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Interview Regarding China in WWII and the Chinese Civil

Interviewee: Nai Nai, Its rude to ask for a womans age,
My Grandmother.

*the following is an English translation of a conversation

in Chinese*

Me: What was it like when the Japanese invaded? Was it

as awful as the movies make it seem?
Grandma: Well I lived in Hefei at the time and it really
wasnt that bad. For the most part they just came,
stayed, and left us alone. So long as you worked and did
what you were told nothing would really happen to you. It
wasnt anything like Nanjing where they killed thousands
for no reason.

Me: What do you think about the Japanese now?

Grandma: Theyre just people, the only issue I have is
that they never admitted what they did was wrong, or
deny doing anything at all. Even now they havent
apologized for anything theyve done.

Me: When did you first meet Grandpa?

Grandma: He was about 16 years old when he ran away
from home to join the Communist army, we met while he
was stationed in Hefei.

Me: Did Grandpa ever fight on the front lines and fight
the Nationalists?
Grandma: *laughs* No of course not he was just some
16-year-old kid with a lot of pride for his country. He was
garrisoned at my city and never saw a day of combat.

Me: What happened to grandpa after the war?

Grandma: He worked as a security guard

Me: How tall was grandpa?

Grandma: Ehhh maybe a couple inches taller than you
not much though.
Me: Wow