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Scott Reese, Director

223 W. Memorial Dr.
Chicago Heights IL 60411
(708) 539-8939

Inside this issue: TASTE OF RECONCILIATION — JULY 25
Taste of Reconciliation 1

Good News Day 1 Please join us for our 8th

annual “Taste of Recon-
Upcoming Events 1 ciliation”. Join hundreds
of Christians from various
Update 2 ethnic backgrounds &
churches as we intention-
School Supplies 2
ally grow in understand-
ing and love for the BODY
 5:00 Free ethnic food, art
displays & games for chil-
Upcoming Events & dren.
Ministry Projects  6:00 p.m. Multicultural
Worship Service & chal-
 July 25 - Taste of
lenge for unity.
 Where? Living Springs
 August 16 - School Community Church, 19051
Supplies due S. Halsted, Glenwood, IL. -
We are very grateful to
 Sept. 18 - Day of their Building Bridges
Kindness Committee for their part-
nership in making this
 Oct. 25 - Candy for
event possible.
Harvest Outreach due
See for details & video
 Nov. 16 - Food for
Thanksgiving due
 Dec. 19 - Christ the
Greatest Gift Toy
GOOD NEWS DAY— prayer breakfast, a chal-
lenge on evangelism, and
On Saturday, April 4
then we passed out wit-
Christ Cares encouraged
nessing material & every-
& empowered churches
one was encouraged to
to share God’s Love on
visit the homes near their
the day before Easter.
church with a gospel wit-
We had nearly 100 attend ness & invitation to Easter
from about a dozen Services. One church cov-
churches. There was a ered over 200 homes!
CHRIST CARES (708) 539-8939
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THANK YOU CRETE Ministry Spotlight - East Hazel Crest Bible Church
For donating your choir
robes - we passed them One of the ministries we
along to the Roseland partner with is East Hazel
Christian R e f o r m ed Crest Bible Church.
Church & they were very
grateful. We also appre- On Wednesday nights dur-
ciate all the snacks that ing the school year we
the kids collected for us bring a van load of chil-
during VBS. This helps us dren for their “Olympian”
immensely in our efforts Program. This is a won-
to share the love of God derful program that in-
to children on a weekly cludes Bible Lessons,
basis. Scripture Memorization,
Service Projects and fun
activities. The children
also loved their VBS pro-
gram. EHCBC also hosted

Update & Prayer Requests

 SPECIAL NEEDS  The Guzaitis & Bult fami- Also please pray for Lavetta,
lies moved to Texas. They who faithfully supports many
 A RCA small wonder digi- of our activities—her son
were key volunteers for
tal camcorder - ours dis- was murdered.
our ministry, involved in
appeared about a half a
year ago - this makes it
our outreach to the Home-  Gallilee Baptist Church, as I
Please visit our website: very easy for us to post a
less Shelter, the monthly help them write a constitu-
men’s Bible Study etc. tion & as they seek a pastor.
weekly video of our activi- Pray that the Lord will
ties on our blog, we would
bless them with just the
 Rev. Sam Williams, a board
like to start doing this member & urban minister
right new church home.
For updates, pictures & again. has some special needs.
 Grieving: the Chinese
video of recent activities,  A snow cone machine  Our Board of Directors has
Church I have been
and prayer requests.  We have an urgent need preaching at the last 20+ asked me to seek counseling
for a $2,900 donation (call years lost a wonderful for Post Traumatic Stress
for details) leader & role model. Mr. due to my unique ministry
Yang was 91 years old. history. Pray for God’s direc-

 Pray that I will stay close to the Lord, do His Will, & be empowered to share His Love.
 Please pray for my girls - Lisa, Katie, Lexi - her new husband David & the baby on the way.


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to us by August 16.
We deeply appreciate this
as you empower us not
only to proclaim God’s love
but also demonstrate it in a
practical way.
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