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I. Report these sentences

1. The man said, “Is your father at home?”
2. The policeman said to the stranger, “Who are you? Where do you come
3. They go to Miami
4. The people are watching the accident
5. The car crush
6. He watches the WWE

II. Report the Following Dialogue:

Customer Can I have a cigarette, please?

Saleswoman Of course, but you cannot smoke here.

Customer What?

Saleswoman Yes sir, smoking is prohibited here.

Customer That’s funny. You sell cigarettes in here, but you prohibit smoking?

Saleswoman (smilingly) We also sell bath towels here, sir.

III.- Choose the correct alternative (elige la alternativa correcta par contar lo que
se dijo)

" Robert said (that)_____________the latest tunes. Were 7. 1. They has to IV." Hannah said (that)____________ in Boston a." Dominic said (that)_______________understand japanese. Doesn´t know b. 4. Didn´t download 5. Don´t b. My boyfriend said he________________ to the cinema. Dominic: "She understands Japanese. They lives 2. Sophia: "Bella doesn't collect stickers." Sophia told me (that)________________collect stickers a." Luke said (that)_______________what to do. Hannah: "They live in Boston. Transform these sentences into reported speech 1." James and David said (that) ____________go now. a. Paul said: "I am going on holidays" Paul said he_________going on holidays . Robert: "Dennis downloads the latest tunes. Lily: "Mr Jones is rude to Samantha. Downloaded b. 6. My boyfriend said: I'll go to the cinema tomorrow. a. She understood b. Geoffrey said: I'm cooking lunch today Geoffrey said he___________________________ lunch 3. a." Lily told me (that) Mr. They had to b. a. Didn´t know 6. Luke: "I don't know what to do. They lived b. a. Jones__________ rude. Didn´t 4. James and David: "We have to go now. Her teacher said: " You do your homework every day" Her teacher said she ______________ her homework every day 5. Was b. Mum said: " I'm angry with you¨ Mum said she___________ angry with me 2. Their father said: " I speak three languages" Their father said he_________ speak three languages. She understanded 3.