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School plan 2015 2017

Marie Bashir Public School


Promote excellence by providing Build a strategic and planned

challenging and stimulating quality approach to the well-being of all
learning experiences students.

Build leadership capacity and
inspire a collaborative and
dynamic professional learning

Learning Today,
Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow 4652
School background 2015 - 2017

School vision statement School context School planning process

Marie Bashir Public School aims to provide, in Marie Bashir Public School is situated towards the end NSW public schools conduct evaluations to support the
partnership with the parents, a quality education so that of a cul- de- sac at 159 Albert Road Strathfield. The effective implementation of the school plan. The processes
all students are able to reach their full potential within a Schools parkland environment consisting of an oval, used include:
caring learning environment. two tennis courts and two cricket pitches as well as its
newly refurbished classrooms provides an attractive Information sessions for parents regarding the school
and welcoming environment. vision and their expectations.
Goal 1:
Marie Bashir Public School promotes independence, P & C meetings twice a term.
Marie Bashir Public School serves a community which
equity and excellence. values and appreciates quality education. Parent satisfaction survey.

Goal 2: The school commenced with 67 students in January Staff meetings regarding the school vision, school plan
2014, 325 in January 2017 and continues to grow. Its and goals.
All Marie Bashir Public School students become:
student population is established from the Strathfield Formal Staff conferences in order to set goals.
successful learners area.
confident and creative thinkers Teachers satisfaction survey.
active and informed citizens. Marie Bashir Public School provides strong foundations
Student surveys outlining their satisfaction.
for students with an emphasis on excellence in literacy,
Our experienced, committed staff, our clear focus on
numeracy and student engagement. Best Start data, Student focus sessions where students formally
student wellbeing and the attractive school setting mean NAPLAN and the literacy and numeracy continuums outlined their aspirations, expectations and goals.
that students feel welcome and secure in their learning provide a strong framework for literacy and numeracy
achievement. The Parents and Citizens Association, staff and students
environment. Our strong partnership with our Schools were key stakeholders in the consultation process.
community promotes the educational, personal and social
needs of all our students thus delivering world class The school has an effective learning support team,
curriculum and assessment practices and improving delivering strategic support to a range of students with
learning needs. There is a strong emphasis on
educational outcomes for a range of student needs.
leadership and student well- being.

At Marie Bashir Public School, we will continue to

develop a learning community which achieves high
quality outcomes. This is done as students, parents and
staff work together and are committed to building a
school of which the entire community are proud.

Students are exposed to technological advances in

learning delivery. They also have the opportunity to
become involved in sport, dance, music, art, drama and
a range of other activities to help them become well-
rounded and successful members of society.

Extra-curricular activities such as: interschool sport,

choir, orchestra, debating, public speaking, Performing

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School background 2015 - 2017

Arts, Chess, tennis and Kung Fu are offered to all


Quality teaching is enhanced through commitment to

significant Professional Learning.

84% of the students are from a non- English speaking

background with a range of cultures represented which
includes: Chinese, Korean, Sri Lankan, Indian and

Alliances have been formed with Sydney University,

Australian Catholic University as well as a community of
schools which include: Enfield Public School,
Homebush Public School, Homebush West Public
School and Strathfield South Public School.

A specialist art teacher has been employed three days

a week. Students from Chalmers Road and Fairfield
Public School are involved in the schools Creative Arts

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School strategic directions 2015 - 2017

DIRECTION 2 Build leadership
Promote excellence
Build a strategic and capacity and inspire a
by providing
planned approach to collaborative and
challenging and
the well-being of all dynamic professional
stimulating quality
students learning community
learning experiences

Purpose: Purpose: Purpose:

Students are motivated to reach their full potential Engagement of the whole school community to support the To support a culture of high expectations and community
through an integrated approach to quality teaching, cognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual well- engagement, resulting in sustained and measureable
curriculum planning and delivery and assessment. being of students and to create a positive, safe and whole school improvement.
enriching learning environment.

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Strategic Direction 1: Promote excellence by providing a challenging and stimulating quality
learning experiences.

Purpose People Processes Products and Practices

Students: 21 Century Learning Product
Students are motivated to reach their full Engaged as quality learners by planning -Use English, maths, Science, History All students achieving their negotiated
potential through an integrated approach their own learning goals, monitoring their and Geography syllabus documents to learning goals which are based on all
to quality teaching, curriculum planning, successes, gathering evidence of their enable creative, logical and critical syllabus documents, the literacy and
delivery and assessment. learning and developing skills to report on thinking. numeracy continuum and general
their learning to their peers, teachers and -Adopt a pedagogy that is built on capabilities framework.
parents. differentiation.
All students embrace the choices of
Become successful learners, confident -Conduct information sessions to
technology offered to collaborate,
and creative individuals and active enhance parent knowledge, skills and
communicate, inquire, create in order to
informed citizens. understanding of the Australian
achieve their personal goals.
Curriculum and initiatives in teaching
Staff: and learning practices. 61% of Year 3 students and 54% of year 5
Develop understanding and -Expand delivery of 21 Century students achieving in the top two bands for
implementation of the Australian Learning through a 3 year strategic literacy and numeracy.
Curriculum. technology plan including software,
hardware, professional learning (PL), Well developed and current policies,
Improvement Measures Engage in structured critical reflection of technology (ICT) integration, Digital programs and processes identify,
their teaching practice to facilitate Citizenship policy and website update. address and monitor student learning
All students achieving their negotiated implementation of Quality Teaching Formative Assessment needs.
learning goals which are based on all elements. -Implementation of effective feedback
syllabus documents, the literacy and strategies including programming, Student performance shows a deep
numeracy continuums and general Parents/Carers: learning intentions and success criteria. knowledge and understanding, higher
capabilities framework. Understand quality teaching and 21
st Further development of student based order thinking, metalanguage and
Century pedagogical approaches in the rubrics as a source of feedback for substantive communication.
All students embrace the choices of Australian Curriculum. future learning.
technology offered to collaborate, -School-wide systems for continuous Practices
communicate, inquire and create in order Community Partners: formative (for), summative (as) and Students take responsibility for their
to achieve their personal goals. Develop collaborative relationships diagnostic (of) assessment procedures, own learning. This involves reflecting
between school and community- including SMART and K-6 learning
continuum (PLAN) that contribute to the
and monitoring their own progress to
Australian Catholic University
evaluation of class programs. inform their future learning goals,
Leaders: -Implement a cycle of observation, based on effective feedback.
Create a positive culture of challenge and reflection, implementation and
Quality teaching and learning practices
evaluation focused on expanding the
support enabling effective teaching that including, FOR and TEN demonstrate
understanding of the National Teaching
promotes enthusiastic, independent Standards. differentiated lessons, assessments
learners, committed to life-long learning. Evaluation and cross-curricular priorities.
BEST Start, literacy and numeracy School community members involved
continuums and NAPLAN data. in decision making and supporting
General Capabilities framework. classroom learning programs.

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Strategic Direction 2: Build a strategic and planned approach to the well-being of all

Purpose People Processes Products and Practices

Leader In Me Product
Engagement of the whole school Students: -Develop leadership capacity via the A comprehensive and inclusive student
community to support the cognitive, Understand the behaviours, attitudes and covey seven habits program and the welfare policy that all students, staff and
emotional, social, physical and spiritual expectations that enhance wellbeing and student welfare program. parents are familiar with.
well- being of students and to create a lead to improved student outcomes. -Staff promote and implement Coveys
positive, safe and enriching learning seven habits in the school context 10% decrease of students noted on Well
environment so that every student in at Accept responsibility for their own Being program.
behaviours as expressed in the which provide the foundation for
Marie Bashir Public School can connect,
succeed and thrive at school and beyond Behaviour Code. negotiated school rules and behaviour 90% of students receive Principals
. expectations. Awards.
Recognise and respect cultural identity
and diversity. Welfare Program A comprehensive and inclusive framework
- Behavioural and educational to support the cognitive, emotional, social,
Staff: programs developed with key physical; and spiritual well- being of
Understand and practice Coveys 7 stakeholders. students, which measurably improves
individual and collective well- being.
Improvement Measures -Recognise and celebrate student
Understand the principles underlining the Students experience an environment that
attainment using Merit and Principals
schools student welfare practices. Awards, annual presentation day focuses on safety, respect and learning.
The school community has a
comprehensive and inclusive student awards, Aussie of the Month Award and A successful time-out room facilitates
Parents/Carers & Community
welfare policy that all students, staff and playground awards. improved behaviour management
parents are familiar with. strategies for students who require extra
Embrace and support the student welfare -Implementation of the student emotional and social skill development.
program. leadership programs such as Student
Representative Council (SRC), class Practice
10% decrease of students noted on Well Leaders: Continued review and refinement of school
Being program. leaders within the class and school
Facilitate innovative programs to support well-being programs.
context and provide opportunities for a
student well-being and promote high
broad range of co-curricular activities. Consistent use of Coveys Seven Habits to
guide explicit behaviour expectations.
-Provide the school community with Class rules and Coveys Seven Habits
ongoing information and feedback in integrated into class learning programs.
relation to welfare.
Implement the Every Student, Every
Evaluation School strategy to support all students
Sentral data for attendance, behaviour including EAL/D and students that are
and well being. entitled to low level adjustment for
7 habits survey.

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Strategic Direction 3: Build Leadership capacity and inspire a collaborative and dynamic
professional learning community

Purpose People Processes Products and Practices

Student Leadership Products
To support a culture of high expectations Students: Students provided with a wide variety of All staff are involved in quality professional
and community engagement, resulting in Development of leadership capabilities. opportunities within the Well-Being and learning based on individual learning plans/
sustained and measureable whole school Staff: curriculum programs to develop goals.
improvement. leadership capabilities.
Take responsibility for Professional
Learning (PL) and their own leadership All staff utilise the Australian Professional
Staff Leadership
goals. Standards for Teachers to work towards
-Responding to current reforms, such
as the Australian Curriculum; Local their appropriate level of accreditation.
Expert staff facilitate professional
Schools, Local Decisions; Every
learning and provide knowledge and Practice
Student, Every School; and Great
ongoing support e.g. SOLE, TOWN, Evidence of student voice in a variety of
Teachers, Inspired Learning
TEN, FOR roles such as School Representative
documents, to enhance quality teaching
practices and ongoing professional Council (SRC), School Captains, House
Develop knowledge to meet the needs of learning. Captains in school and community
a culturally diverse and changing -Professional learning is directly linked contexts.
Improvement Measures educational system. to the School Plan and teacher
Teachers receive quality supervision and
individual learning goals.
Leaders: feedback from executives through a range
All staff are involved in quality -School leaders provide time for
Develop skills, knowledge and coaching, mentoring, professional of strategies including on-going stage
professional learning based on individual understanding to build capacity.
learning plans/ goals. dialogue, reflection and monitoring of meetings, collegial planning, classroom
Parents: personal, professional learning plans in observations, critical reflection, debriefing
Develop a learning community by line with the Performance Development conferences and documented analysis,
All staff embrace the Australian
providing opportunities for parents, Framework (PDF).
Professional Standards for Teachers and culminating in successful accreditation at
students and teachers to work together to -Participation in Community of Schools
are working towards accreditation, involving networks, sharing of human, all levels.
embed authentic implementation of
maintaining accreditation at highly Department of Education and financial and technological resources. Staff involved in Action Research Projects
accomplished or leadership. Communities (DEC) initiatives. -Induction policy and process for across a range of professional learning
beginning teachers that is explicit and initiatives.
Community Partners: systematic.
-Provide parents with ongoing Beginning teachers induction program is
The school has productive relationships
information in relation to the Australian flexible and tailored to individual needs,
with other schools and external agencies
Curriculum, school performance, DEC links with a mentoring program and
such as university, business, industry and
priorities and operations of the school. accesses relevant DEC Professional
community organisations to improve
Learning resources.
educational opportunities for students.
Accreditiation Community of Schools involvement in
PDF Instructional Rounds, beginning teachers
Feedback from Community of Schools network, curriculum networks, leadership
accreditation networks.

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