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Part 1 Fuel gauge

On inclines or curves, due to the move-
OPERATION OF ment of fuel in the tank, the fuel gauge
needle may fluctuate or the low fuel level
INSTRUMENTS AND warning light may come on earlier than
If the fuel tank is completely empty, the
malfunction indicator lamp comes on. Fill
Chapter 1- 5 the fuel tank immediately.
Gauges, Meters and The indicator lamp goes off after driving
several times. If the indicator lamp does
Service reminder not go off, contact your Toyota dealer as
indicators soon as possible.

 Fuel gauge The gauge works when the ignition

switch is on and indicates the approxi-
 Engine coolant temperature
mate quantity of fuel remaining in the
gauge tank.
 Tachometer Nearly fullNeedle at F
Nearly emptyNeedle at E
 Odometer and two trip meters
It is a good idea to keep the tank over
 Service reminder indicators and 1/4 full.
warning buzzers If the fuel level approaches E or the low
fuel level warning light comes on, fill the
fuel tank as soon as possible.


Engine coolant temperature

gauge Tachometer
 Idling for a long period with the air
conditioning on in stop- and- go traffic.
 Towing a trailer
 Do not remove the thermostat in
the engine cooling system as this
may cause the engine to overheat.
The thermostat is designed to con-
trol the flow of coolant to keep the
temperature of the engine within
the specified operating range.
 Do not continue driving with an
The gauge indicates the engine coolant overheated engine. See If your ve- The tachometer indicates engine speed
temperature when the ignition switch is hicle overheats in Part 4. in thousands of rpm (revolutions per
on. The engine operating temperature minute). Use it while driving to select
will vary with changes in weather and correct shift points and to prevent en-
engine load. gine lugging and overrevving.
If the needle moves into the red zone, Driving with the engine running too fast
your engine is too hot. If your vehicle causes excessive engine wear and poor
overheats, stop your vehicle and allow the fuel economy. Remember, in most cases
engine to cool. the slower the engine speed, the greater
Your vehicle may overheat during severe the fuel economy.
operating conditions, such as:
 Driving up a long hill on a hot day.
Do not let the indicator needle get
 Reducing speed or stopping after high
into the red zone. This may cause
speed driving.
severe engine damage.


Service reminder indicators

Odometer and two trip meters and warning buzzers
To change the meter display, quickly
push and release the knob. The meter If the indicator or Do this.
display changes in the order from the buzzer comes on...
odometer to trip meter A to trip meter (a) If parking brake is
B, then back to the odometer each off, stop and check.
time you push.
To reset the trip meter A to zero, dis-
play the meter A reading, then push (b) Fasten seat belts.
and hold the knob until the meter is
set to zero. The same process can be (Indicator and buzzer)
applied for resetting the trip meter B.

(c) Fasten front

passengers seat
This meter displays the odometer and belts.
two trip meters.
1. OdometerIt shows the total distance
the vehicle has been driven. (d) Stop and check.
2. Two trip metersThey show two differ-
ent distances independently driven
since the last time each trip meter was
set to zero. (e) Stop and check.
You can use one trip meter to calculate
the fuel economy and the other to
measure the distance on each trip. All
trip meter data is cancelled if the elec- (f) Take vehicle to
trical power source is disconnected. Toyota dealer.

3. Trip meter reset knobIt can reset the

two trip meters to zero, and also
change the meter display.


(a) Brake System Warning Light

If the indicator or Do this. If the indicator or Do this.
buzzer comes on... buzzer comes on... This light has the following functions:
Parking brake reminder
(l) Shift front drive
If this light is on, make sure the parking
(g) Fill up tank. control lever out of
brake is fully released. The light should
go off.
Low brake fluid level warning
(h) Take vehicle to (m) Stop and check.
(type A) If this light comes on and stays on while
Toyota dealer.
you are driving, slow down and pull off
the road. Then stop the vehicle carefully.
There may be a problem somewhere in
(type B) (n) Add washer fluid. the brake system. Check the fluid level of
the see- through reservoir.
(i) Close all doors. To make sure the parking brake has not
caused the warning light to come on,
check to see that the parking brake is
fully released.
If the brake fluid level is low...
(j) Take vehicle to
Toyota d ealer At a safe place, test your brakes by start-
immediately. ing and stopping.
 If you judge that the brakes still work
adequately, drive cautiously to your
(k) Key reminder Remove key. nearest dealer or shop for repairs.
buzzer  If the brakes are not working, have the
vehicle towed in for repairs. (For tow-
ing information, see Part 4.)


If luggage load is placed on the front (e) Low Oil Pressure Warning Light
CAUTION passenger seat, depending on its weight This light warns that the engine oil pres-
and how it is placed on the seat, built- in sure is too low.
It is dangerous to continue driving sensors in the seat cushion may detect
normally when the brake fluid level is the pressure, causing the reminder light to If it flickers or stays on while you are
low. come on. driving, pull off the road to a safe place
and stop the engine immediately. Call a
(d) Discharge Warning Light Toyota dealer or qualified repair shop for
If the brake fluid level is correct...
This light warns that the battery is being assistance.
Have the warning system checked by your discharged. The light may occasionally flicker when
Toyota dealer.
If it comes on while you are driving, there the engine is idling or it may come on
(b) Drivers Seat Belt Reminder Light is a problem somewhere in the charging briefly after a hard stop. There is no
and Buzzer system. cause for concern if it then goes out when
Once the ignition key is turned to ON or The engine ignition will continue to oper- the engine is accelerated slightly.
START, the reminder light flashes and ate, however, until the battery is dis- The light may come on when the oil level
buzzer come on if the drivers seat belt charged. Turn off the air conditioning, is extremely low. It is not designed to
is not fastened. Unless the driver fastens blower, radio, etc., and drive directly to indicate low oil level, and the oil level
the belt, the light keeps on flashing and the nearest Toyota dealer or repair shop. must be checked using the level dipstick.
the buzzer sounds for about 4 to 8 se-
(c) Front Passengers Seat Belt Re- Do not continue driving if the engine Do not drive the vehicle with the
minder Light
drive belt is broken or loose. warning light oneven for one block.
Once the ignition key is turned to ON or It may ruin the engine.
START, the reminder light flashes if a
passenger sits in the front passenger seat
and does not fasten the seat belt. Unless
the front passenger fastens the belt, the
light stays flashing.


(f) Malfunction Indicator Lamp (h) ABS Warning Light (j) SRS Airbag Warning Light
This lamp comes on in the following This light warns that there is a problem This light will come on when the igni-
cases. somewhere in your anti- lock brake sys- tion key is turned to the ACC or
a. The fuel tank is completely empty. (See tem. ON position. After about 6 seconds,
Fuel gauge in Chapter 1- 5 for instruc- If the light comes on while you are driv- the light will go off. This means the
tions.) ing, have your vehicle checked by your system of the airbag and front seat belt
Toyota dealer as soon as possible. pretensioner are operating properly.
b. The fuel tank cap is not tightened se-
curely. (See Fuel tank cap in Chapter The light will come on when the ignition The warning light system monitors the air-
1- 2 for instructions.) key is turned to the ON position. After bag sensor assembly, front airbag sen-
a few seconds, the light will go off. sors, seat belt pretensioner assemblies,
c. There is a problem somewhere in your inflators, warning light, interconnecting wir-
engine or automatic transmission electrical When the ABS warning light is on (and ing and power sources.
system. the brake system warning light is off), the
brake system operates conventionally but If either of the following conditions occurs,
If it comes on while you are driving in this indicates a malfunction somewhere in
case c, have your vehicle checked/re- anti- lock brake system is not assisting
brake performance so that the wheels can the parts monitored by the warning light
paired by your Toyota dealer as soon as system. Contact your Toyota dealer as
possible. lock- up during sudden braking or braking
on slippery road surfaces. soon as possible to service the vehicle.
(g) Low Fuel Level Warning Light
Vehicles with rear differential lock sys-  The light does not come on when the
This light comes on when the fuel level tem ignition key is turned to the ACC or
in the tank becomes nearly empty. Fill up The anti- lock brake system does not oper- ON position or remains on.
the tank as soon as possible. ate when the rear differential is locked. It  The light comes on or flashes while
On inclines or curves, due to the move- is normal operation for the ABS warning driving.
ment of fuel in the tank, the low fuel level light to be on at this time.
warning light may come on earlier than (i) Open Door Warning Light
This light remains on until all the doors
and back door are completely closed.


(k) Key Reminder Buzzer (m) Automatic Transmission Fluid Tem- CHECKING SERVICE REMINDER
This buzzer reminds you to remove the perature Warning Light INDICATORS (except the low fuel level
key when you open the drivers door with This light warns that the automatic trans- warning light and low windshield wash-
the ignition key in the ACC or LOCK mission fluid temperature is too high. er fluid level warning light)
position. If this light comes on while you are driv- 1. Apply the parking brake.
(l) Unengaged Park Warning ing, slow down and pull off the road. Stop 2. Open one of the side doors or the
Light ( vehicles with automatic the vehicle at a safe place and put the back door.
transmission) selector lever in P. With the engine id- The open door warning light should
This light warns that the transmission ling, wait until the light goes off. If the come on.
Park mechanism is not engaged. If the light goes off, you may start the vehicle 3. Close the door.
front drive control lever is in the N posi- again. If the light does not go off, call a The open door warning light should go
tion while the selector lever is in the P Toyota dealer or qualified repair shop for off.
position, the transmission will disengage assistance.
4. Turn the ignition key to ACC.
and the wheels will not lock. The SRS airbag warning light should
come on. It goes off after about 6 se-
CAUTION Continued driving with the warning conds.
light on may damage the automatic
To restore the park function, shift the 5. Turn the ignition key to ON, but do
not start the engine.
front drive control lever out of N,
or the vehicle can move. All the service reminder indicators ex-
(n) Low windshield Washer Fluid Level cept the open door warning light and
Warning Light (Canada) SRS airbag warning light should come
The light warns that the windshield washer on. The ABS warning light goes off
fluid level is too low. Add washer fluid at after a few seconds.
your earliest opportunity. (For instructions, If any service reminder indicator or warn-
see Adding washer fluid in Chapter 7- 3.) ing buzzer does not function as described
above, either the bulb is burned out or the
circuit is in need of repair. Have it
checked by your Toyota dealer as soon as