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Appendix D

Towson University

Classroom Observation

Intern: Amanda Smid Date: April 4, 2017

Time: 1:00
School: Patterson Mill Middle/High School Class
Grade: 6-8 Size: 6 students
Mentor: Megan Avampato SubjectSocialStudies

Observed Observed N
Planning Progres A
Lesson is aligned with appropriate content standard and indicator. X
Lesson is aligned with appropriate InTASC principle. X
Lesson objective identifies intended learning. X
Lesson objective is worded in student terms. X
Formative assessment is directly aligned with the objective. X
Instructional materials are attractive and readily available. X
The objectives were appropriate for all content standards, indicators and InTASC principles. (CCSS. ELA-Literacy L-8.4 and 8.6)
Students will read a presented schedule in order to accurately answer questions about the schedule.
Students will use school vocabulary and clear handwriting in order to write a personal schedule in he blank schedule provided.
Students demonstrate adequate prior knowledge to be successful learners. X
Grouping techniques are appropriate for intended learning. X
The class consisted of 6 students, 1 teacher, 1 intern and 3 adult assistants.
Connections are made between students experiences and the new learning. X
Strategies are used to promote excitement and stimulate thinking. X
Positive reinforcement is used when appropriate. X
The students were able to follow along the lesson by viewing a colorful slide on the screen. This was taken from Unique Learning Curriculum-
Economy Getting a job.
An appropriate review/drill/warm-up/motivation is conducted. X
Objective is posted, shared with students, discussed and clarified as needed. X
Instructional activities are meaningful and relate to the objective. X
Instructional activities are appropriately sequenced. X
Instructional activities are varied to address different learning styles. X
There is a balance between teacher-directed and student-centered learning experiences. X
Students are actively engaged during instruction. X
Teacher/student modeling sequence is appropriate to intended learning. X
Expectations/standards for student work are clearly communicated. X
Class begins and ends on time. X
Pacing is appropriate and adjusted based on student feedback. X
Transitions between activities are efficient and effective. X
Levels of questions are varied and support the objective. X
Content is accurate. X
Instruction makes cross-curricular connections (as appropriate) X
Instruction integrates the use of technology (as appropriate). X
Homework assignment is appropriate. X
Class started by asking the student what color folder they need to retrieve. (orange- social studies)
The students understand the routine of the class.
On the screen was a sample student schedule.
The term schedule was discussed. Questions about the schedule were asked of the students.
The students came up to the board and answered questions about the schedule individually.

The class reviewed Ms. Smids schedule. Homeroom, planning, science, ELA, Math, ELA and lunch, Social Studies and Planning.

Independent / guided work included the students completing an individual schedule.

The students were guided as the common parts of the class schedule were shown on the screen. (homeroom and social studies) The adults helped
the students complete the rest of their schedule. Each of the students had a different schedule. The students were asked individually what class
they had and what order they were in. The students were given samples / models of the classes to be traced / copied on their schedule. For some
students, hand over hand accommodation was needed to complete the schedule.

Good balance between teacher directed and student centered work.

The students handed in their schedules. The schedules were read and the students had to raise their hand if it was their schedule.

Observed In Progress Observed NA

Assessing Student Learning/Differentiation

Student data (as available) is used to inform instructional decisions. X
Informal assessment strategies are utilized throughout the lesson. X
Instruction is adjusted based on informal assessments of student understanding. X
Instructional modifications (interventions/enrichment) are provided and based on needs of X
Students practice new learning independently. X
Formative assessment is completed during the class period. X
Future instructional planning is based on formative data (Post observation discussion). X
The interactive board was available for student view to follow along the lesson.
The students were given a copy of the teachers schedule and a blank schedule to complete.
The students were given a visual sample schedule and questions to answer about the sample schedule.
Highlighters and line spacers were distributed to the appropriate students.
Students were given samples / models of their classes to be copied / traced onto their schedule.
Summary provides connections to past and/or future lessons. X
Students demonstrate, reflect and evaluate attainment of the objective. X
As the assessment the students will answer questions about the sample schedule and complete their individual schedule.
The students were given a 5 minute break in the middle of the lesson.

Student behavior is managed effectively. X
A positive and supportive atmosphere is maintained. X
Classroom routines and procedures are evident. X
Appropriate feedback and reinforcement are used consistently. X
Instructional space, equipment, and materials are organized. X
You used positive reinforcement throughout the class. The students responded appropriately and returned to task.
The intern uses correct English. X
The intern demonstrates knowledge of instructional strategies. X
The intern appears sensitive to individual needs and differences. X
The intern uses AV materials and technology appropriately. X
All written materials are clear and legible. X
The intern uses a clear voice, which is appropriately adjusted in volume and inflection. X
The intern uses non-verbal communication effectively. X
Good patience and understanding of the specific individual needs of your students today. The lesson was interactive and of high interest to the
students. They achieved the objective and understood the term schedule.