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Key to treatments in Sahaja Yoga, with reference to the Subtle Body

Agnya Right Agnya (Ego) Sahastrara Ekadesha Rudra

Watch photo of Mothers Face. I Forgive everyone. Mother, its all Accept whatever is Give up wrong gurus & wrong ideas. Not to harm others.
Look at green grass or ground. Pull ears and ask for forgiveness. yours drop the my happening, is for our Shoebeat. Not show off own powers.
Use Kumkum on Agnya. Surrender the ego not to fight it. and mine attitude. good. Accept Sahaja Yoga is the only way. Have awe for God.
Put light before God. Say I am not in charge not I I do Be large hearted. Moksha Dayini mantra. Stop excessive thinking. Do things for God.
Lords Prayer. nothing, you do everything not to assert Keep heart open. Listen to audiotapes of Surrender.
Nirvichara. ego onto others. Listen to Mother and Mothers talks.
absorb. Attach to Mother. Hamsa Left Hamsa
Not this not this. Kshum. Warm ghee or butter in the nose. Keep eyes focused on ground.
Bhakti. Have faith in Mother.
Raise Kundalini, and empty mind. Humble down in your heart. Use neti with inhalant. Mahakali, Ida Nadi Swamini.
Stop thoughts by slowing the Avoid arguments & too much planning. Recognition. Avoid sour or sharp food. Surya mantras.
breathing. Mahatahankara. Not take water directly after fruit, or Right Hamsa
Left Agnya (Superego) Raise the L side and put to R side. Sahasrara fried foods use biscuits. Chandrama mantra.
Candle or light at the back. Watch photo of Mothers Feet. Ekadesha Rudra
Ask for forgiveness. Do everything in silence. Agnya
Vishuddhi Left Vishuddhi
Hum, I am. Shoebeat yourself. Vishuddhi & Hamsa
Massage with olive oil. Right hand on Left side, at base of
Mahaganesha, Mahabhairava. Use mirror, and challenge yourself
Raise R side and put to L side. laugh at yourself.
Anahata Take butter or ghee on hot drink. neck say I am not guilty.
Watch photo of Mothers Feet. Avoid Sun and fire use water. Void Salt water gargle with warm water Forget the past.
Put R hand on heart I am the Believe into All Pervading Power & Nabhi every day followed by Face it, face mistakes now stop it.
Spirit. surrender ego to it. Warm butter or ghee in the nose. Tilt the head on the right side,
Olive oil with garlic in ears. attention on Sahastrara.
Olive oil massage on Vishuddhi. Announcement of Sahaja Yoga.
Heart Centre Heart Kundalini
Primrose oil taken in warm water. Wear badges. Have processions, and
Mother come in my heart. Inhale, hold breath, then exhale, saying Clean the tongue. demonstrations.
Carry and use the photo. Jagadamba. Allah ho Akbar. Vishnumaya, Virata mantras.
Give children freedom and dignity. Keep neck warm from childhood. I am part and parcel of the whole.
Put Mother first.
Right Heart
Do without thinking. Not shrug or move neck too much. Be straight forward, and say nice
Try to make others feel comfortable.
Not I but you do everything. Care for needs of others. Take sugarhelps with sweet things to others.
Recognise the Mother. Observe the Mariadas. talking. Maintain pure brother/sister and
General Attention not on food too much. men/women relationships.
Put heart into activity with Sankoch.
Raise Kundalini shoebeat daily.
Nabhi Left Nabhi Try to witness. Maintain protocol with Mother.
apply bandhan. Carry & use photo.
Be collective. Right Vishuddhi
Be generous, give to others. Take vibrated salt in water. Believe into experien- Put Mother in your
Push back tongue, not touching the Basil tea. Ajwain dhuni.
Protect the innocent. Right Nabhi ces. heart.
palate, chin down, holding breath. Allah ho Akbar.
Take vibrated white sugar. Get to collectivity. Act in silence.
Then raise head, fingers in ears, Stop talking take to Mona, silence.
Recognise Mother. Sit on ground.
Void Left Void Stand by Mother. Listen to audiotapes. attention on Sahastrara, tongue back, Speak sweetly.
Maharashtrian clay on stomach to Take vibrated salt. Meditate. First priority should be no mantras, hold breath. Show concern for others. Not to
remove heat. I am my own Guru. Introspect. our ascent. If we speak, speak of Sahaja Yoga. say I like this I like that.
Take vibrated water. Right Void Use hands not brains. What is going to help Witness all is done by the Divine. Radha Krishna, Vitthala mantras.
Take vibrated sugar. Cleanse yourself. you the most is to Accept/Take up responsibility in
Mother you are my Guru. Take piece of garlic make yourself a perfect Sahaja Yoga.
before sleeping. channel for Sahaja
Be decent and Yoga you will be
Eat butter carbohydrates are Swadisthan, with another before photo, L
decorous. amazed how you will be Kundalini
needed to absorb the fats. hand to photo, R hand on ground. Raise the Kundalini in centre more centers alright
Lead a clean life. helped.
Give beautiful flowers to Mother. Sarva Asatya Guru Mardini, and Sarva and more & you will feel more. May be nourished with pure love and
Give Realisation.
Listen to Shri Matajis talks. Asura Mardini mantras. Can raise Kundalini with ghee lamp. compassion.
Say correct mantras
Give up False Guru mantras. Find ways to please your Kundalini.
Left Swadisthan with respect. Keep central channel clear, and the
Put R hand on L Swadisthan, and Right Swadisthan Give vibrations to
Reduce the overactivity & thinking. Mooladhara
say Nirmala/Shuddha Vidya mantra. faulty chakras put Give fragrant flowers to Mother.
Sit on the ground, L hand to photo, R
Shoebeat False Gurus. Reduce the ego witness. your hand there. hand on ground. Ganesha mantra. Dedication to Mother.
Sit on ground, candle by L Footsoak and Atharvasheersha. Watch Mother without blinking.