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The Help

The help is a book written about the racial tensions that existed in America.
It is set in the 1960's in the South of America. The stories our told in the point
of view of three women in the story Minnie, Aibhleen and Skeeter.Even
though the setting and time of the novel may make the life stories of the
characters seem distant and irrelevant and only to seen as a nostalgic,
pleasuring read. The book is written so well that as readers we are able to
identify the similarities between the characters and ourselves.We are able to
question the wrong and celebrate the strength posed to once silenced
characters. Throughout the novel we make connections with certain
characters as well as we disconnect with others.
In the novel I personally feel a connection with Ms.Skeeter.Ms. Skeeter lives
with her parents and older brother. As a teenager she was often sad as she
felt she couldnt connect with her family because she had opposing beliefs
and also the fact that she cannot live up to the feminine expectations of her
mother whom she is in constant battles over dressing and men.The thing
that I believe connects Skeeter and myself is her relationship with
Constantine.It is how she sees Constantine as her mother despite the lack of
a biological connection, her mother gave birth to her but Constantine raised
her.The quote "it takes a boy to make a baby but a real man to raise one"
reflects the relationship between the maids and employers. Constantine
plays such a vital role in Skeeter life that they keep in touch when she leaves
for college until something disturbs their communication and skeeter returns
determined to find out what happened to her favorite maid.For me being the
child of African parents it is not uncommon to have a maid work for your
house.Mu parents immigrated to the Uk when I baby in search for a better life
so I was left with my grandparents and the house girl Chipo.We had a very
good relationship and she helped me through many things I was bullied when
I was younger it started off when I was young and I was known to cry a lot
and my grandparents and aunt found this irritating and deemed me difficult
Chipo although could not say anything in front of them as their employee
when they left for work she would always try to lift my spirits with her
gracious words of wisdom.One quote that I continue to use from her is " You
only live once, So forgive and hold no grudges" I try to follow so this in hopes
of peace.Unfortunately I had to leave Zimbabwe to join my parents in the Uk
and left Chipo behind.As time flew I lost contact with Chipo and My parents
and I tried to look for her because she really had huge impact on my life but
we were unsuccessful and Chipo seems to have disappeared under the radar
and with the current state of the country looking for her actively could not
risk her life but mine is well.Unlike Skeeter I am unable to find out what
happened to Chipo as she did with Constantine but every time I read their
parts my heart melts because I reminded of the connection I had with Chipo.
Everyday loves the story when the underdog finally triumphs that is what I
feel happens with Minny although she is not your usual underdog she is much
more outspoken and stubborn than your usual underdog but what clarifies
her underdog status is how she is constantly being put down and oppressed
by the villan (Hilly Hill brook).I connect with Minnie because I believe we both
pose Fighting spirits and we have both been given a second chance to begin
again. When I moved to the Uk I was racially abused and alike Minny fighting
back will prove to be detrimental to my wellbeing and because I was in the
abusers land and as a foreigner my lips were to remain sealed and take the
abuse regardless of my human rights.I feel that this something we see in the
novel especially in Minny she faces abuse and is expected to sit there and
take the abuse and to us readers it is shocking but we dont realize that this
is an actual reality faced then and now its disheartening Minny is simply just
a help and is seen as a second class citizen and the hands of her oppressor
and those who stand by and remain quiet in the poem by Martin Niemoller
we learn the importance of speaking out against injustice and dehumanizing
actions as our days as bystanders shall come to an end and we see this
clearly in the help.Alike Minny I have been fortunate to find the right people
who are kind and honest as there has been a second chance at life and we
see this with the book's publication and her peculiar relationship with Celia
Foote which is very endearing to read.
Celia Foote is probably the most distinctive character in the novel because
she is unusual unlike the like the Hilly and Elizabeth she fails to see the
difference between herself and the maids and does not dehumanize them
she treats them equally.Many may see her character as ditsy but I believe
Celia Foote knows what she is doing she is not colorblind she sees color but it
just does not matter to her at all she has more important issues to worry
about.I feel a connect to Elizabeth because there was a certain incident that
happened quite recently I was at a party in Cape town in the Easter holiday
the adults were supervising us and we were called into the dining room to
get drinks when the domestic worker decided to take a drink of water as she
was sweating and had clearly deserved it when an older adult whom I was
familiar with snatched the cup from her and told her not to drink where the
kids where.This shocked me so much because I failed to see where the lady
was at fault but then one of the girls explained to me that this was seen as
disrespectful as she shouldnt use the same things as us.Like Celia I fail to
see what's wrong with this what's the difference between myself and the
maid we all bleed the same and that's where I think we connect we see all
these injustices occurring around us but we are contrived to just sit there and
witness.Celia is tempted by the likes of Hilly and Elizabeth at first is
disheartened but in the end shrugs it off and goes on with her life.
The help is blessing to all readers because we are challenged and provoked
in our thinking to see if the events taken place happen in our lives.I really
connect to the characters Minny, Skeeter and Celia.