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Audit plan

Company/ Address: Document FS011 Issue date: 01-07-2016

Arab Novelties For Weaving & Terry Company Standard: ISO 9001:2008
Address: El Mansoura Old Road _ Abdel-Latif
Residence_ El Mahala El Kobra _ El Gharbya Exclusions (ISO9001:2008): 7.3
_Egypt Non Applicable (ISO 9001:2015):
Surveillance 2

Scope : Manufacturing Garments & Terry Audit Language/s: Arabic


In case the Company has multi-site, all sites shall be

mentioned as well as each address.

Lead Auditor Auditor Beginning: 2/5/2017 10:00 AM

Ahmed Besheer
End: 2/5/2017 17:00 PM
Auditor in training Expert
Waleed Abd El Naby
Counterpart Responsible for the audit:
Ahmed Marey _ Rady Qassem

The objectives of the audit include:

a) the determination of the conformity of the customer management system, or parts of this system, with the audit criteria;
b) the evaluation of the capacity of the Management System to ensure that client organization meets the statutory, regulatory and
contractual applicable; (A certification audit of a management system is not a legal compliance audit)
c) the evaluation of the effectiveness of the management system to ensure the customer organization continuously meets their specified
objectives; and
d) where appropriate, the identification of areas for potential improvement of the management system.

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Accreditations for certification ISO 9001 from OUA (Uruguay) and INN (Chile)
Accreditations for certification ISO 14001 from OUA (Uruguay)
Accreditations for certification OHSAS 18001 from OUA (Uruguay)
Accreditations for certification NCh 2728 and NCh 2909 from INN (Chile)
Accreditations for process certification of Codex Alimentarius CAC/RCP + HACCP and NCh 2861 from INN (Chile)
Accreditations for process certification of GLOBALGAP (Cultivos, Acuacultura, Ganadera) from OUA (Uruguay)
Accreditations for certification ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, BRC GSFS from OUA (Uruguay)
Accreditations for certification SA 8000 from SAAS (USA)

Duration Process/ Elements/Requirements Auditor Counterpart
Element name
from to
Date: 2/05/2017
10:00 10:30 Opening Initial meeting AB/ WA Ahmed Marey _ Rady Qassem
11:00 4, 4.1 General requirements AB/ WA Ahmed Marey _ Rady Qassem
11:30 4.2 (4.2.1, General requirements AB/ WA Ahmed Marey _ Rady Qassem
4.2.2, of documentation
4.2.3, system, quality manual,
4,2,4) documents control,
records control
12:30 5 (5.1, Management AB/ WA Ahmed Marey _ Rady Qassem
5.2, 5.3, responsibility
5.4, 5.5, (Management
5.6) commitment, Customer
focus, Quality policy,
Responsibility, authority
and communication,
Management review
12:30 13:30 6 (6.1, Resource management AB/ WA Ahmed Marey _ Rady Qassem
6.2,) (Provision of resources,
Human resources,
13:30 14:30 break
14:30 15:30 6.3, 6.4 Site Tour (Infrastructure, AB/ WA Ahmed
Work environment)
15:30 16:00 7 (7.1, Product realization AB/ WA Ahmed Marey
7.2, 7.4, (Planning of product
7.5, 7.6) realization, Customer-
related processes,
Design and
Purchasing, Production
and service provision,
Control of monitoring
and measuring
16:00 16:30 8 ( 8.1, Measurement, analysis AB/ WA Ahmed Marey
8.2, 8.3, and improvement
8.4, 8.5 (Monitoring and
measurement, Control
of nonconforming
product, Analysis of
data, Improvement,
corrective and
preventive actions
16:30 17:00 Closing meeting AB/ WA Ahmed Marey _ Rady Qassem

Issued by/ Date: Modifications /Date:

Comments related to the audit team:

A1, A2 - Implies that both auditors jointly assess the specified requirement.
A1 / A2 - Implies that auditors separately assessed different examples of the same requirement.

Please communicate LSQA any objection about the plan or the constitution of the Audit Team.

REQUIRED INFRASTRUCTURE: We kindly request the company to organize the lunch break set in
the plan. During the meeting the auditor team needs a private room, and they may require a company

Distribution list:
LSQA Office
Auditors Ahmed Besheer
Waleed abd El naby