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Top 10 in South Asia and Best Accredited in Pakistan

Merit Based Scholarships

Merit Scholarship Policy for Intermediate Students Discount for Alumni for Masters/MS and MPhil Programs
Position holders in BISE Examination: total tuition-fee waiver This reflects the significance that UMT attaches to its alumni/ae,
85% or above marks in BISE Examination: 75% tuition fee waiver while upholding and promoting the core value of the University.
80%-84.99% marks in BISE Examination: 50% tuition fee waiver Participants may apply for Alumni Scholarship at Office of the
75%-79.99% marks in BISE Examination: 25% tuition fee waiver Registrar (if qualified).
70%-74.99% marks in BISE Examination: 20% tuition fee waiver 1. CGPA up to 2.99 shall receive 50 % tuition fee waiver
Merit Scholarship Policy for A-Level Students 2. CGPA 3.00 to 3.49 shall receive 60 % tuition fee waiver
1. 3 As will receive 50% tuition fee waiver 3. CGPA 3.5 to 3.74 shall receive 70% tuition fee waiver
2. 2 As will receive 30% tuition fee waiver 4. CGPA 3.75 to 3.89 shall receive 80% tuition fee waiver
Merit Scholarship Policy for Diploma Holder Students 5. CGPA 3.9 to 3.99 shall receive 90% tuition fee waiver
1. 85% or above marks in board examination: 50% tuition fee waiver 6. CGPA 4.00 and Medalists shall receive full tuition fee waiver
2. 80% -84.99% marks in board examination: 25% tuition fee waiver
Merit Scholarship for Masters, MS, MPhil and PhD
Based on Percentages
Note: There will be no financial awards, i.e., Rectors Merit Award,
Deans Merit Award, Qarz-e-Hasna for the above entitlements.
University of Management
80% and above marks in BA / BSc / BCom / MA / MSc / MS/ MPhil or Further, application submitted after due date will be entertained
equivalent : 40% tuition fee waiver
70%-79.99% marks in BA / BSc / BCom / MA / MSc / MS / MPhil or
under the policy below.
Discount for Alumni for PhD Programs
and Technology
equivalent : 20% tuition fee waiver 1. CGPA 3.25 to 3.49 shall receive 35% tuition fee waiver
Based on CGPA 2. CGPA 3.50 to 3.74 shall receive 50% tuition fee waiver
CGPA 3.75 - 4.0 : 40% tuition fee waiver 3. CGPA 3.75 and above including medalists shall receive 70%
CGPA 3.50 - 3.74 : 20% tuition fee waiver tuition fee waiver
Merit Scholarship for Masters, MS and MPhil with four years BS
Degree Corporate Group Discount: 30% discount on nominating 3 students
CGPA 4.00 : 100% tuition fee waiver by any organization
CGPA 3.91 - 3.99 : 50% tuition fee waiver
CGPA 3.75 - 3.90 : 40% tuition fee waiver Note: *PhD Dissertation Fee would be charged as per UMT Policy.
CGPA 3.50 - 3.74 : 25% tuition fee waiver For details, please contact Office of Registrar.
Kinship Awards
Brothers and sisters of alumni as well as current students receive Equivalence Based Merit Scholarship (EBMS)
tuition fee waivers depending upon the number of their brothers and As per policy, no student shall be considered on equivalence basis.
sisters who have studied or are currently enrolled in any degree
program as per the following:
1. Ist Kinship: 20% on tuition fee
2. 2nd Kinship: 30% on tuition fee
3. 3rd and above kinship : 40% on tuition fee

Need-Based Financial Assistance

Participant desirous of need-based financial assistance shall apply viii) Any other document which the Financial Assistance and Loan
on the prescribed Financial Assistance Form to the Financial Committee (FALC) deems necessary;
Assistance Officer in Office of the Registrar along with the Financial Assistance and Loan Committee considers all FA
following documents: applications for the grant of need-based assistance in the light of
i) Evidence of Father's / Guardian's income like authenticated evidence submitted in its regular quarterly meetings. The
salary certificate Financial Assistance Officer informs applicants about the outcome
ii) Evidence of property of their applications through emails or notice boards. He/She also
iii) Evidence of agricultural property and income arising thereof prepares a list of applicants who have been granted assistance for
iv) Copies of latest utility bills (electricity, gas, telephone, etc.) onward dispatch to Office of the Treasurer and for record.
v) Copy of bank statement Financial Assistance on need basis has been converted into Qarz-
vi) Copy of rent agreement in case of rented house or in case of e-Hasana. Qarz-e-Hasana is returnable within three years after
income from house-rent graduating from UMT in equal monthly installments.
vii) Copies of fee bills of brothers and sisters

Discount Policy for ILM Colleges

50% discount on admission fee
50% tuition fee discount for students having 65% and above marks.
25% tuition fee discount for students having less than 65% marks.
Applicant has to maintain 2.50 CGPA in Bachelors and 3.00 in Masters programs.

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South Asian
Assurance Architecture
System Council and
Town Planning
Fee Structure Fall 2016

Prof Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad

Founder, Rector

Join us to be great

Why shouldnt you be Great? Even better? Why are you not great? How can you be great? Almost all
humans can easily claim to be good, but only a few dream of becoming great, and a very few actually
achieve true greatness. Why?

The greatest loss that can happen to a person is the lack of ambition to become great. That is human
potential gone unchecked, unharnessed. Then comes the loss of those who become casualty in search of
greatness. This is different from failures on the road to become great which turns into only another
learning opportunity. Imagine how great a human being can be? How noble and valuable a human
being can be? How purposeful and productive? How creative and zestful? How unique and beautiful?
How trustworthy and sincere? How crystalline and logical? How passionate and awesome?

University of Management and Technology is here to help you to become great, truly exceptional. The
resource persons act first as learners and then let the participants turn into their leaders. There are many
good institutions around. Trace the road of the one that can launch you into the orbit of greatness. The
one interested in you developing as a whole, a full person, capable of submerging the macrocosm in the
microcosm of the self, and defining excellence and refining attributes to the extent that they mirror the
pleasure, love, and blessing of Allah. Select an institution which is growing to help you reform your
attitude, enlighten your mindset, build your knowledge, develop your application, refine your character,
and sharpen your practice.

You walk in with power of intention. You go out with the portfolio of all that it takes to achieve the
success here and the ultimate success hereafter. Beyond degree, what determines your future is your
invaluable treasure of self-image, enriched and enlightened, driven to life-long learning. Your future is
your family's future, your nations future, your Ummahs future, and your worlds future. Infinite
possibilities and endless vistas at UMT draw your attention to your own selves and demand that you
give to yourself what it deserves the most. Greatness. Help us make you Great!

Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad

Rector UMT

The fee would remain the same for the entire program duration.
Fee Structure Fall 2016 Fee Structure Fall 2016

The fee would remain the same for the entire program duration.
The fee would remain the same for the entire program duration.
Fee Structure Fall 2016

Bus charges will be Rs. 4,500/- per month. It is payable within first 3 days of the month at Account Office.
UMT TRANSPORT CARDmay be obtained from 1st to 3rd of each month from Accounts Section on monthly basis.
Anyone traveling without valid "Transport Card" will be fined.
In case of any complaint, suggestion or feed back, Please contact Mr. Zafar Abbas (Transport Incharge OFM) 0332-8510396
For queries about timings, schedule & routes, please contact Mr. Amjad Butt: 0300-4419045 / Mr. Zafar Abbas: 0332 -8510396
UAN: +92 42 111 300 200 Tel: 042 35212801 -10
Hostel Dues Amount(PKR)
Admission Fee (One-time/non refundable) 5,000 Hostel Address
Mustufa Town, Lahore
Security Deposit (Refundable) 5,000
Generator Charges (Six Months) 5,000 Contact
Boys: 042-35410531
**Simulation Training Fee of Rs. 6000 applies on all Aviation Programs at the time of admission (one time only) Room Rent (Twin-sharing) for six months (Inclusive of transport Girls: 042-35410805
* Work experience charges are to be paid by student separately on monthly basis for approx 3.5 years by BS AMET students.
* All taxes will be applicable as per government policy
and utility charges) 48,000
* Admission fee and library fee of PKR 25000/- is to be paid with first installment. Total 63,000
* The admission form fee is non-refundable/non-transferable.
* 1420 Euros to be deposited in the form of Euros at the time of admission by BS Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology Students. Note: Hostel dues are non-refundable except the security deposit.
* For all Engineering Programs, the fee would be charged per semester (First Installment)
*PhD Dissertation Fee would be charged as per UMT Policy. For details, please contact Office of Registrar.