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Lesson Plan

School : Elementary School

Course : English
Language Skill : Reading & writing
Topic : What is your name?
Class/Semester : IV/I
Time allocation : 2 x 30 Minutes

A. Standard Competence

3. Memahami tulisan bahasa Inggris sangat sederhana dalam konteks kelas

B. Basic Competence

3.1 Membaca nyaring dengan melafalkan alfabet dan ucapan yang tepat
yang melibatkan kata, frasa, dan kalimat sangat sederhana

C. Learning Objectives:
At the end of the course, students are expected to be able to:
1. Identify the Alphabets (A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X
Y Z).
2. Pronounce the Alphabets (A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W
X Y Z).
3. Read aloud the word and simple sentence related to greeting and
4. Complete the conversation related to greeting and introducing based
on the picture.

D. Materials

1. Story of Tania and her new friend, Toni.

Our New Friend

One morning, Tania goes to the School. She goes to the school by walking. In
the school, she meets a new friend. She greets him.
Hello, Good morning, Tania greets.
Her friend answer, Hi, Good morning.
Then, she asks him again, What is your name?
Her friend answers and introduces his name, My name is Toni, T-O-N-I.
Oh, Toni, I am Tania, Tania answers.
Then they walk together to the class. In the class they meet to her friend,
Susi. Tania introduces her new friend to Susi. Hi Susi, this is Toni. He is our
new friend. Then, Susi also introduces her name, Hello Toni, I am Susi. Nice
to meet you. Then, Toni answer, Nice to meet you too Susi.
At the time, the teacher comes to the class. So, they sit in their own chair.

2. Song of Alphabets (A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z).

3. The expression of greeting: hello, hi, good morning

4. The expression of introducing oneself: I am.., my name is

5. The expression of introducing others: This is, S/he is

6. Match making game

E. Teaching method

Contextual Teaching and Learning

F. Learning activities


1. Teacher greets students

Good morning students

2. Teacher does a small talk.
How are you today, how is your feeling?
3. Teacher checks the attendance.

Who is absent today?

4. Then teacher asks the students to sing A B C song together.
Do you know A B C song? Lets sing the song first.
5. The teacher asks the students,

Do you greet your friend on the class?

What do you say to greet your friend?

Do you introduce yourself to your new friends?

Do you introduce your friend to others?

6. The teacher tells the students that they will learn about greeting and
introducing self and others.

Today, we are going to learn about how to greet someone we know

and introduce ourselves and our friends to others.

Whilst activity
7. Teacher tells the story of Our New Friend.
I have a story about Tania and his new friend, Toni.
8. Teacher asks students to read aloud the story together, and asks some
students to act out as Tania, Susi and Toni.
9. The teacher asks the students what are the expression used in the
story by asking some questions, such as:
a. What Tania says to greet Toni?
b. What Toni says to answer Tania?
c. What Tania says to Susi when she introduces Toni?
d. What Susi says when Tania introduces Toni?
10. Teacher writes the conversation between Tania, Toni, and Susi on
the blackboard.
11. Students play Match-making games.
a. Teacher divides students into group of four.
b. Teacher provides cardboards containing of picture and incomplete
c. Teacher distributes pieces of paper containing the expressions to
complete conversation (5 expressions).
d. Students stick or patch the appropriate expression in the
e. Teacher gives 5 minutes to do the games.
f. The fastest group which finishes the game and has the correct
answer will be the winner.
12. Teacher and students analyze the students answer together.
13. Teacher gives exercise to the students to check their
comprehension. (see appendix)

Post activity
14. The teacher asks the student what they have learned today by
using expression So, what have we learned today?

15. The teacher gives the homework for the students.

16. Teacher closes the class by saying good bye.

G. Media:

1. The pictures of Tania, Susi, and Toni.

2. The cardboards containing of pictures and incomplete conversations.

Good afternoon. _________ ___________. I am Putra.

Hi, Dian. ____________. Thank you.

Hello, Eko. How _________ today?

3. Pieces of paper containing the expressions to complete conversation.

My name is How are you

Good afternoon I am very well

- Written Test
Assessment Police
- Total exercise: 10
- Each point has 1 score, total score: 10/1 = 10


Buku paket kelas 4 yang dipakai SD Sukarasa 1


Choose the right answer and cross on A, B, C, or D


Rudi : Good afternoon, Ani.

Ani :

a. Good morning.

b. Good afternoon.

c. Good to see you.

d. Good evening.

This is the first school day. Students meet new friends and introduce each

1. Tina : Hi, I am Tina. T-I-N-A.

Ali : Hi, Tina. My name is Ali, .

a. A-L-A c. A-L-I

b. I-L-A d. A-L-E

2. Bani : Hello, my name is Bani, bi-ei-en-ai.

Sari : hai, Bani. I am Sari, .

a. Es-yu-ar-ai c. es-ai-ar-i

b. Es-ai-ar-ei d. es-ei-ar-ai

3. Andi : Hi, my name is Andi Susanto.

Yusuf: , Andi. I am Yusuf Lukmansyah.

a. Hi c. Hai

b. Halo d. Good bye

4. Nuni : Hi Rendy, Sarah.

Rendy : Hi, Sarah, nice to meet you.
Sarah : Nice to meet you too, Rendy.

a. He is c. this is

b. They are d. I am

Teacher comes to class and greets the students.

5. Teacher : Good morning, students!

Students : , Sir!
a. Good bye c. Good

b. Good morning d. Good evening

6. Teacher : Good morning, Lucy. How are you today?

Lucy :I fine, thanks.

a. Am b. is c. are d. be

Toni and Rina are transferred students. He introduces himself in front of the

7. Toni : I am tony. I am new student. Nice to meet you.

Gandi :
a. I am Gandi

b. My name is Gandi

c. Yes, I am Gandi

d. Nice to meet you too

8. Rina : Let me introduce myself. is Rina.

a. My name c. his name

b. Your name d. her name

Rina wants to sit beside Neni. Neni greets Rina.

9. Rina : Hello, Good morning. How are you?

Neni : Good morning, , thank you.

a. I am Neni c. How are you

b. I am fine d. Nice to meet you

Ririn is Tonis new classmate. She introduces Andi to Toni.

10. Ririn : Toni, this is Restu. is my friend.

Restu : Hi, Toni. I am Restu, nice to see you.

Toni : Nice to see you too.
a. He c. She

b. It d. they

Answer Key :
1. C

2. D

3. A

4. C

5. B

6. A

7. D
8. A

9. B

10. C

Picture of Tania, Susi, and Toni

Sample of picture and conversation for Games

Group 5:
Denissa Femi Primula
Miranti Pradipta Utami