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Observation Task 2: Identifying Children with Special

Educational Needs (SEN)

Table 2: SEN Support for Students

Name Age IE Area of Focus Type, range and frequency
P of support provided /

Mohamm 6 x ADHD - our focus area - The teacher sits the child
ed Yahiya years will be trying to sit the beside her disk in every
old child on his place for class.
an approximately 5 - Allow the child to run
minutes. around playground 4 times
every day.
- Give him extra activities in
the classroom.
- Using reward chart in every

Zayed 6 x Learning difficulties - This child gets monitored in

years the target area will be every activity with having
old giving the child support from the teacher and
activities based on his assistant.
level and activities - Engage him by using reward
that can support him chart every day.
to strength his - Let the child to answer
understanding. variety of questions.
Reflections on Observation Task 2: Identifying Children with Special Educational
Needs (SEN)

Read the questions below and write your answers

1. What is the school policy for inclusion for SEN students in the
The school follow particular procedures to register SEN students in the
school by making with them an interview including their parents and
ask the parents to provide a shadow teacher with their students if they
need it.

2. What accommodations were made for the identified SEN

students in the classroom?
Is to give the ADHD student lots of activities, let him sit beside the
teacher disk and allow him to run around the playground. As an
example, the teacher gave the ADHD student several of activities as
parts to solve it with taking breaks in order to sit in one place and
focus, let the student sit beside her desk and help her during the
lesson to keep him under control and allow him to run 4 times around
the playground every day to burn off energy.

3. Was there any assistive technology, other equipment or

materials used with the identified SEN students? If yes, please
describe the equipment that was used and what it was used
Yes, providing an iPad for ADHD student in order to keep him sit in one
place and this technology will help the students to improve their
abilities and provide them lots of knowledge that related to their
curriculum. Further, the other assistive resource was the heavy jacket
which is the ADHD student wear it and sit in one place at least for 5 to
7 minute.

4. What teaching strategies did your MST use with the identified
SEN students?
Maintaining the eye contact with the ADHD student, changing the
voice level and using the reward system to discipline his behavior. So,
these strategies will help the student to take a step forward in several
aspects of learning by developing his abilities and skills that will help
him in the learning cycle.

5. Where there any other school staff that worked with the
identified SEN students? If yes, please explain their role and
what they did with the identified SEN student.
The assistant teacher supported the ADHD student in progressing his
learning, like; she helped him during the activities if he needs help,
encourage him by praising his work and using the reward system to
maintain the proper behavior in him.

6. Do you think that SEN students should be included in the

classroom or taught in class specifically for SEN students? Why
/ Why not?
In my perspective, the mainstream classroom is an effective method
for both of students who are from SEN and ordinary because it leads to
better education, in order to this process become successful. The
teachers should provide students an opportunity to progress their
learning aspects by teaching them in a positive environment that
surrounded with active learning centers and engaging activities.