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2 GRAMMAR present continuous 3 PRONUNCIATION /2/ and /or/ a Lookat the painting again. Read the museum guide's a Write the words in the chart. it. Write the verbs in the present continuous. prefer jacket necklace problem T-shirt world @, ats computer bird attractive prefer 1b AGT) Listen and check. Then listen again and repeat the words. ‘Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, 4 LISTENING 1884-86, Georges-Pierre Seurat a Listen to an advertisement for an art exhibition. What is special abourthe pictures? ‘As you can ee, the sun‘ _isshining inthis picture, and the people” (relax) by the Seine River in Paris On the right of the picture, aman and a woman * sraluiai vex he qoenions (wal) their pets. On the left a man* tie) ). 2 ee on the grass, He looks lke he * (relax). In s / pisces We Pirates ge 2 What was the first picture he drew on his down. What” (they / do)? Maybe they iPhone? ‘ (wat) for some friends? Or maybe they® (watch) the other people? On the right, near the trees, there is another girl. She (play) with someone, but we can’t see 3. What does he do with his flower pictures? 4 When is the last day of the exhibition? 5 How much does the exhibition cost? ‘b_ Complete the sentences with the simple present or present continuous form of the verbs in the box. drink drive Uke listen live rain sleep study wear work USEFUL WORDS AND PHRASES Sorry, can't hear you. Imtlistening _ to music. Learn these words and phrases. Charles always to work, feet fit “Shhhh! Bequiet! The children knee ni We can’t play tennis today. It 7 y 5 portrait ‘portrav Fiona__ four cups of coffee every day. eoeltpeaaan We___this picture very much. pregnant pregnant My brother in themusicindustry, relationship. /r'leinip Kathy always____jeans athome. Seagal ch ‘They can't come to the movies because they for the exam tomorrow. 10 My parents ina big house. ‘attractive third cardigan skirt sweater bracelet