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Mayor Lovely Warren Clinches Democratic Party Nomination

(Wednesday, May 3, 2017) -- Mayor Lovely Warren tonight effectively won the nomination of
the Democrat Party in her bid for reelection. Many political pundits believed the deck was
stacked against her in the City Democratic Committees but in vote after vote she prevailed and
won the needed support from rank-and-file City Democratic Committee women and men across
all areas of the city and among a diverse cross-section of voters.

Tonights victory shows that through perseverance, standing up for the people and doing the
right thing you can overcome the odds, said Mayor Warren. I want to thank the individual
members of the city committees who stood up for what was right and stood with me even when
party bosses tried to push a different outcome. This victory, just like our victory four years ago,
is a win for the hardworking residents of Rochester and I will not let them down by continuing to
fight for them and their families.

With her resounding victory in the last committee vote tonight, Mayor Warren has earned
enough votes and support through the committees nominating process to be the endorsed
candidate of the Democratic Party.

Her ability to garner votes from all areas of the city and across different racial, ethnic and other
populations has put her far ahead of her competition and should position her well to take on the
Republican candidate in November or any Democratic opponent in September.

We will continue to run a campaign of inclusion, that welcomes a diverse group of supporters,
that keeps our city on the right track, while also unifying and strengthening the Democratic
Party, said Warren. When you see all the construction and development happening in our
neighborhoods and on Main Street, it is easy to understand the progress we have made over the
last three and a half years and we do not want that progress to stop. Everything we have done
and continue to do is geared toward safer neighborhoods, better educational opportunities and the
creation of more jobs, especially for the residents who need them most.

Now more than ever, it is critical that Democrats unite and take a firm stand against the
dangerous policies of the Trump administration and we can best do that by continuing the work
we have done to make Rochester a bastion of progressive ideas that provides opportunity to all of
our citizens, Warren added.

The Mayor will not officially receive the endorsement until the Democratic Party Convention on
May 18th.


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