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Part 1 Admissions Research

The name of the university being researched is: University of North Carolina at
Greensboro (UNCG)

General Information and Campus Life

1: Describe the college culture of this university.
Although this is a bigger school, it has a small school feel to it-- people are said to be
friendly and easy to get along with. There are over 200 clubs and organizations to
participate in, and there is no pressure to take part in Greek Life. Ive heard that people
have described UNCG as a suitcase school, meaning most people go home for the

2: What major will I pursue at this university? It this major accredited?

My major will be Media Studies, which is regionally accredited by the Southern
Association of Colleges and Schools.

3: How many credits are required to transfer (min and max)?

30 CH is the minimum, while 64 CH is the maximum

4: If I stay on target to graduate or complete the minimum credits at my community

college, how long will it take me to graduate from this university?
It will take me 2 full school years (4 semesters) to graduate from UNCG.

5: What are 3 benefits to attending this university?

UNCG has my major, its diverse/has a high population of minorities, and its not too far
from home

6: What is campus life like?

The student population is fairly diverse in terms of race, 33% of all undergraduates live
in on-campus housing, there are a good amount of sports and activities, and there are
numerous support services.

7: What is the demographic breakdown of the student population? (includes ethnicity,

gender, international population, etc)
Race/ethnicity: 51% White, 28% Black, 8% Hispanic/Latino, 5% Asian
Sex: 66% Female, 34% Male
In-state: 94% Out-of-state: 6%

8: Is this a residential campus? Can transfer students live on campus?

Yes, any student of any year can live on campus, including transfer students.

9: What is the average class size for my major? Are classes in my major taught by
faculty or graduate assistants?
The average class size is 25 students, with faculty teaching the courses

10: What are some ways in which this college maintains strong connections with the
workforce and community?
UNCG students and faculty regularly collaborate with community businesses and
organizations through centers such as the Center for Community-Engaged Design,
Center for Housing and Community Studies, and the North Carolina Entrepreneurship

11: What sources of financial aid are available to transfer students? Are there any
special scholarships for transfer students?
The types of financial aid include private and public loans, grants, scholarships, and
work-study programs. There are a select few scholarships given to adult and transfer
students. One specifically for transfer students is the Linda Hiatt Scholarship for NC
Community College Students, which is, Awarded on the basis of academic merit to
transfer students with sophomore or junior status from one of the NC community
colleges. Preference for students from Surry Community College.

Admission Requirements
1: How much is the application fee?

2: What type of application must be submitted (the colleges specific application, the
Common App, etc)?
You must submit UNCGs specific application

3: What transcripts are required?

High school and CPCC

4: Are references or recommendation letters required? How many?

No, neither are required for admission

5: Is an essay required? What is the essay topic?

No. There is an optional essay for incoming freshmen, but as an incoming junior it is not
a requirement or recommendation for me.
6: Is an interview required or recommended? Is this in person or via phone? Is this with
an individual or panel?
No, an interview is not necessary to apply.

7: Is the application deadline fixed or rolling? If fixed, list the actual deadline.
UNCGs fixed application deadline is March 1st, 2017.

8: Whats the minimum GPA requirement? Whats the competitive GPA?

The minimum GPA for transfer students is 2.3, while the competitive GPA for transfer
students is 3.01

9: Are there additional requirements to be accepted to my major?


10: Do I need SAT/ACT score for admission? What is the competitive score?
You need SAT and/or ACT scores to apply- because I only took the ACT, I only had to
submit my results for that. The competitive ACT score is 22.

Part 2 Summarizing Your Findings

First Choice
Name of college: UNCG Location: Greensboro, NC
Major/minor: Media Studies, Art Cost per year: $18,755
Contact: Christopher Keller, Director of Admissions
Login/password: fitzandy4 ********

Admissions Requirements
Item Required Y/N Deadline/Fee Completed Y/N University Received

Application Y March 1 2017 Y Y

(electronic) $55

Test Scores Y March 1 2017 Y Y

1 copy SAT or ACT $12
Official Tran- Y March 1 2017 Y Y
Scripts (1 for $12 for HS
HS 1 for CPCC) $5 for CPCC

References/ N NA NA NA

Admission N NA NA NA

Personal N NA NA NA

Campus N NA NA NA
Housing App

Financial Aid Y March 1 2017 Y Y


Scholarship Y March 1 2017 Y Y


GPA Requirement: Minimum: 2.3 (for transfer) Competitive: 3.01 (for transfer)

Credits Required: Minimum: 31 (for Bachelors degree)

Notes/Special Instructions: Will transfer as a Junior since Im getting Associates degree

Admission Decision: Accepted

Part 3 Next Steps/Action Plan

1: What questions do you still have about the colleges you are considering?
How much financial aid can I receive? Although my FAFSA gave an estimate related to
my dads income in 2015, he has no income currently. Can I work out a way to get more
financial aid because my family is in a difficult financial situation?
2: Based on everything you have learned about college culture and admissions, what
are two steps you can take within the next 3-6 months to ensure your transfer
admissions plan will be successful?
In order to transfer successfully, I will register for classes as soon as possible to make
sure I am taking all of the requirements for my major and minor. Also, I plan on actively
participating in student organizations, such as the improv group, to put myself out there
and meet new people.

3: Create a task list and action plan of the steps you need to take to ensure you meet
the deadlines for college admission.

Action Target Date Notes Complete/Incomplete

Send Application 3/1/2017 $55 Complete

Send Transcripts 3/1/2017 $17 Complete

Apply for Aid 3/1/2017 Complete

Lease room 8/1/2017 APT/house Incomplete

Pay Tuition Starts 5/8/17 Incomplete

Ends 8/21/17