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Fuente Nueva Charter School

Monday 8/31/15

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.
Henry Adams

1:40-1:50 Review / Modify ground rules & use of early

dismissal days GROUND RULES:
- All discussion confidential unless agreed
1:55-2:05 High / Low to by entire group
2:05-2:20 Quick Updates - Be positive about intention of others
1. FNCC & AFN meeting 8/31 - Raise hands to talk. Each will be placed in
a. Charter Council working on: a queue
i. Safety plan committee - Do not interrupt, one person at a time
ii. Health and Welfare cap - Active listening, listen to understand
b. AFN working on: - All agree to fully participate
i. Playground plan - All will be respectful of time to talk
ii. Recruiting new members - No side conversations/ other distractions
iii. Finalizing budget (work or hand activity)
2. Final copies of schedules are on the drive - All are responsible for waving the flag
3. Specials start next week if the climate is getting tense.
4. Wear your badge please

2:20-2:30 Bathroom breaks

1. Students are encouraged to use bathrooms during recess
2. If a student is going too often, consider alternative plan
3. All students must have a pass to go to the bathroom (lanyard that they carry or wear, not spin)
4. 3rd-5th need sign in /out sheet (2nd to join when they are able!)

2:30-2:40 Clip board behavior monitoring

Clipboards for behavior
1. 2nd 5th see the sample and please adapt for your classroom
2. Home to school communication (daily report) is essential in all grades- may look different depending
on grade level: K/1 estrella brillante, 2nd daily report 3rd - ? 4th/5th agendas?

2:40-3:00 Open Floor

3:00-3:15 2nd-5th lunch tables

Let us go outside and move the tables so it is clear what grade sits where and discuss what it looks like!

3:15 Collapse in a Puddle and Drag Yourself Home!

Future Meetings:
9/12 FREE Collaboration and Planning free time to work with other teachers
9/19 Targeted Collaboration planned time to collaborate as a team on a particular topic. Meeting
time is the normal 1:40 3:00 - 1st topic, Readers Theater
9/26 FREE Collaboration and Planning or Targeted if needed