M99909-110 PART NO. 990J0M74K09-050 PART NO. 990J0M99909-080 Part No. 990J0M99909-020/

Security System Safe and Convenient way to attend & make calls on the move. Pick the suitable from the

For the safety of your Vehicle.

Handsfree (BT) Kit range available.

Keyless entry.
Rotary mechanism for increased door latch life.
No drill required in door panel.
Compatible with the vehicle electrical system.

Keyless & Security System (with Shock Sensor)

Part No. 990J0M67LF4-020

Keyless & Security System (without Shock Sensor) Parrot Blaupunkt (112) Blaupunkt (211) Blaupunkt (311) Blaupunkt (411)
Part No. 990J0M67LF4-030 Part No. 990J0M99919-030 Part No. 990J0M99919-040 Part No. 990J0M99919-050 Part No. 990J0M99919-060 Part No. 990J0M99919-070

10 11
Integrated Stereo with USB + AUX* JBL Micro Wireless
Part No. 990J0M76MD3-020 PORTABLE WIRELESS Part No. 990J0M99919-090

JBL Flip
Part No. 990J0M99919-080

Integrated design to match the dashboad Bluetooth technology
Anti-theft Built-in bass port
USB / AUX / CD Digital signal processing
Bright Display Built-in microphone and call answer button
Five-hour, Li-ion rechargeable battery
Versatile, portable design
LED indicator

Sony Multimedia Pioneer Multimedia JVC Multimedia MGA Stereo Single Din (CD/USB/AUX) JVC Single Din (CD/USB/BT) Sony Single Din (CD/USB/AUX &
Part No. 990J0M83KD9-30 Part No. 99OJ0M83KD9-090 Part No. 990J0M75JD9-070 Part No. 990J0M53MD3-030 Part No. 990J0M74LD4-010 addition Smart Features)
Part No. 990J0M83KD3-100

MGA Stereo Double Din (CD/USB/AUX) Sony Double din with BT Kenwood Double din (CD/USB/AUX) MGA Speaker 16 CM Dual Cone Sony Speaker (16X23)cm JBL, Component Speaker 16cm, 2 way
Part No. 990J0M83KDM-020 Part No. 990J0M67LDD-030 Part No. 990J0M60ME3-010 Part No. 990J0M66LE4-010 Part No. 990J0M74KE5-010

* Products available from June 2014 onwards. For complete range refer to MGA Music catalogue available with dealer.
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Essentials Smart Utility

Body Cover Mud Flap Set of 4 Fuel Lid Cover Extreme Vision Bulb Smoke Eliminator Seat Back Organiser
Part No. 990J0M76M02-010/020 Part No. 990J0M76M00-030 Part No. 990J0M76M13-050 Part No. 9990J0M999L5-010 Part No. 9990J0M999L5-060 Part No. 9990J0M99283-1GR
Front/Rear Set 990J0M76M00-040 / 50


In Car Chiller 8 Ltrs/15 Ltrs* Shoe Box* Comfy Range Multipurpose Safety Tool Tissue Box* Side Sun Blind (Set of 2)
Part No. 990J0M79MV0-010/020 Part No. 990J0M999L1-090 Part No. 9990J0M999L5-090 Part No. 990J0M67L11-050 Part No. 990J0M999P7-010

Car & Tyre Care Fragrances, Car Frames, Car Care

Car Care Kit Screen Wash Tyre Valve Cap* Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit* Godrej Ambipur Spa Carmate Sefume Carmate
Part No. 990J0M999H2-010 Part No. 99000M99027 Part No. 990J0M999W0-060 Part No. 990J0M999W0-070

Emergency Kit* Tyre Pressure Gauge* Crystal Ceramic idol* Acrylic Car Frame MDF Car Frame Acrylic Car Frame
Part No. 990J0M999X0-010 Part No. 990J0M999W0-020 Part No. 990J0M999W0-040 Part No. 990J0M999W0-010 with Pillar

* Products will be available from March 2014 onwards. * Products will be available from March 2014 onwards.
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