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1. What were your new duties/learning experiences this week?

This week I did not take on any new responsibilities or gain any new experiences. In the athletic
department, things slowed way down this week because of the end of mens and womens
basketball seasons. Baseball will not start at Earlham for a few more weeks so I have a lot more
down time than usual. When baseball starts, I know I will be working a ton of games and taking
on new responsibilities out at the baseball field. Until we reach that point, I will be biding my time
in the office and trying to ask coaches or administrators if they are in any need of assistance.
2. What was the most difficult task/experience you had this week?
The most difficult task I had was trying to determine what exactly my responsibilities were in
relation to the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. I have never interacted with such a group
before that is responsible for the types of things they handle and that makes it a little difficult for
me to grasp what exactly they need from me. I have duties that have been assigned to me by
the Associate Director of Athletics so I will try to focus on getting those done or at least getting a
start on them soon. I need to meet with the SAAC executive board to help better understand
what the organization will be doing the months ahead so that I can try to help as best I can.
3. What was the most rewarding task/experience you had this week?
The most rewarding experience for me was being able to interact with our Special Olympics
bowlers and their families at our latest practice. It is really special to watch our student-athletes
interact with the Special Olympics athletes. I am not participating in the bowling, so I stand back
and instead get to interact with the families of the SO bowlers and get to learn a little bit more
about them. Not only am I learning how talented and genuine the SO bowlers are, I am now
beginning to understand what tight-knit community they have amongst themselves and how
they have developed deep friendships with each other over time. It really is spectacular to
4. What is your evaluation of the learning experiences that you had this week?
My experiences this week were limited in the sense of taking on new challenges. But I am
always learning new things about Earlham and how things operate in this athletic department.
There is not a day goes by that I do not learn or experience something new to help me function
better. Whether it is learning the scheduling system or trying to help plan for events that Id
never heard of before coming here, I am always learning something different. I continue to find
myself developing better connections with the coaches inside this office (in particular, this week
I had a lot of good conversation with the golf coach). This place does not disappoint.
5. What are suggestions for ways to improve/enhance your experience?
I feel like I never really have any suggestions and this week is similar to weeks past. I feel that I
am learning a lot of valuable information here and always have the opportunity to try different
things. If I need assistance with anything, there is always someone around who is gracious
enough to lend me their guidance. My only request would be to keep me occupied with things
that help me become a more well-rounded and sport-minded individual; that is, giving me tasks
that will transfer to skills I can use outside of Earlham when I leave here in a month.