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School of Engineering

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

B.Tech- 5th Semester

(Applicable for 2015-16 admitted batch)

Subject Code Subject Name L T P Seminar/ C


Course 1. To familiarize students with the behavior of a

system in terms of both its time domain and
objectives frequency domain representations.

2. To familiarize students with the importance

of FFT algorithms.

3.Identify the correct type of filter required for

a given problem and be able to demonstrate
the design and implementation of such a digital

4.Explain the concept of aliasing and its effect

on the design and use of practical systems.

Course 1.Apply transform methods to analyze the

analog and digital linear time-invariant
Outcomes systems.

2.Convert between time and frequency domain

representations of signals and systems.

3.Understand the practical aspects of sampling,

reconstruction and select a suitable sampling
rate for a given signal processing problem.

4.Analyze and design analog and digital filters

for a given Specification.

5.Understand and demonstrate the

applications of the discrete Fourier transform.

6.Implement the digital filters.

School of Engineering

Discrete Fourier Transforms (DFT): (12 Hours)

Frequency domain sampling and reconstruction of discrete time signals. DFT as a linear
transformation, its relationship with other transforms.

Properties of DFT, multiplication of two DFTs- the circular convolution, additional DFT properties.

FFT algorithms (10Hours)

Use of DFT in linear filtering, overlap-save and overlap-add method. Direct computation of DFT, need
for efficient computation of the DFT (FFT algorithms).
Radix-2 FFT algorithm for the computation of DFT and IDFTdecimation-in-time and decimation-in-
frequency algorithms. Goertzel algorithm, and chirp-z transform.

IIR filter design (10Hours)

Characteristics of commonly used analog filters Butterworth and Chebysheve filters, analog to analog
frequency transformations. Design of digital IIR filters from analog filters (Butterworth and
Chebyshev) - impulse invariance method. Mapping of transfer functions: Approximation of derivative
(backward difference and bilinear transformation) method, Matched z transforms

FIR filter design (10Hours)

Introduction to FIR filters, design of FIR filters using - Rectangular, Hamming, Bartlet and Kaiser
windows, FIR filter design using frequency sampling technique.

Digital Signal Processor (10Hours)

Elementary idea about the architecture and important instruction sets of TMS320C 5416/6713
processor, writing of small programs in Assembly Language


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