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May 2017 no.180 original authentic organic relevant

Remembering Robert Twomey and Adrian Freeman

Keeper of the Garden ~ Christine Robinson


The Administrators have decided as

- to close the Barwon Heads library on 30th

September Knits for Mother's Day
- to allocate $15,000 for the 3 months from
end of june to end of september to cover 100% Cashmere Banjo
costs & Matilda
- will commence a consultation and
communication process to identify suitable Made in Italy
transition and support arrangements for Moda Immagine
continuing access.
Made in Melbourne
They referred to the other libraries that they 100% Merino from Uimie
are closing as being within 2k of other
CoGG libraries.
Maison Scotch Cashmere
American Vintage
Not an ideal outcome.

Thank you to all who attended and the 57 Hitchcock Ave, Barwon Heads 65 The Terrace, Ocean Grove
wonderful submissions from the Barwon 65 Yarra St, Geelong 1 Gilbert St, Torquay
Heads community 68 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento
Barwon Heads Association 5254 1033
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cook something different or entice you to eat at a new do some research about the mangroves and
place...our work is done! share what you have learned. How is the Estuary
The advertising supports your community news and we
encourage you to support and shop with those who environment different from this time last year or
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ADVERTISING WELCOME The Barwon Estuary Project's Nature Watching

(Talking Heads advertising really does work!) Diary has just been published, and if you'd like to
0416 119240
participate in documenting the changing features of the Estuary throughout the year, ask us for your own diary. It's free! And we may ask your
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Printed on FSC approved paper scientific observations in our next publication in
using soy based ink 2018, the upcoming community-generated
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To participate in the project and receive your free

copy of the Nature Watching Diary, send an
What can you see on the Barwon email to, including
Estuary in May? Which plants are your name, mobile number, email address and
street address for delivery.
flowering? Are any of the migratory Margaret Griffith
shorebirds still around? How high Barwon Estuary Project
Specialising in Mens&BoysCuts
are the tides? How vivid or subtle See photos page 27
ClosedTuesday ____________________________
are the sunsets? Which insects
84bHitchcockAve.BarwonHeads abound as we head towards
winter? How is human activity
adapting to the cooler weather?
____________________________ Remembering
our mothers,

and gone,



Dahlia Shower Turbans

by Louvelle
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We continue to focus on our community,

and have spent considerable time
liaising with the City of Greater Geelong
(CoGG) and VicRoads. Our library is at
threat of closure; our roads are saturated
with traffic including many heavy
vehicles; our storm water is being
pumped into our beautiful estuary and
we have new Council elections in
October. And we can wake up in the
morning and walk on the most beautiful
beach and think how lucky we are.

Our local resident and Federal member for

Corangamite Sarah Henderson braved awful weather

to join us at our April meeting. We talked about roads,

trains, gas, drains, libraries, NBN, CCTV cameras for
the main street, pedestrian crossings, the wonderful
new Netball Courts, safer roads for cycling, and the
lack of a proper comprehensive plan to deal with the
impacts of population growth in Geelong. Thank you
Sarah for listening and your support to retain the local


CLOSED? Surely at a time when we are experiencing
significant growth in town, the service should be
reviewed and extended. The library with its many
facilities has been available to the community at Concerned residents discuss the imminent closure of
limited times (13 hours per week). As well as the
access to the internet and interlibrary loan service the Barwon Heads Library with Sarah Henderson
from libraries throughout Victoria, our library serves an
process took over four years and involved meetings with few years, traffic through Barwon Heads has suffered
irreplaceable resource for those who cannot use a car
the stakeholder groups and the final presentation of delays during the holiday season. The increase in
the disabled, the elderly and children. Many parents
three options to the community in two widely publicised population growth both at Armstrong Creek and Ocean
report that, while at school, children borrow books
community consultations sessions in August and Grove will inevitably add to traffic to and through Barwon
from the main part of the library; which will shrink to a
September 2015. VicRoads acted in accordance with Heads especially as this is an increase in commuters as
much smaller school facility if the library closes. The
the 77% of respondents who preferred the zebra well as holiday traffic.
Ocean Grove Library is a 7-minute drive away on a
crossing option.
good day (increasing the traffic over the bridge), but it
The Vic Roads review covered a broad range of issues Obviously the zebra crossings do interrupt traffic as they
is often very full, reflecting significant growth in Ocean
including: what worked well or should be considered to are meant to do, but how significant was this
Grove population and the importance of a local library
be done differently, any defects of the project, interruption? Vic Roads reported that the 2017 January
to their community.
operational issues observations, public response, bus travel times from Ocean Grove to Barwon Heads
What are the alternative models? Surely they should pedestrian compliance with crossing, traffic delays and were not significantly delayed. 36 'snapshot'
be identified and discussed with the community before extra traffic using local streets. In particular the observations over 12 days in December 2016 and
the current facility is closed. Retaining our Barwon following matters were discussed: January 2017 conducted by the BHA showed queuing
Heads Library is part of our identity and expectation. times in Hitchcock Ave, the Spit, and Golf Links Rd were
We pay significant rates to CoGG and we want this Construction issues: The group felt construction predictably long but generally equivalent to 2015
decision delayed until we fully understand the was well-handled given the rain delay but stated that queues during January. The group concluded that after
opportunities for the future. We think the option of communication about 'changed traffic conditions' before the initial disruption and at times annoyance to traffic,
including a reading room in a new community hub is a Christmas 2016 may have better prepared motorists. the zebra crossings were now working well and catering
great start to these discussions and expect the library Drainage issues in front of Hanoi Kitchen are yet to be for a variety of safety needs including children, the
to continue to function until all options are considered. resolved. A concrete support around the light pole on the elderly and particularly residents who now use
Hopefully by the time you have read this we will have northern side of the Bridge Rd crossing needs attention motorized scooters to get safely into town and do their
negotiated an extension of time for this decision to to stop pedestrians tripping. shopping. Counting on the 2017 New Year's Day public
enable more informed discussions and a proper plan Concrete islands outside bottle shop in Bridge holiday showed over 1,000 pedestrians crossed at the
for library services for Barwon Heads. Rd: The group asked that the concrete islands east of Bridge Rd crossing with a third of those being children
VICROADS MET WITH THE COMMUNITY IGA be removed, as they tend to push cyclists into traffic under 12 years of age. Work continues on a number of
STAKEHOLDERS GROUP IN EARLY APRIL TO when the road is busy. Vic Roads will inspect. issues including:
REVIEW THE BH PEDESTRIAN SAFETY PROJECT- Flinders Pde zebra crossing - placement of the Measurement of traffic flows through
The meeting was chaired by Mark Tonkin, Team Leader crossing in Flinders Pde so close to the bridge side streets: CoGG is currently processing the data
Road Safety & Traffic Engineering Vic Roads and roundabout: Vic Roads explained this crossing was from their counting lines in side streets and will report to
supported by other Vic Roads staff; Vicki Shelton placed here because of the significant underground the Stakeholders Group the outcome of that data
Manager of Infrastructure & Engineering Services service pipes, which blocked a more northerly position, compared to other years.
represented CoGG and representatives of the BHA, BH and to preserve parking places. The new Bellarine Link: Vic Roads also reported
Sustainability, BH Cycling Club and BH Senior Citizens Community concern that the zebra crossings that there had been significant progress towards
attended. were causing long traffic queues in and out of building the new Bellarine Link connecting Torquay with
Barwon Heads during the 2017 holiday season. the Bellarine Highway and so adding a new river
To recap: the BH Pedestrian Safety Project aimed to Vic Roads agreed that the perception that there has crossing (probably near the Geelong Water Skiing Club
slow traffic in both Hitchcock Avenue and Bridge been a significant increase in traffic volumes through shed at Wilsons Road) to aid traffic flows around the
Road in the vicinity of the local shopping areas to Barwon Heads in the last few years is correct, however, north of Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads. Modeling
enable pedestrians safe access to shops and cafes. aerial photos of Barwon Heads in January 2015/16 show shows that this will alleviate some of the current traffic
This project set as its priority the safety of pedestrians traffic queued on the bridge and the Ocean Grove spit at stress.
and cyclists in our small seaside town, considering the the same lengths as the same timeframe for 2016/17.
increase in cars, trucks and buses. The consultation Like many seaside towns along the coast over the last Continued on page 5
page 4 talking heads
words on an old "sandwich board", offered to go and Auction House.
buy the paint. He even refused my offer to pay him! So Imagine his chagrin, and the amusement felt by our
I began the job, and after the white dried, I used red volunteers and the lovely ladies at the Bendigo Bank
paint that I had, to write the required message. when presented with a cheque for $2.31! The chair had
Satisfied that although I know it is rather a rough job, it sold for $3, and by the time the commission was taken
served the purpose, I put the board in the very visible out, that was all his effort had produced.
place we'd decided on. About an hour later, I went back
to lock up the church, and was gob-smacked to see not Thank you so much to all our well-wishers, and soon
one, but four large, heavy pieces of furniture, placed we will be having our half-yearly meeting at which we
right outside the Show-Room door...which meant that it will be distributing money to so many of our great
took MUCH effort to lug them inside. So much for that community organisations.
BEST-LAID PLANS little plan! God bless you all,
After a busy pre-Easter session of school holiday five-
day-a-week openings, I'm pleased to tell you that we We are so fortunate that we do have well-wishers such Helen Edwards, Shop Supervisor.
did have enough volunteers to open successfully each as the man who bought the paint. Many customers hear
day, despite several of our stalwarts being most unwell. me ask if they DO need a bag, since I only like to give
Because these volunteers work so hard, when I was out ones such as those given by "proper shops", such
asked if I could paint a sign with a particular message, I as Tonik or Kiitos. Yet so often well-wishers arrive
was prepared to give it the best try I could. cheerily with a HUGE bag and a cheery: "Here's the
Years ago we had paid what was then a lot of money bags I promised!" When I open up a bag and find that it
for a professional sign-writer to write, and fix a sign that is full of grey supermarket plastic bags, I could howl!
we thought everyone could see, explaining that we Our town being plastic bag free means that I now have
could not accept electrical goods, cots and strollers, or to get rid of that new load of bags. I feel mean, but
bike-helmets. But now, our volunteers wanted a sign to PLEASE don't offer us plastic bags.
ask that people PLEASE not drop off large pieces of Just recently, however, the funniest episode of well-
furniture. It's not only that we do not have the space to wishing gone wrong was when a near neighbour to our
display them in our Show-room, but since these items shop volunteered his services. He had heard how we
have to be taken out and brought in each day if unsold, had been able to get more money for rather more exotic
the weight of each item was such that we cannot items by selling them at Auction Rooms, or on e-bay.
handle them easily. I was fortunate that a well-wisher, Our kind friend had seen a chair that he felt was quite a
hearing that I needed white paint to cover the original superior model, so he took it up to Melbourne to an

hands on basically.
The I was building up a folio
of evidence that she kept
Raw Truth for when I knew the time
was right.
I was trapped.
Those last three months
I had no family to in my marriage were
Geelong Community Radio turn to, he had probably the worst though as I knew I was
made sure of that. keeping a big secret and the smallest slip up on I had no access to money as my cards had been my side would mean the end for me.
taken off me and I was allowed to have $50 cash
per week - the kids and I got great at inventing During those three months, he was at his worst.
SAVE THE TARKINE pasta meals trust me! He king hit me in the car one day knocking me
My phone and emails were monitored - I out, he sent me text messages telling me to go
constantly had to delete everything and had to kill myself, he spat on me, repeatedly kicked me,
stay one step ahead in the game. drugged me and even advertised me on line for
sex. My life couldn't go much lower and I'm not
Worst of all I had no self confidence. sure for how much longer I was actually going to
be alive.
There was one person who I was allowed to speak
to and the one person that I credit a lot for saving My kids were (and still are) the most precious me and that was my best friend from childhood. things that I have.
We spoke daily and met in secret. I would call her I never wanted to be a day without them or not be
Tell the truth,or someone will tell it and then delete the call from my phone. around to see them grow up. I had to be strong
for you. and I had to survive for their sake.
StephanieKlein We came up with an exit plan.
Straight Up and Dirty This involved me sending through to her any There is no second prize in the domestic violence
evidence of his violent behaviour. As he ran his world. Winner takes all.
own business, which I was now involved in
(another way to control me) it also involved Once I knew that I had enough evidence the time
sneaking around work and photocopying bank had come to take action.
statements and any evidence I could get my
hands on as I knew that once I left him he would I now have anxiety.
run the business into the ground and my chance of I now have PTSD.
getting any form of money would be gone. I now know it's time to go to the Police and get
So over the course of three months I photocopied
any financial evidence, screenshot text messages, The Raw Truth
sent her any threatening emails that he had sent to me - anything and everything I could get my
talking heads page 5

Building Surveying

Building Permits,
Building Inspections, Planning
Compliance, Planning Permits,
ResCode, Owner Builder Reports
51b Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads
(upstairs entry in Clifford Pde.)
ph 5254 3216 mob 0417 377 113


Barwon Heads 9 BRIDGE RD - The Panel comprising Ms Lucinda

Association Cont...
Peterson has presented her report to the City of
Greater Geelong. We are pleased that she has
coastal planning
supported our submission for a permanent protection Planning applications
of 9 Bridge Rd and the cypress tree. Thank you to
The Stakeholders Group thanked Vic Ross Harrison, the Thomas family, the Barwon Heads
Panel submissions
Roads for a constructive and respectful Community, the City of Greater Geelong, all the
VCAT representations
Strategic & general
consultation process. experts for confirming that this is an important
planning queries
The emphasis on the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in property in the history of Barwon Heads and informing
the face of the shortsighted placement of the Barwon this discussion. In particular we acknowledge the
Heads Bridge and the encroaching growth areas is a excellent work by RBA Architects + Conservation Shelly J. Fanning
rational and constructive response, which aims to Consultants, and the initial Heritage Values Review. Planning Consultant
preserve amenity and town character. This has been a project that has renewed interest in LL.M/LL.B(Hons)BEnvPlan MPIA
the town, rekindled old relationships and formed new mobile: 0408 734 169
CITY OF GREATER GEELONG ELECTIONS IN friendships. We will use the wonderful information we
OCTOBER 2017 - Council elections will be upon us have gathered to ensure that our coastal village and
sooner than anyone seems prepared for. It seems that its heritage is understood and protected.
very little time has elapsed since the sacking of the NEXT BHA MEETING
Geelong Council. Many are concerned that there THE NEW DRAIN INTO RIVER AT OZONE RD - We
has not been time enough for real cultural change continue to be amazed that CoGG plans to build a May 15th 7:00pm at the
to occur. We look forward to seeing some fresh faces major drain into the Barwon River at Ozone Rd. We Barwon Heads Senior Citizens
and not a return of more of the same. Barwon Heads have been liaising with Council but will not be
will be part of the proposed large ward of the Bellarine surprised if they ignore our concerns and build the WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF OUR
with three Councillors. There is a growing divide drain. Our latest question to them: How much of the
catchment drains to the pump station, and what is
between the communities of interest on the Bellarine
and the City of Greater Geelong. Unless our Bellarine proposed to manage litter entering the drainage You can reach us via
Ward representatives understand this, the Bellarine will system downstream of the pump station? Can Council
continue to be an after thought and receive only provide a report on the Gross Pollutant Trap options
cursory attention from CoGG. We look forward to considered for the outfall? Sandy Gatehouse - On behalf of the BHA
Councillors who will have the vision and knowledge
necessary to protect and nourish the Bellarine, and we BARWON HEADS STRUCTURE PLAN we have
been invited to meet with Council in May for further Your Local Picture Framer
believe that Barwon Heads has a very active role to
play in this. discussions about the proposed draft. The draft plan Jeanius Graphics
will be released early June. Please be prepared to Your wish is our business
If you are interested in standing there is a session comment and participate when the draft is released. Industry standard equipment and materials
organised by WILD (women in local democracy) - 50 Carr St.
Women Sharing Power - 50:50 in 2017 Council THANK YOU TRISH - The BHA would like to thank
Trish for the very generous space she gives us each Barwon Heads 3227
Thursday May 11, 5.30 - 6.30 pm at the Geelong month. The Barwon Heads community relies very Phone: (03) 5254 2101
Library & Heritage Centre much on Talking Heads and we would miss it very Jean Lonsdale
Sole Proprietor Mob: 0419 588 069
much if Trish and TH weren't here. Email:
_____________________________ Web:

Core Financial Planning has merged with PFG Financial
Services. Our firm continues to deliver strategic financial
planning advice and with an extended team, we can assist you
in achieving your financial goals.
Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm Friday 9am to 4pm
PFG Financial Services Pty Ltd ABN 23 052 977 189 and PFG Global Pty
Shop 4, 50 Hitchcock Ave, Barwon Heads 3227
Ltd ACN 161 691 103 trading as PFG Financial Services (Global) are
Corporate Authorised Representatives and Credit Representatives of AMP
For more information visit our website or contact us on
Financial Planning Pty Limited ABN 89 051 208 327 Australian Financial Ph: 5255 9555
Services Licence 232706 and Australian Credit Licence 232706 or email
page 6 talking heads

Panel hearing.
We do need more financial support as we will be
facing very determined developers who will
spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to make

The Save Barwon Heads Alliance

The City of Geelong planners are and our community won this battle
releasing the Draft of the Barwon in 2010.
Heads Structure Plan in mid May.
Keep an eye out for the exact date, There is not one published planning argument
SBHA will have the date and the that says that this town should change its role or
draft on our web site and Facebook status as a coastal town. The Armstrong Creek
as soon as we get it. Growth Zone is growing rapidly and so is the
Ocean Grove growth zone. Barwon Heads was
The Save Barwon Heads Alliance never located or designed to be a big town. We
will be organising submission writing sit in a delicate and very subtle landscape
sessions and have information surrounded by wetlands the Barwon River and
available on our website so the ocean. It is a wonderful place to visit and
members and supporters can make live.
their opposition any re-zoning heard
Help us support the planning provisions at the
The Save Barwon Heads by CoGG. Follow us on Facebook and we will let
Federal, State and local level that all say Barwon
the community know the dates for this most
Alliance is continuing the important part of the whole process. Heads is a small coastal town, join SBHA and
please donate some time and money.
membership drive through the Each and every submission will show that the
people in this town has a commitment to the This is your hometown.
cooler months. Please help the RAMSAR wetlands and the local habitat. The
Save the Wetlands.
community protect this small town does not need to double in population to
satisfy the financial interests of five or six
coastal town from property developers.
Save the Boundary.
inappropriate development, The support from people in Barwon Heads has Save Barwon Heads.
been great the Bush dance fundraiser was a
join up and be heard. success and a fun night. The funds we raised will
be used to pay for our legal presentation at a

Barwon Heads Bowling Club

Already May, Pennant a distant memory , all Club
Championships wrapped up and social bowls about
to gather momentum as we welcome back our
friends from Torquay.
With all the great weather of late we unfortunately had to postpone the
Community Bank Friendship Day due to inclement weather.
Will now be played on 29th May, so heres hoping with the weather.
Dont forget the Bus Trip to Warrnambool on 19th June. Five enjoyeable
days sightseeing and no bowls, see Sandra for details and bookings.
Final wrap of Club Championships, winners were:
Mens singles: Ken Allen
Ladies Singles: Anne Way
Mens Pairs: Dave Greenfield and Russ Laird
Ladies Pairs: Dianne Collins and
Mixed Pairs: Joyce Kirby and Russ Laird
100 Up: Bernie McCartney.

All members are reminded of the AGM to be held on Sunday 21st May at
2pm. With some serious issues facing our proud Club your attendance is
Another reminder anyone interested in having a game, whether a
beginner or coming back to the game, feel free to call in youll be made
most welcome.

Social bowls are Monday and Thursday and Sundays over Winter,
but members are free to use the greens for a roll anytime.
Until next time, Kene Allen & Anne Way
Good bowling.
Connecting with your Kids
These days many employers are now looking to employ people with a range of life skills, rather than looking to what school or university they
went to, or what their results may have achieved. Our children need to learn a range of these life skills to better prepare them for their
futures, whatever they may be.
Additionally, adolescents are currently experiencing unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety and depression. By spending time together as a family as your children grow up
can increase the connection you all have together. More than ever, we need to be connected as a family so if your child needs someone to talk to during tough times, they
can chat whenever they feel the need.
Being connected as a family is one of the most special things that can be experienced in life. I've started a project called Connecting with your Kids and it's all about
spending time together and teaching your children those vital life skills that many employers are looking for. This month we are looking at problem solving.
Young Problem Solvers
As a primary school teacher of children aged between about 5 and 12 years of age, many kids come up to me with their problems or issues. I always listen to their concerns
and comfort them if they need it. The next thing that I'll usually do is ask them, How are you going to sort this out? I listen to them and their ideas and more often than not,
they know what to do. Sometimes I'll give them a little guidance if needed, but this doesn't happen very often. I always assume that the child has the ability to deal with any
issue they have and most often they do.
Here are some fun things to try at home together as a family
As a family, Google 'problems solving games' and work together to find solutions to the challenges you find.
Work out what to have for dinner tonight can you make it without going shopping?
Find a new way of travelling to work / school / the shops. What did you discover? What would you see differently if you took this route?
Talk about something that you usually do in your family. Then consider a change and say What if. and complete the sentence. Discuss together.
Play 'Celebrity Heads' together.
Get out a deck of cards and play a game you know together.
With your playing cards, learn a new game and play it as a family.
Stand next to each other with your hands beside you. At the same time, everyone reaches in to the middle and holds hands. Together you need to untangle the
knot of hands without breaking the chain. The idea is to finish in a linked circle.
Economists who have studied the relationship between education and economic growth confirm what common sense suggests: The number of college degrees is not
nearly as important as how well students develop cognitive skills, such as critical thinking and problem-solving ability. Derek Bok

Have fun connecting with your kids. For further information, visit the Facebook page 'Connecting with your Kids' or go to connectingwithyourkids on Instagram for some fun
Andy McNeilly

talking books Some are on route to elsewhere, some nearly

there, ready to set camp, to unwind, catch up,
along the eastern states, the Great Ocean Road,
Steinbeck was moved by a desire to see what his
country was really like and he discovered
something he was to see over and over again in
From a verandah in Barwon Heads I see from Cairns to Hobart, retired, on leave, on every part of the nation a burning desire to go, to
a range of rigs roll by: sleek off road dual holiday with the kids, just travelling around, move, to get away, anyplace, away from any
inland, outback, off road, off West, into the HEREto someplace else.
axles, assorted rentals, caravans, pop desert, down to the sea, up the Centre, across
tops, trailers, 4x4s with roof top tents, the top, overland, overnight, a long weekend, up Greg Kelly
wagons with swags, big rigs flat towing the mountains, into the bush, into the desert for
smaller vehicles. leisure, adventure and escape. Wanderlust! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Rigs with logos: Freedom, Supreme, and

Crusader. Rigs with nick names: Last Resort, No
Address, Wobble Box, White Bull, Thislldo,
Bessie & Bert, and Rocinante. All feature a
range of doovalackies, whatsits, accessories
and essentials; strapped down, stowed and OPTOMETRISTS

Which brings me to this reading

recommendation: John Steinbeck's Travels With
Charley. In Search of America (1962).
Travelogue and part fiction of a 1960 road trip
around the United States made by Steinbeck, in
the company of his standard poodle, Charley.
Steinbeck tells of travelling around the United
States in a purpose built camper mounted on a
pick up truck (a novel idea at the time) named
Rocinante, after Don Quixote's horse. His travel Kate Majella OConnor Jac Pam Natalie
starts in Sag Harbour, Long Island, New York,
and roughly follows the outer border of the
United States, from Maine to the Pacific
Love Your Glasses!
Northwest, down to Salinas Valley in California, 2 Park Lane, 99 Presidents Ave.
across to Texas, up through the Deep South, Ocean Grove
and then back to New York, some 16,000
ph: 5255 5655
for an appointment
talking life
page 8 talking heads 0416 119240

before us - we project before ourselves. We do this so

with Rachael Hely situations we perceive fit in with our past experiences
and reinforces our viewpoint of our world. If we believe the world to be shiny, we see rainbows
and moonbeams across the skies. If we believe the
world to be harsh, we see demons and danger in
run. He chased her pretty fast. And usually, chickens every corner. look kinda funny when they run - but as I watched her,
she didnt look like it was fun. And if we work in a boys club where sometimes our
school lunch-box filled head finds it hard to be fast, we
She looked petrified while he looked aggressive. see woman continually having to fight to prove that
She ran in panic as he strode out in dominance. All the breasts, brains and brawn can co-habitat in the one
while I looked on, feeling my own feminist blood start body.
to boil. As I watched my henhouse, each time I was watching
I wanted to show that bully rooster who was really the same situation yet seeing two different things. In
boss one scenario, the rooster was a tyrant. In the other, he
- and eat him. was a hero. The only thing that changed throughout
my viewing of what was unfolding was my own
I watched the horrible chase around the run for a day. prejudice and opinion of it.
Once I stepped in and waved my hands around to
defend my little girl. Another time I threw some bark at Was my own perception.
the antagonist stalker. He only ever picked on the It is empowering when we come to understand that we
same little silkie. That one who dared seek out the have a choice as to what we see. We can choose to
best food, that one who dared to hold her head high. watch the clouds that cross the sky. Or we can choose
But he never caught her. She would always eventually to see the vast blue expanse that stretches beyond
So, run into the pen and cower in the corner. After which the boundaries of what is defined. And one isnt
he would preen his magnificent chest again and strut always right. Just like one isnt always wrong. But
its hard to be a feminist and own a rooster.
around some more. when we question our opinions, our prejudices and
In keeping with social equality, when we delved back our judgements - it creates a curious space of wonder.
into the world of a henhouse, we added a boy hen - After watching this for a while, and wondering what I
could do to stop it, I began to wonder what it was I was It creates true experience.
meaning a rooster. And after years of Isa Browns that
made my ovaries sore, we decided this time on silkie really seeing. Had my strong feminist principles Yesterday, our strong little silkie followed her rooster
bantams. These fluffy balls of pom-pom love have blinded me? Had the ideologies that Id held about a pretty close. And out of nowhere, she stretched out
funny mohawks, love a little cuddle and apparently will fair go for all sexes coloured my ideas of what I was her chest and started to crow. As she strutted, they
only lay small eggs a couple of times a week. seeing? I made myself look again, and this time I seemed to both begin a crowing competition together.
started to see a bold leader, practicing herding those I desperately tried to un-chose what my eyes and ears
And with a boy in the henhouse - who knows under his care to safety. Maybe he was training his seemed to be telling me.
As our new flock settled into their new home in the flock on how to move to fast when danger threatened.
Maybe he was practicing for when a fox, or a cat That it seems I have two roosters.
back corner of the yard, the rooster immediately
began to claim his territory and strut his stuff. challenged his crew. Maybe rather than watching a X
chauvinistic pig, I was watching a super-hero wearing
I watched him in awe - proudly preening his
his undies on the outside of his feathers.
magnificent chest. First out of the run each morning,
he calls us all into the first light of each day. And even Had my ideologies reversed my viewpoint on gender
though after years of trying to believe that women stereotypes too far?
arent defined by their bras and that political, Meaning I couldnt really see anything clearly
economic and social equality of the sexes is the norm; anymore.
everyone in our home can see that in that henhouse -
the big boy rooster is the king. Think seated twists, standing strength and inversions.

After a few days finding their feet, I noticed the big Sometimes we can colour the images we see before
rooster chasing one of the smaller hens around the us and in doing so, portray our prejudiced opinion
across situations we see. Meaning that what we see

Rebecca Kennedy-Dalton Your local Podiatrist

Foot care for the whole family!
Orthotic Therapy Foot and leg pain
Children's feet Nail care including surgery
General Foot Care DVA Welcome
Medicare EPC Bulk Billed

Happy feet Happy Life

For appointment call 0407 688 967
I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy.
J.D. Salinger
Remedial, Relaxation, Sport, DeepTissue & Trigger Point Therapy


Seaside Serenity
Daryl Wilkie Ct.M Dip.R.M Dip.H
First in Barwon Heads
Since 1985
Over 16 Years Massage
AAMT Member - Extras

0403 956 900

Artwork courtesy of the Ocean Grove Voice Ph. 0403 956 900
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(03) 5255 2585

3/73 The Terrace Ocean Grove

High quality dental care, service and results.
We are transparent about our treatment processes and
the affiliated expenses, and will never proceed to treatment
unless you are fully informed of all aspects.

We accept all health funds and we can claim on the spot with Hicaps.
We also accept VET affairs, VEDS (Victorian Emergency Dental Services)
and VGDS (Victorian General Dental Services) forms.

Off we all went in filthy & dangerous weather to the council meeting on Wednesday 24th April. Past Warralily which eerily, at dusk and
after days of steady rain, looked like it was sitting in a lake. There were about 45 of us including children, parents & seniors making up
a good mix of the community of Barwon Heads.
As I made my way to the council meeting rooms, I passed the multi million dollar Geelong library which was lit up like a massive ball of
light and with only one staff and 2 library users in the whole place. Irony, we were going to save our well used local library.
I listened as 5 Barwon Heads mums addressed the administrators & CoGG staff giving compelling, sound & solid reasons why we
dont want our library closed.
Then I listened to the 3 administrators speak. They (3/3) supported the deferral of our librarys closure until 30th September to allow
discussion and consultation after the fact. An arse about way of doing business by any standards.
Chilling was when chair, Dr. Kathy Alexander did an about face in front of all of us (including the other administrators & CoGG staff) on
her previous statement at a Meet the Administrators evening at the Barwon Heads Bowling Club, that she understood the Bellarine
was unique in that it was like a series of small villages with their own needs and characteristics. Back then I believed her, trusted her
and felt optimistic that Barwon Heads, was finally going to have good governance. Watch this space. Trish - Editor

6-10pm on
Friday 5 May
Geelong After Dark returns in 2017, transforming the city
with edgy art happenings.
Be prepared to experience Central Geelong in a different
way as more than 370 artists transform the city for one
extraordinary night.
This years theme is The Sound of Light and artists have
responded in provocative and wonderful ways.
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News from the Beaches and Coastal Environs

Grove Surf Beach Complex
The Barwon Coast Committee of Management (BCCM)
has called for tenders for a new 21-year lease at the
Dune Caf site of the Ocean Grove Surf Beach complex.
The open public tender process, which is consistent with
Victorian Government policy and direction, has been
timed to coincide with the planning phase for a significant
upgrade to the complex.
Barwon Coast Committee General Manager Gary
McPike said: As a publicly-owned building on Crown
land it is essential that all interested parties have the
opportunity to tender for this lease.
The timing is perfect as the successful tenderer will have
the opportunity to have input into the detailed design
phase of the project, ensuring it is built to their
requirements. Probity is paramount throughout the
tender process, and all interested parties will be afforded
open, transparent and equitable opportunities to
BCCM expects the open and public tender process will
deliver the best value for money outcome with direct
Barwon Coast is a Committee of total cost of $230k the new works at the netball benefits for all Victorians who use and enjoy the coast,
Management appointed by the State courts involved new playing surface, courtside he said.
shelters, clubrooms and fencing with funding from
Government with responsibility for the the Federal Government of $180k and the The tender is open now and closes on 19 May 2017, with
management of 13km of coastal crown remainder provided by a grant from local State MP the outcome of the tender known by the end of May. The
land from 7W Collendina to 42W Blue Lisa Neville and Barwon Coast. lease tender will be managed by BCCM, and commercial
Rocks, Barwon Heads covering our The netball court improvements were very well real estate agents Darcy Jarman have been engaged to
beautiful beaches in Ocean Grove, Barwon received by the netballers lifting substantially the undertake the marketing campaign.
Heads and 13 Beach. quality of the facilities they use.
The day also saw Lisa Neville officially open the BCCM is working closely with the Ocean Grove Surf Life
Our Committee members are local residents appointed Saving Club to develop plans for the new Surf Beach
with consideration of the skills and experience that they redeveloped football oval surface. The $200k
redeveloped surface was fully funded by the State Complex building, which is funded by BCCM, the
have to offer in the management of this important piece Victorian Government and the Commonwealth
of coastline. government through an election promise from Lisa
Neville MP in the lead up to the last state election. Government.
Both these events occurred at the first Easter home Architects Wood Marsh have been engaged to complete
NEW FACILITIES Official Opening:
game that the club has enjoyed for many years. the design work, with schematic plans and 3D renders
On Easter Saturday local MPs officially opened new Working closely with Barwon Coast, the Barwon soon to submitted to the City of Greater Geelong as part
facilities for the Barwon Heads Football Netball club. Heads Football Netball club hosted, a huge crowd of a planning permit application.
Sarah Henderson and Lisa Neville both contributed that enjoyed spectacular weather and some great
results for the home team over Geelong Amateurs.
Cont. Page 11
funding to the fully redeveloped netball facilities. At a

Lauras Beach Houses

As featured on ABC TV series Seachange. Accomodates 4 adults plus children
with fully equipped kitchen, living room, A/C, bathroom, laundry, TV, Stereo,CD,DVD,VCR. Plus all bedding & elec.Blankets.
Private decking with a relaxing opportunity to take in the views of Port Phillip Bay, the Bluff & the Bridge.
Also available- Deluxe 2 & 3 br Cabins, 1 & 2 br Cabins, Heritage Boat House, & powered sites
Superbly located at Barwon River Estuary with ocean views.
A/C cabins, fully equipped kitchen, living room, ensuite,
TV, private decking.


Email: Web: Ph: 03 5254 1115
talking heads magazine page 11

Mr McPike said, The Ocean Grove foreshore and Surf Beach
Complex provide significant economic, social, recreational and
environmental values to the local community and all visitors to the site.
Redeveloping the Complex to provide increased levels of service for
current and future generations is crucial and is broadly supported. It is
envisaged that significant improvements will be made to the facilities
available for the lessee and patrons of the caf facility.
The community will have the opportunity throughout May to comment
on the proposed new building.
Gary McPike
General Manager
The New Dunes Barwon Coast
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Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden

The Community Garden Plot-holders (often known as plotties) are a
creative lot when it comes to developing their patches. We are
encouraged to use re-cycled materials, but that's really the only
rule. It's always fascinating to see what people come up with!

Not sure what Chris and Judy are trying to achieve with the thong tree. Perhaps scare
off birds? Three such poles adorn their plot.

Jason ONeill These 2 litre milk cartons make

excellent mini greenhouses for
newly-planted seedlings.
They also keep off the pesky
cabbage moths. These cartons
have been re-used numerous
times for this purpose.

This simple trellis made of ti-tree

sticks is supporting an olive tree that has been espaliered.
This is a great
way to
accommodate a
bigger plant in a
small space, and
also to create
Some shade.
Of course we
have our well-
known truck plot.
Sam and Ralph have been successfully growing plants in the rusting body
since the Garden began, nearly 10 years ago. The truck is slowly returning
To mother earth.

New members Jeanette and Quinten have raised the bar with their
recent landscaping. The bluestone blocks have been beautifully aligned
and cemented in place. The
BEACH TREE NURSERY rest of us will have to try hard
to match this!

On a somewhat sadder note,

the Bee Group have moved
their three hives from the
Garden to a site near the airport. This
GARDEN DESIGN & CONSULTATION had become necessary due to the

COASTAL, NATIVE, INDIGENOUS suffering stings. Luckily, we should still
Shirley & Joe Hornak
AND EXOTIC PLANT VARIETIES be able to benefit from the honey
(03) 5264 1771
Russell Mitten, 48 GRUBB RD. OCEAN GROVE
1135 Surf Coast Highway Mt.Duneed 9am - 5pm Committee Member. Ph. 5255 2432 Mob.
OPEN 04079AM
7 DAYS 045652
-5PM Fax 5255 2399 Email
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Cattery, Geelong & District

P: 5255 3496
Mon Fri. 9am to 5:30pm
22b Sinclair St. Ocean Grove
Mon - Sat 10.30 - 4.30 Sat. 9am to 1 pm Closed Sundays

At The Cat Cave Boarding we, like you, love cats

so caring for your pet isnt a chore, its a FREE MEDICAL DELIVERIES
Variety of care options from day care, short, long (Mon. to Fri.)
and emergency care.
Prices are all inclusive with food, treats,
medicating (if required), enrichment...
And lots of one on one attention. 65A Hitchcock Ave
Barwon Heads
Ph 52542312

Your Independent Local Pharmacy

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. the lotus spa

William Shakespeare in Alls Well That Ends Well

at barwon heads

5254 1100 massage

exotic spa rituals
Grace & Elegance....
Wayne Clarke japanese bathing suite
At Lotus we bring a
focus to our healing
approach and
embellish all of our
Lizzy Ryan waxing
treatments into
beautiful rituals for you
to pay tribute to your
Claire Dagley body & be held &
2/76 Hitchcock Avenue Barwon Heads
1/67 hitchcock avenue 03 5254 2044
5254 1100


Karen Clarke
Cosmetic injectables
Dermal (skin) therapies
Proudly stocking

New to Medispa- IPLand LED

light therapy
Beautiful Easter packages available

Healing from the inside out

2/76 Hitchcock Avenue Barwon Heads
Small casual yoga classes
Ph:03 5254 2325 3/86 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads
5254 1100 ___________________________ Deb Prinzi 0421 695 956
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caf & cider bar HANOI KITCHEN
Sesame growing in Nepal
Along with tasting great, sesame
seeds are an excellent source of
copper, a very good source of
manganese, and agood source of
calcium,phosphorus, magnesium,
Once the old Fire Station,
BeachHouse Barwon Heads
Vietnamese Cuisine iron, zinc, molybdenum, vitamin B1,
showcases some of the
Bellarine Peninsula's
Seafood platters from the kitchen of Hong Lee selenium and dietary fibre.
fine produce, wine, cider & beer
Made with Love Great news for mums of active
teenagers & wonderful for our skin,
no. 1 Souvlakis nails & hair.

Gourmet burgers When sesame seeds are toasted (as

above) their flavour is enhanced and
they take on a nuttiness that works
Pulled pork sliders
perfectly with asian food, especially
when blended into a lipsmacking
GOURMET BURGER CHIPS & BEER $21.90 Daily specials dressing...this I did by toasting 6 tbs
SOUVLAKI CHIPS & CIDER $19.90 Locally blended Tea white sesame seeds until lightly
Locally roasted specialtycoffee browned then placed 3 tbs seeds in
a blender with 2 tbs soy sauce;
ALL DAY BREAKFAST Tuesday - Saturday 11 am -10pm Sunday 8am - 4pm
Closed Monday
Cnr. Hitchcock Avenue & Bridge Road 3 tbs rice wine vinegar;1 tsp sesame
Barwon Heads (03) 420 205 25 oil; 2 tsp honey and blend until
03 5254 2468 Licensed ~ Cnr BridgeRd/HitchcockAve Barwon Heads combined & creamy (scraping down
sides)...pour dressing into a screw
Yes, weve been Japanese
top jar & funnel remaining sesame
many times before... seeds into a separate jar to sprinkle
on salads, noodles, sandwiches,
this time well focus on breakfast cereals etc...above are

soba noodles cooked with edamame

sesame seeds... (soybeans) and served above left

with cherry tomatoes, shredded
Opening hours are
greens, spring onions and chilli
Monday to Friday 9am - late
topped with a big gloop of sesame
Sesame seed pods before harvest - Saturday and Sunday 8am - late was a perfectly delicious
Ph: 5254 1090 light lunch...the edamame beans are Happy hour is back! Fridays 5 - 8
60 Hitchcock Ave an easy way to get a good serve of
Barwon Heads
protein and so far everything weve CONTACT
STARFISH BAKERY prepared is vegan...BONUS BeachHouse Barwon Heads
48 Hitchcock Avenue, Barwon Heads
At right is my zoodly (shredded) 03 5254 3376
Dress zoodly salad with 1tsp olive oil, a
_________________ zucchini salad with roasted red
pepper strips, feta & olives topped squeeze of lemon & a good grind of black
Gorgeous sandwiches,
_________________ with salmon (skin on) which has pepper

daily specials Try our new thin crispy pizzas

been coated with a little sweet soy SCANDANAVIAN
sauce to which 1 tsp sesame oil and
and soups. soup
dips a squeeze of lemon juice has been
Bread, cakes, biscuits, VIKING DVD
All day brekkie, lunch & dinner seafood added...then press sesame seeds all
& really good coffee steak open every day Open 7 days
Squishy delishy Open 7 days and 7 nights curries
over & pan-fry in a little olive oil for 2
Fully licenced gourmet wood oven pizza mins each side(30secs on open late most nights 03 5254 2741
Closed Tuesdays Take away options veg & gluten free options sides) for 3 mins then devour!
78 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads Telephone: 5254 2772
45 Hitchcock Avenue Barwon Heads
private functions welcome Food for angels B Ph: 5254 3229 2/86 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads
page 16 talking heads

Our April concert with SWEET STRINGS was a delightful selection

of Celtic songs, Movie favourites & some entertaining anecdotes of
life experiences with her music. Christine Middleton, on Celtic harp &
Barwon Heads Fine Music Society Matiss Schubert on violin were a well-matched duo, obviously with
presents much experience & understanding of performing together. Christines
other role is in Palliative Care as a Music Therapist at Epworth
Hospital in Waurn Ponds & the Freemasons Hospital in East
Malcolm and Michelle John Melbourne.
They began their recital with an American composer for his daughters wedding &
Performing a delightful program of called it I carry you in my heart & they followed with a change of pace with two
Bach, Schubert, Casals and original numbers from John Denver Annies Song & Perhaps Love written for his wife.

compositions by Malcolm John on Christine then told a touching story of a terminally ill Irish gentleman who requested
Danny Boy & said he would like to sing with her performing on the harp. He did &
Piano and Cello was word perfect for the five verses! She chose a couple of Movie favourites,
Moon River & Edelweiss & he sang them both word perfect again which was an
amazing feat for someone so ill! The beautiful music helped to release him & he
passed away the next day. They performed them all for us which much appreciated.
Louis Armstrongs Wonderful World was another favourite. This was followed by
another entertaining anecdote of when she was performing at a 70th birthday
celebration of a widowed Grandmother telling her family that she was seeing
someone. They were intrigued as to how they met. Encourage by two friends, she
said Oh, I found him on Ebay! (meaning, of course EHarmony as seen on TV) &,
with the support of her friends, had discovered a very pleasant local man!
Another favourite was from Brazilian Maurice Alberts Feelings followed by Judy
Garlands Somewhere over the Rainbow & Leonard Cohens Hallelujah.
Christines own background story began with her Father, an Australian pilot during
the war, met her Mother in Scotland at a dance. They kept in touch & when the War
Sunday 14 May 2017 at 2.30pm ended, she followed him out to Australia by ship with a thousand other fiances (&
many others) & married him out here. The Mull of Kentyre was the next song which
All Saints Anglican Church, Barwon Heads led on to The Scottish War Bride which was a poem written by her son-in law who
was inspired by the special story of her parents meeting!
Tickets: Members $10 Visitors $15
They finished with a rendition of Pachelbels Canon with several of the variations
Enquiries: phone Jenny on 5254 2580 which brought a most enjoyable concert to a close for a most appreciative audience!
Please join us for afternoon tea following the concert
Our next concert will be held on Mothers Day, Sunday, 14th May at
Proudly sponsored by 2.30pm in the Anglican Church, Hitchcock Avenue, Barwon Heads &
will feature Malcolm John on piano & his daughter, Michelle John
on cello performing works by Bach, Schubert, Casals & original compositions by Malcolm John.
Members/Friends: $10; Visitors: $15, Enquiries: please phone Jenny on 5254 2580 or Maggie on 5254 3173.
Please join us for afternoon tea following the concert. Best wishes, Jenny

Mic Conway and Matthew Fagan - 20th May

Mic Conway and Matthew Fagan will perform at the Barwon Heads Hall on Saturday 20th May at 7.30. Mic Conway is formerly of Captain
Matchbox as well as Circus Oz. Mic is considered one of Australia's greatest vaudevillians. Prepare for a night of music, magic, jobs, fire
eating, juggling, quirky songs, sight gags, virtuosic guitar and more.
Pre-Sale tickets are $20 with extrat $5 at the door. Kids under 16 are free. Book at Enquiries to 0427 032 933.
The bar will open at 6.30pm with the performance starting at 7.30pm.

La Traviata
Barwon Heads was again treated to another fabulous night of 'street opera' with Melbourne-based cut opera company Emotionworks and their jazzed-up version of La
Traviata. The audience was close to the action with seating in the round. It was intimate, hilarious and very very funny

Meet The Artist

Barwon Heads artist Peter Bryan is the second to be featured in our Meet the Artist series at the beautiful Italian delicatessen Affettati & Co at 2/62 The Terrace, Ocean
Grove. Peter is a contemporary artist living in Barwon Heads. His paintings are a personal expression of his fascination with the visual effects of colour as revealed by the
play of light across the landscape. He works in watercolour and acrylics.
Peter will be there between 2 - 4 pm on Saturday May 27. Come along and meet him and enjoy some wine and nibbles as well.

Queenscliffe Literary Festival

Each weekend in May will see the Queenscliffe Literary Festival at a variety of venues around Queenscliffe. Barwon Heads Arts
Council committee member Dorothy Johnston will be chairing the crime session on Saturday May 13 and a rich selection of
authors will be appearing across the month.

Bellarine Arts Trail

Local artists are invited to register for the Bellarine Arts Trail on again this Melbourne Cup long weekend (4-5 November).
Contact Karen Shirley for more information and the registration form at or 0437 032 647. Registrations
close on 2 June.
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Big Bang Bellarine!

On our doorstep are three of the best venues around,
each unique.
Jack Rabbit continues to blow people away with
amazing vistas, food and wine.
Local favourite, Leura Park Estate offers a relaxed,
rustic chic ambience, premium wines, lovely casual fare
and live music Sundays.
Helen Martin - A Disquieting Beauty

Flying Brick is the go for cider tasting, local wines, beer

and an innovative menu designed to inspire, indulge
and share.
Take your pick and enjoy your doorstep!
page 18 talking heads magazine

Seaview Gallery

New Works from
Geoff Cunningham
and Anne Melloy,
cheeky ceramcs
Laurie Close and Jennifer Pullen
Open 10:30 5:00 daily

Ph. 03 5258 3645

86 Hesse St Queenscliff 3225

Winter is coming but its always inviting at Seaview Gallery.

May will be fun at the Gallery with a wonderful new whimsical collection from Christine Robinson. Christine's work is a reflection
of her attitude to life. Life has its ups and downs but is a truly wondrous experience and I trust my paintings reflect this. They
are an extension of my life and my way of interpreting whatever is happening at any given time.
Geoff Cunningham's clever new stencil paintings comment
on the present by evoking the past by placing modern technology out of context. His paintings provoke an emotional reaction,
whether it's a sense of nostalgia, self-reflection or humour .
Also this month lovely soft water colours from new artist Anne Melloy, cheeky ceramic dogs with attitude from Laurie Close and
quirky bird sculptures from Jennifer Pullen. ________________________________________________
Vaudevillian trickster Mic Conway from Captain Matchbox and
Circus Oz and guitar virtuoso Matthew Fagan are heading out on
the road again, for a whirlwind tour of Victoria in May 2017
"Street of Dreams" : music, magic and comedy show, is a new collaboration between Mic
Conway and 10-string Spanish guitarist virtuoso Matthew Fagan. Conway and
Fagan play hilarious and quirky tunes that make jaws drop, toes tap and sides split.
Featuring some Captain Matchbox favourites and a swag of Conway songs including
"Jug Band Man" which was featured on Spicks and Specks. "Street of Dreams" is surreal
vaudeville with a sense of humour.
Recently returned from four weeks in Germany, Conway toured his own version of
vaudevillian antics to European festivals and venues. This ARIA award winning, Sydney-
based singer, musician, song writer, fire eater, magician, tap dancer, juggler, comedian
and multi-instrumentalist is now joining forces with Matthew Fagan.
Matthew Fagan has recently returned from a very successful intrastate return tour to
Adelaide with a season at the Adelaide Fringe with his show Lord of the Strings! Matthew
received two great 4 star reviews.
Audiences who know Conway as frontman of Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band or
as a founding member of Circus Oz will be delighted by this duo incarnation.
There's juggling, illusion, cavorting and Conway's trademark tongue-in-cheek humour ...
It's surreal vaudeville for crooning and swooning.
Born into a family of vaudevillians and opera singers, Conway's life as an entertainer
began in the 1970s as lead singer in Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band. Wearing several
hats, Conway he is now the leader of the 5-piece jug and blues act Mic Conway's
National Junk Band (which headlined at the Huon Valley Winter Fest last year), and is a
long-term children's entertainer, touring his extraordinary one man shows to over 200
schools and community events across Australia each year.
A favourite at folk, blues and Ukulele festivals, in 2011 Conway was awarded Artist
of the Year by Port Fairy Folk Festival.
His duo show with Matthew Fagan is not to be missed!
Matthew has toured with international celebrities Natalie Cole, The Original Buena Vista
Social Club, Billy Connolly, Shirley Bassey and Michael Crawford . The 53 night tour with
Billy Connolly was so successful that Billy presented Matthew with one of his prize banjos
at the end of the tour and was quoted saying
"Matthew is the best guest artist I have ever toured with." Billy Connolly
_____________________________________________________________________________ talking heads page 19

IGA Proudly Supporting

your local BARWON HEADS
CFA Volunteer 5254 2525
Firefighters 8am to 8pm 7 days a week
Free Home Delivery


As the leaves continue to fall to
the ground, the days get shorter
and the nights cooler it's time to start
thinking about hot soups, lamb shanks and
cosy nights by the fire with a glass of good
red wine.
And that means there are a few things we need to be aware of
around the home. The Barwon Heads Fire Brigade attends
many calls to house fires, the majority of which are preventable.
We urge you to keep yourself fire safe by checking and
maintaining fireplaces, chimneys, fireboxes and flues.
In addition, here are some common sense guidelines to keep
your home safe this winter:
Never leave cooking unattended
Keep tea towels and pot holders away from the stove
Keep a fire blanket in the kitchen
Keep clothes, toys and curtains at least one metre
from heaters
Make sure heaters and the dryer are off before going to bed or heading out

Chimneys can become clogged with dust, soot and debris, so have a chimney sweep clean your
chimney before you light a fire for the first time
Keep a fire screen in front of an open fire at all times
Keep matches and lighters away from children
Riversholme Ltd offers professional, prompt and
Never overload powerboards local help with Home and Business IT systems.
Replace faulty appliances immediately
s Repairs, upgrades and new computers
And make sure you changed your fire alarm batteries. s Expert and qualified tuition
We were proud to be part of the ANZAC Day activities in Barwon Heads on Tuesday 25 April, marching in s Data protection & backup
the parade. In stopping to reflect on the significance of ANZAC Day and the contribution of those who s Internet and web
volunteered and fought for our country, we also acknowledge and thank all those who volunteer their time s Anti-virus
to make our local community a great place to live. s Intel server specialists
We have a Facebook page informing you of local community safety events and insights to what the Brigade s Network & phone cabling
is up to. Make sure you jump on and give us a like to follow what we are up to! s IT planning & policy for business
The Barwon Heads Fire Brigade is seeking new members. 50 CARR STREET BARWON HEADS
If you are interested in learning new skills, meeting new people and being part of a team that
contributes to the safety of our community, please call Captain Helen Wood on 0438 507 273, or
Phone: 5254 2101
email Secretary Kira Crawford Brooks on

Book the Bellarine Great Ocean Stays

Andrew, Meryll & Rachel Smith Proud winner of the 2016 award -
Quality homes wanted in Barwon Heads and Accessible Business at the
Pt. Lonsdale for Holiday Rentals Geelong Business Excellence Awards.
We now have waiting lists of guests for summer Studio/1br/2br/3br/4br Jump on board! Contact us to discuss
requests in these areas. 4.5 AAA Rated (Green Star)
Barwon Grove Holiday Rentals holiday rental & business listings.
Holiday Accommodation
1/25 Wallington Road, Ocean Grove3226 0403 515605
03 5255 4676 mobile 0412 102 145 Ph: 03 5254 1066 / 0417 543336
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Marvelous Music In May LOCAL MARKETS

a Huge Success || =Barwon Headsl
Last Saturday 9am - 1pm
LOcean Grove- Kingston Park l
1st Sunday 9am - 1pm
l Pt. Lonsdale l
at Pt Lonsdale Primary School
2nd Sunday 9am - 2pm
l Drysdale at Recreation Reserve
3rd Sunday 9am - 1pm
what's cooking at l Portarlington at Newcombe St l
(Opp Port Hotel)

the lobster pot? 1st Saturday 9am - 2pm

Shades of Grey b
l Queenscliff at Princes Park l
Last Sat Sept to May

With daylight dwindling daily and sickly Remember to take your baskets,
cloth or hession bags or your jeep to
sunlight struggling to reach us, a persistent save our communities from the curse of
gloom seeps all around and the warm, the plastic bag invasion
carefree days of summer are becoming just a
memory. The crowds of visitors have gone too
leaving only a few rugged-up street strollers
and coffee connoisseurs. At the Lobster Pot
the steady stream of sunburnt holiday makers
BARWON HEADS buy sell swap & tell
has dwindled to just an occasional visit from
school and tour groups. An air of peace and
quiet prevails. That's just how the fish tank President - Sandra Gatehouse
residents seem to prefer their home. The
Friends of the Lobster Pot, always in tune with
the seasons, are ready for some rest,
PLAYGROUP Meet @The Senior Citizens Hall
3rd Monday in Month @ 7pm
All welcome
relaxation and reflection. After saying hello and Wednesday 9-11am
then farewell to over 2,000 summer visitors during school terms. BARWON HEADS
and enlightening them about the natural and TRADERS & TOURISM
cultural stories of our river estuary in between, Multi purpose room Bop President-Bernard Napthine
a break is well deserved. There is now time to 5254 2312
reflect on the past opening season and make
Bop Karrong
plans for improvement and renewal for next Relaxed Non structured GIRL GUIDES VICTORIA
summer. Until then visits to the Lobster Pot (or Helen Carruthers 5254 1299
Barwon Estuary Heritage Centre as it is Playgroup for all
popularly known) can be arranged through Pre school children
Barwon Coast. If you are a person with a little BARWON HEADS
spare time and interest in the natural and All welcome SUSTAINABILITY GROUP
cultural heritage of the Barwon Estuary you Community Arts Garden
should consider becoming part of the Friends
BYO snack John Burke 5254-1921.
of the Lobster Pot. (Please avoid nuts and
Please contact the group through Barwon Coast.
Visit the office or call Maddie Glynn (52541118). I'm President -John McIntosh
feeling weary so I think a good snooze would be 0422 816 766
just right.
Contact Email-
Good night!
Rob Kuebler
Ph 0410710510 President - Jon Duthie
5254 2626
Bec Dalton Ph 0407688967
Old Interesting Stuff
Antiques, Furniture, Art Deco, Books,
Collectables, Surfboards,
Household Goods
We buy single items or house lots.
Call Peter Summers at
How Bazaar 5278 5453
Margaret 0419 350 103 0416 119240 talking heads page 21


Winner of the Raffle Quilt, was Ann Roberts -
ticket no. 12838. Winner of second prize,
quilt, was Marion Hardwick, ticket no. 13260.
Winner of "Guess the no. of blocks" was Greg
Carruthers. 387. ( correct no. was 389 -
closest to.)
Winner of "Viewer's Choice was Jennie
Winner of Children's quilt - "Guess the name
of the Lemur" winning name was "King
Julian." won by Jaiden.

Letter to CoGG prior to council 2011 population Barwon Heads ABS estimate 3540 regard?
meeting Wednesday 26th April 2016 census ABS estimate 4424 (If this is correct the What is the reason given for justification to close
Dear Mr Dorling and Mr Luxford population increase from 2011-2016 is approximately library?
I am most concerned by the suggestion that the double that from 2006-2011) Who
withthis decision? What
a backpack of considerations were
the sensor variety
Barwon Heads library is likely to be closed. I Imagine that people in Breamlea/Connewarre area taken into account such as benefit to community or is it
I am a Barwon Heads permanent resident and first also use Barwon Heads Library. purely a financial decision?
became aware of this when I read it in the last few Barwon Heads is a growing area even though it isnt a If it is purely economic this is regrettable in this day
days in the Geelong Advertiser. designated growth area. and age.
I consider that the library is a very valuable community Queenscliff/Point Lonsdale dont appear to be.. Poor planning if resources (money) being taken from
asset which is used by people of all ages and all one area in order to service new areas such as
efforts should be made to retain it for the benefit of the Barwon Heads Primary has an enrolment mentioned
Warralilly/ Armstrong Creek
Barwon Heads community and those in surrounding on the web as somewhere in the vicinity of 400
children. Why was it necessary to spend so much on the
areas. Geelong Library?
Any intention to close the library should be delayed More families moving here =more children= children
need libraries/ library should be retained for their Who decided that this form of building was necessary?
until the community has time to be fully informed of the
rationale behind this suggestion and has the future. Personally I dont like it much. It isnt an inviting place
opportunity to comment. This is not a good decision. Why isnt the library valued as a resource for them and to go to.
for the wider community by those who make Photo:
Articles onSecret Garden
the internet discussing value of libraries.
I understand that the closure of the library will be
discussed at a meeting of the administrators this decisions?
Libraries should be considered in a broad context
evening. At a time when Ocean Grove is growing rapidly and including worth and benefit to the community. This
No decision should be made this evening. designated as a growth area into the future, use of the worth is inestimable.
library facilities there will only increase placing
I have listed a few points below which are a pressure on that facility. Before any closure of library is decided the Barwon
comparison of other libraries in the area and points Heads community needs an opportunity to be fully
which I consider are worthy of your consideration. On this basis alone the BH library should remain open informed and to have a say.
and be improved rather than shut down in order to
Queenscliff library opening hours: ease the pressure on Ocean Grove. Existing facilities such as this library should be valued
as community assets.
Mon 1.30-5 ; Tues 1.30-5; Wed 10-5 ; Thurs 10-5 The sign on Barwon Heads library is Barwon Heads
Community Library Rather than closing it down it should be recognized as
Fri 10-5; Sat 9.30-12 a valuable part of the community and its offerings
2011 ABS estimate Census combined population of How is it that there has been no consultation with the should be enhanced.
Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale as 3884 community/no real opportunity for people to be made
aware of intended closure/ lack of real opportunity to Kind regards
Estimate for 2016 census would indicate very little have their say. Mandy Bridges
Why is it that the communitys view is given so little
_______________________________________________________________________ Barwon Heads

ocean grove
blinds & awnings
67 madeley street

ph: 5256 3668

Design and Construct fax:5256 2668 BLINDS ON YARRA

55 yarra st geelong
Will Gordon
DB-U29460 ph: 5229 2880
mobile 0414 354 079


Nick Heyward
Ph: 0412 121 906
Fax: 5254 2274
All Aspects of Building & Construction
Architectural New Homes & Additions
P.O.Box 1075 Barwon Heads 3227
The Directory
page 22 talking heads

0416 119240

Animal Rescue (Jirrahlinga) 5254 2484 Damien Mason Carpenter 0417 8911 22
Police 5256 2698 David Cole 5254 1657/0419 118221
Barwon Heads Fire Brigade Secretary/Admin. Enquiries 0401 231 753 Reliable Carpenter. Loves small jobs. Call Mick 0405 484 344
Ocean Grove Fire Brigade 5255 1746 CARPET & TILE CLEANING
Barwon Water 5226 2500 Barwon Carpet Cleaning All areas 7 days 0428 502 670
CLUBS & ORGANISATIONS F & G Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaning Geoff Stanley 0428 520 525/5250 1845
1st Barwon Heads Scout Group 5251 2210 CARPET REPAIRS & RE-STRETCHING
13th Beach Golf Academy & Public Driving range 5254 2622 Kim Brasiers Carpet Service 5254 2857/ 0418 376 820
Barwon Grove Golf Club (The Tin Shed) 5254 2826
Barwon Heads Association Pres. Sandy Gatehouse 5254 1654 CHIROPRACTOR
Barwon Heads Bowling Club 18 Geelong Road. 5254 3124 Bellarine Chiropractic 14 Tuckfield Street Ocean Grove 5255 2200/0402 115185
Barwon Heads Community Hall FOR HIRE CLEANERS Tri ama Cleaning Services Tracey 0412 135 866
Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden
Barwon Heads Film Society
call Judy 5254 1034
Alex 5254 1139
Leigh No fix, no fee. I will come to you. 50+ a speciality. 0439024870
Barwon Heads Fine Music Society Inc. contact Jenny Wallace Smith 5254 2580
Riversholme P/L 5254 2101
INC. Barwon Heads Chorale Contact Jo 5254 2670
Barwon Heads Football & Netball Club 5254 2675 COOLROOM HIRE (MOBILE)
Barwon Heads Heritage Group (Part of BHA) Richard Hastings 5254 2621 B & C Coolroom Hire 5254 2051
Barwon Heads Red Cross 5254 1128 DENTAL CLINIC
Barwon Heads Senior Citizens Club 5254 2003 Ocean Breeze - Trak Arcade 73 The Terrace Ocean Grove 5255 2584
Barwon Heads Tennis Club 5256 1527
Barwon Heads 13th Beach Surf Life Saving Club 5254 2469 DENTURE CLINIC
Bellarine for Refugees Group contact Margaret 0419 323 166 Coastal Dentures Andrew Irving 79 The Parade OG 5255 4700
Ocean Grove Bridge Club Marcus Hill 5256 2550 DIETITIAN Steve Sowden
Claire Dagley Dietician @ The Heads 2/76 Hitchcock Ave. 5254 1100
Barwon Heads Caravan Park Ewing Blythe Drive Barwon Heads 5254 1115 Surfcoast Dog Grooming Ocean Grove 5255 1336
Barwon Grove Holiday Rentals 0412 102 145 / 5255 4676
Ocean Grove Holiday Rentals 0403 515 605 ELECTRICIANS / ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES
Lauras Beach Houses Jetty Rd Barwon Heads 5254 1115 Brendon Brice Electrical Phones/Data 0416 165 855 1-7 Geelong Rd Barwon Heads 5254 1066 Green Lead Electrical Martin 0467 097 101
The Nook 1 bedroom cottage, private get away near river 0400 871 073 Mick Leverett - Electrician 0435 418 704
Thirteenth Electrical 0419 705 313
ACCOUNTING & FINANCIAL SERVICES Warren Jankowski Electrical 0404 163 609
PFG Financial Services 4/50 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads 5255 9555
Ocean Grove Accounting & Taxation Services Luke Joyce 5256 2815
AGM Fencing 0425 715 373
B & C Air conditioning, Installations, Breakdown & Service 0418 827 642
Bowen Therapy Andrea Neale 0407 794 087
ANTENNAS Ocean Grove Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture 5255 2905 / 0432 961 910
Point Lonsdale Television 0411 490 430, (03)5258 2068 Barwon Heads Massage, Seaside Serenity, Daryl Wilkie 0403956900
Irons McDuff Architecture 5254 1337/ 0404 041 337 FLY Screening Solutions - Insect screens & doors; Security doors 0408 699 690
Ros & Smith Architects + Planners 5254 2789 / 0427 012196
Victoria Hamer Architects 0408 990 929
ART ________________________________________________________
ArtsKool @ Kazworks Adults & Kids Art Classes 0437 582772
Seaview Gallery ~ Queenscliff ~ Contemporary & Traditional Art & Glass 5258 3645
Jirrahlinga Wildlife Centre Taits Rd Barwon Heads 5254 2484
Barwon Heads Community Bank 70 Hitchcock Avenue 03 5254 1700
Skin and Soul Aesthetics 1st Floor 51 Hitchcock Ave. 0411 727 930
Billys Bins 2,3,4 & 6m
0418 385 667
Homes by Chapman. HIA AWARD Winning Builders. 0414752159
Jardine Homes Design & Construct Will Gordon 0414 354 079
Jason ONeill Builder Spec. in Environ. Sustainable Homes 0419 393 173
ReKooporations Building Services- renovations, bathrooms & more 0418 357092
Barwon Orange 60 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads
Beachhouse Barwon Heads 48 Hitchcock Ave.
Hanoi Kitchen Cnr. Bridge/Hitchcock
5254 1090
5254 3376
420 205 25
Get on Board
Mangroves cnr. Hitchcock Ave/Bridge Rd Barwon Heads 5254 2468
Starfish Bakery 78 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads 5254 2772
CARPENTRY & HOME MAINTENANCE 5254 1878 / 0416 119240
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Bellarine Flooring 9 Sykes Place O.Grove 5255 2044 Physio @ The Heads Wayne Clarke 2/76 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads 5254 1100
Frith 58 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads 5254 1811 Jeanius Graphics 50 Carr St. Barwon Heads 5254 2101 / 0419 588 069
Hair Dudes- Mens 84b Hitchcock Ave. B.Heads 5254 1933 Plaster patching / small jobs - Paul Rouhan 0458005623
Kylie Curcio Hair Stylist 66 Hitchcock Avenue Barwon Heads 5254 1705/ 0408 036 383 PLUMBERS
Melissa Connoley Hairdressing, Make Up, Beauty 0432 187 767 Davis Plumbing P/L 0419 504 085 / 0421 814 669
HANDYMAN K2 Plumbing New, re-roof & repair specialists Kerry 0402 071 093
Barwon Heads Handyman Experienced and problem solving 0422 340805 PODIATRY
Nick Gilbert My Handyman for all those little jobs. 52543186 / 0411 225 516 Kim Nankivell 13th Beach Osteopathy & Health Services Barwon Heads 5254 2668
INTERIOR DESIGN Podiatry @ The Heads Lizzy Ryan 2/76 Hitchcock Ave 5254 1100
Newbold Interior Design decorating and styling for new homes, renovations POST OFFICE
and makeovers Sarah 0407 008 813 Barwon Heads Next to the Community Bank 5254 2319
Pip Interiors- Interior Design, Colour Consulting & Custom Made Blinds 0425 710 784
Concept Psychology Services. Suzanne Brown, Clinical Neuropsychologist. 0488 992721
Green Steam Ironing & Laundry facilities 7 Smithton Grove OG 0424 051735
Prompt same day clearance Mobile Ph. 0476 277 423
Bellarine Black Diamond Garden Service 0429 990 850 The Rubbish Guy Hank 0419 518 523
KR Garden Care Mowing, pruning, mulching. Barwon Heads 0427 265 852/5254 3160
Sylont Watching Service 0419 529 623
Coulter Roache 4/50 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads 5254 1877
Jeannette Ernst/Licensed Conveyancer 0407 726 260 SELF DEFENCE
Whyte Just & Moore 1/50 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads (03) 5222 2077 Ju-Jitsu Self Defence 0416 074 227
Lastys Mobile Mechanic Unit 2/168-170 Fyans st South Geelong Darren 0409 955768 Caravan, boat etc - storage barwon heads rd Connewarre ph. 0418524451
Bellarine Mower Service 48 Grubb Rd. Ocean Grove 5255 2432 / 0407 045652 Ocean Grove Travel 63a The Terrace Ocean Grove 5255 4422
MUSIC Travel With a Difference Tremont Court B H. 5254 1279
Pian/keyboard lessons with Deb Podbury in Barwon Heads 0432 544 079 WEB DESIGN
OPTOMETRY Studio Paradiso 0406 636 201
Greg Sly Optometrist 87 The Parade Ocean Grove 5256 1295 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOING
Ocean Eyes Optometrists 2 Park Lane, 99 Presidents Ave. O/Grove 5255 5655 Gary Priests Photo & Video Wedding Package $1195 ph. 0417 121 702
13th Beach Osteopathy & Health Services 1/86 Hitchcock Ave. B/Heads 5254 2668 Frenchys Coastal Glazing, all glazing, mirrors, frameless shower screens and more 0448541221
Osteopathy at Barwon Heads Geelong Osteopathic & Healthcare Clinic 5229 8021 Ocean Grove Blinds and Awnings 67 Madeley St. Ocean Grove 5256 3668
Colourman Painting James Long 0407 415541 Peter Macmillan 5258 4248 & 0415 493 302
Steve & Cathy Flynn Painter & Decorator 52555667 / 04111 26291
Barwon Heads Winestore Wine, beer, cider, spirits & more 2/86 Hitchcock Ave. 5254 2741
Jirrahlinga Taits Road Barwon Heads 5254 2484
Kyo Yoga Garden Studio or Kyo Hub 0438 562 723
Rachael Hely Yoga 0430 515 424

Darren Last
Independant Mercedes Benz Specialist
M. 0409 955 768 P. 5222 3010
Unit 2, Rear of 168-170 Fyans St. Sth Geelong
Pick up and delivery of motor vehicle for service or repair
from Barwon Heads can be arranged ARC AU No: Au36554

Barwon Heads Chorale

3 Singing in the Rain

Anzac Day 2017
Photo- Sandy Goddard

BINS BIZZY BARKERS Ocean Grove Accounting

& Taxation Services
Billys Bins Domestic & Commercial & SELF MANAGED SUPERANNUATION FUND
Crane Hire also available SPECIALISTS
& FREE Car & Scrap Metal Removal
*Conds. apply Trish Temple Phone 03 5256 2815
0418 385 667 80 The Avenue Ocean Grove 3226
* All major credit cards accepted Mobile: 0414 583 708
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Autumn Colouring
Sponsored by STRUMPET

To win a prize -Colour in then take your April entries into the Post Office
NICE ______________________________________________________________


At the Barwon Heads Community Hall
7:45pm 25 May
Women He's Undressed
(2015) Aust (PG)
Members and visitors welcome. Visit
or find us on facebook
A cinema length documentary that
explores the life of Australias most prolific
costume designer and 3 time Oscar
winner. Until now Orry-Kelly has been
unacknowledged in his country of birth
and pretty well forgotten in the adopted
country of his greatest success. He
designed for the stars like Marilyn
Munroe, Bette Davis, Humphrey
Bogart, Rosalind Russell, Errol Flynn
and many more
talking heads page 25

Putting a lot about cricket on paper in
May is tricky. Especially with no touring
happening at the moment, and not a lot of
news on the local scene. The BHCC is in
full recess, but keep in mind our Annual
General Meeting date set as May 26 . The
Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden venue is TBA so keep your eye on social
media for that.
2017 Tour of Geelong Botanical Gardens At the moment there's a few of us following the
local footy team's fortunes and we're all meeting
fortnightly with the fine gentle folk of the town to dispense
officiating advice to the umpires and choosing a player or
The Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden has organised a guided walking two from the opposition to assist with his play for the day.
tour of Geelong Botanical Gardens on Tuesday, May 23rd at 11 a.m. Footy is a game where the interaction with the
gladiators on the field of play is far more common than
We will hear about the history and design of the garden. the cricket field and a little less refined in nature, but it's
usually good natured and mostly humorous or at least
Meet at the BH Community Gardens at 10 a.m. for car sharing travel to Geelong. we think so. It is a great way to vent the frustration of not
If you prefer to drive yourself we will meet at the main entrance of the playing cricket. The Heads have been performing quite
well thus far and that keeps the hill fairly civil, so a nice
Botanical Gardens at 10.45 am. village feel is evident at the moment.
Of course there are some intelligent cricket
There will be a small charge of about $6, depending on numbers. conversations happening as well from time to time, but
keeping intelligent conversation on any issue is for some
After the walk we plan to have lunch at the Tearooms. reason kept to a minimum on the hill. It's a place for
theories and wild assertions and even wilder predictions.
RSVP to Cathie Halliday: email
There'll be more cricket news emanating
by Friday May 19th. from the AGM so keep an eye here next month for more.
Mean time, I'll see yous on the hill.
You may like to visit the gbg site to see what is in store. Go to Matt Dunell
bbbbbbb when instead of creating that good impression
something really embarrassing happens that has the
during the ride I got a trickle of anecdotes of how different
riders had also 'done it'.
As the weather starts to cool down, things are opposite effect. Well That. So here I am, a couple of months in and I find myself
heating up around the BHCC. We recently The story goes like this. waking up early and looking forward to a morning
had our super exciting AGM. A few weeks We are new to Barwon Heads and therefore to Talking peddle. I still feel a tad awkward clunking around in bike
ago, we raised over $400 for Give Where Heads. We found it (TH) a great way to learn about the shoes and skin tight kit, but when in Rome
community we had chosen to call home and among lots And it really is a great bunch of people. I've started to
You Live at the Festival of the Sea of other things we read about a bunch of people who learn a whole new set of jargon and have been part of
smoothie stand. And, surprisingly, we have even called themselves the Barwon Heads Cycling Club. serious discussions about how to ride well and what it
been riding our bikes in the morning. Thank goodness Seemed like they had fun riding their bikes. means to be a community oriented club. I've already
that the clocks have changed so it's not as dark in the And then we discovered that some of our neighbours seen people go out of their way to be there for each other
early hours of the day. However, we know that it won't were part of this lycra brigade. Now you've got to and experienced how morning exercise can be
last for long. Here come the cold, dark and wet mornings understand that I'm one of those blokes who swore peppered with some meaningful dialogue, even though I
when the BHCC become excellent at sleeping in. never to be seen in tights, and I certainly would not be of tend to be too puffed to talk in more than half sentences.
Annual General Meeting the kind that took over large sections of cafes while
The AGM was held at the Tin Shed a couple of weeks respectable folk tried to pretend they weren't there. If you too are a new rider who is interested in joining the
ago. Out with the old and in with the new is the moto for But then Lawrie loaned me his bike and I found myself club but have wondered if it is 'too fast or too serious' or
the BHCC this month. So, the whole committee was peddling along Thirteenth Beach over summer. And have never found a big enough incentive to turn up to the
sacked. Not any good and past their prime. Such a then, from deep in his garage my brother-in-law CFA at 5:45am even though you have wanted to, send
terrible job they did last year, one rider was heard to retrieves, dusts off, and gives me his unlikely-ever-to- me a message (0488 888 265 / and
say. So, a new committee was elected. President be-ridden-again treadlie. And Graeme convinces me to I'd be glad to help you try it out. I'll happily ride at the back
Graeme. Vice Dean. Lawrie the Secretary. Treasurer join the morning ride. And so it is with my 'new bike' that I with you like others have done with me. Get some
Damo. And some other positions with fancy names that I finally summon the courage to get out of bed at rude exercise and hang out with good people all at the same
can't remember are held by Hysen and Shane. Good o'clock and ride around to the CFA to go on my first ever time. That's a win in my books.
luck to the new committee and remember, if you aren't group ride. I was assured they were nice (mainly)
sure what to do, look at Damien's fancy flow chart blokes, but I was still a bit apprehensive. That's all the news for this month. As we are heading into
straight from the consultant's handbook. One thing that I ride around the back of the group to take my place on winter, the going gets tough but the tough get going.
has been noted, since the change of leadership, the the right hand end of the line except that my new Bearing that in mind, as usual, the numbers will decline
new committee members have rarely been spotted peddles and matching cleats were a bit stiff and instead for morning rides as the doona becomes even more
riding. Perhaps they are too busy organising all the of gracefully pulling up and introducing myself I inviting.
organising for the organisation. Who can tell? overbalance sideways, find myself laying on the Happy and safe cycling. Andy McNeilly
Some Words from a New Rider concrete with my legs tangled in the bike. I wave
You know that thing where you want to make a good
impression when you meet new people. And you know
sheepishly, 'G'day guys, I'm Col. So much for those first
impressions. No one laughed, at least out loud. Instead bbbbbbb
page 26

opposed to the recommendation. Our individuals but the Barwon Heads
meeting on Monday night passed a motion to community, and it is united.
retain and grow the library to reflect our Brett Luxford tried to deflect our concerns
current and growing needs. as follows:
Attention: Ms Kathy Alexander We understand that a draft Barwon Heads We understand that there may be
Chairperson, City of Greater Geelong Structure Plan will be released in June. disappointment and will be very willing to
Administrators How can the library closure be justified at follow up with concerned community
Dear Ms Alexander this stage when the future of the town is members to look at what alternatives may
currently being discussed and planned. Is be available.
Closure of Barwon Heads Library request this another example that the structure
for further consultation and proper This is a threat to our sense of community
planning process is a waste of our and ignores why we all live here.
engagement communities time?
The Barwon Heads Association has over The Barwon Heads community will be
We seek further time for proper consultation braving the horrible weather predicted for
200 active members. We have close and discussion so that a proper plan can be
relationships with other community groups tonight to attend your meeting as a
prepared for the Barwon Heads Library and statement of community support for the
especially the Barwon Heads Senior its future. We want to be involved in
Citizens, the Save Barwon Heads Alliance, library. We look forward to a constructive
planning this process so that it reflects our consultation process and further
the Traders, the Barwon Heads Arts community needs, and doesnt just result in
Council, the Primary school and the Scouts. discussions.
ticking another CoGG box.
We are a growing population and pay All the best
significant rates to the City of Greater We were all amazed and many angered by
the dear community letter we received Sandra Gatehouse
from Brett Luxford; it confirmed all our President
We are surprised by the timing of the fears of our coastal town disappearing into
recommendation on tonights paper to close Barwon Heads Association
the great Geelong mass. This is not about
the Barwon Heads library, and are strongly
The Seagulls
Basketball Club had a
great end to the
summer season.
We had 6 teams make it to the grand
final! The Seagull Greys are our
most senior team of players and
consist of our President and our Treasurer! They have been lucky enough to have
been victorious in the past. But unfortunately they didn't come away with the
winning trophy this time, going down to the Geri Hat Tricks.

The most nail biting game by far was when White took on Dynamite.
These U14 boys battled it out to the very last second on the clock!
This was a game of drama, intensity and determination. But when the final siren
sounded it was a 1-point loss. Seagulls White 46 - Dynamite 47.
You would've thought they were winners from the Photo! Such a fantastic positive
attitude boys.
Well Done!

Great job to Pink, Lilac and Lime for also making to the Grand Final!

Go girls!
But the big winner was Jade. These U12 girls took on The Shooting Stars and proved
to be the clear winners on the day and now hold the Summer 16/17 Premiership
medals around their necks! Well Done Jade.

It will be exciting to see what the Winter Season holds. Games have already
commenced. Watch out for our 3 new Seagull rep teams, Under 14 Boys, Under 12
Girls and Under 12 Boys. They will be playing in the Geelong league for the very first
- MMcEvoy
Photos ~ Sandy Goddard Bird Photos ~ Martin Griffith
Sandy Gatehouse (Pres.BHA)
with local residents Austin Patterson, Chris Bowly New, Re-Roof and Repair Specialists

Kerry: 0402 071 093

All jobs big and small
Same day service
25 years local experience
Bellarine Peninsula
Plumbing Service

L to R- Rod Thomas, COGG Environment Unit, 0418 521 352

Margaret Griffith, Barwon Estuary Project Coordinator,
Sandy Muratti, COGG Arts & Culture Unit

KelvinHarris, Environment Coordinator,

Barwon Heads Primary School

Brendon Brice Electrical Pty Ltd

* All electrical Work * Phone & Internet Points
* Free Quotes * TV Points
* Split System Air Conditioning * Safety Switches
* Domestic & Commercial * Stove & Hot Water
* Installation & Maintenance
* Computer Network Cabling
All Work Covered by a Certificate of Safety
Pres. Friends of the Bluff~ Jon Duthie Mobile: 0416 165 855
page 28 page 03-5254 1878 0416 119240


The Tin Shed held its
Annual Good Friday
Auction and family
event, raising

or the Royal Children's Hospital
Good Friday Appeal.
Local businesses and residents
generously donated goods and
services that were auctioned off
on the day.
The huge crowd enjoyed bidding
on both traditional and silent
auctions, ate scrumptious
Roam'n Wood Fired Pizza's and
enjoyed music from soloist Ben
Dew. Meanwhile, the children
were entertained with face
painting, balloon twisting, a
jumping castle and egg hunt
activities. Marnie Stephens


The Barwon Heads Community Bank is calling for
applications for the next round of funding.
Application Periods.
January 1st to March 31st Grants announced in
June 1st to August. 31st. Grants announced in
The Bank has delivered over $135,000 to the local
community since opening.
To apply visit the Branch or apply online at