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Brissette 1

Gabriela Brissette

Ms. Ingram

UWRT 1102

23 April 2017

Final Portfolio Essay (FPE)

Key Concepts- My quotes- Other Quotes- Class Assignments- Modes of


What Ive learned and How Ive Learned it:

Everyone has different academic concepts that they excel in and different ones

they struggle with. All throughout my academic experience, I have been riding the

ultimate writing struggle bus when it comes to writing. My brain seems to dominate

more on the mathematical and science side of the spectrum, rather than towards the

reading and writing. Prior to this class, I have always dreaded writing essays, papers

and reading. All of the assignments that were given to us this semester were made

easier because we were properly shown how to incorporate Modes of Communication

and Artistoles Apeals (plus Kairos) into our writing.

These Modes of Communication are linguistic, visual, actual mode, gestural, and

spiritual. The impact of understanding the modes of Communication is that they will

make your writing a lot easier once you understand how they work best. You do this by

combining the different modes into your writing piece. I especially did this in one of our

bigger projects which was the Multi Genre Project.

Past high school teachers always talked up Artistoles Appeals, but I never

completely understood why they did and was clueless on how how to use it. This
Brissette 2

semester these appeals actually started to click with me and were very useful. We

learned this was by a project we did in class, where we had to bring a text to class

either it being a post card, a bumper sticker, a business card, a tshirt, a water bottle, ect.

We had to do a thorough examination on how Aristotles appeals were being applied in

the text. This project made me understand Aristoles Appeals because we analyzed

something that is relevant and that we see everyday.

Also, once I worked on my Multi Genre Project in the reflection I really

understood how I used these appeals without even completely noticing. Ms. Ingram also

introduced a new appeal that I was not previously familiar with which was Kairos. She

provided us with a self explanatory PowerPoint explains the appeals and this is what I

found the most explanatory, Who needs to hear your argument now, in this point in

time, and why?.Kairos is how something is real vent to your everyday life. An example

of how I used Kairos into my Multi Genre Project is, I believe college students need to

hear my argument because they are young adults who are forming their own habits and

are trying to adjust to a busy lifestyle. The genre project I chose with the buzzfeed quiz

was appropriate with narrowing my audience down to young adults. This was

fascinating to me because I never thought about how important the relevancy factor is. I

stated in my Multi Genre Reflection, Since I used all of Artistotles Appeals, I was very

effective at portraying my information in my newsletter.. Now I am able to use these

appeals at the end of my writing as a way to double check that I am appealing to my

audience in the correct manner. And if I am missing the appeals, I know how to correctly

incorporate them into my writing.

Revising and Editing:

Brissette 3

Editing and revising are both wonderful, but I learned if done correctly it will me

messy! I added some pictures of my peer edits in my e-Portfolio. So, I am now not

overwhelmed if I see a lot of others peoples comments on my writing. I know that they

did their best job peer editing my work. Errors and suggestions someone can catch

could easily be overlooked when you are looking back at your own writing. I use to

always dread when an instructor would make us do peer editing. What made me view

this as a burden was that I was not sure how to give feedback and I also did not want

them to read what I had written. For some reason, it made me nervous to have

someone else who is not the person responsible for assigning the assignment, revise

my writing.

Part of my issue with that is that I never really been explained how to properly

peer edit. I before thought that peer editing was just marking up somebodys text and

finding grammatical and punctuational errors in their writing. Fortunately, Ms. Ingram did

not just throw the peer editing assignment blindly to our class, she made us do blog

post on a reading Richard Starub wrote. Youre not just marking up a text; youre

responding to the reading. This statement Starub used was useful for me because I

now saw that peer editing was a way to help others stretch themselves out of their

comfort zone, and to stretch myself out of my own comfort zone. I had stated in blog

post 3, peer editing another persons work will help you because when you look with

how to help someones work and what is wrong with it will show you the dos and donts

in your own writing.. This is definitely true because when you are editing someone

elses work, you are looking at what is missing and what needs to be improved. What I

had quoted, could also be thought out as, instead of what someone did incorrectly in
Brissette 4

their writing, you can see what stood out in their writing and get ideas to use in your

own. Editing someone elses work not only helps them as a writer, but also helps


You can not be a good editor without being just as proficient in revising as well.

Revising is really when you go back and fix all of your own mistakes. Revising involves

taking somebodys advice into your reading. Of course, you do not have to like their

advice because it is your own writing, but it definitely lets you see another side of it. I

had used the word trend in my Developing Curiosity Essay, and a peer commented

This may be a way to narrow your focus. Whats a trend in America may be normal

elsewhere.. I immediately realized I was being too vague in my essay, so I took the

advice and went back to fix my mistakes.

Developing Curiosity Essay:

The Developing Curisiosity Essay was assigned at the beginning of the semester

which helped me break the ice for this entire course. This essay is where we began to

research, peer edit, and revise. It was almost like a warm up for our entire e-Portfolio!

This essay was the eyeopener for our entire course because we had to reflect on what

makes us curious as well as how our curiosity is sparked. This essay and the Mini

Research Project kept my mind wandering on what sparks my interest a perfect amount

of time before we actually started our Multi Genre Project. However, some peoples

mind did not change on what made them curious which gave them a head start on

research and thoughts for their Multi Genre Project. That did not happen with me,

originally I had written my Developing Curiosity Essay on vegetarianism and vegan, and
Brissette 5

later on I decided I was more curious about the health impacts naps have for us. Taking

the time to be curious gives you some interesting advantages. A curious person doesnt

really have a vested interest in one single point of view. This was quoted from James

Merceler and it explains how it gave me enough time to really consider what I am

curious about. In Blog Post 4, I stated The reason I decided to change my topic was

because one day I was exhausted, and was contemplating on whether or not I should

take a nap. The fact that I had kept my mind completely open helped me generate my

Inquiry thesis.

Annotated Bibliography:

Drafting the Annotated Bibliography was the most time consuming part of the

entire Multi Genre Project. This is where I put all my research together which inevitably

made me conclude my thesis. The annotated bibliography has a third column to jot

down your thoughts and connections of your research. The third column is very helpful

for me because I got to put my thoughts on my research. I also used it to note to myself

where in my project I wanted to use that piece of information, for example I had this

stated on the third column in my bibliography, This is a good support to put towards the

end of my project because it talks about the conclusion. Shows the good and bad of

napping.. This made the annotated bibliography significant because before when I

would do research for a class, I would think of these thoughts, but would just later forget

to use them in my work.

The process of doing your research for the Annotated Bibliography required

critical reading as well as making connections. I had to do critical reading when I was

reading the information scholars had and I had to select what was relevant to my
Brissette 6

project. It also involved me trying to see what website was reliable. After I did my critical

reading, I would then take the information and make my own connections. Making my

connections is vital because I was making my Multi Genre Project my own, not copying

someone elses information. The Annotated Bibliography as a whole helped me grasp

the key concepts that Mrs. Ingram had discussed previously in the course.

Multi Genre Project:

The Multi Genre Project was probably our main assignment given to us that we

focused on the most this semester. There was a variety of smaller leading assignments

before we even got to this big one! The fact that it took a lot of gathering of our ideas

explains the importance of one of the key concepts, the composing process. Without

this composing process I believe my Multi Genre Project would have been way more

poorly made. This is when I was very thankful that the Annotated Bibliography was

previously due before we started generating our project.

For my project I did a newsletter and a buzzed quiz. I chose to do a newsletter

because I thought it was a perfect way to use visual mode of communication. I chose to

be visual by having pictures to keep the reader interested and it was like some sort of

eye candy. I had difficulty deciding on what my second project was going to be, but

because my targeted audience was young adults (primarily college students) Ms.

Ingram helped me generate the idea to do a buzzed quiz. Originally, I was a little unsure

because it seemed like a long process to do that, but luckily to my surprise buzzfeed

made it very self explanatory. This is a way of how I stretched my comfort zone.

Blog Posts:
Brissette 7

These were my very favorite assignment we had this semester! I loved doing

these because I learned the value of critical reflection. Blog posts would be the very

least thing I would have seen to be in my forte, but I for once found a lot of enjoyment

out of making these. The blog posts we did were never pointless; they always related in

some way to what we were assigned to next in the semester. The blog posts were a

way of dipping our feet in the water in order to get a feel for the temperature. They were

significant because they helped me gather my thoughts together and critically reflect

back on the critical reading we had assigned for that weeks particular blog post.

Blog post 4 was the most beneficial for me. I thought how this blog post

assignment was very creative because we had to pretend as if we were discussing our

inquiry project at a round table in a conference meeting. The assignment was to come

up with at least three groups of people who would be there. This aspect was composing

writing and process writing. This assignment gave me perspective on who were the kind

of people that would be coming up with an answer to my question. This helped me with

my Multi Genre Project because the whole time I knew who was stating my information

and where I got it from. No matter your question, there are at least 3 groups of people

worth investigating. We are not thinking in terms of "for or against," or "black or white,"

or "yes or no": avoiding divergent thinking will help you clarify your thinking, do better

research, and ultimately make a better argument later., this was quoted from the

assignment page explaining how to do this blog post. This quote really helped me see

that the people in my conference group would be collaborating off of each other.

Brissette 8

The midterm was definitely an appropriate assignment to be given halfway

through the semester. It was a sort of check to reflect on how well I am progressing in

the course and what else I need to keep my focus on for the second half of the

semester. I was able to reflect back on what exactly I was understanding and what I

need to work on as well. I stated in my midterm: The key concepts that I am truly

engaging with would be curiosity and inquiry, as well as stepping out of my comfort

zone. Although I am starting to master some key concepts, I still am not a perfect writer

and I still am grappling with critical reading. . Being done with the semester, I still feel

the same way about those although I am starting to be even more confident than how I

was when I wrote this assignment. The Midterm was assigned to be completed in class

which honestly made me nervous. I wanted to do well on my midterm and being under a

time constraint made me very anxious. This all worked out well though because I

believe I was able to write an efficient midterm during our class period.

Key Concepts:

In Blog Post 1, we had to reflect on the 10 key concepts posted on our course

syllabus that are Habits of mind and skill. In the blog post we had to explain which of

the three concepts that were the most muddy to us and why. I concluded that critical

reading, multi-modal composition, and stretching my comfort zone were what I was

least familiar with. Critical reading has been the struggle for me for as long as I can

remember. I explained in my midterm that I was going to work on overcoming this by, I

honestly believe that this is something I could better engage with the second half of the

semester, if I just pick up a couple books to read even just for leisure. I think this is one

of those concepts that doing will be the best way to help.. I am glad i came up with that
Brissette 9

solution because I have been reading a handful of novels for leisure instead of binge

watching Netflix.

I explained how Multi-modal composition was on the list of mine because I was

not familiar with the concept. I believe I got a pretty solid mastery of this thanks to the

Multi Genre Project. Previously, I had never done a project where I had to compose an

idea in different ways. Lastly, stretching my comfort zone was on my list. I know I had to

add that on there because nobody likes leaving their own little comfort zone! I stated in

blog post 1, Being in your comfort zone is always the easiest route to go and it is

difficult to go beyond what you are use to.. This is definitely true and I believe I

escaped my comfort zone how when I discussed earlier in this essay how I decided to

change my inquiry project topic.

e-Portfolio design

I decided to prioritize my design of my portfolio to be personalized and

accessible. My expectations for my portfolio were very high because all of the sample

portfolios Ms. Ingram let us preview were all amazing! I made sure to incorperate the

five modes of communication. The visual mode of communication was portrayed by

having unique themes and backgrounds on my portfolio. I added fonts that are attractive

as well. The spiritual mode of communication was best seen when I was deciding the

organization of my e-Portfolio. I added buttons that you can click on that leads you to

the exact document. I thought that was definitely something that would make mine

distinct. Gestural and aural modes of communication were a bit more difficult to add to

my e-Portfolio. I did have gestural in my Multi Genre Project (the newsletter) when you

see a picture of my friend I took of her napping in the library, oh the irony! And I could
Brissette 10

not add an aural component to my e-Portfolio on because it costed money.

Although, I did not see the point of adding music because it would just be extra and too

much would be going on.

My Deserved Grade

I was highly thriving to earn an A in this course. I believe I have been very

engaged in class and always came prepared. It is a little more difficult to express how

well of a student I was in this course with an e-Portfolio (considering a worse student

could amp up their e-Portfolio to make up for not being as attentive in class). My writing

abilities are far more skilled than how they were before this course. I tried my best in

this course and on my e-Portfolio and my best is earning of an A. I also made sure I

consulted the rubric many times during while I was constructing my e-Portfolio, so that I

could fall in the A range.

How this course will be applied to my future:

Fortunately, there are many take aways from this course. I accumulated an

abundant amount of knowledge in the writing world. What I found to be very valuable in

this course is how important the writing process is. In my future classes, I will make sure

that I plan, draft, edit/revise and draft again. I loved every class and I believe I gained

new knowledge every week. Thankfully, I know how to make annotated bibliographies,

apply the modes of communication, aristotes appeals, multi-modal composing, and

many more fantastic skills! An important take away (from my class particular) is to

always come to class with your assignments done and an attitude ready to learn! You

pay for your courses (or someone else does), so give it your all and trust the process.
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The instructor/professor has many great things to offer you as long as you bring your