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Portillo 1

Hilda Portillo

Instructor Michael D. Ducan

Business 1050

29 Apr 2017

Change of Plans

This semester I was able to realize that I wanted to change my major from business to
communication studies. I have always loved helping people. Prior to changing my mind I was
majoring in business because I thought my work would only be able to reimburse me if I major
in business. This semester I took a business class and a communication theories class and I was
able to see the differences on both careers. The assignments I have completed for this business
class have helped me understand the basics of my business and what business really is all about.
And this short paper I will explain why I have chosen communication studies, why I have
dropped business as my major, and what I plan on doing with my new major I have chosen.

After having taken already one communications class and another one this past semester
I have came to realize that that was definitely the thing I wanted to do in my future. Being able to
communicate properly with other people is so important and I have realize that learning how to
listen and communicate can help so many people solve problems and that is one of the reasons
why I have chosen this career for my future. When I was a young girl I didnt really know how to
communicate with my parents or really anybody else. In my family we never really
communicated we never talked to Chad her except for you were supposed to know what to do or
how to do things and youre expected to know how to handle things but there wasnt really a
time where you sign talk to each other I dont remember that ever happening.

The fact that my family didnt really communicate the way most families are accustomed
to doing here in this country did not mean that we didnt love each other is just that thats how
my parents raised and thats how they were brought up. Except for here to the US was different
for us because we got to grow up in a different background than they did, we didnt really
understand the way they were trying to raise my sisters and myself. I remember being so
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confused at times trying to figure out what my parents wanted for me and trying to explain to
them what I wanted and how I wanted to do things or how things should be done according to
my view of how I saw other families. The frustration from both sides would be so terrible that it
would always end up in big arguments and fights between my parents and I as well as my parents
and my sisters.

I used to believe that because I was able to speak the same language as someone else with
(English or Spanish), but if I could speak the same language they did, that was it! We were
supposed to understand each other and that is absolutely not true. Sometimes even people who
speak the same language. A great great example is my boyfriend and I, we can have a world of
difference when I come to trying to communicate something each other. My boyfriend is from
Argentina, we both speak the same languages; English and Spanish. For the most part we speak
Spanish between us, and many of those times weve misunderstandings. For example what one
thing might mean something to him is something completely different for me and its all its just
the way it said the level of the tone of voice you store at the time that word or sentence is used
my mean a negative thing for me and vice versa. I did not understand any of this before taking
my communication classes because I just thought that he was wrong and I was right as if there
was no other way. It was either he was wrong I was right or I was right he was wrong I had never
thought it was just a communication issue.

Due to the events happening in our country, with people being separated from political
parties and everyone having their own ideals of how the country should be run I have come to
understand that every person has the right to have their own views and believes but it is most
important how they are communicated across that will make the difference of what the result of a
conversation can be. During the election I saw and was likely part of arguments due to individual
choices candidates, and those talks or arguments never really ended up in good terms. For the
most part it was two sides screaming at each other but not listening to one another and that will
that is one of the most important topics or parts of communication. According to Richard West
and Linh H Turner Communication is a social process in which individuals employee symbols
to establish and interpret meaning in their environment (5).
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There are many models of communication, specifically in the linear model we are able to
understand that a message is sent from a sender to receiver but in the way the message comes
across noise.Nice is the distortion and channel not intended by the source (11), this noise is
composed of Somatic noise [which] pertains to the slang, jargon, or specialized language used
by the individuals or groups. Physical or external noise exists outside of that receiver.
Psychological noise refers to a communicators prejudices, biases, and predispositions toward
another for the message. Physiological noise refers to the biological influences on the how
communication process (12).

I never had a big interest in business; I never even knew how to be a sales person. The
reason I had chosen business as my major is because I had the idea that the company I work for
would only reimburse part of my schooling if I was going to school for a business related carrier.
I do respect people who choose business as a career and the fact that they see making money as
part of their achievements, but that is not like me and I know that its not something that would
make me happy in my future. I do understand that there is a way to help people through business
and by getting them financially stable. I personally find more for filament in helping people have
stronger relationships through better communication.

Being able to understand how communication works and the importance of having the
knowledge of communication has made me realize what a great change this will be for my life.
Knowing that I can learn how to communicate and listen to the people that come around me
specially my family it is the reason for why I have decided to change my major from Business to
Communication Studies.
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