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Master in International
Business Management
Think Global!

offered by the
University of Cumbria
in exclusive partnership with
Robert Kennedy College - Zrich
Degree recognized worldwide

An investment in knowledge
always pays the best interest

Benjamin Franklin
The University of Cumbria
ranked in the top three in the North West
of England for Business and Management
studies (The Guardian University Guide 2012)

Robert Kennedy College

The Swiss Premier Private College

Welcome to your new future

The University of Cumbria
MA in International Business
Management at Robert Kennedy College
Limited places to 90 unique students

Experience your University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria Master
in International Business Management
offered in Exclusive Partnership with
Robert Kennedy College
Since 1822 the University of ness Management, is designed
Cumbria has been offering super- for those who plan a profes-
lative education in its campuses sional or managerial career in an
in England. Through an exclusive international business environ-
partnership with Robert ment. The programme addresses
Kennedy College, wherever you the main business management
are in the world you can now disciplines and aims to provide a
benefit from 190 years of experi- rigorous postgraduate business
ence in providing an outstanding and management education. This
British learning experience. internationally recognized quali-
fication provides a challenging
Todays business is international. business and management expe-
The Master in International Busi- rience where students develop
ness Management allows you to alongside others with similar
think and compete globally. ambitions to facilitate their
becoming effective managers or
Designed for your global success, professional working in an inter-
the MA in International Business national business management
Management creates distinctive context. The programme consists
managers with a comprehensive of six taught modules, at least
knowledge of the latest business one of which takes place on one
practices. of the University of Cumbrias
UK campuses. Students develop
The part-time online blended a thorough understanding of key
learning MA International Busi- leadership skills and undertake

their own postgraduate research Costa, Dean of Robert Kennedy
into a topic within the field of in- College and a regular guest on
ternational business management international television stations
relevant to their future careers. like CNBC and Bloomberg Televi-
A dedicated and experienced sion, this programme will help
teaching team, superb student you to enhance your business
support, affordable tuition fees knowledge and reach new profes-
with interest free payment plans, sional heights. Learn at Switzer-
and the possibility to fast track lands premier private college and
and complete the programme in graduate with students from 150
18 months are among several ele- different countries with an
ments that set this programme
apart. MA in International
Business Management,
With exclusive content, like recognized worldwide,
the course Microeconomics of from a traditional
Competitiveness held in part- British University.
nership with the Harvard Busi-
ness School and Money Man- Are you ready for the challenge?
agement designed by Dr. David

Are you ready
for the challenge?

Duration: Studies (2012), the University of the textbooks that you will need
Minimum 18 months, Cumbria is ranked in the top three for the course, are not included in
maximum 5 years. higher-education institutions in the these fees.
North West of England.
Delivery Method: Terms: Four terms per year: Win-
Mostly online via OnlineCampus Tuition fees: 8,950 CHF (Swiss ter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.
(an interactive online learning Francs) This fee includes library
environment) with intensive class access, OnlineCampus access, Accreditation and Worldwide
discussion and collaboration, plus graduation fees, and University Recognition: This programme is
a one-week compulsory residency. of Cumbria matriculation fees. offered in exclusive partnership
The residency is organized by Fees are payable in interest-free with the University of Cumbria.
the University of Cumbria in the instalments. The fees are for the Once you complete your stud-
United Kingdom. entire programme, and include ies at Robert Kennedy College,
all the courses as well as super- you will receive a degree from
Places: vision for the final dissertation. the University of Cumbria which
Strictly limited to 90 per term. Residency costs, such as airfare is duly accredited by the Brit-
and accommodation, plus a 400 ish Government. University of
Ranking: CHF fee to cover the expenses Cumbria degrees are recognized
In the Guardian University Guide of the residency (e.g. excursions, worldwide.
for Business and Management cruise and dinner), and some of

The residency gives you the oppor-
tunity to complement your flexible
online learning programme with a
learning experience that will leave
you with lifetime memories. The
superb location of the University
of Cumbria is not the only element
that will impact your learning
experience. The residential course
is taught by Dr. John Luffrum, the
University Programme Director.
The Residency With students from every conti-
nent, it will be a truly international
experience and an opportunity to
network with fellow leaders from
The University of Cumbria MA in all over the world.
International Business Manage-
ment provides you with the best of
both online and conventional stud-
ies. For the majority of your studies
About the College
you enjoy the flexibility of online
learning at your own pace from
anywhere in the world via Robert
Kennedy Colleges OnlineCampus Robert Kennedy College was found-
state-of-the-art course delivery ed in 1998 as a private
system. For a one-week residen- educational institution.
tial session, namely for the course The College is owned and operated
Trans-national Leadership, Ethics by Robert Kennedy College & Co.
and Sustainability, you will attend
the University of Cumbria in the From Zrich, Switzerland
idyllic setting of the British Lake through its proprietary
District. Intimately associated with online delivery technology,
English Literature in the 18th and the College currently offers
19th centuries, the Lake district is a unique learning experience
considered one Cumbria
Lake District, of the most beauti- to more than
ful areas of the United Kingdom. 3000 students world-wide.

More information available at the

University of Cumbria

(Lakes Colleges, Furness College,
State of the World Carlisle College and Kendal College)
Art Technology Class Faculty to enable Higher Education delivery
locally across the county. In addition,
the University is the lead institu-
In pursuit of its commitment to RKC employs highly qualified tion of Cumbria Higher Learning, a
provide exemplary services to its teaching faculty who have gradu- Distributed Learning Network for
students, Robert Kennedy College ated from leading universities such Cumbria.
uses OnlineCampus, a proprietary as the Harvard Business School,
tailor-made, state-of-the-art soft- Stanford University, The University offers a very high-
ware application for online course Oxford University, quality learning experience in a sup-
delivery. It is an all-encompassing, New York University, portive environment which enables
interactive and easy-to-use ap- and Wharton... to name just a few. students to achieve their personal
plication, which makes studying and professional potential wherever
online a truly enjoyable and enrich- they study. It is committed to learn-
ing experience. ing which is innovative, flexible and
About student-centred and which utilizes
the University the latest technology. The University
also works closely with employers,
schools, colleges and agencies in the
The University of Cumbria, with region to offer research, scholarship
roots extending back to the Society and knowledge-transfer excellence
for the Encouragement of Fine Arts which shapes and supports social,
established in 1822, was formally cultural and economic development
formed on 1st August 2007, from an in support of the inclusion sustain-
amalgamation of St Martins Col- able communities agenda. In so
lege, Cumbria Institute of the Arts, doing, the University of Cumbria
and the Cumbrian campuses of the recognizes that its students are a
University of Central Lancashire. mix of full and part-time, young and
The University has campuses in Car- mature, vocational and scholastic,
lisle, Newton Rigg, Penrith, Amble- who access higher education for a
side and Lancaster and a specialist variety of reasons, yet it celebrates
teacher-education centre in London. that its graduates will be creative,
The University also has strong links enterprising and resourceful and
and close partnership-working with equipped to lead in their fields and in
the four FE Colleges in Cumbria their communities.
be accompanied by a certificate It allows students to:
of competency in the English
language from a recognized in- -Gain a UK Higher Education In-
stitution or programme. English stitution accredited MA special-
language requirements for non- izing in the field of International
English-speaking students are a Business Management;
minimum IELTS score of 6.5 or -Study in their own time (what-
minimum TOEFL score of 600, or ever the time-zone in which they
equivalent. live);
Each qualified applicant is invited -Study at their own pace (within
to complete an interview with the the currency period of University
Dean of RKC or nominee in person of Cumbria regulations for part-
or by telephone. The main purpose time study);
of the interview is to select moti- -Attend a residential event in the
vated applicants with the ability heart of the English Lake District,
to benefit from and a solid commit- with opportunities for further
ment to the programme. travel in the UK if desired;
Admission -Continue to live in their own
Requirements In their efforts to create and sup- country/location without disrupt-
port widening participation the ing family life or work;
University of Cumbria and Robert -Continue to pursue existing ca-
Candidates would normally be Kennedy College actively encour- reer without a break.
expected to hold a UK Bachelor de- age applications from all ages, of
gree or equivalent from an accred- any gender, ethnic and/or social The programme consists of the
ited or approved college or univer- background and from students standard 180 Level-7 credits that
sity, normally with at least a lower with disabilities. constitute an NQF (UK National
second class or equivalent grade. Qualifications Framework) Mas-
If an applicants first language is ters award, the content being
not English he/she must be able informed by QAA (UK Quality
to demonstrate oral and written Programme Assurance Agency) benchmark
fluency in English. Working or Rationale and Philosophy statements for Business and Man-
studying in an English-speaking agement Programmes. 60 credits
environment will usually be suf- of the programme are provided by
ficient to demonstrate an ac- The programme has been shaped a dissertation.
ceptable competence. Otherwise, to form what the programme team
applications for admission must believe to be a unique curriculum.

Stage 1 Stage 2
Six taught modules Individual dissertation
Progamme Outline (120 credits) (60 credits)

2 core modules (mandatory) Dissertation work

Organizational Behaviour
The scheme has been designed to
International Marketing and Busi- Awarded Exit Points
meet the aims of the online MA
ness Environment As an exit qualification, the Post
in a flexible manner and can be
2 Modules from the available Graduate Certificate in Manage-
tailored to the individual prefer-
electives: ment Studies is awarded to can-
ences of each student. The MA in
Money Management didates who have completed 60
International Business Manage-
OR Financial Management credits (three modules), while the
ment requires you to complete six
OR Information Management Diploma in Management Studies is
courses plus a final dissertation.
OR Microeconomics of Competi- awarded to candidates who have
tiveness (held in cooperation with completed 120 credits (all six
The programme consists of the
the Harvard Business School with modules, including the residency)
following modules:
a mandatory residency in Zrich, but have been unable to complete
Switzerland. This second residency is the dissertation. Students who
only required for those students who achieve the full 180 credits, and
Induction choose this module as an elective.) have successfully completed the
1 Residential module dissertation, exit with the award
(mandatory) of Master of Arts in International
Trans-national Leadership, Ethics Business Management.
This is the first module of the pro- and Sustainability
gramme which gives an orienta- Capstone (mandatory)
tion to the course and the online Strategic Management
learning style. It does not carry
credits, and students are encour-
aged to go through the material
in this module at their own pace
and get accustomed to the online

There are no average courses Organizational Behaviour
within our MA in International
Business Management pro- Module Descriptions The way people are managed with-
gramme. We are committed to in organisations plays a paramount
providing an exceptional learning role in corporate success. In a fast
experience, and there is no bet- changing organizational landscape,
ter way to achieve this aim than Induction (not-for-credit module) we take into account impacting
with outstanding courses. They A not-for-credit induction mod- factors like social, technological,
have been carefully crafted by ule will be the starting point of economic, environmental, political
experienced professors and are all the programme. The induction and legal considerations.
intended to make you a more suc- process is designed to famil- With a variety of real-life case
cessful and efficient manager. iarise you with the programme studies, you will be asked to
design, requirements and re- make decisions, which will in-
There are no old-fashioned exams. sources, as well as with the way evitably influence the (work) life
Instead, you are given real-life online interaction, learning and of your employees. These are,
case studies to work on and es- grading will take place. After the of course, backed by the core
says to write which allow you to induction you should be famil- taught concepts, which feature
think critically about your com- iar with academic life, including group dynamics, motivation and
pany and your own career. All this academic writing, library ser- leadership, group behaviour,
might seem too glossy but there is vices and library access, Onli- communication, power, conflict
one catch: we do not accept aver- neCampus access, and academic and prejudice in the workspace,
age candidates. Only individuals support services. organizational culture and how to
as outstanding as our values are manage and understand change
accepted for admission to Robert within an organization.
Kennedy College. This course is led by Prof. Ben-

edicta Lusk, an MBA graduate effective in dealing with marketing tions where you, as the manager
of the Peter F. Drucker School of professionals in context. in chief, have to assess the finan-
Management. Furthermore, it will prepare you cial performance of successful
for and/or build on a career in corporations, and develop sharp
business or business research by analytical skills with tools like
International Marketing and developing marketing skills and decision tree analysis.
Business Environment enhancing llifelong learning skills. Financial Management is about
successful financial results. At
You will reinvent the airline busi- the end of this course you will not
ness, redefine the boundaries of Financial Management only know the basics, but you will
retailing, manage the sales of an (elective module) be in the position to master every
online computer megastore, and component of superior financial
learn how to focus on your cus- Business is about profit, and there management and analysis.
tomer. Seems like a bold predic- can only be sustainable with a
tion but it is just the content of proper knowledge of effective
International Marketing and Busi- financial management. Microeconomics
ness Environment directed by Oxford and Harvard Business of Competitiveness
marketing management extraordi- School graduate Prof. David Duffill (elective module held
naire: Professor Freddy Nager. will expand and reinforce your in cooperation
The module aims to develop your knowledge of financial account- with the Harvard
ability in applying knowledge and ing, management accounts, budg- Business School)
understanding of marketing issues eting and financing.
in a range of international busi- The course leader is not just In cooperation with the Institute
ness contexts and to enable you to crunching numbers. He will link of Strategy and Competitiveness
evaluate marketing practice to be each topic to real financial situa- of the Harvard Business School,

Robert Kennedy College is offer- Information Management of financial markets, how they
ing this outstanding course de- (elective Module) operate, what instruments and
signed by Professor Michael Por- investment vehicles are available,
ter, the Bishop William Lawrence Cloud Computing, Linux and Open and what macro-economic forces
University Professor at Harvard Source Software, Social Media. are acting upon them. This module
Business School and the leading These are only few of the new tech- is designed to provide you with
authority on corporate strategy nological innovations and, at the a broad understanding of finan-
and competitiveness. same time, challenges presented to cial markets (as distinct from a
Taught by Robert Kennedy College the managers of tomorrow. narrow specialist approach) but
Deputy Dean and Harvard Business This module aims to enable you with sufficient details of their
School MBA graduate Professor to develop a conceptual and many components so that you
David Duffill, this course explores comprehensive understanding may make your own investment
the determinants of national and of the managers role in relation decisions and interact with your
regional competitiveness building to the leading of the effective specialist advisers.
from the perspective of firms, clus- management and use of informa- Particular attention will be given
ters, sub-national units, nations, tion, information technology and to portfolio composition and man-
and groups of neighbouring coun- information systems and to apply agement through ETF (Exchange
tries. The course is concerned not these within an organizational/ Traded Funds), Mutual Funds and
only with government policy, but strategic context. other innovative vehicles like
with the roles that firms, industry structured products. Students
associations, universities and other attending this class will be able
institutions play in competitive- Money Management to access the Morningstar Invest-
ness. It takes examples from both (elective module) ment Research Library and run a
advanced and developing econo- simulated portfolio through the
mies, and addresses competitive- Dr. David Costa, Dean of Robert OnlineCampus Trading platform.
ness at multiple levels. Kennedy College, a regular guest
Students who take this elective on CNBC Television and Bloomb-
have access to the exclusive video erg Television and the author of
lecture of Professor Porter and the Portable Private Banker, and
are required to attend the resi- Dr. Roy Damary will guide you
dential session in Zrich, Switzer- through a fascinating journey in
land. the field of money management.
The successful management of fi-
nancial assets, be they of an indi-
vidual, a small business or a large
corporation demands a knowledge

Trans-national Leadership,
Ethics and Sustainability
(mandatory one-week residency
in Cumbria, England)

Held in the idyllic setting of the

British Lake District, this course
aims to examine the nature of
leadership and in particular its
role in the development of ethical Strategic Management School case studies like those of
sustainable business and busi- Facebook, Kellogg, and Google, as
ness practices. Do you really think strategically? well as traditional analytical tools
University of Cumbria faculty Is your strategy sustainable and like Porters Five Forces model,
will guide you in the daily classes well formulated? How would you which will serve as a platform for
enriched by contemporary case implement your newly formulated your endeavours at innovative
studies and teamwork in this in- strategy? thinking.
novative and unique topic. As you start on this course, you As they say, There is only one
might just discover that you thing worse than no strategy:
didnt really know the answers to a badly formulated or executed
these questions. Not only will you strategy.
learn about strategy formulation This being the last course of your
context, content, and its effec- MBA, we will go the extra mile to
tive implementation, you will also ensure your complete understand-
be studying the latest business ing of effective, innovative and
strategies from Harvard Business sustainable business strategies.

Programme Aims Outcomes

The Programme aims to develop This programme provides oppor-

in graduates an understanding tunities for students to develop
and critical appreciation of the and demonstrate an understand-
theories, tools and techniques of ing of:
management to enable them to
more effectively participate in -The role and function of organi-
managing organisations. In so do- sations and the context in which
ing, it seeks to improve the quali- they operate, including the key
ty of management as a profession. drivers of change.
In particular, the purpose of the -The core disciplines of business
programme is to provide students and management including fi-
with: nance, human resource manage-
-An advanced understanding of ment, marketing and strategic
the management of organisations planning at middle/senior man-
and the changing external con- agement level.
text in which they operate. -The range of research methods
-Opportunities for the systematic that can be applied to the study
development of the skills which of business management and
enable participation in the effec- leadership.
tive appraisal and implementation -The application of strategic
of management strategies. thinking to the successful man-
-An ability to apply knowledge agement of organisations includ-
and critical understanding of ing a critical understanding of the
business and management to processes of strategic problem
complex issues. solving and decision making.
-A stimulating academic environ-
ment which is based upon the
values of academic openness and
critical appraisal and which will
provide a foundation for life-long
reflective development.
-A sound basis for entry into man-
agement roles in a range of institu-
tional types and economic sectors.

Core Course Team

Dr. John Luffrum Dr. David Costa

Programme Leader Dean and Collegiate Professor
University of Cumbria Robert K ennedy College
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Geography BA Business Studies (University of Derby)
(University of Birmingham) LL.M International Trade Law
Doctor of Philosophy (University of Birmingham) (University of Northumbria at Newcastle)
Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (CNAA) MBA eCommerce (Queen Margaret University)
Post-Graduate Certificate in Environmental Ph.D Strategy, Program and Project Management
Management (University of Bath) (ESC Lille)
Dr John Luffrum is the Programme David Costa is Dean of Faculty and
Leader for the University of Cum- one of the founders of Robert Ken-
bria, and coordinates international nedy College. In his capacity as
programmes within the Univer- Dean, Professor Costa oversees the
sitys faculty of Business, Sport faculty review process and several
and Social Science. A geographer of the academic programmes of the
by initial training he graduated and college.
subsequently took his doctorate in He was a Fellow of the Wharton
urban land economics at the Uni- School, University of Pennsylva-
versity of Birmingham, UK. nia, and is an elected Fellow of the
John has subsequently researched Royal Society of Arts and the Royal
and taught in the Universities of Statistical Society.
Birmingham, London, Wales, North- He read law at the School of Law
umbria and Central Lancashire in of the University of Northumbria,
the UK and as a visiting professor Newcastle, and graduated with an
at the University of Groningen, NL. LL.M degree. He complemented his
He has published widely, and pre- legal studies with the Advanced
sented papers on tourism, region- Project Management Program,
al development, and environmen- Stanford University, from which
tal management to national and he graduated with the widely re-
international audiences. His main spected title of Stanford Certified
interests currently lie in sustain- Project Manager. He then expanded
able business development and his knowledge of business through
practice. the Entrepreneurship Development
Programme of the Sloan School of
Management, Massachusetts Insti-
tute of Technology. Dean Costa also

holds a BA in Business Studies from a partner was sold to Renaissance
the University of Derby, an MBA in Solutions of the USA. Two years
eCommerce from the Queen Marga- later, he and three colleagues left
ret University in Edinburgh, Scot- Renaissance to start TCI Consult-
land and a Ph.D. in Strategy, Pro- ing, a virtual consultancy special-
gramme and Project Management izing in helping clients by providing
from the Skema Business School strategy inputs and business intel-
(ESC Lille) with a thesis that dealt ligence for their strategic planning
with index-based commodity in- process.
vestments. While Prof. Duffills main industrial
Prof. Costa lectures in the area of recent focus has been in the health-
Investment and Money Manage- care, automotive and construction
ment and is a frequent guest on materials markets, his experience
several business televisions chan- covers a broad range of industrial
nels CNBC Europe and Bloomberg and service organisations. A sub-
Television. His recent research on stantial part of his current consult-
risk adjusted portfolios with both ing activity is in competitive intel-
stocks and commodities has been ligence, including helping clients
used for the creation of a swiss to benchmark their cost position
publicly traded investment certifi- against key competitors.
cate issued by the second largest
German Bank, Commerzbank AG. Dr. Roy G.C. Damary
Head of Business Studies,
Prof. David Duffill Robert K ennedy College
Deputy Dean and Collegiate MA Engineering Science First Class Honours
Professor Robert K ennedy College (Pembroke College, Oxford University)
MA Engineering Science MBA Baker Scholar (Harvard Business School)
(Pembroke College, Oxford University) Ph.D. Business Management (University of Laus-
MBA (Harvard Business School) anne)
Prof. David Duffill has an MA in Prof. Damary holds M.A. in Engineer-
Engineering Science from Oxford ing Science with First Class Honours
University and MBA from Harvard from Oxford University and MBA
Business School. with High Distinction from Harvard
He had been a professional con- Business School. While pursuing his
sultant for almost 20 years when in full-time career as a business con-
1997 the company in which he was sultant (Technomic Consultants SA,

Geneva), he achieved his Ph.D. from and finance courses. ment by changing how people view
Lausanne University in 2000 (his His business consultancy has been and run their business. Her experi-
thesis dealt with the reforms in Rus- built around industrial marketing ence, international and national,
sia and the emergence of modern consultancy, with more recent re- spans the defence, industrial and
business practice there). sponsibilities in financial market commercial business sectors with
Roy Damary combines a long ex- analysis and the creation of busi- significant accomplishments in or-
perience in practical consultancy ness enterprises. He is Economic ganizational behaviour, programme
and running his own business with Adviser to Bridport Investor Ser- management, strategic planning,
academic management and teaching vices, a Geneva-based, fixed-in- business and marketing manage-
experience in marketing, accounting come broker and consultancy. ment, executive coaching, and prof-
and finance, and entrepreneurship. itability turnaround. She also has
This dual nature of his professional Benedicta Lusk significant expertise in information
experience and his pluri-disciplinary A djunct Professor of Management technology both from a strategic as
academic background, combined B.Sc. in Management and Organizational Behav- well as an operational standpoint.
with his personal experience of pre- iour (University of La Verne) Ms. Lusks strategic partners include
paring a doctorate while working MBA (Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Gradu- economic development agencies,
full time allows him to marry the ate School, Claremont Graduate University) elected officials, chambers of com-
academic and pragmatic aspects of Benedicta Lusk, founding member of merce and federal departments and
business and research as they apply Lusk, Paul & Associates, L.L.C., is an agencies. She has received numerous
to business studies. entrepreneur, strategist and execu- awards for her contribution to the
Over the period 1986 to 1994, Prof. tive coach. She is recognized for her success of economic development
Damary was engaged in university exceptional facilitation and relation- agencies in creating and retaining
teaching and programme manage- ship building skills at all levels of or- business in the Southern California
ment at Webster University, Ge- ganizations, especially the executive region. She serves on the Board of
neva. He ran the MBA and other branch. She brings over fifteen years Directors for the Inland Valley Eco-
business programmes, and taught of executive experience champion- nomic Development Agency.
business, marketing, accounting ing real lasting business improve- Her executive MBA is from the

Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi suing years, he has created market-
Ito Graduate School at Claremont ing campaigns and projects for such
Graduate University. She holds a clients as Nissan & Infiniti, Royal
BSc in Management and Organiza- Caribbean Cruise Lines, Nestl, the
tional Behaviour from the Univer- Grammy Brand, National Lampoon,
sity of La Verne, California, and a and numerous new media ventures,
teaching credential from the Los including Web 2.0 start-up Metaca-
Angeles County Office of Education. fe. His work has been recognized by,
among others, Communication Arts,
Freddy Nager Adweek, Step Inside Design and the
A djunct Professor of Marketing One Show. He currently lives in Los
B.A East Asian Studies and Sociology Angeles.
(Harvard University)
MBA (University of Southern California) Emeritus Professor Gabriel Jacobs
Prof. Nager has two decades of expe- BA (University of London)
rience in advertising, entertainment Ph.D. (University of Wales)
and interactive media. A graduate of Before retiring from his Chair of
Harvard University, he also holds an Business Information Technology
MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneur- at Swansea University, Professor
ship from the University of Southern Jacobss primary teaching and re-
California, where he taught under- search interests included multime-
graduate marketing labs. He is cur- dia applications, business telemat-
rently the Founder and Fusion Direc- ics and computer-assisted learning.
tor of the creative strategy agency In 1993, he helped found the Asso-
Atomic Tango ( www.atomictango. ciation for Learning Technology and
com), and the author of the market- for nine years was Editor then Ex-
ing blog Cool Rules Pronto (www. ecutive Editor of its journal, ALT-J. Before that, he was Joint-Editor of
He began his career at major music the journal Interactive Multimedia.
label MCA Records, and launched Prof. Jacobs directed a number of
their first website in 1995 to criti- major European-funded projects re-
cal acclaim. He then joined adver- lated to small businesses, multime-
tising agency Saatchi & Saatchi L.A. dia and e-learning. He has published
as Sr. Copywriter on all Toyota in- extensively in the areas of IT and
teractive marketing, including their general business management and
award-winning website. Over the en- continues to research in these areas.

S W I SS QUA L I T Y ED U C A T I ON Head Office and Technopark Campus
Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zrich, Switzerland
Telephone +41 844 007 007 Fax +41 844 007 008

c u m b r i a @ c o l l e ge. c h