Open and Closed

I’ll Never Be the Same

Open and Closed
“No one can close, what I open, no one can open, what I close.”1 Openness can open unhealed hurt; closeness can be too close for comfort. The door is a palette of feeling; for open-closed swinging, I’m steeling. Left unopened, I hunger and thirst I’m holding fast, though, and put you first The door is a pallet of emotion the broken fast discloses passion. I am open to accommodate; watch your back, your space not violate. The door open or closed, I’ll abide, and pay close attention to your side. I see openness and make belief, I’m on your side and need not relief. The door open, closed, and in between; I feel the closeness and dream the dream. “For you, I hold the door open… obey my word and hold me close”2

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Revelation 3; 7 Revelation 3; 8

February 24, 2010

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