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Noticias de agosto/septiembre 2016

Fuente Nueva Charter School

1730 Janes Road, Arcata 95521
Telephone: 707-822-3348
A Note from the Director 8/31 AFN Meeting 5:45pm
8/31 FNCC Meeting 5pm
Dear Parents, 9/5 No School
As the summer winds down and school begins, families often
9/15 Back to School Night
experience an increase of activity which can lead to stress. Character Words
With sports, school, homework and other after school
responsibilities, it is easy to feel like there isnt enough time. This Each week we focus on a
year the staff at Fuente Nueva started our year together character word or phrase.
talking about just this for ourselves and the students. We Students are given opportunities
to learn about how to practice
shared ways that we will care for ourselves as the pace of the
that trait. At the end of the week
year picks up. We agreed to support each other in this pursuit teachers select a student who
of balance. Our number one strategy? Stop and take a few demonstrated the character
deep breaths. Whether it is for just a few minutes or a longer word to earn an award. All
mindful moment, we hope you join us this year to remember students will earn this award
that when it starts to get too busy, just stop and take a breath! through-out the year. Students
receive a certificate at our Friday
Directora Beth assembly called reunin. In
addition, their names will be
posted here. Parents are
Safe Routes to School encouraged to discuss the
character words with their
A small group of parents are working together to increase children. Teachers will have them
the safety both on, and around our campus. We are posted in the classrooms and in
their weekly newsletters. The first
working with both the City and County but infrastructure
three weeks we introduce our
improvements may take time. With many young children, Golden Rules. I take care of
parents and even elders present on our campus, our first myself, others and this place.
goal is to ensure that our parking lot is safe for cars, bikers After that we focus on words that
connect to:
and walkers. We created a map to demonstrate proper
1. Zest
use of the lot for all members of our community. There are 2. Grit
some changes that will take some practice to make a 3. Gratitude
habit. Thank you for your efforts to us help create a safe 4. Curiosity
5. Optimism
space for everyone. 6. Self-Control
7. Social Intelligence

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Y mas noticias

Got Trail?

The short answer, no we dont. Along the side of Foster Avenue,

there is an old railroad track that with effort, could be a trail for
bikers and walkers. This trail would be an invaluable asset as Foster
Ave. is well traveled by both walkers, joggers, bikers and cars which
is dangerous with no real shoulder available. A group of parents is
beginning the process of seeking approval convert the tracks to a
Spanish Award Winners
trail. The first meeting is Tuesday 8/30 at 1pm. Check in at the school
Each week a student from
office to sign in and be directed to the location of the meeting. each claass is given a
Spanish award at our
Back to School Night Monday assembly called
reunin. The purpose of the
Please join us for Back to School Night on Thursday, September award is to motivate and
15 at 5:45pm. We will begin in the hall where we plan to share encourage students while
information on exciting happenings at Fuente Nueva. The they learn to read, write,
listen and speak in Spanish.
leadership arms of the school have been busy with past and
As with the Character
future success to share. Next, parents will visit both the regular Award, every student will
classroom and the English library. The art and music room will receive this award through
be open, there will be information booths on our Disaster and out the year.
Safety planning, AFN and more. This event is for parents, so we
do offer limited child care for those who sign up in advance.
Younger siblings are welcome to stay with parents as Reunin
appropriate! On Monday and Friday at
8:40am, the entire school
Art, Music and Physical Education Program comes into the hall for what
we call reunin. Parents are
We are in for an exciting year in Art, Music, and P.E! Parents certainly welcome to join us
can expect lots more art coming home from the students, by pulling up a chair or sitting
at the end of the class lines.
more humming and singing of songs and tapping of rhythms,
At reunin we set the tone
and more strength, endurance, and flexibility! I am excited for the week together.
and proud to grow with your children this year and honored to Mondays are in Spanish and
be once again be part of their lives! -Tigger Custodio Fridays are in English. We
learn Spanish, sing songs,
Extended Day Program learn about character, and
more. Please feel free to join
Sign up for a new semester in Extended Day. We offer both us for these precious
moments we spend together
care before and after school on all school days. Hope to see
as a school community.
you and your student in Extended day this year!

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Y mas noticias
School Lunch Ordering

Greetings from the Fuente Kitchen! Thank you for the positive feedback last spring on our
new lunch program. We cook health and scrumptious meals from scratch that use as much
organic, grass-fed and locally produced ingredients as possible. Weve developed a few
new entres, reached out to more farmers for direct purchasing, and will now mark on the
menus GF to indicate gluten free days. We will still offer monthly order forms as our
preferred method of receiving your lunch orders in advance, but will also accept lunch
orders on a daily basis. Please reserve ordering on the day of for those mornings when you
have a special circumstance arise. Feedback throughout the year is welcome, and we
especially love parent collaboration for our end-of-the month Viajes Culinarios meals
when kids get to try out the traditional dishes of a featured country. Come to Back to
School Night to find ways that you can volunteer at our school through the lunch program!
Thank you, ~Danielle and Albert

Fuente Nueva Charter Council (School Board)

This month, we plan on creating a committee to put together a comprehensive safety

plan. This plan will bring together several documents and policies that we have in place,
but not gathered in one plan. Parents interested in helping can sign up at Back to School
Night or contact Directora Beth to find out more. Meetings are open to all!

Amigos de Fuente Nueva (Parent Teacher Organization)

Bienvenidos to the 2016-17 school year from Amigos de Fuente Nueva (AFN).
The AFN provides parents with a way to help things happen at our. We have a number of
sub committess and provide all the school fundraising and hospitality. Money raised
through the AFN has funded enrichment experiences for our kids, playground equipment,
technology for the classrooms and more. The majority of the funds raised comes from the
Fiesta Ball, which is held in the Spring. We have a Fiesta Ball sub-committee that could really
use your help! Right now, Maestra Angela and a few 5th grade parents need to train new
people on how to plan this wonderful event that is loved by our community. If event
planning is your thing, there are many ways to get involved. At Back to School Night,
parents will have an opportunity to sign up to volunteer for Fuente Nueva. We try to match
talent to task and provide a variety of ways to contribute.

Recently we have lost several members, and we are looking for a few new faces to join us
on the board. We have a president and treasurer, but need a new secretary to take notes
and gather information for meeting agendas. We also invite you to attend
an AFN meeting- our first meeting of the school year is Wednesday, August 31st.

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