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Indonesia's reputation as an agricultural country already should not be underestimated at this

time. One of the potential province for agriculture is East Java especially for sugarcane.
Proven in 2015 there were 500 (five hundred) thousands sugar cane farmers with 200
thousands hectares of farm. However, this condition is lack of support form some party.
Based on the data, the sucrose content in Indonesia has decreased from 14 to 7.49%,
equivalent to losing 900 (nine hundred) thousands ton sugar worth 7.6 trillion rupiah.

Some news reported that many Indonesian sugarcane farmers protest with the current sucrose
content conditions. They even suspect that the factory has been playing dirty and delivering
sucrose content information that has been manipulated. Cane farmers also reported these
issue to the Parliament of East Java in order to help farmers to solve this problem. Therefore,
we are form Diponegoro University prensenting

SUCCES (sucrosemeter colour censor TCS3200): A tool to determine sucrose content of

sugar cane.

Our team consists of RAHMATIKA as a leader, Surya as a program engineer, and I nabila as
administrator and presenter. Our team will not be able to complete the research without the
help of Dr. Aris Triwiyatno ST MT as lecturers. Another important thing to note is

Brix refractometer is a tools of measuring the sucrose content. So far, farmers use these tools
to measure the sucrose content that would be obtained. However, in reality the detected value
of the tool is always different to the value of the sucrose content informed by the sugar
industry. First let us look at the formula determining the sucrose content. This formula is the
formula used by the entire sugar industry in Indonesia and the journal contained in our
references as well as on the issue of the magazine PTPN X. The cane value formula = pol-
0,4x (brix-pol) Then the sucrose content = cane value xYF. YF is sucrose content factor equal
to 0.68 Brix refractometer just shows the brix value, whereas in the formula determining the
required yield pol value as well. So, this tool can not be used as a benchmark to determine
sucrose content, but also required pol value. Renewal of SUCCESS is of use TCS sensor
3200 for memngukur polarimeter

Colour censor is a sensor that has a sensor chip Taos 4 TCS3200 to control LED RGB and
white LEDs. TCS3200 can detect and measure virtually unlimited colors. This application
could read test strips, color sorting, ambient light sensing and calibrating and also color
matching (Vadi, 2015). The use color sensor TCS320 in the SUCCES tool aimed to
determine the degree of Pol in the cane extract.

In this research, three sugar cane with type BL, SS57, and 862 from Kemlokolegi and
Kuniran sugar farm in Nganjuk, East Java as raw materials. The following electrical tools, i.e.
USB AVR ISP Downloader, Multimeter, Weigher, Beaker Glass, Pipet, TCS 3200 Censor,
Microcontroller (ATMega), Module Display, Lippo Battery, Electrical Component (Resistor,
Capacitor, Diode, etc.), Breadboard Prototyping, were used as the hardware design.
The main method used for this research was started by literature study about chemical
and physical characteristics of sugar cane, brix, pol, refractometer, TCS 3200 censor, and the
formula to determine the number of sucrose content. Then, establish the tools needed and
assemble structure of SUCCES which have hardware and software already designed. Sample
test need to be confirmed whether the tools running as well as the common tools. If the test
result of SUCCES showing a linear output with the Brix refractometer, then SUCCES is
ready to applied and used by the sugar farmers.

This program made through some steps, they are hardware design, software design, and

Study literature some important material in the form of information about brix refractometer,
there is also information on how to measure the yield, and an explanation of the key
components of our tools are color censor TCS 3200

In hardware design, there are consists of two parts. Tools and materials needed and
also component's design of the measuring instrument sucrose content of sugarcane.

In the software design, author used complier with Code Vision AVR and ISP K-125
downloader to upload the program. First, activate TCS censor and check the signal condition.
Then, interupt the output that change the color with high-low IC logic. Detecting the external
interupt and process the microcontroller. Display will showed the result of sucrose content.
Below is the flowchart of SUCCES software design :

When the tool into use then do further reading sensor calibration tool, enter the values that
have been obtained pol, read sensor, enter nnilai pol, read sensor, enter the value pol third,
then the calibration results will visible on the LCD screen. Calibration is required at the
beginning mualai research in order to obtain an accurate value pol. Pol value inputted in the
software pol entrusted as the value of the lab results in the service industry Semarang with the
same sample to calibrate the instrument. After calibration of the measurement sample. The
first sample by measuring brix brix refractometer brix value and then input will be analyzed
by means of which the value of the yield will automatically appear on the LCD screen

Pol testing on samples was done by using SUCCES tool, while the Brix value read by Brix
refractometer. Brix and Pol value that had obtained, then converted through SUCCES
prototype, in order to get the value of the sucrose content of sugar. Testing started by using 25
samples wich have a different number of sucrose content, using Brix refractometer as the
tool. SUCCES tool used to deliver a number of time from external interupt TCS 3200 censor
and compared with the real result. Mathlab software was used to determine the empirical
equation with method linear regression to find the real sucrose content of the samples.

After going through various stages of circuit design tool then performed testing tool with the
following results:

Author had measured Pol degree of every sampel in Laboratory of Dinas Perindustrian
Semarang. The value of Pol degree in Laboratory and SUCCES prototye showed a linier.
Comparison between the yield value of the measurement uses the brix refractometer, the
yield value of the plant, as well as Success which obtained 94% similarity of data between
the factory and success. It is understood that the tool Success already calibrated polarimeter
of laboratory services industry Semarang generate yield value approaches the factory using
procedures and tools that have been standardized.

The yield of measurements, conducted the economic analysis of each method. The higher the
indication of loss, then the confidence level of farmers to plant would be lower. Vice versa, if
the indication of loss of the smaller, then the confidence level of farmers to plant will increase
because farmers do not feel cheated.

There are indications of loss of 12 million if farmers berpatok no information brix

refractometer, but an indication of loss will be smaller when farmers use the method of
measuring the yield of the method SUCCESS. By using this method the farmers will get
value measurements yield more accurate because the tools used is a tool that has been
calibrated and tested. Expected by these tools, farmers will be spared from the lies of
information extraction and would enhance the integrity of the farmers who have lacked
strength in terms of technology