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Report of The HIP (Highly Immersive Programme) Launching Ceremony

of SMK Intan Perdana for the year 2017


The use of English Language is very important among school children. Therefore it must not be
used in the classroom or when pupils are in school. It has to be practiced in their daily
conversation regardless place and time. A consistent use of English Language will ensure pupils
at their tender age inculcate the essential skills needed. Reading, speaking, listening, writing and
grammar in English Language are five important skills pupils should master. Therefore, the HIP
(Highly Immersive Programme) was planned to be implemented in SMK Intan Perdana.


There are two aims of the HIP. First, to make use of English in this school visible. Use of English
can be forms of reading, speaking, listening and writing. Second, to encourage all pupils to use
English Language as a medium of interaction with their friends and teachers. This can encourage
them start using English Language as early as seven years old.


There are a number of objectives of the programmes. The objectives are based on the activities
planned throughout the HIP.

Strengths and weaknesses of the programme

The implementation of the HIP was a success. All the activities were carried out smoothly.
However, there were some strength and weaknesses found when carrying out this programme.
The table below shows the strengths and weaknesses of the programme.

Strengths Weaknesses
All teachers gave full cooperation Not many new faces joined the activities.
- All teachers had played their roles
according to the organizing committee

Supports from PTA Equipments need improvement. i.e microphone

- Full support given by many parents in and P.A system.
form of monetary and moral supports.

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Suggestions and recommendations

In order to make the HIP more successful in the future, the English Language Panel would like to
give some suggestions and recommendations. First, it is suggested that duration of the HIP to be
extended next year. That will enable more activities to be implemented during the HIP. Second,
the choice of activities must be variety to promote more participation of pupils.

The English Language would also like to recommend the school administration to allow
activities to be carried out outside the formal school time table so that more pupils can watch all
the activities at different time and place. The school administration must also take immediate
action to repair and improve the quality of the school P.A system for a better quality of pupils


It is hoped that the HIP implemented by the English Language Panel of SMK Intan Perdana be
benefitted by all students. The English Language Panel also hope that to further improve the the
HIP in order to make use of English Language more visible in this school.



English Language Teacher

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