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100 Greatest Discoveries Astronomy

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1. What did the Mesopotamians do for astronomy?

2. What did the Greeks say about the planets?
3. Copernicus discovered that the _______ was the center of the
solar system.
4. The Planets elliptical orbits was discovered by _______.
5. Who discovered that Jupiter had moons?
6. The telescope was invented in what year? _______
7. A theory can only be viable when supported by _______.
8. In the middle ages, what did the appearance of a comet
9. The orbital period of Halleys comet is _______ years.
10. Hershel built a 20 foot telescope to do what?
11. A perihelion is that part of an orbit when the planet is _______ the
12. Einstein came up with the idea of _______ space and called his
theory General Relativity.
13. How was Einsteins general relativity theory proven to be
14. The person who discovered galaxies was _______ _______.
15. A galaxy that is moving away from us is shifted toward the
_______ end of the spectrum proving that the universe is
16. What was discovered with the Bell Labs microwave antenna in
17. The steady state theory says the universe has
18. How did the United States keep an eye on Russia in the
19. The first gamma ray burst discovered was _______ billion light
years away.
20. How is a planet orbiting another star detected?
100 Greatest Discoveries Astronomy

Name _________________________ Per _________Date_________________

21. How many other planets have been discovered?
22. Is the universe slowing down as it expands?
23. The energy that could be causing the universe to speed up is
called _______ energy.