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Using QR Codes in the Classroom

For my future fourth or fifth grade class, I have put together 5 unique QR codes that could be
used for any environmental studies related lesson. QR or quick response codes are a great way to
get students excited and engaged in their learning. Any device that has a QR code reader can
easily and quickly connect students to information that you have embedded within the QR code.
Simply focus the QR reader on the specific code and it will direct you to the intended
link/video/picture etc. Below are 5 examples of supplement activities I would incorporate into
my lesson on ecosystems. Each code would be placed around the room and students would
participate in a scavenger hunt to find all the codes and to complete all the activities.

QR Code 1: Ecosystems Video

After giving a brief synopsis of the overarching themes of the
new ecosystems unit, I would give each student a copy of this
QR code so that they could watch a quick video that introduces
them to ecosystems. After each student has finished watching
the video, I would direct students to go on a mini scavenger hunt
around the classroom to find the next 4 QR codes for activities.
At each QR station students will scan the codes which would
lead them to activities to complete at their own pace.

QR Code 2: Ecology Summary

This is the first station where students will read a
summary about ecology and ecologists. Then, students
would answer a few questions relating to the summary
they just read.

QR Code 3: Picture of tropical ecologist Stuart Davies

The next QR code will show a picture of Stuart Davies,
an ecologist, in the field and students will be directed to
write down 3 questions that the picture made them think
about. Then later at after everyone has finished the
scavenger hunt, students will share their questions.
QR Code 4: Major Biomes Map
At the third station, the QR code is linked to a map of
the major world biomes. Students will choose one
biome to explore and then conduct a little research on
that biome.

QR Code 5: Interactive Ecosystems Model

This is the final station which has students put together
everything they have learned throughout the scavenger hunt
and ecosystems lesson to play the Ecosystems Model Game.
Flash is required for this QR code to work.