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WILL of Sophie Jannette Davis

I, Sophie Jannette Davis of the City of Russellville, Arkansas, declare this to be my


My spouse, for who only God knows right now and my future children.

ARTICLE 2 Payment of debt and taxes

I direct my executor to pay my funeral expenses, my medical expenses, the costs of
administration, and my debts.

ARTICLE 3 Distribution of the Estate

I direct that my estate be distributed to my spouse, an amazing man. If my husband
predeceases me, my estate shall be distributed to my trustee, to be managed as
explained in Article 4.

ARTICLE 4 Trust for Children

4a Purpose This trust provides for the support of my oldest child, Neli Onnette and
any other children born to me.

4b Use of Funds The Trustee shall use as much of the trust income and principal as
necessary to care for my child (or children). When the youngest of my children
reaches the age of 18, the assets of this trust shall be split equally among the

4c No survivors If no child of mine survives until age 25, assets of the trust shall be
liquidated and 100 percent of the proceeds shall be donated missionary

4d Nomination of trustee I appoint my sister, Paige Victoria Davis, to serve as

Trustee. If she is unable or unwilling to serve, I appoint my Father, Charles Davis, to
serve as Trustee.

ARTICLE 5 Executor
I appoint my mother, Kelley Davis, to serve as Executor. If she is unable or unwilling
to serve, I appoint my Father, Charles Davis to serve as Executor.

ARTICLE 6 Guardian
If my spouse does not survive me, I appoint my friend, Karleigh latture, to serve as
Guardian of my children. If he/she is unable to serve as Guardian, I appoint my
sister, Paige Victoria Davis, to serve as Guardian.

ARTICLE 7 Power of Executor

My Executor has the right to receive payments, reinvest payments received, pay
debts owed, and liquidate assets.

ARTICLE 8 Power of Trustee

My Trustee has the right to receive income generated by the trust, reinvest income
received by the trust, sell assets in the trust, and use the proceeds to invest in other

ARTICLE 9 Distribution of Assets

I declare that my assets should be distributed in the following manner:

Wedding Ring Set- Neli Onnette Davis

Ford Escape- Neli Onnette Davis
Stocks- Neli Onnette Davis
House- Neli Onnette Davis
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereby sign and declare this document to be my Will.

The above-named person signed in our presence, and in our opinion is mentally

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