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BioLogical Launches Natural Supplement with "SNAP"

BioLogical Launches NON-GMO, natural and gluten free supplement with nitric oxide support for
skin, hair, and nails.

Sandpoint, ID, May 03, 2017 --( BioLogical, a division of Northwest Bio introduces "Ultimate
Health," a new dietary supplement for skin, hair, and nails formulated to target the nitric oxide pathway.
Nitric oxide (NO) is a key signaling molecule used throughout the body. The Nobel Prize for Medicine
was awarded in 1998 to three U.S. Scientists that uncovered this significant molecule. Since then, over
60,000 studies have confirmed the importance of NO levels for overall health benefits.

"Nitric Oxide, more than any other single factor, maybe the key to living a longer healthier life," 1998
Nobel Prize Dr. Ignarro

"Our dietary supplement is unique for many reasons; we use natural ingredients, and what we call SNAP
technology, which stands for 'supporting neurotransmitter activity and production. SNAP is designed to
achieve synergistic effects and supports the body's ability to absorb essential nutrients'," explains Priscilla
Broward, Managing Director. Developing quality and value added products for men and women is
important to the company's research team. Northwest Bio was founded by James W. Healy, former CEO
and owner of Lead Lok now a Nissha company.

According to Nutrition Business Journal, the U.S. supplement market is a $37 billion-dollar category. As
the population ages, there is a direct correlation with an increase of vitamin consumption. BioLogical
products can be found in local pharmacies, and on the company website.

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