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Phenomenological Model of Production Acceleration in Oil Reservoir with

Sensitivity of Permeability and Aquifer Volume : Case Study of Field

Rohmad Imam Hermawan1, Arda Tanjung1, Ari Wahyudi1, Berty S. Simanjuntak1, Derby Novaldi1, M. Elwin F.1,
Ni Wayan S.1, Rahmat1, Sari Nurhasanah1, Sintya Fabiola1
STT Migas Balikpapan, Transad Km 8


I. Introduction between the vertical and horizontal planes

Plan of Development is a plan to develop within a formation. This variation in
one or more oil and gas field in an permeability in different planes or
integrated way in order to produce the directions is known as anisotropic
hydrocarbon reserves optimally by permeability. Anisotropic permeability is
considering the technical, economics and especially important when dealing with
HSE aspects. A field development is horizontal or partially penetrated wells
divided into three main scenarios are since flow occurs in both the vertical and
workover, infill well and water injection. horizontal planes. In general, it is not
The proposed development of this field is uncommon to assume that the permeability
an improvement plan of development on in the x-direction (kx) is close to that in the
previous field. Therefore, the number of y-direction (ky). However, the permeability
the addition of new wells or workover in the z-direction (kz) is typically
follows the previous development plan. significantly different, usually less, than
The term Workover refers to a variety of the horizontal permeabilities (kx and ky).
remedial operations performed on a well to Thus, vertical radial flow is controlled by
maintain, restore, or improve productivity. ky and kz (where x is the direction of the
Workover operations can include such jobs horizontal wellbore) and horizontal radial
as replacing damaged tubing, recompleting flow is controlled by kx and ky. To obtain
to a higher zone, acidizing near-wellbore optimal results in the field development,
damage, plugging and abandoning a zone, simulation reservoir needs to be done with
etc. Careful analysis will determine if the the help commercial simulator. However,
decline is abnormal or the result of normal for design a development scenario field,
reservoir depletion. If deemed abnormal, it observations on reservoir model especially
must be determined if the problem is in the the sensitivity of permeability and aquifer
reservoir inflow system, the wellbore volume is necessary. From this analysis,
outflow system, or both. Inflow problems we can determine the point or potential
can be corrected with stimulation areas to be developed through multiple
procedures such as acidizing, fracturing, scenarios. Then we can find economy
scale, or paraffin treatments or by re- parameters were correlated strongly on
perforating or additional perforating. production wells to facilitate the
Outflow problem resolution may require preparation POD in the future.
equipment changes, cleanouts, or chemical
treatments. Infill well is adding new wells II. Methodology
in an existing field within the original well
patterns to accelerate recovery or to test III. Result and Discussion
recovery methods. In reality most
reservoirs are not homogeneous in terms of IV. Conclusion and Way Forward
permeability (isotropic permeability).
Usually perme ability varies significantly Reference
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