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MCT MST Lesson Observation Student teacher's name: Fata Ebrahim Grade Level:KG2 Unit/Lesson: Number S Date: 14% March 2017 Competency Area ele/s|mlu Please tick the boxes using the OVERALL ASSESSMENT LEVEL DESCRIPTORS attached at nd of document (Gfxcelent 6 = Good, 5» Satisfactory, M = Marginal U= Unita) Profesional x Planning or oring x (includes inowledge & understanding of content) Implemerting and Managing teaming x Includes behavior management, anguage, and delivery) Reflection on Practice x ‘Areas for development: Fatima stats greeting children and sings with them fingers song. Then, she reads a story of Ahmed inthe desert and then se introduces how many animals Ahmed saw in the descr ‘After that, she introduces the lesson whichis about number 5. Following that, she passes big cards (A4) tha writen 5, Fatima divides groups according to animal names, and she uses dierent activities of number five, sich as ‘© Usecubes and toys to count, ‘¢ Use individual activity which is count and find number 5 © Do collage by sticking stickers on number 5 ‘The focus for next lesson: * Putthe card in basket on two diferent sides; few students donot get ito you should ive them a chance that hurts students ecing. ‘Try to give students positive feedback, ‘© Teyto play number 5 song and make it san activity. For example, five chairs and six students run round then and sit when the song stop til one chair left. Other students am lap and take tur ee |