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The most important thing to know
about shadowing and getting
experience is that it is required to get
into almost all PT schools as well as
there is a difference between both so
it is best to look up what the program
Certifications (State and
that you may be interested in National)
expects from their students. The National Physical Therapy Exam
Most schools see the term (NPTE) is required for all physical
shadowing as just following a therapists to be able to practice in
physical therapist around and getting the United States and some states
some time to see what a P T does in a will be satisfied with a physical
day which is good so that the student therapist passing that alone because
knows what they can expect in the it tests the physical therapists in the
future but most schools would prefer entire scope of the practice but most
that their applicants volunteer or states will have their own
intern with clinics or any other PT certification for physical therapist
location so that they can get hands that wish to practice in that particular
on experience. state.

How to become a
Deep Singh


The first thing that all prospective physical therapy students need to know now is that all PT
programs will be transitioning to a Doctorate degree and will be up to 3 years of education.

Q: What is the best bachelors degree to have if Q: What are challenges you face as a physical
I want to go into physical therapy? therapist in your daily work?
A: There is no preferred degree for PT schools; A: Two patients may have the same symptoms
you can apply to PT school with a degree in but the origin of the symptoms may be
English as long as you get your pre-reqs done. completely different for both and it is my job as
the physical therapist to understand and
Q: How many observational/shadowing hours
effectively treat a complex assortment of
do I need to get into PT school?
A: Each program is different but the lowest you
Q: Do you have any advice for someone looking
will most likely see is about 100 hours and to be
into physical therapy as his or her career?
considered to be a competitive applicant you
should aim for over 200 hours. A: For someone that is serious about being a
physical therapist I believe that you must be

committed to the work that you will be doing
and not expect a basic 9-5 job.