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Mlayes 1

Muhamed Mlayes


Professor Ingram

1 February 2017

Final Draft

Developing Curiosity Essay

Curiosity is a power, a passion, a will and an excitement to achieve or to do something

that really interests you. Thats how most young people choose their majors at the university or

at least thats how I chose mine. Curiosity can come anytime for example while playing music,

watching movies, reading books or even while studying. This enormous feeling can literally

achieve anything you dream of. In my opinion thats how a lot of people success in their lives

and approach their desires easily. I usually feel curious about several things during my day but

music is the place where my curiosity reaches its peak.

Mlayes 2

In my mini research report #1 I was required to read something Im curious about so I

talked about how music affects my life and why exactly I chose that music book. I think music is

the international language that everyone can speak. I cant live a single day without closing my

eyes and listen to any song in any genre just to nurture my ears and get that magical feeling. I

feel that music is the legal drugs all over the world. When I was twelve years old, my middle

school had a Halloween party and I remember that there was a small group of classical guitar

players playing some cool songs just to entertain the students; I literally fell in love with the

musical instrument, every single part of it.

When I came back home I started searching for the classical guitar instrument and read a

lot to learn more and more, it felt like curiosity was growing every day in my head just like a

tree. On my thirteenth birthday, my sister bought me the most beautiful gift in my life; she

bought me a brand new classical guitar called Yamaha, I still have it until now. I decided to

follow my interest about music culture and guitars so I started to go to a small music school back

in my country which is Syria to dive deeper and learn more about musics principles in an

academic environment.

I enjoyed every single moment; Ive never felt more curious than learning about music at

school. The first year I started to learn how to read musical notes, how to understand the musics

texture, how different musical instruments play all together in a single orchestra and a lot of
Mlayes 3

interesting topics more than I expected. I spent four years studying in the music school and of

course step by step I learned how to play on classical guitar. I realized that music didnt just born

in one location and then reproduced all over the world, instead it was born everywhere at the

same time but each zone had its own color.

I used to learn Classical Music because thats how music was born and a year after a

year new genres started to come up but still Classical is the original one. For me, music is not

just a hobby, it is life; sometimes I play on my guitar to express what I cant put into words.

Every time I start strumming on my guitars strings I feel incredibly calm and proud to be even a

small part of musics culture. In my opinion, I think that being curious is the golden key to

success because people always skip learning when they dont think its important, Im pretty sure

thats the reason why I keep practicing music until today.

Curiosity gives advantages to anyone who feels it and helps discover the solutions to

most important problems easier and faster. I believe that everyone should follow their hearts and

listen to what their curiosity is calling them for in order to enjoy life and to build a bright future

using their own skills. Finally I would like to say that music has the power to make us smile, and

bring us to all types of tears, I think it can carry us back in time. For all our happiest days, there

is music.