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Title: Answering questions

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4-4 3-3 2-2 1-1

Details Uses details such as Uses details such as Uses some details that are Uses little or no detail to
explanations and examples explanations and examples accurate; some details such support and explain the topic.
that are accurate, that are accurate and as examples and
appropriate, and fully support the topic. explanations are not
support the topic. appropriate for the topic;
details do not always
support the topic.
Purpose Clearly defined purpose, Purpose is defined and Purpose is vague, misstated, There is no purpose.
carefully and convincingly understandable, supported or not always supported by
presented. by details. details.
Spelling All words spelled correctly, Most words are spelled There are many spelling There are frequent spelling
helping readers clearly correctly. errors that sometimes make errors that make it hard for
understand the central idea. it hard for readers to readers to understand the
understand the central idea. central idea.

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