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Benjamin Dial

1104 UWRT
May 4, 2017
Connie Douglas

Dear Reader,

I have been constructing an e-portfolio for my writing class throughout the semester. I

have chosen some work that I have done through the semester to create my portfolio. One piece

of work that I have chosen is my round table essay. I chose this piece of writing because it was a

major assignment for our class and I didnt get the grade I had hoped for. I went in and revised

my essay by adding some more information as well as some statistics. I added more sources to

my writing along with some interviews I had done. Another piece of work that I chose was my

slam poem. I chose this piece of writing because I had put in a lot of thought, time, and creativity

in to it. It is an original piece of work that I could create with information I have gotten

throughout my research. I chose my word cloud as a piece of my portfolio because it was unique

and very creative. I was able to brainstorm words that had to do with my line of inquiry and put

them into the shape of a light bulb. I chose studio four from my daybook as a reflection of some

of my critical thinking skills and my ability to reflect on work from other people. I was able to

think deeply about three videos that we watched in class and give my opinion of the videos. It

was videos of some slam poems to give us ideas on what we should be able to do for a later on

assignment. I chose Letter From a Birmingham Jail as another piece of work that I

accomplished earlier in the semester. I wanted to use this piece of work as an example of where I

started off in class to one of my latest assignments, the round table essay, and how far along I

have come. My line of inquiry questions that was done in my daybook is another piece I have
chosen. This is where I started out with my line of inquiry and also my key points that I focused

on throughout my research. I was able to stay the course of what I was looking for in my

research. I chose definitions in my daybook that we had done in class to help us get started on

our multi-genre project. I was able to use my critical thinking and creative skills and my own

knowledge of what the word genre means to me. I also gave some certain ideas for types of

genres that we had discussed in class. I have learned a lot this semester in my writing class and

have really improved on my skills to be a good writer. Though I am far from being a good writer,

I am a few steps closer than I use to be.


Benjamin Dial