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We have an EXCELLENT offer for YOU and YOUR downline. Anyone who has ever dreamed of building his/her
own ISP network of entrepreneurs who want their own websites, can now accomplish that dream!!

This allows you to provide websites to the general public, and to collect great profits for your services.

Here is the AMAZING offer for YOU and YOUR downline:

I. Your own ISP website with your own domain. This will help you sell websites and launch you as your OWN

A. We will configure your website to work with search engines, build gateway pages, and continue to change the
meta tags on a regular basis.

B. We will give you a website that allows people to post their free ads on, and in turn creates a ton of traffic for your

C. We will send out newsletters on your behalf, collecting names from your website for your personal database.
These emails will send traffic to your ISP website.

D. We will show you how to do promotions on your own, to help build up traffic to your ISP website.

E. We will give you your own CHAT room, so you can give PERSONAL support to people interested in your
services. This makes you DIFFERENT than the other ISP's who do not give this PERSONAL support. You are not
required to use the chat room, it is just an option.

F. We will put your logo, picture, the prices you want to charge, the services you want to offer, to totally customize
your ISP business!

G. If you want to let it be a non-service website, and just take orders while you work mostly "hands off", you can do
that. If you want to be a FULL service, and get paid PREMIUM prices for your websites, you can do that.

You choose what type of ISP you want to offer. Be it Discount "Budget" ISP, or "Full Service" ISP, with personal
one-to-one services.

We will provide the type of website that offers the services and prices YOU want to offer your website

II. Forms to accept payment from your ISP website. Your website has a quick and easy form to accept electronic
checks. You just print them on your computer with software you can get from office supply stores, or websites on
the internet.

III. 100% of all profits to YOU for the first 5 years.

IV. $10 per month for every one of your first level recruits that sign up for "Be an ISP", plus commissons 7 levels
V. $5 for every website customer your 1st level recruits sell, plus commissions 7 levels down.

VI. Professional search engine registration service, and regular web site updates and maintenance. This includes
building "gateway" pages, meta tags, and positioning service to help get you better rankings on search engines.

This service monitors your ISP website we give you, 365 days per year.

VII. You will have an unlimited amount of:

A. 5 megabyte websites to sell.

B. 20 megabyte websites to sell.

C. 200 megabyte websites to sell.

D. 500 megabyte websites to sell.

E. 1 gig, (1000 megabyte) websites to sell.

F. Email addresses based on each one of their unique domain names.

G. Your website clients can upload files using their webbrowser, instead of FTP, which is difficult for newbies to

H. Hosting of a domain for your client, which is attached to their website.

VIII. The only cost for each 5 megabyte website you sell is a one-time $50.00 set up fee, which pays for everything

For example, I suggest the following typical example:

A. Charge your client $19.95 per month for their website, and bill them quarterly. That way their first up front
payment of $59.90 pays your total cost for 5 years, plus a $9.90 profit for you. Every quarter following, the $59.90
you bill your clients is 100% yours!

B. Or, charge your client a $50.00 set up fee, and then bill them monthly or quarterly, or annually. You decide
however you want to do this.

C. Or, you could offer PERSONAL service to your clients, letting them call you on the telephone for help on
building their websites. You could easily charge them $50.00 per month for this service. Your first month would
cover your costs for 5 years, except for your time.

In this case I encourage you to have at least a 6 month contract with every client. I can provide you a contract you
could use. Just fill in the blanks.

D. Or offer a FULL SERVICE for your clients:

1. Building and maintaining their entire website.
2. Registering their web sites on search engines, (we will give you a URL to submit to many search engines, and an
example of meta tags to use).
3. Building your clients an order form, (I will give you a template that works in one of our CGI's and works with,or Link Point.

You could easily charge $100.00 per month for this service. I would suggest you get a 2 year contract to provide this
service with them. I will provide you with a contract you could use. You simply fill in the blanks.
IX. A. We will show you where you can register domain names for your client for only $15.00 per year. There is
only a 1 year minimum, and it costs you NOTHING besides the $15.00 to register the domain name. There are no
contracts to sign, no deposits and no set-up fees. Network Solutions charges $35.00 per year, with a 2 year
minimum, so there are no reasons you could not charge your client $70.00 up front for 2 years. This would give you
an immediate $55.00 profit.

Why not use that $55.00 to pay the set-up fee for your clients website, and tell them it is free set-up for their website
if they let you register their domain name?

The retail cost for domain hosting has always been $35.00 per year, with the first 2 years paid up front. By selling
the domain hosting at normal retail price, your client will feel they are getting a good deal with free set-up on their

B. OR, offer FREE DOMAIN NAMES, if they pay you for 12 months service at a time. Charge them $15.00 per
month. If they pay you for 1 year's service up front, that is a payment of $180.00 to you. You pay the $50.00 set up
fee, and $15.00 for the domain name registration. You still have a $115.00 profit.

I will give you step-by-step instructions on how to register a domain for your clients. It is very easy.

C. I will tell you where you can register domain names for your clients for only $10.00 per year. This one requires
that you fill out a contract and pay for 25 domains, or $250 up front.

You can sell large commercial websites also. No matter how big you need, we
can provide it. Your costs are so small, you are sure to be EXTREMELY
competitive and still make a very good profit.

Your cost for 5

Optional monthly payment.
You can cancel at any time, Total monthly charge after
Product you can choose
month to month commitment 5 years.
monthly if you
5 meg website
including $50.00 up front only, no other
$50.00 $5.00 per month.
domain name charges for 5 years.
20 meg
$50.00 up front plus 90 cents
including $77.00 $5.90 per month.
per month for 5 years.
domain name
50 meg
$50.00 up front plus $2.02
including $131.00 $7.02 per month.
per month for 5 years.
domain name
200 meg $650.00 $50.00 up front plus $14.37 $19.37 per month.
website per month for 5 years.
domain name
500 meg
$50.00 up front plus $31.72
including $1525.00 $36.72 per month.
per month for 5 years.
domain name
1000 meg
website (1
$50.00 up front plus $57.00
gig) including $2900.00 $62.00 per month.
per month for 5 years.
domain name
Email $10.00 up front plus $1.50
$70 for 5 email $2.00 per month for first
addresses per month gets 5 email
addresses. $10 5 email addresses, add 20
based on your addresses. Add 20 cents per
for each cents per month for each
clients unique month for each additional
additional. additional email address.
domain name. email address.

The prices shown above are your prices. You charge your clients a retail price
and you make all the profits above the fees listed in the chart. YOU ARE NOT
COMMITTED to continue for 5 years for an account. For instance, if you
sell a client a 1 gig website for $300 per month, (a competitive price, just
check around), and your client does not continue to pay you after 3 months,
simply tell us to cancel their account.

Your cost for their account is $50 up-front plus $57.00 per month. If they pay
you for three months up-front, and then they cancel or fail to make payment,
NOTIFY us to cancel, and you only pay us a total of $221.00. You would have
collected $900.00, still leaving you a profit of $679.00.

There is a $10 cancel fee, so make sure you have that covered by charging a
sufficient retail mark-up.

Do I still have your interest? Hang in there, we will get to the sign up form
very soon.