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Before we go into what the Iowa Caucus is and how it works we should start out by

explaining the difference between a caucus and a primary election. A primary is an election in
which voters cast secret ballots much like any other typical election, however, a caucus is a local
meeting run by the parties officials where people can express their feelings about a presidential
preference or delegates. Despite the differences both outcomes help select delegates to that
partys national convention whom actually pick the nominee.
The Iowa Caucus is noteworthy because they have had a 43% success rate at predicting
which Democratic candidate for president and a 50% success rate for the Republican candidate
will go on to win the nomination of their political party since 1972.
Rather than going to polls and casting ballots the citizens that participate in the Iowa
Caucus gather at a set location in each of Iowas 1681 precincts where they discuss and select
their delegate.

After doing all of the calculations I would endorse Marco Rubio. Looking at the surface it
looks like Marco Rubio is not the candidate that should win and thats largely in part because of
the few votes he has under 1st place, however, he had no 3rd or 4th place votes and in head to
head match-ups was the clear victor. This correlates with the condorcet fairness criteria as it
shows the winner should win out head-to-head match-ups. Not only was Marco Rubio the head-
to-head winner in both Copelands Method and Borda count, but he was the choice that the
majority of people felt comfortable with having if their first nomination was not chosen.
Some may question as to why we did not choose Donald Trump as he was the candidate
with the most 1st place votes, but if you look further into the data he is also the candidate with
the most 4th place votes meaning that if he wasnt first on the ballot he was last. The people
simply do not value him as high as Marco Rubio. Also, if you removed Trump from the race
Marco Rubio would have more first place votes than any other candidate.
Because of this information and the calculations that I have provided within this
document I feel strongly about endorsing Marco Rubio at the Cerro Gordo County Convention.