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@)Alliance Security GTI 11. This Alarm System Work Order Agreement (the “Agrooment’) is made as of the _day of Security (the “Company") and the ("Customer") at the address shown below (the “Premises/Monitored Location’). ‘Alarm System Work Order Agreement 877-746-2559 201__, by and between alliance | Customer ae. —_ - Tas Nae Fit Wr BOB (manaiyyh ‘aN ‘GEILPHONE® 0 Customer LS. aos Tat Name Fist Ww BOB immadiyyy Sen CELLPHONEF Monitored Location: () Ges) Primary Erergancy Govtac Nomiber ‘nd Cal Emergency Contact Number aL ROOTES described below and incorporated herei ‘and conditions hereinattor set forth 12. Purchase of the System, Company agrees to sell and install an alarm system and/or devices described below in connection with @ Monitoring Agreement which customer will receive atthe time of installation. Customer hereby agrees to buy the alarm system in for all purposes by this reference (the “System/Services"), in accordance with the terms SAGUEEIueS eerie Nemes —— Primary Communication: C1 2-Way Voice 1 Celular Service Monthly Monitoring Rate: $ Calular Communication Format:C} Backup Primary Billing Type: Check CC. Type of System: 0 2616 0 SIMONXT Passwords Install ate: _/ Install Time: Phone Service: Sales Rep Name:——__ (estimated ariva) ‘TAT Saunton Location Type: (Residential C.Commercial ServiceType: 2 New Install C1 Takeover | cont g Cont: leg Item ty Price Equip Cost Notes: (including tax) |$ 2GIG Control Panel IGSM Module Install Cost | $ Thin DoorWindow Contact ‘One-Time [2GIG Motion petivation Fog {2GIG Keylob Remote tstMonth “Ig Professional Installati at rofessi fonal instaation Total Due at Yard Sign / Stickers insta |S [2GIG Medical Pendant eee ea |2GIG Smoke Detector Customer agres to have sytem monitored fran nia ter of fie (2) yar ot the above rte nenctang Kt reducd con ol the yom Cunboneruncrsan at ‘teironty payments most pat ough bance Sosy” hough hr bang insur or ret car Custer eeronioeo ta hy aur Aan Sect ‘beblana consumer eet repr fr approval aban 2 Secu Systm. Reider CGiers: CUSTOMER HAS THE RIGHT TO CANCEL THIS TRANSACTION arya rir tomihigh ot he Se uss day are above date of werk orc Srl a he shove conic rarer end a reprosentatve wl ass you the eanctaian 1. Chet fest hey ae sommes propa sod sore othe vet {at ers not he hareowner a pte has be moved ert pleas oe ‘resards a ther wb $250.00 staan tenove ee Clon uaa Baths Now Mortarng Aeron hou cur cena ston [Sub Total $ "Montones" is filsog rer has ay oaing one caren montnng sores iret or revs its by Cnt wh hsm companies By ogg Ms wor Tax $ ‘ror Con sre an ondetslonse ht hey Rave rod te sbove ruremert and ‘out oak cringe of sees Equipment Total $ Fe Er sea ves rs saponin pT fbn ented Wh cg ‘types regan wth brown anor ae ‘Customer Signature Date ‘Customer Signature Date