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Triad Math and Science Academy Weekly Lesson Plan

Teacher: Mr. Bozkurt Course: Turkish 1

Class: 9th grade Week of: 05/03/2017

Common Assessment Skill to be Addressed: vocabulary quiz

Unit: Unite 1 Selamlasma ( Greetings)

Lesson: Basic greetings

Type of Lesson Introductory Developing Maintaining

Refining Extending

Instructional Objective(s):
Students will be able to:
(Students will be able to)
Learn how to greet other people according to timely manner
and considering the respect other people in the target
How do Turkish people greet each other in different times of
_________________________ the day?
Essential Question(s):

IEP/Goals :
(List accommodations with Havent received the students IEPs.
student initials)

Formative and/or
Summative Assessment(s): Formative assessment: Vocabulary quiz on Friday and Verbal
speaking practice.
*What type of assessment are you
giving this week(test, common
assessment, quiz, project, etc.)?

*Reflect on the most recent

assessment you have given: what
kind of assessment did you give and
what percentage of the students were

*What is your plan for remediation/

re-teaching, if necessary (be
Triad Math and Science Academy Weekly Lesson Plan

CCSC Addressed: NL.CLL.1.1 Use single words and simple, memorized phrases to
express needs, preferences, and feelings.
NC ES Addressed: NL.CLL.1.2 Use culturally appropriate greetings, farewells,
Technology ES Addressed: apologies, and expressions of courtesy.
NM.CLL.1.2 Use memorized responses to simple questions,
statements, commands, or other stimuli.
(Write the complete
standard for each)

I will use and to practice vocabularies.
*How are you integrating
technology into your lesson?

Prior Knowledge: In previous lessons, students learned classroom language and

directions and now they will build up the new knowledge on
(Students should already their prior knowledge. So, since they know the simple directions
know) in Turkish, I will increase the usage of the target language in the

Bell Ringer:
Monday: Classroom directions vocabularies.
(5 min)
The LAUNCH: Bell work 5 minutes
(Whole group instruction) Teaching new words : 3 minutes
Assessment: Asking questions. Writing assignment

The WORK SESSION: Students will practice the pronunciations of the vocabularies,
(Individual, partner, small work with a partner by using the flash cards practice the dialogs
group sessions; what are the and greetings.
students doing?)

Acquisition of Skills or
Triad Math and Science Academy Weekly Lesson Plan


(Alternative methods of By using the technology, I will use edmodo to see students
delivery or assessment) progress on the subject.

Closing Activity:
Review of the day and vocabulary package.

Homework: Monday: practice the greetings