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Name: Aisha Rashed Grade Level: Grade 4 Section 3

CCSS Standards: Unit 8 ; lesson 1 ( Our amazing body )

Main Lesson Aims (Concepts, Procedures, & Processes):

- To listen to the audio and follow with their hand the text about inside your body.
- To use the new vocabulary ( Bones , Backbone , muscles , ribs , Skull , ankle , wrist and
neck ).
- Each of 4 group speak about 2 types of inside their body and while you speak show it in

Materials: Pictures card , 4 Envelop , PowerPoint , audio of the listening and pen or pencil.

teacher books Learners Book page 131

Activity book page 90
Audio Track 73

student book(s) Learners Book page 131

Activity book page 90

worksheets/ papers - I will use the paper with pictures to explain the new vocabulary( B
, Backbone , muscles , ribs , Skull , ankle , wrist
neck ).
to them and I will point in my body.
teacher materials Pictures card , 4 Envelop , PowerPoint , audio of the listening and pen

student materials/ Pen pencil and learners and activity book .


technology Using the data show for the PowerPoint and online timer.

other -
Key vocabulary with definitions (and pictures if appropriate):

word glossary definition image

Bone the calcified material of which bones consist

The series of vertebrae extending from the skull to

the pelvis .


move (an object) in a particular direction by
using one's physical strength.

Ribs Are the long curved bones which from the rib cage.

Skull A bone framework enclosing the brain of the

skeleton persons or animals head.
Ankle The joint connecting the foot with leg.

Wrist The joint connecting the hand with the forearm.

Neck The part of a persons or animals body connecting

the head to the rest of the body.

Elbow The joint between the forearm and the upper arm.

Knee The joins the thigh with the leg.

Students Prior Knowledge:

- Some of the students maybe dont know the new vocabulary ( Bones , Backbone , musc
ribs , Skull , ankle , wrist and neck ).
- Some of the students cant know how to pronunciation some of the new word ( Ribs ,
Skull ,ankle and wrist)

Possible Problems and Misconceptions:

The data show might not work.

Some of the students do not have pencil.


Bring the copy of the PowerPoint or use the white board to write on it .

Lesson Schedule
Teacher language : Good Moring class . How are you today ? . I am fine thank you sit down . Today we will
do something different than before . Which unit will take it today ?

Students language : Good Moring teacher . We are fine thank you and you . It is unit 8
Engage (warm up, review prior knowledge):

First of all I will ask the students some of the question ;

What is inside our body ? 4
Do you know that there are some parts inside our body ?
Do you know what are the lesson for today ?

Then the students will give me some of the different answers about two question below . So form that
I will see if there are some of them

Core (introduce and practice new concepts & procedures):

Listening :

First , I will tell them to open the learners book page 131. I tell the students that they will listening to
the audio twice and they must be focus on the audio because I will ask them about the new
vocabulary that they hear in the audio .
During Listing

After they are listening once to the audio . I will paly the listening again but this time . I will pause in
the each part that have some of the word ( Bones , backbones , ribs and muscles ) These are in the
text . Then I will tell them that there are others of parts . I show to them by raise up the pictures with
word , I will pronunciation the word and act like this is elbow by show them my elbow .Then each
group will do the same and say the words loudly .

Post Listening

I will give each of the four group an envelop and the inside of the envelop there is one picture that is
cut it . So the students must collect it to gather to figure out the picture and say what is it ?

- So for the speaking activities I suggest that each group will choose two words from the new
vocabulary ( Bones , Backbone , muscles , ribs , Skull , ankle , wrist and neck ).
- Then , I will give them about 2 minute to come in the front of the class and say the word and
show us where is it ?

Close (wrap up, discussion, brief review activity or assessment):

So after we finish those activity we will go back to the activity book page 90. There is a picture of the 6
inside our body and there are wordbank to help them . So the student write the correct answer near to
the right pictures . I will give them 4 minutes , I play the online timer then we will share the
information togather.