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Opening Ceremonies

7 Technical Session 1

8 Technical Session 2

10 Philippine Nuclear Youth Summit

11 Philippine Nuclear Science Quiz

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20 Milestones in Nuclear
Science & Technonolgy

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Republic of the Philippines

House of Representatives
Quezon City, Metro Manila

M y warmest regards to the Department

of Science and Technology - Philippine
Nuclear Research Institute (DOST-PNRI)
for leading the celebration of the 44th Atomic Energy Week.
I believe that this annual Atomic Energy Week will be the
perfect opportunity to maximize these gains in nuclear
science and technology by bringing them closer to
our constituents, be it in agriculture, medicine, industry,
environment, or the academe. Indeed, you can count on
The potential of nuclear energy proves itself important the support of the Committee on Science and Technology
today, more than ever, with dwindling resources, rising in the House of Representatives, as these technological
electricity costs and widespread poverty in the way of endeavors hold the key for our social and economic
developing countries such as ours. We are glad that progress.
the Department of Energy has kept an open mind in the
development of our future energy mix. To the participants, being cognizant of the various
issues surrounding nuclear energy, may you continue
Yet, it is not only in the energy sector that the benefits of to be ambassadors to our communities and help others
the Atom could be harnessed for development. Our Filipino understand its uses so that the importance and uses
scientists and researchers have also made great strides in of Nuclear Science and Technology will not only be
the field of nuclear and radiation applications, both here and appreciated by a few. Instead, it will be experienced and
abroad. We salute you for your expertise, and more so for relied by communities.
your diligence!
Again, welcome to the 44th Atomic Energy Week.
On our part, the filing of House Bill 3651 in the House Mabuhay!
of Representatives will hopefully strengthen the
regulations in the use of nuclear and radioactive materials
by spearheading the complete independence of the
Philippines nuclear regulatory body.
Hon. Seth Frederick Jalosjos
1st District, Zamboanga Del Norte

Department of Science and Technology

Bicutan, Taguig City

O n behalf of the Department of Science

and Technology, I would like to
congratulate the officials and staff
of the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute as you
celebrate the 44th Atomic Energy Week with the very
The Institute is preparing to reach even greater heights
with the establishment of facilities such as the Electron
Beam Irradiation Facility and the Real-Time Online
Environmental Radiation Monitoring Stations across
the country.
relevant theme of Teknolohiyang Nukleyar para sa
Kaunlaran ni Juan. I would like to commend the men and women of PNRI,
whose brilliance coupled with dedication, have kept the
PNRI has exceeded its prior capabilities in research nuclear flame bright, which has helped light the way to
and services, and has taken the lead in the Asia-Pacific economic and social progress of every Juan.
region in utilizing radiation and nuclear-based solutions
to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Thank you, and Mabuhay!
Goals in agriculture, medicine, industry, and the

We are thus met with a wide range of applications, from

increasing the yield of crops to providing precision
analysis of air and water resources, from the diagnosis Fortunato T. Dela Pea, Ph.d.
and treatment of various diseases to improving the DOST Secretary
durability of industrial products.

T o Apiet acepelentist il eatur, vel eum rest

hil et labor simpos ut issunde rovider
ionseque sitio ex eaquae nam cum
conectorum ex expliciet aut ut quo dolento con exerovi
debitiorerum iuste coraecu sdandis doluptasima pe id et
Oris et, officite adis voles erferchilias endis pla perunde
prest, senecus restrum quatur, si aut rectorite magnis
delecaecae sam anis es magnimi, conecat eniandigende
molesseque eaturi aut peruptatibus voloreh enihilicias as
dipide consenisimet et, solupta tquassimin pligent.

ommolesto evenditas nus. Ditatas perit, cum in coria vel et officabor molorpore
nemporrum expelecae od quaesti umquistem quid
Oris et, officite adis voles erferchilias endis pla perunde moluptatem utecus, verrorum re aut labo. Parupis del
prest, senecus restrum quatur, si aut rectorite magnis eatemporum ipsaessit excearum quassimo.
delecaecae sam anis es magnimi, conecat eniandigende
molesseque eaturi aut peruptatibus voloreh enihilicias as
dipide consenisimet et, solupta tquassimin pligent.

Apiet acepelentist il eatur, vel eum rest hil et labor simpos

ut issunde rovider ionseque sitio ex eaquae nam cum David Carlos
conectorum ex expliciet aut ut quo dolento con exerovi DirectorXXXXX
debitiorerum iuste coraecu sdandis doluptasima pe id et XXXXXXXXX
ommolesto evenditas nus.

Philippine Nuclear Research Institute

Diliman, Quezon City

o our most valued guests and
visitors, it is my privilege to welcome
you to the 44th Atomic Energy Week
well as its continuing recognition, through international
awards and well-respected science journals.

The annual AEW is an excellent opportunity for us to

appreciate how far the Philippines has gone and is still
Here at PNRI, I am proud to say that our scientists and going in the field of nuclear and radiation applications
researchers are hard at work in making leaps in the We hope that you join us in celebrating the progress of
development of nuclear technology applications to cater every Juan with nuclear technology.
to the needs of the Filipino public. Its potential for energy
efficiency, precise analytical measurements and product
enhancement at the molecular and sub-atomic levels
makes nuclear and radiation science among the most
advanced technologies in existence today.
In this light, Juan Dela Cruz as a scientist has proven Officer-in-Charge, Office of the Deputy Director
himself to be on par with the global community with DOST-PNRI
its various technical cooperation projects, particularly
with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), as

Philippine Nuclear Research Institute

Diliman, Quezon City

I n behalf of the Technology Diffusion

Division, I am pleased to welcome
everyone to the 44th Atomic Energy
Week Celebration here at DOST-PNRI.
This year, we have prepared scientific exhibits, guided
tours, technical sessions and youth-centered activities
that will reflect the contributions of nuclear science in
various sectors.

We wish to thank our sponsors and benefactors for

The theme for this years celebration is Teknolohiyang
supporting the activities of this years celebration.
Nukleyar Para sa Kaunlaran ni Juan which tempers
Likewise, we are grateful to the AEW Working
nuclear technology with the noble aim of channeling
Committees for their untiring efforts in helping to
these applications to contribute to national development.
contribute to make this years event a success.
As PNRI continues to bring its research and regulatory
Again, welcome to the 44th Atomic Energy Week
functions to bear in the struggle to uplift the Filipino
standard of living, it is imperative that the Institute must
also bring these benefits closer to Juan Dela Cruz. It is
precisely because of this that we celebrate the AEW
every year: to inform, educate and inspire the general
public with the potential of the Atom to bring abundant
harvests, quality healthcare, competitive products and a MS. ANA ELENA L. CONJARES
cleaner environment.
Overall Chairperson
44th AEW Executive Committee
Teknolohiyang Nukleyar
para sa Kaunlaran ni JUAN

Celebration at a Glance
December 5 December 6 December 7 December 8 December 9
Opening Ceremonies Technical Session 2 Philippine Nuclear Philippine Nuclear Closing Ceremonies
Technical Session 1 Guided Tours Exhibit Youth Summit Science Quiz Awardings

Opening Ceremonies
8:30 am Flag Ceremony

8:45 am Wreath Laying at the Monument

of Brig. Gen. Florencio A. Medina
9:00 am Thanksgiving Mass Rev. Fr. Joseph Buslon
Parish Priest, Jesus Lord of Divine Mercy
Pasong Tamo, Quezon City
10:00 am P R O G R A M P R O P E R
Doxology PNRI Chorale
National Anthem PNRI Chorale
Welcome Remarks Ms. Ana Elena L. Conjares
Overall Chair, 2016 AEW
Opening Remarks Carlos Primo C. David, Ph.D.
Officer-in-Charge, PNRI
Intermission Number Carlos Primo C. David, Ph.D.
Inspirational Message Officer-in-Charge, PNRI
Introduction of the Keynote Speaker Soledad S. Castaneda, Ph.D.
Officer-in-Charge, ODD-PNRI
Keynote Address Hon. Seth Frederick Jalosjos
Member, Committee on S & T
House of Representatives



Hon. Seth Frederick Pal Jalosjos is the Representative (3rd term) of the 1st District of
Zamboanga del Norte. He is a member, among his other committee memberships, of the
Committee on Science and Technology. He is a graduate of Bachelor of Laws, Jose Rizal
Memorial State University, Dapitan City; HRM, De la Salle University- College of Saint
Benilde, Manila and Culinary Arts, Le Cordon Bleu, Sydney, Australia. He is an Executive
Board Member of the Boys Scout of the Philippines, Zamboanga del Norte; President,
Rotary Club of Dapitan & Natl. Federation of Motorcycle Club of the Philippines.
Technical Session 1
MONDAY | December 5, 2016

1:00 2:00 PM Registration

Opening of Session 1

2:00 2:45 PM Energizing nuclear science and technology Ms. Elvie Z. Sombrito
in the Philippines: Establishment of an Technical Consultant
accelerator and a research reactor facility AspireTech Corporation

2:45 3:15 PM Using isotopic techniques to study nutrient Mr. Raymond J. Sucgang
source of Algae in Boracay Senior Science Research Specialist

3:15 3:45 PM Application of nuclear analytical techniques Preciosa Corazon B. Pabroa, Ph.D.
in air quality management Supervising Science Res. Specialist

3:45 4:15 PM The history of human nuclear activities as Angel T. Bautista VII, Ph.D.
seen and recorded by corals from the Science Research Specialist I

4:15 PM End of Session 1

MODERATORS : Mr. Ryan Joseph Aniago and Ms. Cheri Ann M. Dingle

Open Forum: 10 minutes after every presentation


Technical Session 2
TUESDAY | December 6, 2016

1:00 1:15 PM Registration

Opening of Session 2

1:15 1:45 PM Whats up for Juan? Lucille V. Abad, Ph.D.

Radiation processing technology Supervising Science Res. Specialist

1:45 2:15 PM Subcritical reactor assembly and neutron Kristine Marie D. Romallosa, M.Sc.
laboratory as future PNRI service facility Senior Science Research Specialist

2:15 3:00 PM Status of nuclear medicine in the Philippines Maria Lourdes B. Mania-Taylan, M.D.
Immediate Past President
Philippine Society of Nuclear Medicine

3:00 3:30 PM Overview of radiation oncology medical physics Mr. Dan Joseph S. Manlapaz
Medical Physicist
Lung Center of the Philippines

3:30 4:15 PM Prospects of nuclear power in the Philippines

4:15 PM End of Session 2

MODERATORS : Mr. Charles Darwin T. Racadio and Ms. Jeana Lee P. Sablay

Open Forum: 10 minutes after every presentation


2nd Philippine Nuclear Youth Summit (PNYS)
WEDNESDAY December 7, 2016 8:00AM 4:00 PM
PNRI Auditorium, G/F NART Building

7:30 8:00 AM Registration PNYS Secretariat

8:00 8:05 AM Invocation and National Anthem Ms. Abigaile Mia V. Javier
8:05 8:15 AM Welcome Note and Inspirational Message PNRI Official

8:15 10:30AM Part A: PRESENTATIONS
8:15 8:40 Dr. Carlos Primo C. David
OIC, Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI) and
Executive Director, Philippine Council on Industry, Energy
and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD)
8:40 9:05 Mr. Raymond J. Sucgang
Senior Science Research Specialist
Nuclear Analytical Techniques Application Section, PNRI
9:05 9:30 Dr. Angel T. Bautista, VII
Science Research Specialist I
Nuclear Analytical Techniques Section, PNRI
9:30 9:40 BREAK
9:40 10:05 Mr. Dimas Irawan
Manager, Center for Dissemination and Partnership
Indonesias National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN)
10:05 10:30 Ms. Myra Razali
Manager, Stakeholder Engagement
For Malaysia Nuclear Power

10:30 12:15 PM Part B: GROUP DYNAMICS
10:30 10:40 Presentation of Mechanics and Guidelines Ms. Cheri Anne M. Dingle
Co-Chair, PNYS
10:40 11:50 Preparation for Group Presentation and Technical Poster
Presentation (Working Lunch)

11:45 12:15 Group Presentation and Open Discussion Group Representatives
12:15 12:30 PM Announcement of Winners Ms. Abigail D. Clemente
Chair, PNYS
12:30 12:45 PM Closing Remarks Ms. Ana Elena L. Conjares
Overall Chair, AEW
12:45 1:00 PM Signature Campaign

1:00 PM onwards Part C: GUIDED FACILITY TOUR
Co-60 Irradiation Facility, Electron Beam Facility, Research AEW Technical / Guided
Reactor Facility, Technical Exhibit Area 1 & 2, etc. Tours Committee

Ms. Jeana Lee P. Sabla Mr. Christopher O. Mendoza Ms. Eileen Beth A. Hernandez
Mr. Roel A. Loteria Ms. Ma. Elina S.K. V. Ramo Ms. Marianna L. Grande
Ms. Alvie A. Astronomo Mr. Eugene S. Gregorio Mr. Rafael Miguel M. Dela Cruz
Ms. Joan L. Tugo Mr. Andrew C. Barrida Mr. Williard B. Solmeron
Mr. Ramoncito F. Sulit Ms. Abigaile Mia V. Javier Mr. Frederick C. Hila
Mr. John Richard A. Fernandez Ms. Leah C. Belgera
Philippine Nuclear Science Quiz
THURSDAY December 8, 2016 12:00 NN 5:00 PM
PNRI Auditorium, G/F NART Building

12:00 12:30 Registration

12:30 5:00 Photo Session

Invocation Ms. Abigail Mia V. Javier

National Anthem AVP

Welcome Remarks Ana Elena L. Conjares, M.Sc.

Overall Chairperson, AEW

Introduction of Quiz Participants Ms. Abigail D. Clemente

Co-Chair, PNSQ 2016

Introduction of Judges Ms. Jeana Lee P. Sablay

Reading of Quiz Mechanics and

QUIZ Semi-Final and Final Round Mr. Charles Darwin T. Racadio

Announcement of Winners Soledad S. Castaeda, Ph.D.
(Chairperson, Panel of Judges)

Closing Remarks Mr. Roel A. Loteria

Chair, PNSQ 2016

Master of Ceremonies : Mr. Arvin O. Dimaano

The 2016 Philippine Nuclear Science Quiz
The Department of Science and Technology Philippine Nuclear November 25, 2016 (Friday) through the PNRI website.
Research Institute (DOST-PNRI) will spearhead the celebration of the The student representatives and coach identified by their respective
44th Atomic Energy Week (AEW) on 59 December 2016 with the theme schools cannot be replaced after October 28, 2016.
Teknolohiyang Nukleyar para sa Kaunlaran ni Juan. The celebration
will focus on enhancing public awareness on breakthroughs in nuclear IV. COVERAGE OF QUESTIONS FOR THE NATIONAL LEVEL
research, beneficial uses of nuclear science and technology, advances COMPETITION
in radiation technology, and safety in undertaking activities involving
The questions in PNSQ will cover various topics on nuclear science
radioactive materials. In line with these, PNRI will hold the 2016
and technology which includes radiation and radioactivity, atomic and
Philippine Nuclear Science Quiz (PNSQ).
nuclear structure, nuclear and radiation technology, nuclear power,
PNSQ is a national quiz bee competition which provides an avenue to radiation protection, nuclear safety and regulations, and current nuclear
enhance Filipino students awareness and appreciation of the nuclear -related events.
science and technology field and its potential role in uplifting the quality
of living in the country. The Elimination Round will be held in different V. PRIZES AND FINANCIAL MATTERS
regions from October to November 2016 while the National Level
Competition will be held on 8 December 2016 at the PNRI compound in 1. The schools with the top two (2) videos from each of the 18
Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City. This activity is envisioned regions will be qualified to send participants to the National
to be an effective vehicle in providing an unbiased view on nuclear Level Competition of the 2016 PNSQ and shall be entitled to the
science and technology. following prizes and travel subsidy:
An amount of PhP 5,000.00 will be given upon arrival of the
team in the PNSQ venue. This amount can be used to defray
accommodation expenses within Metro Manila during the
The PNSQ aims to sustain awareness and understanding on nuclear conduct of PNSQ.
science and technology and its beneficial applications among high Coverage of main travel expense from home region to Metro
school students. Manila.
2. Each member of the teams who qualifies to the National Level
III. PARTICIPATION Competition (one coach and two students) will receive a PNSQ
2016 T-Shirt.
The competition is open to all public and private secondary schools
3. Cash Prizes for PNSQ winners are as follows:
in the Philippines. Participating schools should compete in the video-
First Prize: PhP 50,000. 00
making competition described in Section VI-A of this document.
Second Prize: PhP 40,000. 00
The participating school should register by uploading their video Third Prize: PhP 30,000. 00
entries on YouTube and submitting the completely filled Registration Consolation Prize: PhP 15,000. 00
Forms to the PNSQ Committee on or before October 14, 2016 Consolation Prize: PhP 15,000. 00
Facebook: Through a private message at:
A. Qualifying Level: Video Contest
Mail: To: The 2016 PNSQ Committee Nuclear Training Center 1. To participate in the 2016 PNSQ, participating schools will be
Philippine Nuclear Research Institute asked to:
Commonwealth A venue, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101 a. Create a video which reflects the 2016 Atomic Energy
Fax: (+632) 920 8788 (Attention: PNSQ Committee) Week (AEW) theme Teknolohiyang Nukleyar para sa
Kaunlaran ni Juan .
Registration Forms can be requested from the PNSQ Committee or
b. The video entry must not be shorter than 30 seconds and
through the listed contact lists above or downloaded online through:
should not exceed 60 seconds.
c. Upload the video to YouTube not later than October 14,
2016 (Friday), and set it for public view.
The schools with the top two (2) videos from each of the 18
d. Provide a title which captures the message of your video.
regions will be qualified to send participants to the National Level
It should include the word nuclear or nukleyar. Do not
Competition of the 2016 PNSQ.
include any persons name or the name of your school in
Each qualifying school shall form a team of two (2) students and an the video.
official coach. The team should be officially endorsed by the School e. Write a short description explaining the content of the
Principal/Head. A school with only one student representative will video. It is required to include the terms nuclear science
not be accepted in the competition. and technology and PNSQ 2016, in order to be
Participants must be willing (with parents/guardians consent) to considered by the committee.
travel to the PNSQ venue if their school qualifies to the semi-final f. Send the YouTube link to the 2016 PNSQ Committee via
round of the National Level Competition. e-mail to
The final list of qualifiers for the national level shall be posted on g. Video entries will be posted on the official PNRI Facebook
page for voting through likes. Voting will be open from
October 17 to November 2, 2016. Votes/likes registered
beyond November 2, 2016 (Wednesday); 6:00PM
(1800H) will not be counted.
2. Guidelines for the video competition
a. The video entry must be an original work.
b. The participating school is 100% responsible for all 3. All teams will stay behind the first step of their corresponding
production costs of the video. lines at the start of this round. Each correct answer will allow
c. All entries must not violate copyright laws or use brand a team to take one step forward. A wrong answer will cause
names/logos. The 2016 PNSQ Committee and PNRI will not a team to take one step back except for those who are still at
be held responsible for any laws broken, violations, etc. the starting point. A team c an choose not to give an answer
d. All entries will become property of the PNRI. for which instance, they will remain in place.
e. Any entry deemed inappropriate or unsuitable, in 2016 4. A team possessing a power-up may use it, as applicable, until
PNSQ Committees discretion, will be disqualified. the 6th step. No team can use any power-up after the 6th
3. Video entries will be evaluated by the PNSQ Committee using step.
the following criteria 5. The first team to reach their last step (10th) will be declared
a. Content (20%). Video content should reflect the 2016 AEW the winner. The next two teams nearest to the finish line will
theme Teknolohiyang Nukleyar para sa Kaunlaran ni Juan take second and third place.
. 6. In the event that no team has reached the 10th step after 25
b. Impact (20%). The video have a powerful effect on the questions, the team nearest to the finish line will be declared
viewer. the winner. The next nearest will be declared second and the
c. Relevance (20%). The video must be relevant to the third nearest will be declared third place.
Philippine situation and context. 7. In case of a tie in any of the top five (5) slots, tie-breaker
d. Creativity and originality (20%). The video must be original questions will be asked where the contending teams will be
and visually stimulating. asked randomly-selected questions worth one step each until
e. Popularity (20%). Number of Facebook and YouTube likes the tie is broken.
on the video.
4. The top two (2) videos per region will be announced by the VII. OTHER MATTERS
PNSQ Committee on November 4, 2016 (Friday). 1. The PNSQ National Qualifiers will receive prizes and travel
5. The schools who submitted the top two (2) videos will be asked to subsidies which can be used to defray expenses in connection
confirm their official representatives to the 2016 PNSQ National with their participation to the National Level Competition
Level Competition until November 9, 2016 (Wednesday). (See Section V. Prizes). Any expense in excess of the amount
B. National Level: Semi-Final Round provided shall be borne by the participating school.
1. This will be held on 8 December 2016, 1:00 PM at the Main 2. Food and drinks will be provided for all official participants
Auditorium, PNRI Compound, Commonwealth, Diliman, Quezon and coaches during the conduct of the 2016 PNSQ National
City. Level Competition.
2. The top two (2) teams representing each region shall qualify to 3. Participants should arrive at the specified quiz venue at least
compete in the Semi-Final Round. A maximum of thirty six (36) one (1) hour before the competition schedule. This time will
teams are expected to join this round. be allotted for registration and group picture taking before
3. The Semi-final Round is a staged quiz show with a quizmaster the start of the competition. Participants should present their
reading the questions. Each team shall be provided with boards respective school I. D.s during the registration.
where they are to write their answers. 4. Taking photos or videos during the competition is strictly
4. The quizmaster will read questions covering topics in Nuclear prohibited. An official photographer will be present during the
Science and Technology. Before reading the question, the event.
quizmaster will specify the type of question (multiple choice, 5. The officials of the quiz shall have the right to disqualify any
identification or computation), the allotted time for answering, team who violates any item of the PNSQ Guidelines and
and the corresponding points to be earned by the team. Mechanics.
5. A total of thirty (30) questions will be asked in this round. Each 6. A challenge to a question should be addressed to the judges
question will be read twice. only. The challenge should be given before the next question
6. The teams should display their answers only at the cue of the is asked. The judges will confer and decide whether the
quizmaster. challenge is valid or not. The judges decision is final and
7. The results of the Quiz will be tabulated on a scoreboard and on irrevocable.
a score sheet. The five (5) teams with the highest accumulated 7. The results of the quiz will be final and not appealable.
scores will advance into the final round. 8. Important dates to remember:
8. In case of a tie for remaining slots, a tie-breaker round will be October 14, 2016 (Friday): Deadline of submission of
played where the contending teams will be asked randomly- video entries and registration forms:
selected questions worth one point each until the tie is broken. October 17 - November 2, 2016: Posting of video entries
C. National Level: Final Round for voting
1. The top five (5) teams from the Semi-Final Round will first November 4, 2016 (Friday): Announcement of qualifying
undergo a Power-up stage where they will answer a set of videos per region
questions to get Power-ups which will help them in the next December 8, 2016 (Thursday): PNSQ National Level
stage. Competition
a. There will be two kinds of power-ups: Jump allows a team to December 9, 2016 (Friday): Awarding of PNSQ winners.
advance two steps in the final round and Fortitude prevents This will be held during the closing ceremonies of the
a team from going back one step despite a wrong answer. 44th Atomic Energy Week (AEW).
b. The style of this stage will be similar to the Semi-Final 9. For inquiries please email or contact:
Round with the quizmaster reading the questions and the Mr. Roel A. Loteria or Ms. Abigail D. Clemente
teams answering on boards. PNRI, Commonwealth Ave., Diliman, QC
c. The first team to get three (3) correct answers will be Email: /
awarded one Jump power -up and one Fortitude power-
up. The next team to get three (3) correct answers will be Trunk Line. (632) 929-6011 to 19 loc. 236
awarded one power up of their choice (Jump or Fortitude). Direct Line: (632) 920-8788
In case of a tie, tie breaking questions will be asked until a
winner is determined.
2. The Final Round is composed of a playing field with ten (10)
steps for each of the five teams. The style of this round will be
similar to the Semi-Final Round with the quizmaster reading the
questions and the teams answering on boards.
The 2016 Philippine Nuclear Science Quiz
1) ARMM: Autonomous RC-AKICFI-Science Laboratory Nuclear Technology: An Untold Story
Region in Muslim School
2) 8: Eastern Visayas Eastern Visayas Regional Science Nuclear Technology for the Whole
High School Juanity watch?v=t5ojfhUufPo
3) 4B: MIMAROPA Liminangcong National High Enerhiyang Nukleyar, Susi sa
School Pambansang Kaunlaran at Pagbabago watch?v=NKHr5qOEOfQ

4) 4A: CALABARZON Tanza National Trade School Uses of Nuclear Technology for Future
Efficiency watch?v=rlPZ8Tyi9es
5) NIR: Negros Island Negros Occidental High School Teknolohiyang Nukleyar Abot
Region Hanggang NIR watch?v=nlbgvFJHhbA
6) 11: Davao Region Davao City National High School Nuclear Technology in the Philippines:
Risk with Opportunity watch?v=cf0okQ3bYSw
7) NCR: Metro Manila Manila Science High School Juans Future with Nuclear
8) 7: Central Visayas Philippine Science High School - Nuclear Energy: Progress for Every-Juan
Central Visayas Campus watch?v=Gh-lvMo99CE
9) NCR: Metro Manila Ramon Magsaysay High School Nuclear Go!
10) 11: Davao Region Digos City National High School We are Nuclear Filipinos
11) NCR: Metro Manila Bagumbayan National Teknolohiyang Nukleyar: Susi sa
High School Makabuluhang Pagbabago
12) NCR: Metro Manila Tala High School Teknolohiyang Nukleyar Para sa
Kaunlaran ni Juan watch?v=Eck0a9_1AZI
13) NCR: Metro Manila Commonwealth High School Nukleyar Wag ka kasing Nega!
14) NCR: Metro Manila City of Mandaluyong Science Nuclear Power: Empowering Every
High School Juans Life v=fAqB4rZSsC8&
15) NCR: Metro Manila San Francisco High School Nuclear Power: Daan sa kaunlaran
16) 8: Eastern Visayas Philippine Science High School - Applications of Nuclear Chemistry
Eastern Visayas Campus watch?v=MTOi15QnXEo
17) 12: Soccsargen Philippine Science High School - Nukleyar: Pag-aralan ang
SOCCSKSARGEN Region Campus Kinakatakutan watch?v=dLXBqNl8sPg
18) NCR: Metro Manila Rizal High School YES to Juans Nuclear Tech
19) 2: CagayanValley Tuguegarao City Science High Nuclear Energy for Juan and for All
School watch?v=kEO2cD1dGvg
20) NCR: Metro Manila Pasig City Science High School Juan for Nuclear, Nuclear for Juan


Davao City National High School
Nuclear Technology in the
Philippines: Risk with Opportunity
Closing Ceremonies
National Anthem PNRI Chorale

Opening Remarks Ms. Zenaida M. de Guzman

Co-Chair, 2016 AEW

Intermission Number

Awarding of Prizes Dr. Carlos Primo C. David


to be assisted by: Dr. Rowena Cristina Guevara
Undersecretary, DOST
a. PNSQ winners
b. Academic awards
c. Loyalty service awards
d. AEW Special awards
e. Model employee awards

Introduction of the Guest Speaker Dr. Soledad S. Castaneda

OIC, Office of the Deputy Director

A D D R E S S Dr. Rowena Cristina Guevara

Undersecretary, DOST

Closing Remarks Ms. Nydia C. Medina

Chair, Committee on Opening and
Closing Ceremonies
1. 2016 PNRI Model Employee
(Division) Award
Outstanding Contribution
by Idea or Performance (30%)
Commitment to Work/ (40%)
Interpersonal Skills/ (10%)
Human Relations
Performance Evaluation (20%)

2. PRAISE Special Award


Technical Exhibit Competition
First Place: P 30,000.00
Shall be chosen by the PRAISE Second Place: P 20,000.00
Committee based on special Third Place: P 10,000.00
accomplishment(s) of the employee Peoples Choice: P 5,000.00
or Group of Employees Consolation Prize: P 2,000.00

3. 2016 Service Awardees

(40 and 20 years in Service)
5. Technical Tour Guide
Best Senior Tour Guide: P 3,000.00
Best Junior Tour Guide: P 2,000.00
List of Exhibitors
The Liquid Handling System Electron Beam Irradiation Irradiation Services Section / EB Facility
of the Electron Beam Services Nuclear Services Division (Designated for NSD
Irradiation Facility exhibits)
Isotope and Nuclear-based Improving the lives of every Nuclear Analytical Techniques IRMS / Tritium Lab
Techniques for Analytical Juan through chemical, Application Section / Nuclear Area / ARC building
Applications isotopic and nuclear analytical Services Division
Boiling Water Reactor Generation of Electricity Engineering Services Section / Electronics Building
Miniature using Nuclear Technology Nuclear Services Division

Radiation Protection for Radiation Protection Radiation Protection Section ARC Poolside
Every Juan Techniques and Applications Services / Nuclear Services

Teknolohiyang Nukleyar: Food Irradiation and Biomedical Research Section / BMRS Modular Lab
Kalusugan Ang Handog Para Cytogenetics Biodosimetry Atomic Research Division
Kay Juan

Nuclear Physics and its "a) Neutron Radiation Applied Physics Research ARD Exhibit Area
Applications for Every Juan b) Allanite for Nuclear Waste Section / Atomic Research
Management" Division

Chemistry Research Section, CRS Projects Chemistry Research Section / Chemistry Conference
We Explore. We Develop. Atomic Research Division Room
Uranium: From the ground Survey of uranium deposits Nuclear Materials Research ARC Poolside
to our tables and its extraction from Section / Atomic Research
phosphates Division

Environmental Radioactivity Environmental Radioactivity Health Physics Research In front of HP modular

Measurement Monitoring in the Philippines Section / Atomic Research building
Smart Juan: Ang Makabagong Application of Nuclear Agriculture Resesarch Section / ARS
Dalubsaka. Technology in Agriculture Atomic Research Division
Licensing, Review and Various topics: Medical use Licensing, Review and Evaluation Any / Emergency
Evaluation Section Exhibit of Radionuclides; Application Section / Nuclear Regulatory Room
of Radioactive Materials Division
in Industry; Transport and
Importation of Radionuclides

PNRI Emergency Emergency Response Radiological Impact Assessment Emergency Room

Response: Minimizing the / Nuclear Regulatory Division
Consequences of Ionizing
Arid & Aroids, Inc. Mutation Breeding Products Arid & Aroids, Inc. Main exhibit area
by Gamma Irradiation (Guest Exhibitor)
of Nuclear Science & Technology
in the Philippines

50s 60s
1960 Establishment of the
Philippine Atomic Research
Center in Diliman, Quezon

1960 1964 Construction, start-up,

criticality and operation of the
Philippine Research Reactor

1962 Founding of Philippine

Association for Radiation

1963 1965 Feasibility study for a

nuclear power plant in Luzon
1956 Establishment of the first
radioisotope laboratory at the
1964-1984 PRR is used for the
University of the Philippines
production of about 18
Philippine General Hospital
radioisotopes and labeled
1958 Creation by law (Republic Act compounds, neutron
2067 Science Act of 1958) of activation analysis, neutron
the Philippine Atomic Energy spectrometry and training
Commission (PAEC) under the
National Science development 1965 Production and dispensing
Board of millicurie quantities of
colloidal gold-168 to PGH for
The Philippines became a Member
medical application and P-32
State of the International Atomic
calcium monophosphate to
Energy Agency (IAEA)
University of the Philippines
Los Baos for fertilizer uptake
1959 Human resources development
program in nuclear science and
technology started with the first 1965-1969 The India-Philippines-
Radioisotope Techniques Training IAEA Project (IPA) trains
Course Asian nuclear scientists and 1966 Founding of Philippine
First set of licensing rules and technicians with the PRR as Society of Nuclear Medicine
regulations and use of radioactive training reactor. The IPA is
materials published in Official the precursor of the Regional 1968 Passage of Republic Act
Gazette (April 27). Cooperative Agreement 5207 providing for the
for nuclear science and licensing and regulation of
The Radioistope Society of the technology in Asia and the atomic energy facilities
Philippines was formally organized Pacific (RCA)
70s 80s
1970 First PAEC fabricated nuclear equipment 1982 Ambassador Domingo
system (renal scanning machine) provided L. Siazon, Jr., Philippine
to Rizal Medical Center
Ambassador to Austria and
1970-1986 PAEC undertakes regulatory and permanent representative
research activities related to the Philippine to the IAEA, was elected
Nuclear Power Plant in Bataan president of the 26th IAEA
General Conference.
1971 Mutant rice varieties (Philippine Atomic
Rice Cultivar-2 or Atomic Rice and 1984 Creation of the PAEC Board of
Milagrosa) developed. Commissioners
1972 The Philippines became a founding
1986 The Bataan Nuclear Power
member of the RCA.
Plant was mothballed and
Philippines signed the Treaty on Non- a Presidential Committee
Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) was created to oversee the
legal and technical issues of
Presidential approval of the feasibility
study of the UNDP and IAEA for the the power project.
establishment of the first nuclear power First single photon emission
plant computed tomography (SPECT)
1973 The Philippine President announced installed at Makati
the governments decision to establish Medical Center.
a nuclear power plant in Bataan upon Establishment of the Philippine
receipt of the IAEA reports on the 1972 1976 The first Philippine Organization of Medical
Feasibility Study for a Nuclear Power Nuclear Congress
Plant in Luzon (Philippines) and the
held at the Philippine
Market Survey for Nuclear Power in International Convention 1986 - 1989 Certification
Developing Countries Center radionuclide analysis of
Presidential Proclamation No. 1211 1977 The University of the
foodstuff for import and
declaring the second week of December Philippines offers a export as a consequence of the
of each year as Atomic Energy Week program in Master Chernobyl nuclear power plant
of Science in Nuclear accident
1974 Gen. Florencio A. Medina, former
Commissioner of the Philippine Atomic Engineering
1987 Executive Order 128
Energy Commission (now PNRI), was the
1979 The Philippine Society reorganized PAEC into the PNRI
first Filipino to be elected as president of
for Nondestructive under the DOST.
the 18th IAEA General Conference.
Testing was officially
1988 Establishment of the Philippine
Radiation Oncology Society
Milestones of Nuclear Science and Technology in the Philippines

90s 2000-08
1989 The Multipurpose Irradiation 2000 Approval of the of Energy project on security of
Facility became operational Radiological Emergency radioactive sources
used for sterilization and Preparedness and
2006 The IAEA has chosen the
decontamination of various Response Plan
Philippine Research Reactor
food and medical products.
at the PNRI as a training
2001 Licensing by PNRI of the
platform to demonstrate the
1993 Creation of an inter- first Positron
decommissioning process
agency Task Force for a Emission Tomography
techniques under the Research
comprehensive nuclear (PET) at St. Lukes Medical
Reactor Decommissioning
power program. Center
Demonstration Project (R2D2P).
1994 Clearance for gamma 2001-2005 PNRI developed Under the Metrology Act of
sterilization of three types of the following: PVP- 2003, PNRI was designated
products by the Bureau of carrageenan hydrogel as the National reference
Food and Drugs. dressing for burns Laboratory for ionizing radiation
and wounds, and the DOST-PNRI and US Department
1995 Successful trial of sterile mutant ornamental plants of Energy implemented the
insect technique (SIT) to Kamuning dwarf mutant Megaports Initiative Project in
control fruit fly population in (Murraya Ibarra Santos), coordination with the Bureau
Guimaras. Fruit fly is a pest Dracaena Marea and of Customs and Philippine
of fruits like mangoes. Cordyline Medina Ports Authority to prevent
illicit trafficking of radioactive
1996 Dr. William G. Padolina, materials
Secretary of the Department
of Science and Technology 2008 Upgrading of multipurpose
served as the president gamma irradiation facility at
of the 40th General PNRI to semi-commercial scale
Conference of the IAEA. for agricultural, medical and
industrial products
In celebration of the
centennial of the discovery 2004 Administrative Order
of radioactivity, the second No. 152 Prescribing
Philippine Nuclear Congress Regulations on Irradiated
was held in Manila Food was approved

1999 The Sigadis Milagrosa or 2005 The International Atomic

Pampanga, a radiation- Energy Agency (IAEA)
induced mutant rice variety, designated the PNRI as a
was approved by the Collaborating Center for
Studies on Harmful Algal The Philippines hosted the 9th
Philippine Seedboard Forum for Nuclear Cooperation
in Asia Ministeria Level Meeting
Implementation of tri-
lateral PNRI Australian 50th Founding Anniversary of
Nuclear Science and the Philippine Nuclear Research
Technology Organization Institute (formerly the Philippine
United States Department Atomic Energy Commission)
Milestones of Nuclear Science and Technology in the Philippines

2010 The IAEA designated the 2012 The Technetium-99 m Generator PNRI received a radiation
Philippines as one of the Facility was commissioned. monitor from South
three pilot countries for PNRI Neutron Schoolwas Korea which will be part
the IAEA Water Availability established of an initial real time
Enhancement Project or environmental radiation
2013 Tripartite cooperation of the
IWAVE. The National Nuclear monitoring system being
Philippines with the IAEA and
Security Plan and the IAEA set up with the assistance
the South Africa Nuclear
INSSP became operational of the IAEA and DOST
Energy Cooperation (NECSA)
2011 In light of the Fukushima on the conditioning and
2015 The PNRI has been
Da-ichi Nuclear Power Plant storage of Spent High
certified under the
Accident, the Member Activity Radioactive Sources
International Organization
States engaged in an RCA (SHARS)
for Standardization (ISO)
Regional project to study
2014 The PNRI Electron Beam Facility 9001: 2008 standard
the disaster impact on the
ready for commissioning for quality management
marine environment. The
PNRI conducted the first systems. Certification
data are being compiled in
full-blown exhibit of Filipino International Philippines
the Asia and Pacific Marine
applications of nuclear science (CIP)
radioactivity Database
(ASPAMARD) managed by and technology at the 58th
the Philippines through PNRI IAEA General Conference in
Vienna, Austria
AEW Executive Committee
Chairperson Ana Elena L. Conjares

Co-Chairpersons Rhodora R. Leonin

Zenaida M. De Guzman

Secretariat Rissa Jane V. Amper

Gregory Ciocson
Arminda V. Espineda
Grace Gonzales-Buban

Working Committees

1. Technical Sessions 3. Philippine Nuclear Science Quiz

Chairperson Alvie A. Astronomo Chairperson Roel A. Loteria

Co-Chairperson Charles Darwin T. Racadio Co-Chairperson Abigail D. Clemente

Members Ryan Joseph Aniago Members Alvie A. Astronomo

Leah C. Belgera Ramoncito F. Sulit
Cheri Anne M. Dingle Williard B. Solmeron
Veriza Rita C. Cruz Leah C. Belgera
Marianna Lourdes Marie L. Grande Marianna Lourdes Marie L. Grande
Ryan U. Olivares Andrew C. Barrida
Ronald E. Piquero Frederick C. Hila
Maria Elina Salvacion Kristina V. Ramo Felix Anthony F. dela Cruz
Jeana Lee P. Sablay Christopher O. Mendoza
Williard B. Solmeron Cheri Anne M. Dingle
Angel T. Bautista, VII Jayson V. Godoy
Rafael Miguel M. Dela Cruz
John Richard A. Fernandez
Jeana Lee P. Sablay
2. Technical Exhibits
Eugene S. Gregorio
Abigaile Mia V. Javier
Chairperson Marlon Dave S. Regoso
Ma. Elina Salvacion Kristina V. Ramo
Co-Chairpersons Ma. Llorina O. Raada Eileen Beth A. Hernandez
Fernando B. Aurigue
Members Rhett Simon D. Tabbada
Kristine Marie D. Romallosa
Rafael Miguel M. Dela Cruz
Eileen Beth A. Hernandez
Efren J. Sta. Maria
Jay B. Cernechez
Carmelo Miguel H. Ebreo
Joan L. Tugo
Ana N. Villanueva

4. Philippine Nuclear Youth Summit 5. Technical/Guided Tours

Chairperson Abigail D. Clemente Chairperson Hans Joshua V. Dantes

Co-Chairperson Cheri Anne M. Dingle Co-Chairperson Rosario R. Encabo

Members Roel A. Loteria Members Rissa Jane V. Amper

Alvie A. Astronomo Joan L.Tugo
Ramoncito F. Sulit Jeff Darren G. Valdez
Williard B. Solmeron Billy B. Arcilla
Leah C. Belgera Rafael Miguel M. Dela Cruz
Marianna Lourdes Marie L. Grande Ave Ann Nikolle M. Garalde
Andrew C. Barrida Ronald Daryll F. Gatchalian
Frederick C. Hila Andrea Luz G. Nery
Felix Anthony F. dela Cruz Vanessa J. Omandam
Christopher O. Mendoza Vinz Michael C. Calija
Jayson V. Godoy Djowel Recto V. Montefalcon
Rafael Miguel M. Dela Cruz Christian L. Delasada
John Richard A. Fernandez Dan Benneth C. Mangulabnan
Jeana Lee P. Sablay Ailil Marie M. Semana
Eugene S. Gregorio Juanario M. Olivares
Abigaile Mia V. Javier Girlie Eunice Lopez
Ma. Elina Salvacion Kristina V. Ramo Frederick C. Hila
Eileen Beth A. Hernandez Abigaile Mia V. Javier
Joan L. Tugo Eugene S. Gregorio
Botvinnik L. Palattao
Joanna Michelle E. Chua
Julius Frederico M. Jecong
John Faustus C. Vidal

6. AEW Opening & Closing Programs 7. Publicity and Promotions

Chairperson Nydia C. Medina Chairperson Justina S. Cerbolles

Co-Chairperson Glenda B. Obra Co-Chairperson Paolo Tristan F. Cruz

Members Celia O. Asaad Members Joan L. Tugo

Sylvia S. Busine Hans Joshua V. Dantes
Gloriamaris L. Caraos Rissa Jane V. Amper
Arvin O. Dimaano Ana Maria S. Veluz
Abigaile Mia V. Javier Fernando B. Aurigue
Johnylen V. Melendez Raymond J. Sucgang
Jennylyn C. Minglana Ana N. Villanueva
Miriam F. Rejas Buenaventura E. Cansino
Levelyn M. Tolentino Grace G. Buban
Miriam F. Rejas
Camille Grace B. Beredo
Andrea Luz G. Nery
8. Reception, Registration 10. Food and Refreshments
and Invitation
Chairperson Christine P. Singayan
Chairperson Ana Maria S. Veluz Co-Chairperson Jennylyn C. Minglana
Co-Chairpersons Haydee M. Solomon Members Johnylen V. Melendez
Ramoncito F. Sulit Ana N. Villanueva
Members Gina B. Abrera Nelia M. Montilla
Gloriamaris L. Caraos Ailil Marie M. Semana
Aileen B. Cezar Rallyn G. Ramos
Ma. Lucia C. Cobar Camille Grace B. Beredo
Veriza Rita C. Cruz Grace G. Gonzales
Abigaile Mia V. Javier Eugene S. Gregorio
Jennifer A. Sagum Alfonso A. Singayan
Rosalie M. Semana
Levelyn Mitos M. Tolentino
Ma. Allis U. Uriarte 11. Physical Arrangements
Joanrose N. Villanueva
Andrew C. Barrida Chairperson Christopher G. Halnin
Norman V. Barro
Co-Chairperson Roland V. Rallos
Arvin O. Dimaano
Eugene S. Gregorio Members Ana N. Villanueva
Botvinnik L. Palattao Mary Jane C. Manrique
Andrea G. Baule Gina B. Abrera
Andrea Luz G. Nery Arturo F. Salih
Beverly G. Briones Benjamin F. Mandinguiado
Ailil Marie M. Semana Ernesto I. Ventura
Ana N. Villanueva Vidal T. Olanda
Celia O. Asaad Felix Anthony F. Dela Cruz
Edilberto C. Dumantay Gregor DM. Bulos
Pablito S. Maat
Alfonso G. Maderazo
Ryan A. Mi-ot
Marcial D.Calub 12. Souvenir Program
Chairperson Grace M. Carlos
9. Ways and Means Co-Chairperson Gilberto T. Diano

Chairperson Gregory R. iocson Members Aristotle S. Miclat

Gloriamaris L. Caraos
Co-Chairperson Nydia C. Medina Celia O. Asaad
Members Adelina DM. Bulos Hans Joshua V. Dantes
Julietta E. Seguis Gerardo Jose M. Robles
Ivy Angelica A. Nuez
Eileen Beth A. Hernandez
Fe M. De La Cruz
Maria Teresa L. Borras
Dante Q. Bajet
Gloria D. Jimenez
13. Documentation and Evaluation 14. AEW Awards

Chairperson Joan L. Tugo Chairperson Ramoncito F. Sulit

Co-Chairperson Rissa Jane V. Amper Co-Chairperson Michael P. Hernandez

Members Hans Joshua V. Dantes Members Emma L. Cancino

Jeff Darren G. Valdez Aileen B. Cezar
Rafael Miguel M. Dela Cruz Jennifer A. Sagum
Marife R. Roa
Arminda V. Espineda
Ailil Marie M. Semana
Carla S. Dawal
Vanessa J. Omandam
Rosario R. Encabo
Joy Christine Danielle C. Vidal




Alumanda M. Dela Rosa, Ph.D.

Vice President
Mr. Teofilo Y. Garcia

Ms. Celia O. Asaad

Ms. Julietta E. Seguis

Board Members
Mr. Rolando Reyes
Ms. Elvira Z. Sombrito
PNRI Compound, Central Avenue, Barangay New Era, Quezon City
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