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Merced High School

P.O. Box 2167. Merced, California 95344 (209) 385-6466

TO: Whom it may concern
FROM: Stephen Eccles- Science Instructor
RE: Letter of Recommendation

It is my pleasure to be writing you on behalf of Alexa Torres. I have had the

pleasure of having Alexa in both my Biology and Honors Marine Biology classes
during her years here at Merced High. Alexa is a good student, and her attendance,
punctuality, and participation are excellent. Her attitude and participation are very
positive and improves the classroom environment. She works very hard on a
consistent basis, and interacts well with other students during labs and group
activities. Her positive attitude and consistent effort make her very enjoyable to
have, presenting a great model to other students on how it should be done in the
classroom. She is a student that truly cares about and respects others, and that is
appreciated immensely by her peers and mentors.

Alexa is a very dedicated, caring, and intelligent young lady. She will not let any
obstacle keep her from her goals and would be a great addition to any school, team,
or job setting. If you have any further questions about Alexa, please feel free to
contact me.
Thank you for your time and consideration of this deserving individual.


Ph: (209) 201-7447

Email: Stephen Eccles

Stephen Eccles

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